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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal Update!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hello, Backers!

We recently teased you a bit with our Stretch goal image. Okay… maybe a fairly obvious tease. :)

We’re trying very hard to listen to your comments. As we began focusing on this first stretch goal, we wanted something that was exciting for us, doable by our team, and also provided some very important features that many of you have been asking for.

Oculus Rift support was a great first choice, and it becomes part of our first stretch goal. At the 1.3 million dollar level, we will support the Oculus Rift. What does that mean? We believe that playing Obduction through the lenses of an Oculus Rift will be a rich, immersive experience for those players fortunate enough to have the equipment to support it. However, adding support for the Oculus Rift will in no way affect or diminish the experience for "traditional" gamers. The game will be immersive regardless of your view. Oculus Rift use will be entirely optional. (Note: At our discretion additional VR devices may also be supported.)

The second item we will be adding if we reach the 1.3 million goal is localization support. We will support the EFIGS languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish), adding French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support once this goal is met. However, we don't want to end the localization support that simply. We will be creating the localization for this game (via subtitles) as open sourced localization files. So localizations for other languages can be created by fans from around the multiverse. Players will be able to download a localization file, drop it into a folder, and play Obduction with subtitles in the language of their choice. This will mean that Obduction could potentially be translated into any language: Japanese, Portuguese, Cherokee, D'ni, Elvish, Klingon...

Thank you for your suggestions & support. Hopefully this adds a couple more reasons to help fund Obduction!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tipster on

      @lorna et el.... I ad a go around about a pledge that I made through PayPal and noticed that I wasn't getting any credit for it. I wanted to get a refund and place those funds in an amazon pledge that would be going toward a "gift" commensurate with the amount. I was told no refunds because that money went straight to the developer/producer or some such fund!!! That was not explained anywhere that I was able to find and felt a bit tricked. After several email back and forth .... Nothing. I'm new to this kickstarter thing and quite a novice. So I live and learn again. And then I made other pledges to the amazon thing and my profile only shows thT lTest amount and not the combined amount of other pledges. So I remain dazed and confused...LOL But I do hope that I am credited with gifts of my total amount....but at this point I have serious doubts!!!!
      Anyone else have this experience or did I mess this one up also?

    2. Dennis Bohn on

      A voiceover localization would be fantastic. I am from germany and all Myst-Games I played had german voice over. My english isn't the best, and not having to read subtitles helped me much to dive into the world of myst.

    3. Michael Schulz on

      @cyan Will there be a german voiceover when the 1,300,000 is reached? Or will it be only subtitled? Please answer. :)

    4. Michael Banks on

      Obduction should also introduce support the Sixense STEM system ( motion tracking system ) as it compliments the Oculus Rift.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gryf Ketcherside on

      Back in the day, I played Uru and RealMyst in 3D using LCD shutter glasses, and the experience was pretty amazing. It literally brought a whole new depth to the worlds, and I only gave up the glasses when I switched my monitor from CRT to flat panel. So I have an inkling of what it will be like to explore using the Oculus Rift, and am hoping to stretch the budget for one when Obduction comes to pass. You go, Cyan!

      Gryf (aka Mowog)

    6. Marisha on

      @Dominic You haven't heard of the Rift yet because it's still in development.. but I assure you, it's going to be huge.

    7. Jeff Klinger on

      If you need a voice actor in the Spanish version for a character with a funny accent, look me up!

    8. No Face Press, LLC. on

      @Ashton the RIft folks should contribute to this for that reason. I have exactly the same opinion as you do.

    9. Zepaw on

      Assuming it hits that goal I'm sold on getting a Rift. Its a cool idea but would need good games to grab my full interest.

      @Cosmic you're being a bit overly demanding to expect them to respond to every little comment (there was no question there). I want open communication from them but you want too much.

    10. CosmicMeeting on

      Seven hours since lillo Minniti comment/question and still nothing from Cyan? Asleep at the wheel? The more information about Obduction, the better.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dominic Nardi on

      what about support for traditional consoles like Wii U? Oculus Rift is pretty niche (I'd never even heard of it until now and I follow gaming news websites). Would it be difficult to port the game to consoles?

    12. Matt Giuca on

      @lillo: What we've seen so far are just concept sketches by artists. Nothing like in the real game. I would expect the graphics here to far exceed Uru which is just about 10 years old.

    13. Missing avatar

      lillo Minniti on

      I hope that the graphics are at the level of Uru, and the environments that remember those of Myst ... what I've seen seems more cartoon-style ...

    14. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on


      Language into Klingon ? cool ! lol

    15. K R Parkinson (GalvanicSpiral) on

      @Matt: I know that when Double Fine's Kickstarter ended, they used the Paypal funding to reach the next stretch goal for their campaign. I can't speak to how Cyan would deal with theirs, but it certainly is something they can, and probably would, do. I can't imagine any reasons why they wouldn't.

    16. Spycraft Studios on

      That's great news! The immersion of the rift is fantastic. It will be especially exciting for these worlds.

    17. Arthur Dent on

      The idea about the subtitles is an excellent one!
      And Oculus Rift is like it was made for this game!
      Great news!!

    18. safyrejet on

      I'm glad to see stretch goals getting announced. I wish I could contribute more but I'll have to stay with morale support. I can't justify buying another game when I have so many untouched, I can't afford it either I'm rather poor. I'd love to see an option to pledge for only a digital soundtrack but I'm guessing Cyan wants to keep this as simple as possible. Too many changes in pledges and add on customization after the initial launch and people get confused, more so than usual.

    19. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      @Noah I completely agree. I'm totally spoiled with Myst Online.

    20. Noah Norton on

      awesome! the stretch goal I would personally like to see is the ability to connect with (a) friend(s) and explore the worlds with them. it wouldn't need to be as involved,complicated or sophisticated as URU. but I know I could get friends and family excited if we could share the adventure. for that alone I would easily double my contribution.

    21. Tom Emerson on

      Oculus Rift support would be amazing: awesome idea.

      When it comes to l10n, make sure you support right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew as well!

    22. Matt Giuca on

      @Lorna: Yeah I know the Paypal donations won't show up here, nor will they count towards the base funding goal. But I'm asking if Cyan will tell us the Paypal amount separately, and whether they will be put towards the stretch goals. (Remember, stretch goals are not a Kickstarter feature, they are just something promised to us by the developers.)

      @jorlinn: I'm getting a bit tired of the constant crowd of people asking for Linux support. (And I'm a Linux user first and foremost!) Put yourself in Cyan's shoes. You can't promise Linux support because you aren't in control of the engine; the best you can promise is what they have already said; see Rand's Reddit AMA:
      "Rest assured we will happily support Linux when/if Unreal Engine 4 gets it. And they know."
      Now put yourselves in Epic's shoes. You have a multi-million line codebase that does not currently run on Linux. SteamOS is about to come out and people are going to want Linux gaming soon. So you probably have engineers working on Linux right now. But you don't know how long it will take, and you aren't ready to make any public announcements yet. And you certainly aren't going to rush to a public announcement because a small company with a $1.1M Kickstarter project asked you to. You've also got to remember that Linux is a very small percentage of the gaming market, so while you will be pleasing a vocal minority, it isn't really a priority.

      I'm betting that Linux support will be here by the end of 2015, but neither Epic nor Cyan are in a position to promise it now. So you should either pledge and hope, or withhold your pledge and wait and see. But can everybody please stop demanding that Cyan promise Linux support by November 17?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tom Vijlbrief on

      +1 on Linux support!

    24. jorlinn on Linux on

      mrSimon, until they relay positive info from Epic on Linux support for the engine they won't get any more money from me.

    25. Missing avatar

      Brian MacIntosh on

      Playing the game in D'ni would be an awesome hard-core mode.

    26. Si McClure on

      This is exactly what I was waiting for... so I've beefed up my contribution a fair bit. I hope other backers consider doing the same!

    27. Isaac Solum on

      Elvish? Do you mean Sindarin or Quenya? :P

    28. Christian on

      I knew the damn Klingons were behind these obductions! Never trust a Klingon!

    29. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      I think OR support is definitely a good thing to have for this style of game, even without free-roam mode active, I can imagine playing Myst IV (my favourite visually) with some form of VR and just looking around the environment I am in.

      I'd really love it if there was some possibly of bringing back the live action (not FMV!), chromakeyed acting in the game. Obviously if you're going for a free-roam thing, this might not really work to well without using 30+ cameras to capture an also holographic style video of the actor/actress.. but still.. it's the one thing I miss the most about games from that era.

    30. Marisha on

      J Z E, that's so not true! The Oculus is going to allow us to interact worldwide with the most humanity in the most personal way anyone has ever done digitally. When you play an MMO with it, you're going to be right there in the environment with other people! Places like Second Life will be even more social places than they are now. The only difference will be that you're seeing their avatar instead of their body.. But aren't bodies just like avatars made of meat anyway? I'm excited for all the people I'm going to meet and connect to with the Rift. :)

    31. Marisha on

      Damn it, you guys are basically FORCING me to give you more money, I want this on the Rift so badly. Well played, gentlemen.

    32. David Mulder on

      I have an Oculus Rift, been making stuff for it and I can promise you, it's as amazing as everybody says and you should be REALLY happy they made this the first stretch goal. Why? Because by 2015 the Oculus Rift (and/or other VR headsets) will quite likely be incredibly normal. I know what the current development hardware can do, and I have talked with people from Oculus and seen how good the current prototypes are, so as long as there isn't some huge financial world crisis it's going to be the future. For better or worse (worse as in, people losing sight of reality :S :P ).

    33. Jeff Truelsen on

      Kind of underwhelmed by the stretch goal. I'm sure it's great for people who want to invest in more hardware for their games, but I'm hoping other goals will be aimed at your whole audience, not just one segment.

    34. Lorna Hartman on

      @Matt, the answer to your question is No, PayPal donations don't show here. While they are part of the fundraising effort, they won't show up as contributing to the Kickstarter goal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if you can it might be better to donate here if possible. Is that right folks?

    35. Maarten Dijkstra on

      Yay for Oculus Rift support - this will AMAZING to play in truly immersive VR. Another reason for me to buy the consumer model when it comes out.
      Good to see too that the next stretch goal is [SPOILER :) ] an additional world to explore. The more the better I'm sure. Let's hope this is the start of many for us to aim for. Is someone tellig the Oculus Rift owners/devs out there that Cyan is doing this? WOuldn't hurt to bring them on board!

    36. Wolf Doggie on

      Oculus wot? It's a creative choice, but I'm not really thrilled with it as stretch goal #1. The Oculus Rift is the ultimate achievement thus far in separating oneself from the rest of humanity through video games. Anyone see the movie Surrogates? Yeah that....

    37. Peter Kuo on

      How about also support for other VR solutions, such as the recently funded vrAse?

    38. Missing avatar

      John Gager on

      I just read up a bit on the Rift and it sounds like amazing VR technology. I really hope that you can reach your goal to incorporate it in the game.

    39. Drew Britten on

      What a brilliant first stretch goal! If anything could make Obduction more immerse than Myst and Riven where, the cutting edge of VR technology certainly will.

    40. Missing avatar

      Gerry Beggs on

      Obduction could do for Oculus Rift what the original Myst did for CD-ROMs.

    41. Matt Giuca on

      Question: Will the PayPal donations count towards stretch goals (if the base funding goal is reached)? Will we be able to see the amount of money raised via PayPal?

    42. Rebecca Porphírio on

      The localization thing is just great. But once a fan has translated it to their language will you make it official or will it be like an add-on or something?

    43. Draco on

      I just want more puzzles. Even a second storyline with a set of puzzles all its own would be fine by me. More more more!

    44. Timothy Cook on

      Please, oh please, add Oculus Rift support to the upcoming RealMyst update. I can't think of anything that would drive interest in a Rift-ized Obduction more than a beautiful proof-of-concept like that. Besides, I'd kinda like it on its own merits...

    45. Alp on

      I second the wish for Linux support!

    46. Andreas Baumann on

      Rift <3

      Great first stretch goal!

    47. Ben Drechsel on

      Rift support, yes please!

    48. Missing avatar

      Ken Watson on

      Speaking of hardware requirements, what will be the minimum to be able to enjoy the immersive experience? I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T430s with a quad-core Intel i7-3520M CPU and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jérôme on

      Paskarl: EFIGS will be done by Cyan/ its translators once the stretch goal is reached. The open source translation would be for other languages, looking forward to hopefully reaching this and further stretch goals ...