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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Meet More of the Team

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

We’ve introduced you to Rand, Eric, and Stephan, but we thought we would give you the names of and info for a few more members of our team - an amazingly talented group that’s a great mix of old names & new names. There are others that we currently contract with, and others who will be joining us for Obduction. But let’s get started with these fine folks…

  • Name: Richard "RAWA" Watson 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 1992 
  • Current Department: Design & Construction 
  • Industry Experience: Myst, Cosmic Osmo, Manhole Masterpiece Edition, Spelunx, Riven, Myst Masterpiece Edition, realMYST, Myst III*, Myst IV*, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (and expansion packs), Myst V, Myst Online: Uru Live (in all its iterations), Cosmic Osmo's Hex Isle, Myst (iOS), Riven (iOS), Bug Chucker**, realMYST (iPad), realMYST Masterpiece 
  • Favorite food: a nice M.L.T. - mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich - where the mutton is nice and lean, and the tomato is ripe. They're so perky. I love that! 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Minecraft

*  helped with story arc, continuity, D'ni translations, design support consulations, etc. 

**  sort of. Created some levels that might get used someday if there's ever enough demand for the next galaxy.

  • Name: Tony Fryman 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 1995 
  • Current Department: Management (& Everything Else) 
  • Industry Experience: Project Manager on Riven / involved to some degree with everything since then. 
  • Favorite Food: Smoked Brisket 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Jewel Mania ;)
  • Name: Victoria (Vicki) Almond 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2003 
  • Current Department: QA & PR 
  • Industry Experience: Uru (with Path of the Shell and To Dni), Myst V, Myst Online: Uru Live (several flavors of it!), Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle, Myst Masterpiece Edition, Riven, realMyst, realMYST Masterpiece, Manhole (iOS), Stoneship, Bug Chucker, Myst (iOS), Riven (iOS), realMyst (iOS), (and game-testing for clients). 
  • Favorite Food: Anong's Spicy Chicken is currently at the top of the long list of foods I love! 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Fallout 3
  • Name: Jason Calvert 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2003 
  • Current Department: Programming 
  • Industry Experience: Uru, Myst V, Hex Isle, Magiquest Online, Manhole(iOS), Bug Chucker, realMyst(iPad), realMyst Masterpiece, Avatar for Nickelodeon, Petpet Park for MTV 
  • Favorite Food: Shawarma 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): The Walking Dead by Telltale
  • Name: Karl Johnson 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2003 (pretty much right out of High-School) 
  • Current Department: Programming 
  • Industry Experience: At Cyan, Uru (with Path of the Shell and To Dni), Myst V, Myst Online, Cosmic Osmo's Hex Isle, Myst (iOS), Magiquest Online, Stoneship, Bug Chucker, realMyst (iOS), realMYST Masterpiece, and some unreleased concepts/projects. Other: Legendary, Hail to the Chimp, Mushroom Men, Bloglines, IAC Mobile 
  • Favorite Food: Eggs Benedict 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): The Stanley Parable.
  • Name: Ryan Warzecha 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2003 
  • Current Department: Fund Raising ☺ 
  • Industry Experience: Uru (with Path of the Shell and To Dni), Myst online, Myst V, Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle, and... you know... those unnamed Cyan projects 
  • Favorite Food: Brazilian Barbecue 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Gone Home, SimCity, Minecraft
  • Name: Michael Dogherra 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2006 
  • Current Department: QA 
  • Industry Experience: Uru live/Gametap, Hex Isle, MagiQuest. Steam Versions of: Myst, Riven, Spelunx, Cosmic Osmo, realMyst, Myst5, Riven (iOS), realMyst (iOS) Other: Hail to the Chimp, Legendary, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball, Mushroom Men, Velvet Assassin, Insecticide, Classic Baccarat, Classic Blackjack 
  • Favorite food: Coffee. Coffee is a food, right? I’ll take Ice Cream if not. ☺ 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Last game finished - The Stanley Parable. Last game played, WRC 4
  • Name: Jeremiah Castro 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2007 
  • Current Department: Art 
  • Industry Experience: Cyan Projects: realMyst (iOS), realMyst Masterpiece, Riven (iPad). Other: Insecticide, Legendary, Hail to the Chimp, Mushroom Men, Gods and Heroes Rome Rising, For the People, Garden Quest, Pixel Buddy, Neopoets PetPet Park, Deadliest Warrior Defend and Conquer, Decades, Hercules Curse of the Hydra, numerous games/apps for MTV, numerous games/apps for Nickelodeon, numerous games/apps for Comedy Central 
  • Favorite Food: Chinese 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Borderlands 2.
  • Name: Marc Ferrell 
  • Year Started at Cyan: 2008 
  • Current Department: QA 
  • Industry Experience: Insecticide, Hail to the Chimp, Mushroom Men, Legendary, Magiquest, Garden Quest, Classic Blackjack, Classic Baccarat, Texas Hold'Em Xtreme, Digital 21, Classic Pai Gow Poker, Four the Money, Texas Hold'Em Bonus, Pik-it Poker 
  • Favorite Food: Spinach 
  • Last Game Played (excluding Cyan games): Forza Motorsport 4
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    1. Catherine Reymond on

      All thoses names that just remind of very good (old) memories. I just miss you guys. BlasterCalm.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rose on

      Come'on now Cyan - show'em your stuff! We love ya!
      Olly olly oxen free!!!!

    3. Seba on

      Yeah, those photos would've been a nice addition to this update, but in typical Cyan fashion - You gotta explore a bit for the extra candy.
      And You don't fool us RAWA, Your mom posting in the comments section proves You're as human as any 4-letter nickname world builder!

    4. Tommy Johansson on

      should be _made_ (even if it is little mad, sorry)

    5. Tommy Johansson on

      Finally this strange update mad sense.

    6. Leonardo Jones on

      Nice to see the team has good taste in games ; )

    7. Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on

      I existed once. Now I'm a figment of Rand's imagination.

      I think...

    8. Dimitrios on

      Love you guys!!!!
      From Cyan forums
      "Support different, Support Cyan

      Please Like this facepage.

      Hey all,

      I just want to explain something to the everyone. The more likes Cyan has on their Facebook page, the more acquaintances see a Cyan post in their FB feeds. As you are aware, Cyan has something brewing... but this time we can't hope for the publisher to start the marketing machine. No, we need you, the awesome fans you are, to help us get a strong message out to the public. Support different, Support Cyan.

      As Macklemore would say, “ We give it to the people, Spread it across the country” - Can’t Hold Us. :D

      Thank you!
      Ryan Warzecha (greydragon)"

      ps: 1. So i suggest to all>>>>>> like like like (12007 now)
      2. Why still does not have a logo for Obduction ??

    9. Missing avatar

      gijobarts on

      RAWA and Ryan can't stop building worlds! I wonder what *they* do with Minecraft! :-)

    10. Jason Calvert on

      @J Z E - As do I. Now back to work... Worlds to build, Code to write, Games to complete...
      And if you really want pictures:

    11. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers

      @Ryan: And we are very glad you do - you are at least 4 flavors of awesome...

    12. Isaac Solum on

      I see someone at the office shared The Stanley Parable with everyone.

    13. Missing avatar

      Barry Drennan on

      Good to see both old and new(er) names on this list :D

    14. Wolf Doggie on

      Pics plz ...
      Or these people don't exist.

    15. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on

      Three names I recognize on that list - RAWA, Dogherra, and Vicki Almond.

    16. Trond Lunde on

      A good update. It is always nice to read about the talented people working behind the scenes; but I have to agree with Paolo that I miss a update focusing more on the game and campaign itself.

      "A day at the office" video, some early in-game stills or concept art. You have to make this project interesting for the people who's not familiar with your products.

    17. Zuccamburg on

      @Jose sure, happy you are so confident.
      Anyway are you so sure that everyone here is so excited about the update?
      We'll talk again in a couple of weeks

    18. Jose Cardoso on

      @Paolo Quote: "not the update we were waiting for" - That isn't speaking for yourself. And I'm more than polite to those that don't try to speak for others.

      In terms of what the update adds, it confirms for me as an investor that the development team behind Obduction is a solid one and is one built on a strong foundation of successful adventure gaming. As a result the update was more than relevant to Kickstarter newbies, Kickstarter snobs and hardcore Cyan fans alike.

    19. Zuccamburg on

      @Jose I always speak for myself and you should try to be more polite. What you miss in your excitation is that this kind of post is good to warm up Cyan fans but it adds nothing for people that never heard of Myst, Cyan and so on...
      Here is not to make Cyan happy with our comments but to reach the target goal and have this project starting. And to do it you have to get a lot of new pledgers mostly outside the historical fans of Myst. Those fans (including me) are already here since first days

    20. Grover on

      Always interesting to know more about peoples we aim to support.

    21. Rainer "tachzusamm" Kesselschläger on

      By the way, there are pictures of some of the team members on Cyan's team page:

    22. Rainer "tachzusamm" Kesselschläger on

      Interesting information, thank you.

      By the way, in case someone is wondering if these will be ALL the team members: No.
      I asked Cyan a couple of days ago about the projected team size for obduction, and Rand answered that there will be about 15-20 people involved; employees and contractors.

      And I'm sure all these brilliant minds will make Obduction an awesome experience.

    23. Al Edwards on

      Thank you, It is always great to get to know who is behind a creation. Specially the old timers like Tony and Rawa

    24. Calico on

      RAWA the Miracle Worker

    25. Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on

      It wouldn't be a CYAN Adventure Game without Richard "RAWA" Watson. :D

    26. Jose Cardoso on

      @Paolo Speak for yourself.

      @Cyan Very interesting, thank you. Keep the updates coming.

    27. Zuccamburg on

      Thx but TBH not the update we were waiting for...