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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

New Reward Tier!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hey, everyone. We've got some exciting news! We’re adding a new reward tier.

$1100 - "Become the Strata 3D Artist“

As you might know, the images in the original Myst were created using Strata 3D Software. As a special offer, our friends at Strata have generously offered to support the Obduction Kickstarter campaign by providing a special Myst version of their Strata Design 3D CX software ($600 value) to backers at this new, special reward level or above. You’ll use Design 3D CX to design, model, and texture an (appropriate) item for Obduction! Just like in the “Become the Artist” level, your object will have a chance to be seen by anyone playing Obduction, and your name will also be in the "Additional Design" section of the credits.

This special Myst version of Design 3D also includes some of the surface textures and digital 3D objects from the original Myst models. The textures can be used in your own models, and you can open the 3D objects to see how they were created, change them, and even re-render them with different lighting or from different angles.

And that’s not all! You’ll also receive 5 exclusive hi-res digital images (one image from each main Age in Myst) rendered from the original Myst models. These are scenes you'll recognize, but at the highest resolution possible and never before released.

And you’ll also receive all of the rewards from the $250 level and down.

Special thanks to Strata for graciously helping to make this new reward tier a reality.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Justin Porter on

      Oh man, I remember the days of Strata Studio Pro! I kinda' miss those days.

    2. safyrejet on

      Charles, it's an $1100 tier. Not an $11 tier. If you've pledged for a tier you can check at the bottom of each tier description. It tells you an estimated delivery of the tier rewards. Most are Oct 2015. Nothing will be gotten for quite a while.

    3. charles kinder on

      Hi, i was instrested in the special Myst version of their Strata Design 3D CX software ($600 value) to backers at this new, special reward level or above. You’ll use Design 3D CX to design, model, and texture an (appropriate) item forObduction! Just like in the “Become the Artist” level where i donated the $11 so now how do i get this

    4. charles kinder on

      now that i have gave the $11 new reward tier.

      "Become the Strata 3D Artist“ how do i get this

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Harrison on

      How do you receive the promo coupon for Strata.

    6. safyrejet on

      @ Joel, the game and soundtrack are already offered together in the $45 tier. What a few of us are hoping for is an option to buy the soundtrack without the game, since for me at least, $45 is just too much to spend right now.

    7. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      Gary: I know from first-hand experience that when you raise your pledge, your old pledge is wiped clean. If you raise your pledge to $1100 your credit card will only be charged $1100.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gary Polak on

      I have a question. Do you deduct my previous pledge if I pledge the $1100 ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Spencer on

      Its great you are providing new tiers to appeal to different people.
      I was wondering if it would be worth offering another tier that is for $100-200,000 that gives the backer the opportunity to maybe not only be a part of the team during production, but also gets to work with the team on the next project after Obduction. This may really appeal to someone with that kind of money that would also like to learn all about the game development industry with some hands on experience. Its just a thought :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Joel Burke on

      Yeah, a soundtrack tier or add-on would be awesome. I would love to get the game and the soundtrack.

    11. safyrejet on

      I got all excited and then no...I'm still hoping for some lower level tier to just purchase the digital soundtrack or a soundtrack add on. I'm with Bill. Also I hadn't looked that far before but the jump between tiers from $250 to $850 does cut a lot of potential out. Still this is great news for those who have the funds to pledge more. That is a pretty sweet package.

    12. Talon Edgewater [Xulima[Bloom]Deathfire] on

      Good idea, but you guys are missing out on so much money by not having something between 250 and 850.

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas F Sloan on

      Convince Nvidia and AMD to give a moderate to steep discount on the purchase of a new video card and place that discount in a "Pledge $500 or more" category. People will be willing to plop down $500 if they know some of that money will be recouped with a 30 percent discount on a new video card. Cyan wins, Nvidia and AMD wins, and of course the backer wins! Christmas is coming up real soon you know!

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas F Sloan on

      It's great having Strata jump on the band wagon. Now if you could get Nvidia and AMD to step up to the plate that would be even nicer. The gaming industry is what made them the power houses they are now. Even now, players may be wanting to upgrade their devices (pc's and such) as to get the most out of the game. So come on Nvidia and AMD... help Cyan out!!

    15. Missing avatar

      mog7 on

      I agree, would jump right in the 500 pledge with no rewards if I could design an element using my own 3D Software. I mean today you can export in any common format. There are for sure many artists who would love to express themself without having to learn a new software, even if the myst thing is cool.

    16. Helena on

      Great idea! And very popular, given how many people have snapped it up. However, I still think a $500 tier would attract a lot of people currently at the $250 level. If you're struggling for reward ideas, I'm sure the people in the comments section could help...

    17. Carol Woodward (Noelani) on

      Just forwarded this to all friends who are Indie games developers. Fantastic opportunity.

    18. Al Edwards on

      Beautiful, An Excellent reward Tier, but like most of those here, beyond what I am able to pledge...

    19. Trond Lunde on

      Hey, give us the $500 tier. I know many will raise their pledges if you guys do. $1100 is a bit much for many of us.

    20. Michael Pollard on

      How about 1 or 2 of those hi-res digital images of Myst for a $500 tier?

    21. Noah Norton on

      pretty awesome, I wish I could afford it. I hope this adds some more pledges but I still think we need some more tiers in the $100-$500 range, that bracket is much more attainable for the average person.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dennis Glowacki on

      I'm used to being paid to do 3d art but I'd totally pay you to work on Obduction! Shame I don't have the funds available. Hopefully when you get funded I can bug you more about letting me make something! Worst case i get my grubby hands on those concept pieces I'll go to town. :D

    23. Paul Melampy on

      Wow, this is very cool. It's a shame that I don't have any 3D modeling talent of any kind. Not to mention an extra $1100.

      Now that we have that gap plugged, maybe we could add in another tier around the $350 range? Not sure what the reward should be, but there's a sizable gap there too.

    24. Bill Roeske on

      That's a cool idea!

      I'd love a $35 reward tier for a game and soundtrack download, or a $10 add-in for the soundtrack download. I would absolutely up my pledge for that. I still listen to the Riven soundtrack often.

    25. Zageron on

      That is an incredible reward! How I'd love to have access to HD renders of Myst. ;-;