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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Amazing Update! Big News!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

As you may know, Rand and his brother Robyn made Myst and Riven together. Robyn just wrapped up his first movie, “The Immortal Augustus Gladstone,” which is slated for release in February 2014. Robyn wrote and directed the film and composed the soundtrack. What you may not realize is he also played the role of Augustus.

Which leads us to some exciting news!

Robyn will be playing one of the lead characters in Obduction! And Rand will be joining him! They’ll both have acting roles in the new game - something they haven’t done together since the original Myst!

And there's even more exciting news!

Robyn and Rand's brother Ryan also worked on Myst - including writing the books in the library. After Myst, Ryan worked with Rand for many years at Cyan - where he helped with design and writing on many of Cyan’s post-Riven projects. Ryan then moved on to other things - including authoring several books. (Check out his latest book “Everything Breatheshere!)

Ryan will also be helping with Obduction - in both a design and writing role! He’ll be writing much of the supporting text that appears in the game - as well as offering his services to the design team, which Rand is heading up.

These recent developments are incredibly exciting! It feels like we’re building momentum for the final push! Let’s keep up the good work, and make Obduction happen. Thank you all for your hard work and support!


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    1. Brettster on

      C. Addison, of course it's going to reflect their views, as it should. They are the creators, the artists, and that is their right. It's their vision, and they're entitled to tell the story they want to tell. You are not entitled to a game from them that feeds whatever your worldview is. I find it pretty tasteless when fans try to tell artists to censor themselves. If you liked Myst and Riven, you like their approach. They know what they're doing better than we do. Just be thankful they're working hard on another game. If it has a point of view that you just can't accept, there are plenty of other games.

    2. Walter H. Hunt on

      Posted a link to the Facebook page on my wall.

      Consider putting some of the great visuals that have been in backer updates - it can only help.

    3. Addison on

      Been kind of mulling over making this comment, because like many, many people Myst and Riven were a huge deal for me about getting me into gaming at the time; I realise that the idea of the brothers together again is also a big fandom thing.

      As no-one seems to have mentioned this here (that I've read), I'd like to hear some positive affirmation from Cyan that Obduction is going to be a diversified group/team/fan effort that does not overly reflect or endorse any bias towards the original founders' particular, personal, religious or spiritual views? As anyone following the embedded link to Ryan Miller's book link, or church activities, will be made aware of.

    4. Narq on

      Just to remind folks- you can always increase your pledge between reward tiers. You don't have to choose the next tier to increase your pledge. You can simply add as many dollars as you would like to your current pledge.

    5. John on

      I wonder if Cyan would be willing to accept work as a pledge. I'm a software engineer with a very big developer but I'd love the chance to help out on the project. Unfortunately that wouldn't help them reach the financial goal though.

    6. Drew Britten on

      Amazing news! I'm trying to get the word out to all my circles. I know there are more than 15,000 Myst fans out there!!!

    7. Joe Mohn Jr. on

      Boy, looking a little bleak. :( Wish I had more funds too!!! Sure hope it picks up soon!!

    8. Missing avatar

      mabd on

      ARGH. I need more money! I'm also worried here D:

    9. Christoph Burschka on

      Argh, I really hope the pace will pick up toward the end again. If the last few days' rate continues, the end sum would barely break 900k...

    10. James Lightfoot on

      Good news but getting more and more worried about the lack of emphasis on the music.

    11. Tina Ragno-Kavanagh on

      Oh I wish I was made of money... I would so give the rest of what you need to launch this intregueing game

    12. Jason Andersen on

      This is great news!

    13. James O'Donnell on

      @Adreitz: I can understand the immersion argument for mo-capped, but it would look more like a video game and less like a real place. Even back in 1997, that guy that stole your book (Cho) looked like he was real... and really in front of me. Though I fully expect the graphics in Obduction to be much better than MystV, if the characters were digital I would still feel like they were fake.

    14. Austin Storm on

      Who's doing the score? =)

    15. Missing avatar

      George on

      Guys, this is awesome! It's starting to sound like the magic of Myst development all over again. Come on backers, let's get this thing to its goal and beyond!

    16. Missing avatar

      Adreitz on

      @Seba: Personally, I'd prefer mo-capped 3D animated characters rather than FMV, as they would feel more integrated with the world. You can't walk around a FMV character and see them from multiple angles. And I'm sure Rand would feel less self-conscious if he's not in costume in front of a camera. But I'd imagine that FMV would probably be cheaper to pull off than mo-cap.

    17. James O'Donnell on

      Oh and thanks for swallowing hard and going in front of the camera again, Rand. We know you hate acting but we do love seeing your performances (and you're good at it).

    18. James O'Donnell on

      I just upgraded my pledge. This is fabulous news... and well planned, Cyan, if this was your strategy all along ;)

    19. Seba on

      I had a feeling Robyn would be the 'ace up Your sleeve' near the end ;)
      What a reunion, thank heavens for crowdfunding! Now, hopefully the "acting roles" won't mean only voice acting, but some glorious FMV.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brenda Brannon on

      For your last big push, you need to quickly create a fan page on Facebook for Obduction so the information can travel quickly to more people. I have shared a link to your Kickstarter campaign twice, but I think the information could become more widespread if you had a Facebook page that can be "liked".

    21. Jonathan Venezian

      Wow, gettin the team back together again.

    22. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Dmitrios - Is this your doing? You asked for it a few days ago.

    23. Kyle Norton on

      Woo hoo! It feels like "the band is getting back together", this is great news!

    24. Missing avatar

      mog7 on

      Robyn is not writing the music, we can not ask for all. And they have for sure, very talented guys who can´t wait to do beautiful tracks for them. This make this project even more awesome. We need to open mow this 500 pledge, take my money! :) and please put something creative in it, i would love to do something for the project.

    25. Aralis on

      Excellent news! Can't wait to see the conclusion of that reunion!
      By the way, if you could have time to finish or publish the last book of d'ni... ;)

    26. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "Is Robyn going to write the music too?"
      I guess they would have announced it if this would have been the case.. .

    27. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Is Robyn Miller involved with Obduction?
      Robyn is not currently involved, other than graciously allowing us use music from the Myst soundtrack in our video.
      Last updated: Saturday Oct 19, 1:08pm EDT
      Time to update a bit here and there ;-)

    28. eXoScoriae on

      Simply awesome. I'm going to go ads to my pledge just for the help of it. Seems like a proper way to celebrate.

    29. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      Fantastic news for people who are already your fans and participants in this project. Also, it's a beautiful gesture of Rand's to join as an actor even though he hates doing it. Really shows commitment to the project.

      However, in order to bring in more new people, you really should release more concepts and other content. A video would probably have the greatest impact.

    30. Mattis Bødtker on

      This is amazing! The brother-trio are back together! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      gijobarts on

      Is Robyn making the music? The Myst soundtrack was awesome!

    32. Pavitra on

      You should update the FAQ. :)

    33. Maarten Dijkstra on

      this is just so cool. not only do we get to back a new idea for a new game, that will be as amazing as Myst was, but we get to bring the brothers back together, and that's ALL THREE brothers. whoa.


      I'm in love with this project

    34. Gavin Lambert - Tormented Dreamer on

      It might be kinda weird to see Atrus in an unrelated game.... but I'd still love to see Rand on screen again.

    35. Christoph Burschka on

      > And Rand will be joining him!

      I'm extremely, pleasantly surprised. Didn't Rand say in the recent interview that he doesn't want to do acting or voice work anymore?

    36. Trond Lunde on

      That is fantastic news. :-)

    37. Rachel Akau on

      Omg! I love it! It'll be awesome to see the brothers together on screen and in-game! :) I'm super excited.

    38. Grover on

      So, the Miller gang is back, me happy!

    39. Remy LEROY on

      Behind Myst and Riven lies a dreadful quarrel between 2 brothers... has it something to do with the reality??

    40. Jared White on

      W00T!!!! *jumps around shouting gibberish and waving hands maniacally*

    41. Randall Silver on

      That is great news. I'm still wondering about the music though. If it's even half as good as the tunes in Myst or Riven, I'm gonna be very excited.

    42. A. Adams on

      So I guess Rand's bit about not liking acting....was just an act! lol! This is great news, to have the Miller Bros back together for this project!

    43. Missing avatar

      smaller on


      *flies into the sun*

    44. Stephen Staver on


    45. Paul Melampy on

      Did anyone else get chills when reading this!!

    46. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      Awesome news! love it!! w00t!!

    47. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on


      Is Robyn going to write the music too?

    48. Justin Esparza on

      Rand, the master of misdirection! He should win an Oscar for his “I am so uncomfortable acting” performance in today’s Google+ Hangout.

    49. K R Parkinson (GalvanicSpiral) on

      Sweet! Rand supposedly hates acting, but I think he's just being modest. ;-P

      He rocked as Atrus. I can't even imagine a trained actor in that role. Atrus is Rand, and Rand is Atrus. Can't wait to see his (and Robyn's) roles in Obduction!