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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Distribution Update and More!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hey, Backers! The new Strata reward tier is going great! Make sure you check it out if you haven't seen it yet. We also want to officially give you an update on some exciting new developments.

Steam Greenlight

We want Obduction to be distributed through Steam. As the first step in that direction, we have officially submitted the Obduction concept to Steam Greenlight. Greenlight is not just about getting Obduction approved on Steam, but it also helps more people find out about Obduction. But we need your help with this. To get the word out and show your support, head over to Greenlight and rate or favorite Obduction.

Link to Steam Greenlight 

GOG & Humble Bundle

We’re working with our friends at GOG for digital distribution of Obduction, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve got a relationship with Humble Bundle as well. Check them out if you haven't used them before.


Some of you have asked if there will be a DRM-free digital download option for Obduction. We are happy to confirm officially that we will have a DRM-free digital download option you'll be able to select.

Google Hangout!

Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday, November 6th, at 6 PM PST. Feel free to ask questions and get to know the team better. You can RSVP here :

Obduction Hangout

The Twitter hashtag for the hangout is #CyanHangout if you prefer to live tweet.

Can't make it? We will upload the video to YouTube directly after the session. You can find our YouTube channel here:


More Press

On Sunday (Nov 2) Rand had a great live radio interview with Scott at In-Game Chat. The interview starts at about the one hour mark. Thanks Scott!

In-Game Chat

Nice article on Mashable today. Here’s the link:


And thanks again, everyone! We are approaching $800,000 and the home stretch - and we’re so close! You all are doing an amazing job of spreading the word everywhere. And we’ve still got some fun stuff left to share!

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    1. Missing avatar

      James on

      Glad to hear DRM-free and GOG have been confirmed!

    2. Anita on

      sorry, but i couldnt log into Stream Greenlight.

    3. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      Sorry guys, but I certainly do not support online clients for offine single player games, no matter if it's Steam, UPlay, Origin or any other!
      Keep to DRM-free/GoG and everything's fine!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean Lockner on

      obduction is listed under concepts on greenlight for some reason. I don't understand the point of not just taking it to actual greenlight right from the start.

    5. Seba on

      Hmm, Hangout will be at 3AM over here.... but who needs sleep, am I right?!
      Good move on finally confirming DRM-free, last obvious thing missing now is a tier between 250 and 850.
      @Adam - I'm sure they just mean distribution via the Humble Store, not being in a $1 Humble Bundle ;)

    6. Helena on

      @ David: have you tried following the link in the article?

    7. William O'Meallain

      DRM-free rocks! I hate having to be "member of something" to play a game. Isn't it enough that XBOX forces us to login to Live to play Indie games we've purchased and downloaded?

    8. Adam Cather on

      How are you using Humble Bundle? I hope you don't plan on giving the game away for free.

    9. David Zizza on

      Unable to find Obduction on Greenlight in Steam. Hard to promote it, if it's not there... ;-) Searched on Cyan and on Obduction.

    10. Dimitrios on

      I have an amazing idea for Cyan!!!!
      I propose to give us a special goal as add-on:par example
      If 10000 backers place 10$ for this add-on ... Rand Miller will be an actor in the game, or give his voice to a character, or...........Cyan will add a small video with him as Atrus saying a special "Thank you" to all of us!!! (i dont mean each one personally lol)
      That special add on (or some special add ons) will give us 100.000$ and the joy to see Rand nagging!!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Menno Pleijster on

      Thank you for making the game DRM-free, that is great news!

    12. Eugene on

      In this case Greenlight is about exposure. By voting we are spreading the word.

    13. James Harris on

      I think something might be wrong with that Steam Greenlight link. It has a banner at the top saying that voting there won't affect the game's chances on Steam, and it has every instance of the word "Obduction" highlighted.

    14. Rainer "tachzusamm" Kesselschläger on

      You should update the FAQ as well, where it currently just says "depends" regarding DRM.
      The FAQ is where new backers look first.

    15. Justin

      Great news all the way around :)
      I'm especially pleased to hear about GoG and the DRM free status of Obduction.
      A big thank you to Cyan for making great games in the past, pushing for the creation of great games in the future, and standing up for everyone who plays games by stepping away form the archaic DRM module. For this update alone I'll be looking for more wiggle room in my budget to increase my support. :)

    16. Timothy Geary

      You're in with Humble Bundle now? May I ask in what way exactly? Are you going to use them to distribute your DRM free copies of Obduction? I know others (Sportsfriends to name one) have used them for that.

    17. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      When you're talking about DRM free, Humble Bundle and GOG are the way to go! Thanks for listening to us.

    18. Stephen Staver on

      I would have thought that since you already have games on Steam, you'd be able to bypass the Greenlight process.

    19. Alahmnat on

      Hopefully the confirmation of DRM-free downloads will bring in a few hold-out donors. That's good to hear in any case :)