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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Crossing the $100,000 milestone!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

We're humbled and excited by the amazing response so far! Over $100,000 in 7 hours! Thanks so much for all of the support - including the wonderful comments and well-wishes.  We've been reading so many wonderful comments, and the entire team is encouraged and energized by the great response (or it might be the coffee and donuts we've been consuming for the last 7 hours.)

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    1. Jared Beekman on

      The Myst series were the best games I ever played. I'm happy to throw money at something I know without a shadow of a doubt will be beyond all expectations.

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      Paul Loewen on

      Myst is an incredible classic.

      Hey, when is the next MYST book coming out? I heard rumours probably a decade ago that it was in the works. Still nothing. I've read the trilogy several times already!

    3. Tiago Regueiras on

      A new dawn for video gaming has arrived!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Dodd on

      Rand and company, I just wanted to say I am so happy to see the new project. Playing Myst was not just a game experience, but a window to new creative possibilities I had not seen before - or since. And I was amazed you pulled it off with Mac Quadras and Hypercard. I was so inspired I went out and bought Strata Studio Pro and upgraded my ram to 2MB! Those were the days!

      I very much look forward to following the progress of Obduction. Good luck!

    5. Dimitrios on

      Sorry for my English i am so excited ....Cyan for ever!! Kickstarter rule!!!

    6. Dimitrios on

      6000-323000 in one day!!!! at 22:00 (GMT+2) Its amazing!!!! I am wondering if you had kickstart a new Myst-game what would have done in here ....earthquake?? Love you Guys and shorah from Athens-Hellas. I am going now cause i need to sell my car and my body for 10000$
      PS: The book of Marrim in kingstart now or i will organize a protest (Dimitris from Mystonline)

    7. Vosvos on

      I am over 30 years old and don't like publisher forced first person shooter games. This game series are the bible of all games. Go over it Cyan team, beat the publishers. We don't want their foolish animal reflex based games. We want to think and feed our hungry minds.

    8. mormyst on

      at 54 years old, I feel like a kid again over this. I can't wait to be a part of this adventure.

    9. Marcin Wolny on

      You will wipe the goal in no time!

      Prepare stretch goals! You have tens of thousands of fans who loved what you did in Myst-series and would love to be pulled in the same climate again!

    10. Longeye on

      I'm really looking forward to this, good luck guys and thank you for giving this a shot!

      Do you think you could give a shoutout to Unwritten? It's got 20 days to go, and some of the stretch goals are great. I didn't realise you were running a kickstarter until he posted it, so I'd like to do a little bit to thank him for that, I adored Myst and I'm sure this'll be just as good, if not better!

    11. Martin Ganteföhr on

      I've been waiting for this to happen ever since I finished RIVEN.

    12. Missing avatar

      Christian McClelland on


      I hope you know how many fans you have around the world. To this day I have never enjoyed sitting down and playing any other game as much as I enjoyed playing both Myst and Riven.

      I have always loved the idea of a game as a world to explore, that may or may not be limited by what is possible in the real world. After the success of Myst I very much hoped that this was the direction that the gaming industry would go. Instead I mostly see generation after generation of FPS, RTS, and MMORPG. I know these games have a great appeal to many, but all I ever really wanted out of a game was a beautiful and intriguing world to explore that challenges me by requiring both logical and lateral thinking during my exploration.

      I have pledged $250.00 to your project. I very much hope that we far exceed your goal.


      P.S. Is there any change that Robyn will be involved in the game production in any way? I loved the soundtracks for both Myst and Riven. They managed to add to the emotional experience of the games, without affecting the immersion and reminding you that you were actually playing a game. Maybe he'd like to help with the music this go around as well? I'd love to see what you guys could come up with together again.

      P.P.S. Any change that we will ever see Myst: The Book of Marrim?

    13. Hillary Levi on

      You rock, guys! Keep up the good work and good luck with the project! Can't wait to see this come together.

    14. Missing avatar

      Louise on

      Myst is my all time favorite game. I love the Myst children and played MOUL a lot for a while. I look forward to Obduction! I'll squeeze the budget to see if I can kick in more. I'm spreading the word too. Thanks for doing this!

    15. eXoScoriae on

      just over 20 years ago I sat down at a computer and heard my first game with a cd audio soundtrack (Gobliiins). The music made a gorgeous puzzler so much more immersive. A year later I experienced Myst for the first time. I watched enraptured as the book fell down the gorge and hesitantly clicked the linking image, heard the distinct WHOOOMP and suddenly I was "in" myst. My Win 3.1 machine had never looked so good.

      I think it took me a good 2 weeks before I realized what I was supposed to be doing, and that was likely only after a BBS hinted that I could count markers to get a message in the hologram machine.

      I had been happily clicking about, and suddenly I realized there was an entire narrative (and more worlds!) waiting for me.

      For a game created in the beginnings of polygonal graphics, it amazes me how well it has stood the test of time. The music is iconic and the worlds have not lost their charm.

      I was hooked, and remained so through the years. Even though I've enjoyed the sequels over time, there was something magic about Myst. It was a first, a leader, and a paradigm shift. So many games wanted to be Myst, and yet so many never came close. It is a text book example of world building.

      I don't have false hopes that any new game can compete with the nostalgia of Myst, but I am quite excited to go exploring in a "connected" world. I worry that folks are KS burned out these days... but i'm hoping the universality of Myst will cross those borders and open the doors to an amazing game.

    16. Laurie Clifford-Frith on

      Being pointed to this Kickstarter - thank you, IGN - has truly made my day. Just a short while ago I was celebrating Myst's 20th anniversary, followed by trawling around the web to find all things Myst that have been happening in recent years. (Shoutout here to the Starry Expanse Project for those of us who are eagar to play realRiven)
      Your video for the project has got me hyped like few games ever have, and the comments and funding are a testament to the fans you've gained through your amazing work. Best 45 dollars I have spent in a long time and I am so excited to see where you go with this project.

      MUSIC is one thing I am very curious about! I loved Jack Wall's work and the way he built upon the motifs, and still get goosebumps from Robyn Miller's to this day. I would love to know how you are going to keep up the gold standard of audio I associate with Cyan Worlds. The fact that you have someone and won't say has me VERY intrigued indeed.
      All the luck in the world! (Though you've proven to me time and time again that you don't need it!)

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Goetz on

      I am so happy for Kickstarter gaining fan help so fast. This should be able to fund the pizza parties that Cyan used to have. I have been ever so great full of GreyDragon inviting me to take part in Beta before going on Game Tap. Thanks Cyan and to Rand for his insight and continued aspirations. I have donated the best my wife and I can do at $250, we are so excited.

    18. Marcello Noto on

      Couldn't have been happier being to help you guys out. A bit more than 10 years ago since I was accepted to beta test Uru and later as a rehearsal tester. A whole new world to explore... one word... wow!!!!!

    19. Veralun on

      I am sure you will make it!.
      Hope there will be more and stretch the goal to translate this game into some other languages.

    20. Rob Alinder on

      That's awesome! As a 'fan of cyan' since 1994 I'm so stoked this kickstarter is gaining traction. I've been expounding about this opportunity across all my media channels all day. I hope we not only meet your goal but exceed it!! Unfortunately, I was only able to support at the $25 level, but will there an option to buy a T-shirt separately? I'm desperate to wear some new Cyan gear. :)

    21. Tim Saunders on

      I hope your donuts are totally delicious - this will be awesome.

    22. Royce Edward Barber on

      I love you Cyan, make the best new IP you can. You have millions of beloved fans who will do anything they (we) can to help out.

      BTW your kickstarter profile says "has not connected facebook" so whoever is in charge of that could link it to your general Cyan facebook.

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Cyan's games sparked my passion for worldbuilding and helped lead me down the path to becoming a game developer myself. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with next.

    24. Phil Downey on

      A dear family friend of mine introduced me to Myst when I was only 12. I loved and adored that game, and she gently helped me beat the game - which was something I'd never really done before. She got me Riven when it came out too, as well as the official guide (which had some very cool story walk through which really inspired me to continue playing that game - had to know how the story ended).

      She passed away from Cancer a while ago, but the Myst franchise has always been an easy way for me to remember and celebrate my friend. I'm backing this so I can keep on that tradition of playing games from the wonderful people from Cyan, and keeping those memories of exploring and solving puzzles alive while making new ones in her honour.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jami Lukins on

      You guys rock! :D

    26. Jennifer Miller on

      Just the very thought of Cyan Inc. producing a brand new game fills me with incredible glee!! I'm cheering for you all the way!!

    27. Seth Kinkaid on

      cyan worlds changed my perception of games and completely inspired my imagination and creativity as a child. i'm 29 now, going on 30 – a designer that is mildly successful. i can happily say that you guys helped direct my life to the career i have no. thank you guys, you are loved!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ellyn Jacobs on

      Can't wait for it to come out!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mark & Beth Markley on

      Yep! What Luke just said! I'm thinking stretch goals will be met! AWESOME for Cyan, Inc.!!!

    30. Ralf Verbeek on

      The excitement is felt all over the Globe...

    31. Jonathan Beliën on

      YEAH ! That's awesome ! \o/
      So great you're back !

    32. Luke Campbell on

      The truly humbling experience will be what 29 days of funding will bring, and the product and experience we'll share.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Tardif on

      Awesome!!! Will continue to share this with everyone. You guys rock!