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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Obduction - The Last Two Days!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hello fellow Obductees!

We have come so far! Thanks to you we've made our base goal to fund Obduction! Now we’re in the final two days of our Kickstarter campaign, and any funds we can add to our total will help make Obduction an even better experience! 

There have been great suggestions throughout the Kickstarter comments of ways everyone can spread the word, but with well over ten thousand comments, some have asked for a summary of the best ways to get the word out for this final push.

Fortunately, your fellow Obductees have been keeping a great list of things that can be done at a grassroots level.

Here's a short summary list of key suggestions you might want to try (if you haven't already):

Email friends and family

If you haven't already, it would be great to encourage friends or family members who might like Obduction to get in on the Kickstarter campaign. Feel free to tell them why you like Obduction, and don't forget to tell them that Kickstarter lets them get Obduction at a great price - $25.

Oh, and make sure you send them the link to the Obduction Kickstarter page:

Share on your social network

Let your Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/G+/Tumblr/KI/carrier pigeon friends know about the Kickstarter with... oh... maybe something like this:

Last Chance! Join me in backing #Obduction – a new game from the creators of Myst & Riven @cyanworlds

And of course - please be sure to follow/like/+1 us on Twitter/Facebook/G+/etc. and share our posts with your friends! 

Add a bit more to your own pledge

Many of you have been asking how you can contribute a little more without bumping up to the next reward tier. Adding as little or as much as you want is easy! (If every backer added $1 more to their pledge, we’d have almost $20,000 more to add to the production!)

  • 1) Visit the Obduction Kickstarter page. Make sure you’re logged in.
  • 2) Click on the “Manage Your Pledge” button.
  • 3) Enter the total amount you would like to contribute in the “Pledge amount” box at the top. This is where you can add a bit more than the reward level if you'd like. ☺
  • 4) Make sure you have the reward level you want.
  • 5) Click the “Continue to next step” button at the bottom.
  • 6) Confirm your pledge. (Note: your grand total contribution is the top red number, not the two red numbers added together.)
  • 7) Do a happy dance!

Thank you for all you’ve done so far! We’ve made the base goal and we're moving on to a bigger and better Obduction!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Rowley on

      Switch to Torque 3D ( and you won't have to pay for the engine, PLUS, it already has Rift support.
      This is going to be an awesome game.

    2. KingVoodoo on

      I would pledge more if I could get the art book.

    3. Natalie Manahan

      Well I have been sharing on a social network. Got a couple of people interested at least. XD

    4. eXoScoriae on

      The answer in question 4 doesn't really get into specifics in regards to the game jewelcase vs slipcover, a printed manual, or any of that. All it says is that it will be a "medium sized old school box".

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Dacon on

      But I'd like to emphasize that my original post was that Rand switch the order of those implementations - first the game experience and then the Rift. I have nothing whatsoever against them doing the Rift and, if the game is as successful as I anticipate, it may become the same kind of franchise that Myst was. And the Rift would be an excellent project to follow with.

    6. Missing avatar

      Colin Wheaton on

      I really would like to donate more, mostly to have the physical add-ons. However, most of it is well outside my budget. I really would like to get the art book, but $250 is too much for me. It would be great if you guys would open more of the physical add-ons to purchase. It doesn't have to be signed by everyone (only those that pledged the full amount would receive that extra bonus). But having more options might bring in that extra push.

    7. Missing avatar

      Tom Dacon on

      OK, Stiler, I'll give it a try when the time comes. After all, it wouldn't actually be the first time.

      Backstory: it was at least twenty-five years ago when I had a precursor of the Rift experience. I used to go to the ACM Siggraph conferences, and one year the R&D group at Autodesk, of all people, had developed a headset like the Rift. In those days the computers couldn't do the graphics we can now, just simple wire-frame objects with single-color facets. Up in their suite at the conference hotel, I put on the headset and they handed me a tennis racket that was rigged up with six-degree-of-freedom sensors. Floating in front of me was a colorful virtual icosahedron, and all by myself in a room full of excited geeks who laughed and carefully moved out of my way as I fielded the ball and hit it back, I batted a virtual icosahedron against the walls and ceiling of a featureless virtual room. It was, at that time, the coolest thing I'd ever done in my life with a computer.

      So I'm open-minded about it.

    8. Tyler James Raymond on

      I really hope that Cyan does that and eventually gets a fraction as insanely overbudget as Star Citizen got!

    9. CURTROCK 8 on

      I DO enjoy cutting edge immersive experiences, such as game like Myst provided, back in the day. Rift support is WHY I supported this game, over the myriad of other games on KS. The consumer version of the Rift will go on sale well before the release of Obduction, and it's going to take the PC gaming world by storm. I would think that the passionate fans of this game will prob be blown away when they eventually try the Rift. Ask yourself this: given the opportunity, would you like to view the Obduction universe through the window of your PC monitor OR would you like to be whisked away by that pod, and actually enter INTO that world, with 360 degree immersion? Because that's what the Rift gives you. By adding Oculus Support, Cyan is future-proofing this game, and prob opening up the opportunity for future VR titles and longevity for the company. So, if you don't have a Rift yet, don't feel left out by this stretch goal; it's good for everybody who likes this game/company. Thx. :)

    10. Stiler Orion on

      @Tom Dacon I can see where you are coming from, however if you have never tried the rift one might think it's just a fad or another "gimmicky" VR headset.

      However once you try it you might walk away with quite a different viewpoint at just how much more immersive it can make a game, the feeling like "you're there" rather then simply watching a game on a monitor a few feet away. The ability to look around with your head, have a sense of depth.

      There's a reason the rift has been turning almost everyone that's gave it a try to it and praising it, for me it's a way I'd love to experience Obduction.

      Cyan could do like Star Citizen, and leave crowd funding through their own site/paypal open after kickstarter ends, I'm sure they could acquire the funds over time to hit them.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ed Heckman on

      I agree with Tom. I would prefer to see the extra world and road trip before the Rift.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Dacon on

      Oculus Rift, or another world and the wonderful road trip mode? If I could have a rub on the magic lamp it'd be, first another world, second the road trip, and third the Rift.

      Of all the people who buy and play this game, after all, what proportion of them will be playing the game all by themselves, with an expensive and profoundly geeky hood clamped over their heads?

      I don't know about you folks, but my partner and I played through all the Myst games, from the very first one all the way down the Path of the Shell, sitting side by side at the computer, experiencing the wonder and solving the problems together. She's a right-brain problem solver, and I'm a left-brain guy, and our problem-solving skills complemented one another in a very effective and satisfying way. Over and over, each of us had the satisfaction of being the one who broke through to the next experience, and both of us are now inspired with anticipation of that same cooperative game play in Obduction.

      Would I ever use a device like an Oculus Rift? I'm as geeked out as they come, after a lifetime in computers, but I just can't see locking myself away from the world in a thing like that, at least for a game like Obduction. Air combat simulations? Maybe. But I'm not sure I could put up with the sniggering from my wife when she walks into the office and finds me bobbing and twitching, head in the hood, earphones clamped over my head, joystick clutched in an iron-hard grip. Pew pew pew!

      So, Rand, it may be too late for you to change course on this. The backers who are contributing now may be more the Rift enthusiasts than the pure game experience enthusiasts. But if you were to be the genie I summoned with my rub on the magic lamp, that's how you'd do it. Another world, your innovative road trip, and then the Rift.

      Please think about it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Florentin Burgeat on

      +1 Dawn D, You totally need to make an add-on with the poster and the art-book, maybe in a unsigned form.

    14. Dawn on

      I'm still waiting for a poster or Obduction art book add-on… (dunno how possible that is though) But alright, I'll up my pledge by $1 ;)

      That list of suggestions has some great ideas on it. Gonna be using that tear-off flier myself ;)

    15. Laura Botkin on

      I did raise my pledge to the next level... Now I get a boxed edition! :) I have shared this with my Myst friends... sorry - don't know any famous people to Tweet about it! May want to post on the Video Games Live page! That's a good connection... off to do that now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bruce Osborne on

      The box question was answered in Update 4
      1.) The physical box will be a medium sized old-school box - exclusive to Kickstarter.

    17. eXoScoriae on

      I was still waiting for info on the boxed edition. I'll bump from $25 to $50 if you guys will give details on that.

      What size box (the old school large style, or the newer mini style
      Will the game be in a jewelcase or sleeve
      Printed manual?
      Cardboard skeleton to hold the box's structure (very common in the large box days)

      As of right now, I don't want to pay an extra $50 if you guys are going to print a very thing cardboard sheet, fold it into a box and toss a cd w/ a slip cover in there (see Viacom's Sierra Collections for an example of a horrible boxed game).

      Just a few details, and I'll bump my pledge.

    18. Wolf Doggie on

      Miracle granted. Obduction is now fully funded plus some. You're welcome!

    19. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chrysikopoulos on

      @Hugo Tremblay: the way kickstarter campaigns usually go in the last days, the Occulus Rift stretch goal is almost certainly "in the bag". For anything further than that of course, we'll have to wait and see.

    20. Dimitrios on

      They forgot to mention how to add an add on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Frank Flury on

      Will you continue to raise funds on the Cyan web site after kickstarter is over? The other projects I've backed do, like Shroud of the Avatar by Richard Garriott, and Sojourner Tales by Tracy and Laura Hickman.

    22. John Dowden on

      Congrats! So excited to see campaigns like this work...had a thought, perhaps if you end up with a little discretionary cash, you can throw in an Obduction journal for all us backers, so we can keep our gaming notes. :-)

    23. Forar on

      Sounds like someone doubts the power of the 48 hour emails...

    24. Missing avatar

      Abraham White on

      Happy to add more to the cause... you guys did it!!!!! I cant wait to see Obduction...

    25. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      Come Fellow Obductees we CAN do this!! w00t!!

    26. Hugo Tremblay on

      Hopefully you guys will consider supporting the Oculus Rift even if you don't reach the stretch goal, which let's face it, is unlikely.

      I'm sure I'm not the only one who got on board because of the Rift.