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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Damien Vacaflor on

      Roadtrip sounds so romantic. Excellent idea!

    2. Josh Warfel on

      I think the additional world would benefit far more people than Oculus Rift would, and therefore add far more value to the product. Is it too late to realign the goals without upsetting the [already promised] rift players? Perhaps Cyan could poll those that have already given to see if they would prefer an additional world instead?

    3. Missing avatar

      Monk on

      Oculus Rift is however the new tecky stuff thats coming out.I agree about the extra content but Cyan have to be seen to be pushing the limits and embracing new ideas.
      Theres always the possibility of " Obduction II ,The return to Kickstart "

      This will give you ample time to save your pennies/dimes for a headset to enjoy the experience.

    4. Natalie Manahan

      Now that I know what Oculus Rift is I can see why that would be attractive for a game like this. However, I'm more interested in the final tier! An extra world+Road Trip mode would be so cool! I would've really liked Road Trip mode while playing the original MYST (especially with that Piano Puzzle).

    5. Greta Prisby on

      Oh my good lordy... a Myst style game with the OR?? WANT.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Baillie on

      I'd much rather have the gameplay enhanced, though I do understand localization is more important as there are plenty in the world who are not fluent in English and to ask for my gameplay enhanced rather than offering a fundamental like language would be selfish.

      Sadly I can not see the £1.7M stretch goal hit, just too much to get in 50 hours in my view.

    7. CURTROCK 8 on

      My 2 cents : I have an Oculus Rift. It cost $300 . I am not rich. I DO enjoy cutting edge immersive experiences, such as game like Myst provided, back in the day. Rift support is WHY I supported this game, over the myriad of other games on KS. The consumer version of the Rift will go on sale well before the release of Obduction, and it's going to take the PC gaming world by storm. I would think that the passionate fans of this game will prob be blown away when they eventually try the Rift. Ask yourself this: given the opportunity, would you like to view the Obduction universe through the window of your PC monitor OR would you like to be whisked away by that pod, and actually enter INTO that world, with 360 degree immersion? Because that's what the Rift gives you. By adding Oculus Support, Cyan is future-proofing this game, and prob opening up the opportunity for future VR titles and longevity for the company. So, if you don't have a Rift yet, don't feel left out by this stretch goal; it's good for everybody who likes this game/company. Thx. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Harris on

      "Remember that Cyan and Myst helped popularize the #(*$&##$ CD-ROM."

      PC gaming, or gaming in general also was not as popular then. You now have a much fiercer playing field on which you compete against EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Mobile devices.

      No, this will not put the rift on the map. You can play the game for $25, or play it for a few hundred with a fancy set of goggles that cost as much as a console.

      Quality content over bells and whistles.

    9. Arturo Marín Alegría on

      wow, those art designs look pretty cool!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Len Gillespie on

      Regarding the Roadtrip Mode - Does this potentially mean that two people could play the game - each wearing an Occulus Rift?

      My dream game would be one where my Wife and I could both wear VR headsets and play co-op in the same game...

      What are your thoughts on this Guys?

    11. Frank Flury on

      Great work guys!
      After kickstarter is over will you still fund the project from the Cyan web sight like other projects do?
      I wanted to pledge at the Art Collector level but can only afford the Show and Tell pledge this month. Will we be able to upgrade our pledges after the Kickstarter Campaign is over?

    12. Missing avatar

      David on

      People need to chill out. Cyans decision is to do localization before an extra world, so that more people can have access to the game, before they make it bigger. Rift support and road trip mode are both relatively inexpensive to implement.

    13. Julia Chartove on

      Loving the Roadtrip Mode idea! I always had a great time playing Cyan's games with friends in college, so this'll be a way to enjoy that experience with my old friends even though we've moved our separate ways! I really hope this mode can be added to Cyan's games in the future, even if we can't get it through the funding from this Kickstarter alone.

    14. Missing avatar

      RobbieThe1st on

      I'd like to see a "definitely support linux" stretch goal in here somewhere. I'm pretty sure you guys could make it happen if you tried, and you'd gain support for the new Steam Machines that are coming out next year.

    15. Matt Giuca on

      Roadtrip mode sounds cool. But actually they had this feature in Zork Grand Inquisitor back in 1998. You guys should check that out to see what worked and what didn't (I never actually used it so I don't know).

      To be honest it seems strange to tie Roadtrip in with the extra world, requiring an extra $400K to do it. It might take one engineer a month or two to work out such a feature and iron out the kinks, which shouldn't cost anywhere near $400K. It would be good to get this feature in even if there isn't enough money to make an entire new world.

      (It's also interesting to consider that they are asking for $400K to build a new world, which would ostensibly be an extra 25% on top of the base game, when the base game is supposed to cost only $1.1M. If you extrapolate that each world costs $400K to produce, that means the base game will cost $1.6M plus development on the engine and other overheads, which means they must be using a lot more funding from elsewhere to produce the base game.)

    16. Missing avatar

      Top Gun on

      To people saying that the Oculus Rift is just "a toy for rich people," when you look at the projected cost, it's not really any more expensive than a good gaming-caliber display, and it might wind up being even cheaper than many of those. Given the choice, I'd rather just buy a cheaper display for everyday use, plus a Rift for what's purportedly an amazingly-immersive gaming experience, than shell out even a bit more for a higher-quality standard monitor. I've already toyed with the idea of getting a Rift at some point in the future, and by the time that 2015 rolls around, I'm almost certain I'll wind up owning one, so I'd love to see us hit that goal. :)

    17. Jeremy Gottwig on

      Congrats on funding! I've been watching this Kickstarter with great interest since it started.

      It would be quite bad taste to swap stretch goals at this point. That ship has sailed, and changing now would be pretty bad taste, given that many people pledged on Oculus Rift support and localization. For the record, I find the second stretch goal more enticing as well, but localization is probably more important than other worlds or anything else that has been or could be announced.

    18. Ed Matuskey on

      Remember it's not just Rift at 1.3M--it's also localization, which means more people get to enjoy the game (and Cyan gets to make more money, and possibly release additional features & worlds down the line). So don't think of it as supporting a reward you can't use, but instead making the game accessible to way more people, which I'd argue is better than an additional world & roadtrip for English-speakers only.

    19. Lee Miller on

      I agree that I'd prefer an additional world to Rift. Rift is a gimmick for rich people. An additional world would be something everyone could enjoy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lionel Sun on

      Not everyone can afford the luxury of the Oculus Rift :( Upping our pledge for the first stretch goal means we'll have to fork out some more money on an OR just to be able to benefit from the pledge. I'm certain that EVERYONE would benefit from the one additional world and Roadtrip mode! That aside, I'm so happy that we've finally blasted past the initial goal :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Just to put my two cents in: I'd much rather have both stretch goals than just one, but of the two I'd rather have Rift support. (I would buy a Rift just to play this game with it.)

      Let's go and get all of it!

      Note to self: during the next Hangout, ask about PayPal and how ongoing donations will affect the stretch goals.

    22. Missing avatar

      Richard Neogy on

      Oculus Rift at the moment seams more of a gimmick i would love the extra world and Road trip mode over Oculus Rift support.

    23. DeeEmm on

      I really like this idea, a good friend and I played Riven this way.

    24. Glenn Ray on

      If the 4th world+Roadtrip could be swapped with Oculus Rift, couldn't the stretch goals be adjusted accordingly? LIke so: $1.5M for 4W+RT, then $1.7M for Oculus Rift? I'd up my contribution if that was possible..

    25. Dawn on

      Congrats on reaching base funding guys!
      And Roadtrip Mode sounds awesome! (Also additional worlds are always awesome!) Hoping we can unlock this…

    26. Gareth Cockram on

      Also congrats on making base funding :)

    27. Gareth Cockram on

      I agree with some of the previous posts, Occulus rift is not something I intend to invest in in the near future, I would much prefer road trip mode. Please consider swapping stretch goals...


    28. Michael Pollard on

      Let's not swap the Rift for Roadtrip mode - let's do both!

      I'd say that Cyan, as usual, have thought this through and realized that offering the Rift early would show that they are still committed to being early adopters of developing technology, plus Rift would be likely to bring in the high end gamers who may be few in number but more likely to pledge at higher levels. Offering Roadtrip Mode at this point I think is a stroke of genius. Cyan clearly knows, because they have heard for years, that many people play their games in groups of two or more. So I’m sure there will be many people who will either add to current pledges (like me) or will now pledge because they will be able to play Obduction with someone else. Cyan really does care about the community their games have created. But they still want you to pay to play. which is only fair.

    29. John WS Marvin (Dread Unicorn Games)

      I could care less about Oculus Rift. Roadtrip sounds great.

    30. Missing avatar

      Zdenek on

      Roadtrip is amazing idea. Why to support Oculus Rift if MOST players will not have such device??

      Please can you add a roadtrip/world instead?

    31. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      While I don't plan on getting the OR in the next 5 (or more) years and would much prefer the Road Trip add-on.. I believe that not having OR for this game, if it came down to a choice between the two, would be a BIG mistake. If I was to ever buy an OR set, this is the game I would most like to play with it.

    32. Ed Matuskey on

      My guess is most of the cost goes to the localization, and that coding to get Rift support is relatively minor (otherwise there wouldn't be much chance of anyone making the effort to accommodate a peripheral with such low saturation right now).

    33. Kyle Schoonover on

      Roadtrip mode is an awesome idea.

    34. Rainer "tachzusamm" Kesselschläger on

      I already played RealMYST with friends, talking over Skype what we are doing; so I really love the idea of the Roadtrip Mode.
      Great idea !!!!111oneeleven

    35. Missing avatar

      George on

      I believe the localization is a must, to open the game up to as many markets as possible, first-place priority. An additional world comes in TIED at first-place priority, and then Oculus Rift support should be a second- or third-level stretch goal. As was mentioned, an additional world benefits every single player, localization benefits many, many players, but OR may only benefit a very small percentage of players - even in 2015. Also, something like OR support could potentially be easier to add-in later - things like localization and additional world coherency could be more challenging later on.

    36. Willem Huiskamp on

      Boy, I would prefer this over oculus. I am just remembering the fun we had opening that doors with a group of people. Running around. Talking , joking and above all laughing.

    37. Ed Matuskey on

      To those clamoring for Road Trip before Oculus, look at the jump in funds required for both--only (only, ha!) 200k for Oculus & localization (and don't forget that second one--that tier opens the game up to a wider audience, even if the OR doesn't)--twice that amount is needed to get the additional Age (sorry, Myst diehard) and Roadtrip. I think it's smart to put a modest stretch goal first--you're more likely to reach it and, as I said, this goal would allow people in other countries to enjoy the game (and thus sell more copies, and potentially enable future content)--like additional Ages and Roadtrip. ;)

    38. jorlinn on Linux on

      Let's at least get to the Rift support. I don't have one of those nifty devices (yet), but this game seems almost made for it. Any news yet from Epic on Linux support for UDK4 yet?

    39. Weldy Green on

      You should know that every person who had the chance to test the oculus rift said it was a revolution, this is the future of video games, guys !
      Xbox one and PS4 are already oudated by what oculus can bring to video games.
      so imagine in 2 years... Oculus will probably be something very popular !


      id rather have game content first than oculus rift support

    41. safyrejet on

      To everyone asking, stretch goals have the same timeline as the overall KS project. Meaning there is (current to my post) 64 hrs left to reach 1.3, 1.7, and whatever beyond to unlock those features. That's the time available to make pledges to the KS project itself.

      Now if they are also counting the funds raised through paypal (not sure how that's working) towards the project SsG, then there's no KS deadline on that. Only whatever deadline Cyan themselves set.

    42. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      The real awesomesauce starts when you think about Oculus Rift and Roadtrip Mode combined....

    43. Noah Norton on

      @abstraction - thank you for the explanation. I hope Cyan will continue their efforts past the date I would love to explore another world (first and foremost) then adding the shared mode is icing on the cake.

    44. Thomas Richard on

      Roadtrip mode sounds pretty cool. That would defintely help since in some cases people are better at certain kinds of puzzles. For example, I could do (or fumble through) most of the puzzles in myst when I was a younger, but had (and still do) have problems with the sound puzzles in the selenic age. My dad always had to help me. The feature would be really cool to add!

    45. Missing avatar

      Christine on

      Wow, roadtrip mode is an incredible idea! That is exactly how my husband and I played all the myst games. That's really inspired co-op support. I submitted it to co-optimus because they're always looking for games like that!

    46. Missing avatar

      Hello extremely! on

      Yes, but Myst _required_ a CD-ROM. The Rift is a luxury add-on; Obduction won't significantly drive sales of the Rift, especially since there are going to be several other games with Rift support coming out well before Obduction.

      Personally, I'd put Roadtrip Mode well ahead of Oculus Rift support in terms of desirability. (An additional world beats them both by miles, of course, but I recognize that that would probably drive the cost up past 1.3M on its own.)

    47. Casus Belli

      Stupid me. The add-on is already available. I'm going to hide under a bush somewhere.

    48. Casus Belli

      Even better, add an additional copy of the game as an add-on. This way, all levels can add one digital or boxes copy. You might also want to consider during paypal pledges after the KS is over and, ideally, count those monies toward the stretch goals (many other games have followed that route).

      Congrats, can't wait to play / live Obduction.

    49. Max Hann on

      John, check out the Add-ons update! You can raise your pledge by $25 to get a second copy

    50. Missing avatar

      Bruce Osborne on

      Just pledge at $25 and add another $25. There is an add-on for another game download.