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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
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Content Update 3

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hi all - Eric again. Last time, we chatted a little bit about some of the inhabitants of these worlds. Now let’s talk about how those inhabitants arrived there. As usual, spoiler-alert fully engaged. Seriously... just stop reading right now.  Maybe play some sudoku instead?  You have been warned.

(SPOILER ALERT: We’re going to reveal some things. If you don’t want to know anything - STOP HERE!)

So we’ve already mentioned that at the beginning of Obduction you (the player) find yourself whisked away from your cozy Earth, far off into the starry night sky. It’s time to dive into that a little deeper. First off, what’s up with that thing in the teaser trailer? Some kinda space-pinecone with a basketball inside? That space-pinecone, my friends, is the exterior shell of one variety of Seed.  And Seeds, as you will come to discover, are an important part of Obduction. There’s a reason that the Seed is the emblem for the entire project.

These particular Seeds have a very special purpose. One might say it is their only purpose.  They are designed to scatter. They emerge, they travel, they blossom, and then they scatter. Now you’re bound to have questions: Where are they from? How do they travel? If these are the Seeds, then are there gardeners? How do they do what they do? Those are all good questions, but the important part is that the seeds sole purpose is to… say it with me… scatter.

Early Seed designs by Derrick Robinson
Early Seed designs by Derrick Robinson

At the beginning of Obduction you just happen to be the victim (or beneficiary?) of one such scattering. Unlike the “Cyberdyne Systems' Model 101” in The Terminator, you at least seem to arrive with the clothes on your back... but beyond that, we’d prefer to hold back the details of what else comes with you (your dental fillings? your glasses? the bag lunch you had in your backpack?) But we will mention that this unique mode of transportation will have some rather interesting effects on the world around you. Let’s just say Linking Books ain’t got nothing on this.

Now, rather revealing too much about this transportation technology, it seems like a good idea to pull back and examine Obduction from a macro level instead. What can you expect regarding the scope of the game?

Whenever we describe Myst, we use the idea of “Ages” to describe the scope - it was four Ages plus the Myst Island “Hub Age”. (We could add in the D’ni prison as an Age, but it’s small enough that we’ll just leave it out for this exercise.) We can use this description of Myst as a loose frame of reference for Obduction. Of course, we don’t call them Ages in Obduction - they’re “Worlds”, and the size of Worlds can certainly vary dramatically (Compare, for instance, the size of Myst Ages to the size of Uru Ages). But as a general reference Obduction, at its base level of funding, will consist of three (3) Worlds and a Hub. Precisely how those Worlds and Hub are connected, we’ll leave for you to discover when you arrive.

For now, here’s some very early environment development studies (by Derrick Robinson):

Until next time,


“‘The Silver Shoes,’ said the Good Witch, ‘have wonderful powers. And one of the most curious things about them is that they can carry you to any place in the world in three steps, and each step will be made in the wink of an eye. All you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you wish to go.’”

L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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    1. Missing avatar

      Claire Chevalier on

      Myst was my first non-casual video game when I was a young girl. I still love point-an-click games the most and recently I've been feeling nostalgic about good old 90s games. So this is perfect.
      Yet, I've only just heard of the project 5 days before its ending and that's too bad, because now I'm afraid it won't get the money it needs and deserves. I'll do my best to spread the word around.

    2. Remy LEROY on

      I bought my first Mac in 1991, just to be able to play Myst and I discovered much more than a game!

      You guys at Cyan make more than games. Myst, Riven and now Obduction are at the same time, immersive stories, pieces of graphical and sound art, real artistic creations

      Thanks a lot for this

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Cook on

      I've been a fan of Cyan since the original Myst came out. I eagerly anticipated the release of Riven and have bought all the books. It feels good to help support a talented group of individuals who are making games like nothing else out there. Really hope you guys hit your goal, as I would love to play this game. Good luck!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gitle M on

      I'm backing this almost exclusively for the oculus rift support. If they don't reach the stretch goal I'll be pissed. Though, by 2015 when the rift is released and mainstream they've most likely realized that VR is obligatory so they'll add rift support anyway.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas F Sloan on

      How cool and unique would it be if when visiting these "worlds" in Obduction you happen to come up on some of our "real world" alien abducted people and dialogue is given as to how they were abducted and so forth! There are plenty of people on Earth that have claimed to have been abducted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Man I hope this game successfully gets funded. They're doing a great job with the updates especially when it hasn't reached it's goal yet. Nice work.

    7. Matt Giuca on

      Looking amazing! I'm glad to hear there'll be different Worlds. That was one of the brilliant things about Myst -- you would be so quickly transported to a completely different environment. It made the game feel much bigger than it actually was. Having 3 Worlds plus a hub sounds like a reasonable amount of gameplay (I suppose that's what Myst III had as well).

      I don't think these are really any more spoilers than what you would see on the back of a box or website for a finished game. I'm certainly happy to take it all in.

    8. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      Nice writeup today on The Verge. Good to see you guys getting a little more press!

    9. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      @Derrick Great paintings! They look amazing

    10. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Yeh the people running away and being just out of reach added to the exploration vibe in Riven for me. It wasn't some empty age, completely devoid of life or some ancient world where all the people were long since dead etc.. there were people there but they were terrified and wary of outsiders etc..

    11. Grover on

      Wonderful concept sketches <3 ! (and translated update into french :…)

    12. Clemons Kunkel AKA Super Professor on

      Sweet looking. I loved the music in Myst and Riven.

    13. Helena on

      @ Louis: I agree - the music in Myst III and IV was absolutely gorgeous, but it could be a little distracting at times when actually playing the games. The Myst and Riven soundtracks were perfect 'exploration' music. Let's hope Cyan might have a sample or two for us to hear by the end of the campaign.

      Also, +1 for people running away from the player. That really helped to add to the creepy atmosphere in Riven.

    14. Louis Louilevy on

      I'm curious about how the music will sound in this game. The musical style of Riven really pulled me further into exploring its culture. The instruments and sounds used complemented the plot and scenes on screen, as well as the fictional language and attire worn by the actors.

      I don't want the music to be like what I heard in Myst III and V, but if Jack Wall-style orchestra is being used..... well, the soundtrack for Myst IV was both intriguing as classical music and as complement to the focus on plot's family drama instead of exploring the ages' cultures.

      Yeah, about that; I hope Obduction is going to have at least as many people as Riven did. I still remember clicking around Riven's village island, trying to get as close to people as possible before they run away. That was really cool when they were played by real actors on bluescreen.

    15. Derrick Robinson on

      @ jason | Tech | Helena - Thank you :D

    16. Sean T. Arata on

      I actually really don't see these as spoilers at all. I'm used to devouring information on games I'm interested in anyway and this makes a potential backer realize that there is something there to back and that it's not all a smoke-screen. The concept art really makes me yearn for more and I'm okay with what some might consider spoilers.

    17. Pugnacious on

      You guys are killing me. Game is almost 2 years away from release and you're gonna have us jonesing for just a little taste of game play.

    18. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Hehe.. yup.. skimmed through in about 2 seconds... like seeing flashes of a dream without understanding the meaning :)

    19. Jason Andersen on

      Yes, keep the updates coming! It only serves to increase the excitement (and pledges) for this game!

      Love the seed design artwork, and the world concepts. Very similar in feel to some of the Myst Ages, which I love!

    20. J. "Tech" Priest on

      Skimming the update and seeing references to previous work makes me happy. I just don't read it. Btw, the concept art is good.

    21. Peg Y on

      I'm not skipping anything! Just like you have the pleasure of a meal twice--once by the tantalizing aromas and again by actually consuming it--these updates can only whet my appetite for what is to come!

    22. Helena on

      The 'early development studies' are beautiful; I hope they end up in the final game in some form! And I assume the second stretch goal is for an additional world? Damn, now I really, really want us to hit it.

    23. Zepaw on

      *plugs ears* lalalalala
      I'm skipping past the details but I do want to say I'm glad for the info update. More updates is a good thing. :)