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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Thanks so much for the generous support, and amazing Kickstarter pledges. We’ve been listening to your comments, concerns, and questions. We’ve got a whole lot to cover with upcoming updates, so we’ll get started now... 

We’ve got add-ons. Three to be precise - add on a digital game, a boxed game, or a t-shirt. Here’s how it works: Increase your pledge by the cost of the desired add-on(s) without changing your selected reward tier. After the end of the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll receive a survey where you can confirm which add-on(s) you wanted.

U.S. Add-ons (add-on shipping included)

    $25 - Add-on Digital Download of Obduction (adds only a digital download game & manual)

    $37 - Add-on Obduction T-shirt (adds only a limited edition t-shirt - ships early)

    $50 - Add-on Boxed Version of Obduction (adds only a limited edition boxed game)

International Add-ons (add-on shipping included)

    $25 - Add-on Digital Download of Obduction (adds only a digital download game & manual)

    $47 - Add-on Obduction T-shirt (adds only a limited edition t-shirt - ships early)

    $60 - Add-on Boxed Version of Obduction (adds only a limited edition boxed game)

We’ll be updating the main page with this add-on info today. We'll also be updating the FAQ to address a few more of your questions like…

Q: When will my items ship? 

A: All t-shirts will ship within six months, everything else ships together with the game.

Q: How can I get an extra copy of Obduction as a gift for someone? 

A: With add-ons you can add one or more extra copies of the games - digital or boxed.

Q: What if I change my address before the end? 

A: You’ll receive a final survey when we’re ready to ship - you’ll have a chance to change it then.

And finally, here are links to a few high-res images you can use as wallpaper…

We've got more lined up to cover in updates this week… Stretch Goals, Team Members, Eric A. Trailer Discussion, and more!

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    1. Stephen Fleming on

      A soundtrack CD or digital download would be a great add-on.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas Henderson on

      I have agree with Jesiah - if the option of adding-on the Physical Game Soundtrack CD was there I think quite a few people would purchase it !!

    3. Carol Woodward (Noelani) on

      Personally I would be prepared to sacrifice add-ons to get extra game-play time, or the hope of future expansions, worlds or ages.

    4. Jesiah Heiberg on

      Please add the soundtrack on CD as an add-on! I'd also bite for a leather-bound notebook depending on the price!

    5. Missing avatar

      Florentin Burgeat on

      I agree with Nicklas!

    6. KingVoodoo on

      Please add the art book/poster as an add-on

    7. Missing avatar

      George on

      For those with iPad and iPhone 5 running iOS7, these are resized to fit:

      (although by looking at the URLs above, it seems Cyan may release some new ones later...)

    8. Alric Blighter on

      Leather Bound Notebook

      I've said it a few times but I think an exclusive add-on leather bound notebook with maybe some obductions art or embroidery throughout would be awesome for people who like taking notes and diagrams to solve puzzles while playing the game.

    9. Dawn on

      Add-ons, awesome! (Please think about an Obduction art book/poster add on too though ;) )

      Also, awesome wallpapers!

    10. Paul Rude on

      Shorah, explorers! Some of you might know me as Vormaen on Uru live prologue. I've been dying for Cyan to create something fresh and new for years, and boy was I surprised when Sassy posted on her FB page about this. Hell yeah I'm excited. Sad that Uru may fall the wayside and never get a true successor, but glad for the new push and the new technology and ....YEAH! If Cyan can create living breathing environments with all the limitations they had on previous engines, I can only salivate at what they will bring with the U4 engine. Anything we give will help, so why argue about the minute points?

    11. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      Actually I've backed several projects before and have been using kickstarter for over a year now. I've even considered creating a kickstarter project myself, so I've done a bit of research on the subject.

      Salvo Ludus is a profile I created specifically to donate here because its my pseudonym on the Myst Online and Cuan forums.

      I know that some kickstarter projects use add-ons as a store. But the prices *should* be set as additional pledge amounts, not retail prices. We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one :)

    12. Sarah Osborne on

      @Salvo, I see that this is your first Kickstarter project... welcome. :-) Add-ons usually are more like a store... go have a look at the giant OGRE Designer's Edition project, or look at Torment: Tides of Numenera (both wildly successful campaigns I backed), to see a more common usage of add-ons (OGRE called them "extras"). OGRE had several t-shirt designs you could add at $20 each, and Torment had one design at $25. Pretty normal.

    13. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      I still disagree with you. If Cyan asked that I give up the items I'm getting at my pledge level so they can use that money for the game, I would. But then, I've donated more than this to Myst Online for nothing in return except the game (just like here).

    14. Sarah Osborne on

      Salvo, it's not a store, but it's not a charity either, and add-ons are typically used more like a store. Even a pledge is not a donation; it's a pledge of money, paid up front -- in this case, by two YEARS, in exchange for an eventual reward. Asking for t-shirt prices to not be inflated 500% seems sensible to me, and they are missing out on my $20 by setting the price artificially high. I've backed over 350 campaigns now through this and my other account, and this is easily the highest price I've *ever* seen for a t-shirt.

    15. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      I know it's been said before, but this is a Kickstarter project, not a store. Technically, the t-shirts are free. You're not buying a $37 t-shirt. You're donating $37 to a project you love, and Cyan will show their appreciation by sending you a free t-shirt.

      I know that's just semantics, but EVERYTHING costs more on Kickstarter. If they sold the t-shirt at store prices, that would cut down the money they could be using to make the game. And that's why we're pledging right?

    16. John Sheppard on

      I have to agree with Sarah...even concert t-shirts don't cost $37. I'm happy to advertise your game while it's in development, but I'm not going to pay you for the chance to do it. $20 sounds WAY more reasonable.

    17. Sarah Osborne on

      I am really excited for the game and happy to pay to help it get through the development process... but $37 for a t-shirt? $20, max, seems reasonable... I know what it costs to print and mail a few hundred t-shirts and even at $20, that's about 100% markup.

    18. Missing avatar

      James on

      I found out about the "Unwritten" Kickstarter from Cyan's backed projects list, and I'm backing that project as well. It got me to thinking... I'd love some Myst\Riven related add-ons. Concept art, those nifty name mandalas they're doing over on Unwritten... I'm sure there's a lot of people who, while they may not be sure about Obduction, or the two year wait, would love to get some Myst\Riven related materials and would back the project just for those, even if they aren't interested or aren't sure about Obduction itself.

      Depending on the offerings I could potentially be persuaded to raise my overall pledge to $500 if such things were on the table. I'm a sucker for art books.

      Just some friendly thoughts and advice.

    19. Pavitra on

      @Arthur Dent: That's stretch goals. First we have to raise enough money for the game to happen at all.

      Remember: real artists ship.

    20. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for your comments, and great response to the add-ons. Our goal with the add-ons was to give people a way to add-on an extra game or two (or a t-shirt) to their pledge, but we also understand that some people may be able to "customize" something that better fits their budget.

      Soooo... we know that we may lose a bit with a few people who reduce their tier to customize, but we think the majority of backers will "add on" to their current pledge. Either way, it was intentional, and we are incredibly thankful for your pledges and add-ons - no matter how you use them!


    21. No Face Press, LLC. on

      This is a good move. Addons can account for 15% of the total. Looking forward to a great game!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Nicolellis on

      75 boxed also gives you 25 digital copy (it says "plus all prior tiers")..

    23. Missing avatar

      Lyell Rodieck on

      The digital download option -- would I be playing this on my computer, or would I have to go through Steam?

    24. Robert C. Sheets on

      Lovely wallpapers! Would it be possible to get versions in other aspect ratios? Personally I could use 16:9 for my laptop.

    25. Salvo Ludus (JayGee) on

      One thing everyone should remember: you're not actually buying these items. If you want the limited edition box, for example, you're pledging $50 to help Cyan make their new game. For that generous pledge, Cyan will send you the box for free. That's the way I understand how Kickstarter works.

    26. Tore Mygland ~~Dream Traveller~~ $6.13 on

      @Helena: Still seems counter-productive, but I get your point.

    27. Helena on

      @ Tore: That would only happen if people want the box and nothing else. You don't get any of the other rewards if you choose the $1 tier plus addon.

    28. Tore Mygland ~~Dream Traveller~~ $6.13 on

      I think you need to look into the wording of this update. Right now, a lot of people would be looking at jumping off the 90$ tier and get the 1$ tier pluss a 60$ add-on. Is that intended? Or will the game add-ons only apply to tiers with an existing game on them?

    29. Arthur Dent on

      How about making the game bigger, better, more worthy? Because right now you are aiming for a smaller than the original Myst game. Do you feel this update will attract pledgers or will it just make some people that are already supporting you spend some more?

    30. Acorn on

      Might the digital Art of Cyan Artbook be produced as a hard copy and made into another add-on, please?

    31. darkgaze on

      Too expensive for a t-shirt. :( i wanted it, but 47$ is way too much. :-( Love the idea, anyway.

    32. Tomer on

      I have to say, I don't really get it. I know we're "pledging" and not "buying", but the boxed game reward is kind of what motivated me to pledge 90$ (international), which is kind of a lot for me - but I'd do it for the box (and for the project). So apparently I could've pledged 1$ + 60$...?

    33. Sir.Nathan Stassen on

      Strike that, I understand it. 'Increase your pledge by the cost of the desired add-on'. Nice options. --Thanks

    34. Sir.Nathan Stassen on

      I'm confused, won't this encourage negative pledges? Wouldn't it be better to encourage pledges now, instead of afterwards? Or am I missing something?

    35. safyrejet on

      Yay wallpapers. Thanks!

      I was really hoping for an add on option, or lower level pledge tier to get the soundtrack separate from the game. I don't know if I can afford the $45 pledge tier for the whole game but I really really want the music.

    36. Fuzzy Puffin on

      Would love to see an unsigned poster addon.

    37. Marie Lin on

      I would love the soundtrack to be an add-on too! I'll buy it after release if it's available, but... it'd be nice to have as a Kickstarter reward :)

    38. eXoScoriae on

      Hey guys - can you provide details on the boxed copy? Are we talking a CD in a sleeve banging around in a half size box like most pc games these days? Are we talking a jewel case, sleeve, cardboard sleeve? Printed Manual? Full size box like back in the days of Myst & Riven, or the current smaller size box? If there is a jewel case, will it have art or just be a blank case?

      I had commented when I first pledged that I was waiting on details of the boxed version before bumping up, and these are the sort of details I often like to nail down before upgrading to physical boxes. After ll, it would be a bit disappointing to lay down $75 for a little cardboard box and a cd with "obduction" stuck to it from a label maker ;) And yes - I've actually gotten something like that

    39. Thomas Porter on

      Yes, Thanks for the Wallpapers & the Options! Appreciated!

    40. Tina Ragno-Kavanagh on

      I am just so excited about it... can't wait to be immersed in another brilliantly created game that doesn't test your reflexes .... just flexes the grey matter.

    41. Missing avatar

      Greg Kremer on

      So, how does this work? We bump our pledge by, say, $25, and then request the digital download addon after the campaign?

    42. Missing avatar

      Ian Hodgkiss on

      I'm hoping the Obduction T shirt add-on is the seed art. It will look good next to my Tweed Punk shirt I got from Sir!
      Hoping your next project (after this one) is to make all the Myst games available cross platform so I can play them again on the Mac.

    43. K R Parkinson (GalvanicSpiral) on

      "All t-shirts will ship within six months, everything else ships together with the game."

      I wonder if this applies just to the add-ons, or to the other goodies, as well. I'd love to have that poster on my wall in anticipation of the Main Event...

      (Hint, hint, guys.) :-)

    44. Jason Andersen on

      Hooray! Thanks for listening, Cyan! I'll +1 the request for the artbook add-on!

    45. Maarten Dijkstra on

      thanks for the update - this is what people have been waiting for! :)

    46. Helena on

      Nice wallpapers there - I really like the 'treeline' picture. Might it be possible to get it without the 'Obduction' text, or with the text reduced in size?

    47. Michael Pollard on

      For us old folks who are headed, faster and faster it seems, towards senility, how about a hard copy of the Strategy Guide?