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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Laura Stromberger on

      i loved you for myst! i loved you for riven! i am sure obduction will be amazing!

    2. Dimitrios on

      First i have the info that something will come up at Oct 22
      we are right now 7869 backers so please go to facebook and hit like on the above mentioned page ( its Cyan in facebook).
      We can help also like this !!

    3. Dane Peterson on

      Not to create a nagging chorus, but I'm definitely on the bandwagon with people who are clamoring for Linux support (if you can swing it with the engine). I know I have already funded the project, but the addition of Linux support would still be a huge boon to me (and many others).

      Plus, let's not forget that SteamOS is coming out soon, and to run natively on that, you'll need the Linux support.

    4. Missing avatar

      James W Martin on

      This is trending great. What are we going to see if $4M comes in!

      Get people interested past the initial goal so the money keeps rolling in after.

    5. jorlinn on Linux on

      You can thank me and some other Linux enthousiasts by making an enquiry with Epic about Linux support.

    6. Austin Storm on

      I'm already loving the updates of 'inspiration' photos on the Cyan Facebook page!

    7. Connor Carpenter on

      "every little bit helps to make Obduction a Virtual Reality"

      Yeah, I think they heard us about wanting VR.

    8. AirCombat on

      I think its important that Cyan take advantage of Microsoft and Sony's scramble to show off how accommodating they are to indie developers and maybe have this is a stretch goal. I thinking having this in the PS Marketplace would be amazing.

    9. Samantha Mendez on

      I'm looking forward to exploring in your worlds once more. :)

    10. Noah Norton on

      I'm very excited and wanted to thank you for adding Mac OS X support because of that alone I increased my pledge amount, and for offering the physical disk :)
      for those that get the physical disk do they also get access via digital distribution?

    11. David Holmes on

      +1 to what Helena said about 4 comments below: I came here thanks to the Slashdot effect; word-of-mouth should now take over, but beware! I really want my pledge debited and a game in my mailbox in a couple of years :-)

    12. Boris Kraft on

      A recent project I backed had the brilliant idea to give every kickstarter backer a life-long discount (20% no less!) for anything they will produce. I think this is something to consider for you as well. It makes sense to give early backers something beyond the product – because I can just as well wait until the product is finished, and buy it then. As a backer I help you achieve your dream. Make me feel special!

      PS that should also play into Dimitrios concern below.

    13. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    14. Missing avatar

      Roman on

      i can't wait until they get all the support they need, i just made a kickstarter account just to support this project. myst is a game that i got from my friend many years ago when i was a kid and it's one of my favorites ever. i really hope this project turns out well

    15. Helena on

      Hi Rand,

      This is the third update you've posted just to say "thank you". While that's great, you really need to start sharing more detail on the actual game now. I'm not saying this to be rude or demanding, but because I've backed several Kickstarter projects now and I know how crucial the early days can be. You're coasting on a wave of goodwill at the moment, but pretty soon pledges will start to drop off sharply - as they have with every other project - and regular, meaty updates will be essential to attract new backers (and get the current backers to upgrade their pledges).

      Post some screenshots, post some (non-spoilerish) gameplay info, add some new tiers or add-ons, reveal the first few stretch goals - anything to keep up momentum. Respond to the requests for Linux and Oculus Rift support in more detail (yes, I know they're already in the FAQ). Respond to people's questions and suggestions in the main comment thread; you'd be surprised how much of an impact that can have on a campaign. It might make the difference between just scraping over your goal, and shooting past it.

      Looking forward to the next update. Oh, and congratulations on 7,000 backers. :-)

    16. Grover on

      Very very happy to see how fast the funding is raising. And also very grateful to Cyan for offering us a brand new Universe to discover! Beside this here is a full French Translation of your KS Page, if this can help funding faster and higher:…
      Fell free to remove this link if you find it unappropriate.

    17. Dimitrios on

      Just an idea: Give us an offer for lets say 30$ or 50$ in order for people who nowadays can not afford to offer all the money (75$ plus 15$ for international shipping < which is a lot for shipping btw) to qualified for:
      a) buying Boxed special edition game later on, but in time for you to complete or add new ages (or whatever you want in game.
      b) Offer more Myst, Riven, Uru things (T-shirts, mouse pads,cups, riven knifes,books (Marrim for example) Myst Games..etc.
      c) give us an opportunity to have a chance later ( in a year ) when we can have more money or have saved money, to come there to visit you for a big pizza party!!!

    18. Caroline Vidican on

      Brilliant, but I don't think you have much to worry about, even as I was looking at your video yesterday, the amount pledged was growing before my eyes. Myst and Riven were such favourites, incomparably better than anything else I've ever seen, so much cooler than rushing around zapping people, so restful, so tantalizing when you can't quite make it to a clue, and I can hear the music now. Can't wait to see this unfold. Have fun watching the counter climb!
      Caroline (France)

    19. Missing avatar

      Christian McClelland on


      Judging by the rate the pledged total is going up, I think the more stretch goal details (without any spoilers of course, thinking more about well defined targets) that you guys can get up the better. Oculus Rift support would be amazing, and the bigger the world to explore the happier we will all be when this world is ready for adventurers.

      Thank you for giving me something to be excited for!

      - Christian

    20. Nora Leonard on

      Just wanted to say thank you so much for promising to make Obduction for the Mac Os as well. I know you started there—in fact I got Myst bundled with the first Mac I bought. It was a huge sadness for me that I couldn't play Complete Chronicles...and such great joy when I could play MOULa!

    21. Chris McHugh on

      I keep coming back to those last two words...Virtual Reality...

    22. Adina Mangubat on

      Have you guys considered using Thunderclap? Thunderclap allows people to lend their social media voice to a cause so you can blast out a message to a huge number of people at once. I know the Shadow kickstarter campaign used it and it worked really well. You might want to check it out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      Hello. Does that mean the game will be finished and ready to play when you reach the $ 1.1 million? So next week ?! hahahahahaha just kidding ! Thank you so much to YOU ! i waited since so long another game from the team of Myst !

    24. Missing avatar

      LouGallagher on

      Started Myst years ago, got busy and never completed. Looking at spending some quality time relaxing after 20 years-- OMG Kickstarter has something that looks too good to be true!

    25. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Wilson on

      Thank god your coming back, I never get any of the games out there today, all they are, are shootem up and blood and guts. Done all your games and was hoping you would come back with something decent. Sounds like your doing just that, can't wait. I donated on Kickstart. Glad your thinking about Oculus Rift in your game with that you would totally immerse yourself with in the game. Hurry !!!!

    26. April Zarychta on

      Looking forward to this project's evolution. I'm very excited about Obduction, because you just don't find games like this anymore. I miss the in-depth exploration and the atmosphere that comes from playing a game where you have to discover your way out of things, rather than hacking and slashing everything that moves.

      Keep up the good work, Cyan. You have been Myst. (pardon the pun, but it had to be said)

    27. George Arcus Johnston on

      Im always saying this on KS, but I need a time machine to skip to the release! So excited to play new Cyan! Someone mentioned the stretch goals: im sure you have many plans but if you haven't scoped them out already id suggest looking at other ks games for some ideas. Imo Sattelite Reign did an excellent job adding in more functionality, and Mighty Number 9 did well on their stretches too! Worth a look :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Arielle Alcorn on

      I actually found out about this via a BBC news article. (Which I am so glad for; what a place to advertise to the world!) As soon as I got home from work I went online to make my first ever kickstarter pledge!

    29. Missing avatar

      Kate Paulk on

      Another Myst lover here. I have all the games, and I still play them occasionally, just to immerse myself in those wonderful worlds again. Seeing this kickstarter was SUCH a case of "Here, take my money."

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Penner on

      Hoping the game will be as extensible as Bethesda's Oblivion, but NOT as buggy. That game was clearly rushed to market and was awful without the user-community mods that fixed all its problems (one mod claims to have fixed 75,000 bugs. Wow). But the mods are amazing and transformed the game into a really enjoyable experience. One thing in particular for Oblivion was the performance tweaks available through plugins such as Streamline, which optimized memory buffer space as you moved from one cell to another in the virtual reality and resulted in a solid FPS increases and reduced load on hardware. Given the demands this game is likely to make on a system, I hope performance optimization options are available from the get-go.

    31. Josh on

      But, the donuts. Did you bring the donuts?

    32. Chris on

      I have missed Cyan! *tear* TAKE MY MONEY!!

    33. Todd Thompson on

      I was excited to see this and it only took a couple of seconds to back the project. I remember Myst from LONG AGO.......however, I never finished that game and never moved on to the next in the series. Maybe I can find a Mac version of the games and play them before this one is completed?! Anyone out here know where I can get these games for the Mac?

      Can't wait!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Turn A on

      Going to have to agree with Marco. You'll need to create some incentive to attract more backers. From the previous Kickstarter's I've backed, stretch goals seem to be great way to accomplish this.

    35. Marco Meijer on

      Usually the first few days and the last few days go the best in Kickstarter projects, with a dip towards the middle of it. If you plot it, the shape resembles a parabola. Considering how this Kickstarter is going, the last 2 days should easily mean another 30 percent. That leaves only 40% for the middle 26 days. I'd already dare bet a lot on this Kickstarter reaching its goal, and I'm really noy much of a gambler. You guys had better start coming up with stretch goals.

    36. Bryce Twede on

      I randomly Googled "Myst News" yesterday and within seconds I was the supporter of my first Kickstarter project! I'm so excited; I've been waiting for something like this for a long time!

    37. Missing avatar

      Ray Herring on

      I remember playing Myst as a teen back in '94, loved the game, we bought a new computer just to play Riven on.

      I bought Exile when it first came out, bought Uru when it first came out, and eventually found copies of Revelations and End of Ages.

      Then, years later my parents bought me the entire collection a second time, and i purchased each version that is available on Steam and Gog.

      Truly love every single game, my only disappointment is Riven crashing/freezing all the time on Win7 64bit (the steam version at least).

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian Paton on

      All credit to you guys. I've played the whole series too and can't wait to play more.
      We all hope it gets funded.

    39. eXoScoriae on

      Still hoping for some more details on the box set packaging and contents. Would love to bump my pledge to that level =)

    40. Brandee Kestermont

      I am so excited to help fund my first KickStarter Project. I am even more excited that it is something that I TRULY LOVED. I can't wait.

    41. Karen Norton on

      Thank YOU for letting me contribute to the creation of Obduction. Can't wait to experience the final product. Enjoy those donuts *grin*!

    42. Missing avatar

      Zachary Charland on

      Rand, I just want to say that seeing everyone's comments by the second has proved to me that the Myst/Cyan name has as much clout as any other big fantasy IP, be it Star Wars, Elder Scrolls or Lord of the Rings, and it's a shame that Cyan and Myst have been given the bums rush for the last 10 years when in fact the numbers speak otherwise. Myst and Cyan's method of immersive storytelling are just as valued and respected today as they were in 1998. I swear, it's like all the closeted Myst fans out there just came out at the news of this project like we'd been waiting for the mutual validation that Myst and Cyan are actually styill, and have always been cool!

    43. Simon (Chojey) on

      I think a thank YOU is in order for keeping the dream alive, and continuing to inspire us fan. Look forward to you guys meeting the goal and hopefully additional stretch goals!

    44. Missing avatar

      Alex Tardif on

      So much love for Cyan, keep up the energy! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Chelsea on

      Myst and Riven remain my favourite games of all time. I love it and am so excited to be able to help out with this new project, I am sooooo excited for it <3

    46. Evan Smith on

      Myst redefined the gaining industry 20 years ago, I'm happy to help Cyan do it again with Obduction!

    47. Donn Manalili on

      Amazing work guys, no doubt it'll get funded, I predict $4million!

    48. Nikolas Manak on

      You're welcome! Pledged for a box set, myself. I'll never forget when my dad brought home Myst for me back in the 90s. The FMV wasn't exactly the smoothest thing ever on my Mac IIx, but it still blew me away. Cyan's Myst and Bungie's Marathon were the staples of my Mac gaming in those days, and I have lots of fond memories of both. Can't wait to make new ones with Obduction. :)

    49. Dana "Mystdee" Brightman on

      I have spread the word in every place I can think to put it . . . We CAN make this happen. . .It MUST! It's just too awesome not to be funded!

    50. Missing avatar

      Nate and Melissa Hoy on

      There are lots of us with fond memories of Myst, Riven, and Uru who can't wait to explore another Cyan world again.