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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

More Milestones! $700,000 & Midway Mark!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Wow! Two more big milestones! We’ve passed the midway time mark milestone AND we’ve passed $700,000! It feels like we’re on the edge of the homestretch, and it’s going to be exciting! We’ve got more info, updates, and... well... other stuff coming up.

Now we’ve been saying this over and over, but please don’t think we've lost any sincerity - THANK YOU!! Your support with your funding has been phenomenal! And beyond that you have been amazing at spreading the word! And beyond that you’ve been so creative with adding your own value to our efforts! The outpouring of support has been almost overwhelming. So again - THANK YOU!! 






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    1. Missing avatar

      Melody Ingle on


      I understand what you are saying about cost of production for items... but I admit that as a numbers person myself, the cost to make a t-shirt isn't anything like 50 bucks (unless we are talking organic made in the usa... ) If you look at a site like threadless, a site that makes tshirts in varying quantities some of them very small, you can see the average cost is quite low, and retail to boot. A quick google of "make your own tshirts" will show that you can even order cotton custom t-shirts at about 5 bucks a piece with some lettering. Check it out.

      I can't tell you how much an art book costs but t-shirts are pretty run of the mill on pricing.

      Now that I've said all that, maybe I'll just order some dang tshirts of my own! :D

    2. safyrejet on

      I think kickstarter "rules" want add ons to be things that directly relate to the kickstarted project itself. So I'm not sure that even if Cyan was willing to that it would be proper to offer Myst related products as add ons anyway. This is not a Myst project.

      Plus add ons really only add value to the grand total of the project funds when they aren't eating into the profits so to speak. By that I mean each product that is "added" on and produced and shipped comes with it's own cost. I'm assuming Cyan figured out the approximate cost to produce things like t-shirts, boxes, and art books when they came up with the $1.1M figure and the cost of each "reward" tier. Anything after the fact, like adding on other games or doodads has higher potential to cost the project more than they bring in.

      That said, I have to admit, I'm still holding out hope that a lower than $25 tier might be added to pledge for the digital soundtrack separate of the game, or a soundtrack add on.

    3. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      I feel like we should be thanking you instead of you thanking us. Just the fact that you have been keeping Myst Online afloat on a donation system that means no profit for you and just barely enough to keep the game going means so much.

      Any other developer would have shut down MOULa ages ago (pun intended). That is a testament to your love of us, the explorers.

      Now and in any future endeavor, you have a loyal supporter here.

    4. Clemons Kunkel AKA Super Professor on

      Awesome, because I am being selfish I want to play Obduction... Great Job.

    5. Seba on

      @Justin - oh, there's plenty of content in the last line ;) (…)

    6. Justin "Red" Lebrun on

      I kind of love this update. Because there's no content in it- it's just you feeling overwhelmed by progress and wanting to say thanks again. Your sincerity is really awesome :)

    7. Simon Clay on

      How about offering copies of RealMyst for iPad for a few extra dollars? These could be issued to pledgers at the time of project start. (I mention this idea because I want a copy of course, but have already bought Myst and RealMyst for desktop, as well as Myst for iphone and can't justify buying another :) But I'd go for it if the money went towards the kickstarter. )

      My fingers are crossed that we make it Cyan.

    8. Connor Petersen on

      You can pledge more money and still only select a $25 pledge level of rewards. For example, make your pledge $35, but stay on the "Gimmie the Game" level.

    9. Missing avatar

      Melody Ingle on

      Speaking as a cheapskate, I'm a "game" level pledger... I considered the other levels but the t-shirt level was too high and buying one of them individually was just expensive for a shirt.

      I think there could be a lot of us who are in the same position where we would love to pass some more money your way... but give us a reason! If you made a second chance offer, available only to people AFTER they made there original purchase for say, 25 bucks for a t-shirt with a small logo, I know that I'd order one right away.

      Just something to think about! Give those of us that have already pledged a new purchase opportunity. I think the in game stuff is great... but show me the product! :D

    10. TheScar(.fr) on

      lol, I upgraded my pledge around 2 mins before I received the "Update #12" notification.
      YEE(s)HA! :D

    11. Oded Sharon on

      You are most welcome. No let's get you that stretch goal, i want to play it on my Rift.

    12. Grover on

      We made it !!! YEEEEEHAAAAAAA!

    13. Peg Y on

      Congrats, Cyan! We're going all the way with this one!