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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
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One year ago : Part 1


Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. It's been an awesome year! 

First a message from Rand

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Hey, Obductees,  

Ryan here. Project Manager of Obduction and Producer of the Kickstarter campaign. First, I want to thank you for supporting Obduction. This game would not exist without your help, and I'm personally grateful.   We have been radio silent for a bit, and we will update you on what is going on.  However, let me start this update with a post-mortem of the Kickstarter campaign and the project that became Obduction.  

Kickstarter Post-Mortem  

We should go back to the start.  At my wedding in the summer of 2012, a group of former and current Cyan employees got together and hung out. During that event we talked about the recently successful Double Fine Adventure and other successful Kickstarters. We also talked about how Cyan should do a Kickstarter but didn't know how or have the extra cycles to make it happen.  The next few months were a blur and soon it was October.  A group of us got together again, and the topic came up again.   

I was not working at Cyan at this point, but I couldn't help but believe that Cyan could do a Kickstarter. After that meeting I contacted a few former employees and asked, "What if we spent the time and effort to make a campaign happen?" Everyone was on board. The team believes in the company and the products Cyan makes, and, even with multiple layoffs over the years, we all wanted to be back.  The mantra at the time was, "If we try and fail, at least we tried."  

So starting in October 2012 I spent my evenings researching and reading any documentation I could find on crowdsourcing and Kickstarter.  We started coming up with an idea and a timeline for when we wanted to launch the Kickstarter campaign. Then the holidays got in the way, and we were unable to meet with Rand and Tony 'til January.   

In January we started talking to Cyan about Project Copperpot, a new Myst game.  Since 2008 Cyan had worked on several Myst game ideas. Every one was turned down by publishers. Kickstarter was our chance to get one of these ideas published.

Project Copperpot
Project Copperpot

The meetings at Rand's house were awesome. Everyone was excited to try to make something new happen at Cyan. Then Rand came in one day and changed everything.  He, too, had been doing his research and came to the team with a very convincing pitch.  He wanted to do "Obduction", but not the idea all the team members knew.  

To provide a little bit of history, Obduction was the name of a project Cyan came up with in 2005. It had many iterations, but was based on the idea of being part of an alien abduction. As with many of the ideas that had been pitched to publishers, it was eventually shelved.  So Rand sold us on this new Obduction idea - a new intellectual property. Leave the Myst IP to the side for now and come out with something totally new.  A spiritual successor to the experience that Myst and Riven had given players. Rand said something during that meeting that I will never forget and the thing that sold me on a new IP.  He said, "If we do another Myst game, everyone will always say it’s a sequel to Myst. And with realMyst Masterpiece being released, this project could get lost in the noise."  

From that point we were working on a new Kickstarter project: Obduction.  

Over the next few months we met every month. We didn't have much to show or the ability / funds to make it happen.  So we worked for a June launch and soon recorded Rand's Kickstarter video. Of course, as luck would have it, we recorded this video when Rand was suffering with pneumonia.  The page was a mess, the video horrible. It was time to regroup. We had only one chance at this; let's not waste it. 

We decided it was time to invest in the future. Eric would work on a teaser trailer, Rand would be rerecorded, and we would get any friends / former co-workers of Cyan to help us create a successful pitch. After work (from my paying job) and during weekends, Kickstarter was my obsession. It was the only thing I thought about for months. I thank my wife for being patient with me.   

We set a new date for the Kickstarter launch. Oct 2013. We made press lists, we cleaned up the website, and everyone at Cyan started to get involved in the Obduction Kickstarter. We filmed Rand again, and it was good. I'd like to give an official thank you to Jeff Lanctot for letting us borrow his time and gear for the video. It only looks and sounds as good as it does because of Jeff.   Then at 6 AM on October 17th, 2013 Cyan officially launched the Obduction Kickstarter… and boy that was a fun ride.   

Link to Obduction Launch video.

  • So I won't go into to much detail of the campaign itself, but I will give you a few of the highlights. 
  • After we hit the start button, I had to go to my full-time job. A job I would do every day of the Kickstarter campaign before coming home and working late into the night answering and tending social media blitzes.
  • Half a million in about 4.5 days  - Woah! Ba!
  • Made a lot of great friends because of the campaign. • Our Kickstarter campaign team consisted of Rand (doing Kickstarter emails), Lauren (1/2 day social media engagement), Vicki (working with press) and myself (evenings and weekends of social media and community engagement).  A very small team.
  • The team had become weary by the end of the campaign, but I was sure we would make it.  Secretly, I was hoping for a miracle.
  • A miracle came in the form of two things - a mass emailing and a single tweet. We had held back on any mass mailings until we felt it was absolutely necessary, and now we were ready. We had plenty of email addresses of people who had signed up for Myst Online, so we sent out a large mass mailing. Also, our fans had been contacting celebrities in hopes to get them to endorse Cyan. At about the same time as the mass mailing something big occurred. I remember it well. I was sitting in my office when I got a text message that NPH just tweeted us.  Sure enough, I went and looked, and there it was.  I sent Lauren a text and then just sat there. Tears ran down my face. The bump in supporters was substantial, and I knew at that moment we had accomplished what we set out to do. With Neil Patrick Harris's tweet, we made the 1.1 million and beyond.  That moment changed things.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Neil Patrick Harris. I don't know the best way to reach out to you, but Cyan would love to talk to you!  
NPH Tweet!
NPH Tweet!

The campaign ended 30 days later and instantly my body was a wreck. Some have asked if I would do it again, the answer will always be, "yes."  It has been the most fulfilling project I have been a part of to date.  The Cyan team is like family, and I'm glad to be home.  

Officially Cyan didn't start working on the Obduction project 'til 2014. They were still wrapping up realMyst Masterpiece at the end of 2013.  We now have our team together (minus a few art staff we hope to hire later this year), and we are working toward a late 2015 release.  It has been an incredible ride so far, and I can't wait to see this product in the hands of the public. 

Quantifying the Success  

I've received multiple emails asking how we made such a successful campaign.   The campaign wasn't successful because of anything Cyan did. It was successful because of all of you... the backers! Some people who have had a successful Kickstarter campaign like to call themselves experts.  We are no experts, but we did do our research. Here our some of the questions I get asked. You might find them interesting.  

1. What was the best way for you guys to build your tribe before launching?  

We have been building our tribe since 1993. We have a huge fan base. During the campaign we engaged with them.  

2. What source drove the most funding to your campaign (i.e. an article from press or something like that?  

Percentage of backers from different venues.

  • Direct traffic (no referrer information) 24%
  • Searching on Kickstarter 14%
  • Kickstarter Newsletter 6%
  • Facebook 6%
  • Google 6%   
  • Polygon was the best referral site for news organizations. Roughly 1 % of the backers.  

3. Did you use any third parties / software throughout any point of the campaign you'd recommend to us?  

We used Meshfire to engage with our Twitter followers. It is an amazing tool, and I will always rave about it. We also used Buffer and Pocket. Finally, we hired the best marketing consultant I know to help us.  

4. What was the coolest / most creative thing you guys did to drive sales to your campaign?  

By far Neil Patrick Harris tweeting about Obduction.  

5. How did you prepare your press materials / press kit? What did you do in them that was special?  

Yes - prepare, prepare, prepare. Everything had our logo on it, and we gave the press access to an area that will continue to get updated as time moves forward.  

6. Did you use any PR agencies? Would you recommend them?  

We did not use an agency. We researched and prepared for about a year to be ready for the Kickstarter.  

7. Any general tips?  

Take your time. Make sure you are happy with your campaign before you launch. Be patient and be prepared not to sleep.  

See the second part of this update tomorrow.  


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    1. Arturo Marín Alegría on

      Wow! this quite an informative update!

    2. William Scott Sheppard on

      I'm so very excited for everything Cyan's been up to! Thank you for the update.

    3. Russell Deitch on

      Tor'i is a contraction of Victoria, so yes.

    4. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      If it's the same Vicki, she's been with Cyan for quite some time. She has responded to my customer service emails and requests. I believe she is also known as Tor'i?

    5. Jonas Söderström on

      Project Copperpot logo looks amazing, can be you still make that one? Or at least put some mole men, or whatever that was in Obduction.

    6. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "No, don't worry. The second one is all about how smart we are being with our money."
      Like that :-)

    7. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Linda and Rodney, someone else mentioned this on Facebook. I'll paste my response here. " this small core team just came together this way." We don't discriminate. Victoria leads our QA Departmment and Hannah is another part-time programmer who works for us. We in fact have our eyes on a few artist for hire / contract work in the future. We will see if it works out. - Ryan

    8. Rodney Recor on

      Thanks for the update. It's good to know you fellows are up to some good work and I look forward to seeing it. I do however want to lend some support to what Linda M. John wrote. I'm discouraged to see no women, and only young guys, included in your creative team. It seems to reflect some current problems in the gaming industry.

    9. Hannah Story on

      Thank you Rand and Ryan for the update! It is so heartwarming to see what your fans have helped you accomplish. (I had no idea the team was so small!) Best wishes for a happy and healthy journey - this looks like such fun to be a part of. I am relishing the anticipation of a new Cyan production… you are a studio without equal!

    10. Gabriel Bauman on

      TL;DR: "Doughnuts! Everything's cool! Here are some people working!"


    11. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      A project post-mortem is a process, usually performed at the conclusion of a project, to determine and analyze elements of the project that were successful or unsuccessful. The project in this case was the KIckstarter Campaign itself. I'll need to reassure everyone tomorrow that the game is still being made and the company is an amazing place to work right now.

    12. Linda M John on

      I such a fan and so excited about almost everything. One thing sticks in my craw though; Rand introduced the Obduction team and there is not one woman there. I cannot tell you how very sad that makes me feel.

    13. Joe Grout on

      This update really brought back all the excitement I was feeling when I first learned about the campaign. I don't know about anyone else, but every since the success Double Fine had and the opportunities that's open the one thing I was dying to see was something from Cyan. It so exciting seeing Cyan back at a new title, and I really... really can't wait to play it. Thanks to everyone at Cyan. You guys are awesome.

    14. Adeon Writer on

      Thanks for the update! I'm so hyped for this but am trying to stay away from the forums to keep everything a surprise. Love everything I'm seeing though!

    15. Missing avatar

      Marcus Robison on

      Thanks for the update. One of these days I want to make a journey to Cyan and see all the cool stuff on the walls. I used to live in the Spokane area but now live on the wet side. I still make occasional trips to the Spokane/Deer Park area and would love a tour.

    16. Anne on

      Thanks for the update Rand and Ryan. I enjoyed the "walkthrough" of the office and especially reading about your Kickstarter experience. Keep up the good work.

    17. Alexei

      What will the impact of this new TV series be on Obduction? While I was excited when I heard about it, all I could think about was the impact on the small-ish Cyan team on trying to tackle two huge projects at once.

    18. Russ Garrett on

      You know a post-mortem happens when something has died, right. Has it?

    19. Charles Gaylord on

      I just turned 88. I love Myst. I love Riven even more. I still play it from time to time. I look forward to playing Obduction before I am 90. Please!!!

    20. Missing avatar


      Fantastic update, guys! I loved the insight into how the whole kickstarter process felt from your side. Definitely looking forward to that next update!

    21. John Plastow II on

      Thanks for the update! And bring Lauren back!

    22. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Paskari No, don't worry. The second one is all about how smart we are being with our money.

    23. Tradley Sasser on

      A long period of chaos worth taking.

    24. Aaron Clausman on

      Thanks for touching base with us! Hope to hear from you again soon.

    25. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      So.... will the next update about "sorry, we ran out of money"?
      The first one gives me this sort of feeling..

    26. Tim Graupmann on

      Opening with donuts... Epic! The studio is beautiful!

    27. Acorn on

      Yay, a new update!

    28. Daniel on

      I really like the silence in the place, really shows that people are working.

      After the recent update, I'm sure everything goes smoothly and I'm really, really hyped. I just hope virtual reality adds a lot to the game.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian Hibbert on

      Awesome chaps well done! The demo video had me right back on the John Muir Trail in California it was so atmospheric. If that's the kind of attention to detail we can expect then spot on!

    30. Missing avatar

      CLM on

      Joshua G, I so heartily second all that you've said. I'd also like to add my comments about what made a successful campaign, at least imo. It's Cyan's magic as "channeled" through Rand Miller: Always personable, always talking with such warmth to you, never at you. Overflowing with excitement, imagination, collaboration. And just so...accessible. No hype, ever. Always a joyful immersion in what he loves and eager to share it with those who long for it. Compellingly authentic and contagious. Cyan and Rand and Obduction are giving us all something to believe in, to look forward to, a bright spot in a rather dark time in our world.

    31. Koshinator on

      @Max - Yeah, I got the same impression from the start of the update.. an odd note of melancholy. Still, good to know you guys are still doing well, and hope to be playing Obduction before the end of next year on my brand new Rift CV1

    32. Sumatria on

      Wow! that was an awesome update and with a lot of info I was not even aware of. Thank You Ryan, you and the team are awesome

    33. Ninjy Tormented/OotG-KnCm/DrmTrvlr/WoOS on

      My first thought was "a year? That can't be right. It can't have been a year already!" Then I looked it up and was totally surprised. Time really does fly by, hah. Thanks for the update!

    34. Missing avatar

      Samantha Kennedy on

      Good to hear from you guys and we love the demo u produced. I fondly think of you beavering away every couple of months.

    35. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      Thank you for the suggestion Max! Changed that! - Ryan

    36. Missing avatar

      Joshua Graessley on

      "The campaign wasn't successful because of anything Cyan did.”

      The campaign was successful because of what Cyan has done. I have many fond memories of playing Myst years ago. It was why we bought a CD-ROM drive. When Riven came out I took the day off of work and bought a better sound system for my computer. I want more experiences like that and I haven’t seen anyone deliver like Cyan has.

    37. Max Dyckhoff on

      You should know that this update starts off reading like a "we're sorry, we've run out of money and the game is never going to happen" update, which made my heart sink. Fortunately that isn't true. You might want to note somewhere that today is the 1 year anniversary of the Kickstarter starting. :)