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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

More Ways to Get Obducted!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Backers,

We are staying extremely busy here at Cyan - with Obduction bug fixes, engine updates, VR enhancements, physical rewards, and the most recent addition to our platforms - Mac!

We’ll start with Mac, because we know a lot of you have been waiting for a while for the final Mac version. It’s here! We were able to verify that our Mac version was working correctly with the release of MacOS 10.12.4, and it's available on Steam and GoG. We had hoped to have it up on the Mac App Store simultaneously, but some last minute snafus caused extremely long startup times - so we pulled it from the Mac App Store until we could determine with Apple what was going on. We’re working on a fix now. But aside from that, we’re hearing mostly good news about our official Mac release. (Remember: The Mac version on Steam and GoG are available now and work great.)


We also recently updated Obduction for use with touch and hand controls in VR! This addition means that Obduction is now available for HTC Vive and also works with the Oculus Touch controllers. You can use your touch/hand controls in VR to navigate around the world as well as do things like pull handles and interface with devices in Obduction. Adding touch control may seem like it was a simple addition, but almost every part of the game had to be adjusted for this new type of interaction.

And of course we continue to improve the game with tuning and polishing that hopefully provide an even more immersive experience. Check Steam or GoG for the latest release notes.

We’ve done some touring with Obduction in the last month. From single digit temperatures and lobster (Boston) to 80’s and BBQ (Austin), we demoed the VR version of Obduction with hand controls at both PAX East and SXSW. (We were honored that Obduction was nominated for the Gamer's Voice Award at SXSW!) Here's a short video of some of the comments...


We’re wrapping up all of the physical rewards for the backers. Shipping is very expensive - requiring us to send all physical rewards in a single shipment. This means we couldn’t ship until we had everything ready, and the physical copies of Obduction couldn’t be prepared until we had the Mac version ready to roll. We realize it’s a bit later than expected, but rest assured we’re signing posters, approving proofs, and collecting bubble wrap. If your reward level included physical items, look for a final confirmation receipt email coming very soon. We're doing everything we can to try to get items shipped in May.

As always, thanks for your continued support!


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    1. Andre DeVine on

      I'm with Rob Stevens, a PS4 code would be appreciated as I'm just not able to play on my mac.

    2. Rob Stevens on

      I backed the Kickstarter, but my Mac couldn't really run the game. Any chance I could get a PS4 code instead? I know the Mac version works, but since I have a PS VR, I'd really love to try that experience instead. I haven't redeemed my Humble Bundle code yet.

      I understand if it's too costly to do that, but I'm hoping this might be an option. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Tipster on

      Got someone to find my system stuff....What do you think? Am I running on an outdated computer? A lot of us were asking in the beginning what the sys. req's would be so we could prepare for this game. I didn't see much input on that. What would be the the sys. reqs that I would need to have installed to be able to play this game smoooohtly?
      Thanks so much.

      HP Pavilion P6000 series
      Processor AMD Phantom(tm) II X4 840T Processor 2.9 GHz
      Installed Memory 8.00GB
      Sys Type 64-Bit O.S. X64 Based Processor
      No Pen or Touch Input Avail

    4. Missing avatar

      Tipster on


      Thanks you for asking...I'm not sure what you all need to know but I have an HP desktop. I wish I knew what all it contains but I'm not sure where to look up what type of system it has. MicrosoftWindows10.

    5. Missing avatar

      Safi Saad on

      I have the same problems as Seymour below. I see that the Mac App Store version is there now (1.4.23) with a "startup validation" fix. How can I download this version if I was a backer and paid for Obduction? Are there redeemable codes we can use in the App Store to download this latest official version?
      Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Pat Evans on

      Can anyone please tell me how to download the new Mac version from GOG? I downloaded the original Kickstarter beta, and now I want to get the release version. But it's not there in my GOG library, and the beta is gone as well!

    7. TheScar(.fr) on

      @Cyan (Tony Fryman): I have received the package... 7 months to send me it, $20 USD the "Myst V" soundtrack, and NO box! Just a slim paper protection! Seriously!? I'd better keep my money! After all the years I spent on "Myst Online", all the money I gave for the CAVCON, and all the months I spent waiting both the package and the "Obduction" box, you could have send me the "Myst V" soundtrack box!! It's scandalous! You need money, I need some too... But I don't take money in my Fans pockets!

    8. Missing avatar

      Seymour Joseph on

      I've been struggling playing the Mac pre-releases from GOG and was happy to hear that the final release happened this week. I went and downloaded the latest version from GOG earlier this week and was surprised and disappointed to find:

      1) The version on GOG is unsigned.
      2) It does not launch.

      I've downloaded and unzipped it multiple times. When I launch it, the Mac has to validate the download which takes quite a while, and then tells me it is a download from the internet from an unknown developer (unsigned). I click the button to open it anyway and it never opens. It puts up a menu bar with just an Obduction menu with no items in it, and never draws the splash screen or anything. I've waited over an hour for it to launch and nothing...

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Klossner on

      ericfromabeno, yep, you're right, I completely misinterpreted. Thanks for clearing that up.

    10. ericfromabeno on

      Tipster, what are you playing the game on?

    11. ericfromabeno on

      Andrew Klossner, the checklist on the final receipt very clearly contains ONLY items for which you paid... if you actually look at it, it is very obviously NOT a checklist of all possible items. Therefor, any unchecked items are the items that YOU ordered, that have not come to you yet. There is no reason to get upset. They are telling you, look, here's all the stuff you ordered: the checked stuff you should have received already, and the unchecked stuff is what we will be sending you. .... They probably figured this information was self explanatory. I guess people who are expecting problems will see problems even if there are none... :( Don't worry, you're getting all that stuff. ^_^

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrew Klossner on

      I just received a confirmation receipt that says I'm not getting the game in the physical box -- just "digital concept image", "game manual", "strategy guide", and "digital soundtrack". The line item "Obduction Game Exclusive Boxed" is unchecked.

      I kickedstarted at the "Gimme the Box" level: "Receive an exclusive Obduction special boxed edition containing the game for Windows or MacOS." I expected to get the game on a DVD. Please fix this.

    13. Tim Mackey on

      @DavidFetterman, I have a 2008 Mac Pro and I've been playing the game since near day one by running it in Windows Bootcamp. Like you, I won't be able to use the Mac version, but it runs beautifully in boot camp. You might want to do the same thing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tipster on

      Yes, I have played RealMyst already and that is how I would like Obduction to play also but I cannot get the play options set up to play anywhere near it. I cannot get the game moving and I'm still stuck at the start of the game. So, is there anywhere that instructions are shown as how to set up the play options for this game? I can't find any tutorials for it. Anyone?

    15. Kevin Becker on

      How are your plans for a Linux version going? If you need help testing on Linux or guidance on Linux in general, I'm happy to assist. I've contributed to testing numerous Linux games including Day of the Tentacle Remastered and Human Resource Machine. See my Steam profile's "Screenshot Showcase" section for more examples.

    16. TheScar(.fr) on

      Hello! On 2016 september 15th, I sent a paypal payment for "Uru" and "Myst V" soundtracks, but I still have no news about my order... Will the soundtracks be shipped with my Obduction physical rewards? Regards.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tipster on

      Does the boxed versions of this game play better than the one we got from STEAM? I cannot adjust the options so I can play it . There need to be some sort of instructions as to how to set the controls and what they mean? I've been doing nothing but doing the control options and not being able to play the game. PLEASE...there need to be some ''help'' for these new control options. Not everyone is a great whizzbang on these. So far all my money has NOT been rewarded with a good game for me to play or instructions on setting it up! Is there a place where we can go to get instructions on thee control options? I'd love to play it like REAL MYST. I cannot find an option or what it's called to be able to play it like that game. HELP! Anyone?

    18. Joshua Sauer on

      Eh, doesn't much matter to me, since the requirements on this game are so high that I still haven't been able to play it at all, even without VR. Some day I'll get a new computer that is good enough, but until that day, all I can say is I've learned my lesson to never support computer games on Kickstarter no matter how good my computer is when the campaign starts, as there is a very real chance that by the time the game is delivered it will not run at all without a major outlay for new hardware. Sigh.

    19. terry on

      This VR stuff is too heavy, too expensive and will be the Death of a lot of game company' should have just made the game first then add the VR stuff to those that wanted it..
      i Still have not played the game..(waiting for the boxed game still)
      All these delays and the word that is sad

    20. NobleBrutus on

      Thank you, I'm looking forward to the VR enhancements! Most of it works really well already but I suffer frame drops quite badly despite being on the lowest settings.

    21. Missing avatar

      Anatole Beams on

      Got bored waiting. Feel very let down and not sure if it is worth the effort!

    22. ericfromabeno on

      nevermind about, I figured out what i'd done that was making firefox go nuts. -_-...

      anyway, I feel sympathetic toward the people who have regrets and complaints, but I have faith (and prior experience) with kickstarter and cyan, both.... I hope you other backers can find some peace somehow.

    23. ericfromabeno on

      incidentally, I'm experiencing something odd in firefox, not sure why, but doesn't load for me. Works fine in microsoft edge, though. I prefer firefox, I dunno why... but not being able to load cyan's page is worrying...

    24. ericfromabeno on

      Thomas Porter, if you are talking about all of the extra rewards, like prints, post cards, art book, boxed version of game, all of those things? The will start shipping them to everyone sometime next month. To Tryer, (and Thomas) .... remember that kickstarter isn't meant as a way to "buy" anything, and even if a kickstarted company does have an online store, they have to be very careful. I'm sure Cyan is considering or has thought about the idea of an online store for cyan merchandise, but kickstarter makes certain actions a really bad idea... Other kickstarters have gotten into a lot of trouble for offering to the general public, (or even to lower tier backers!) items from the kickstarter that they did not originally donate enough money to receive. When you give money to a kickstarter, even if that money is an amount where the kickstarter promises you a copy of whatever you're supporting, you're not actually buying that thing. It's a reward to you for being willing to support the creators. So if the creators then turn around and offer any/all those reward items in an online store, they risk making their thousands of backers very angry, feeling deceived or belittled. This in turn affects future kickstarter attempts, not just for that company, but for everyone, because large groups of people who enjoy the feeling of supporting another person's efforts to grow, stop caring... It's a difficult balance for people trying to fund a new project, but they have to think hard about a lot of different possible reactions.

    25. Thomas Porter on

      You do not send what I paid for! What is your excuse!

    26. TRYER on

      I backed the game on Kickstarter but didn't have enough money fro the extras, so it would be nice if you did offer items. I did buy 1 thing on a Myst fan forum, which seems to be dead, so I am out of luck for anything new.

      Is there ever going to be a store with Myst Merchandise???

    27. Tim Mackey on

      @Cyan, do the boxed versions of the game include both Mac and PC Versions? It's been so long since the rewards survey that I can't remember if I specified which I wanted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Sten on

      I'm excited to try the final MAC version. Question about rewards... any ETA on the Art of Cyan Digital Book? Its been listed as coming soon since the release of the game to GOG.

    29. TheScar(.fr) on

      On 2016 september 15th, I sent a paypal payment for "Uru" and "Myst V" soundtracks, but I still have no news about my order...
      Will the soundtracks be shipped with my Obduction physical rewards?

    30. ArkhamNative on

      Congrats on your SxSW accolades! Hopefully Cyan gained lots of sales and new fans.
      And I look forward to all the physical goodness to come!

      P.S. I'm glad the PS4/VR version is nearing completion. Then I guess you get to decide whether to support Microsoft's next uberconsole "[Scorpio]" (if you're not secretly playing with it already).

    31. ericfromabeno on

      David, I wasn't chastising you, I was pointing at the location where the info was verified. Sorry to adopt that sort of lecturing tone. Bad habit. :( I don't know how successful asking for a refund would be... The whole issue with everything Mac users have faced with the release of the game has been pretty sad, no question... :( I have always used Windows, and I specifically backed this game hoping they would get to the "VR" stretch goal, and they did.... I've been interested in VR for a long time, and never had a reason to upgrade my pc/order a VR set, until this game got funded... But I pretty much understood what these guys were going for, and just how processor/graphics heavy it'd be when it was done, so none of the "my pc can't handle the game" complaints surprised me... I kinda thought everyone backing the game would realize as I did that you would need a pretty good gaming pc to play this game... .. of course, Mac users told me over and over again that their rigs were good gaming machines even without Metal support, so I don't really know what to think... I'm not a Mac user so all I can do is sympathize...

    32. Troy Meredith on

      I have no problems waiting. Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything and look forward to your future projects.

    33. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Please make a Linux version!

    34. Missing avatar

      David Fetterman on

      Eric, yes, you're completely correct. The problem is that I had no way of knowing this was an issue way back at the dawn of time when I backed the project. So I think the only fair course of action now is for Cyan to give me a refund.

    35. Don Thornton Jr. on

      can you give an ETA on when the special boxed edition for Mac will ship?

    36. ericfromabeno on

      David Fetterman, it's buried a bit in the GoG website, but there, in one of the changelog's listings, they state explicitly that Obduction needs to be run on a Mac capable of using the Metal framework... that's not something they can undo without redesigning the game from the ground up, I would bet.. Like asking them to make it compatible with an early version of Unity or something... They made a choice to have it take advantage of something the Metal framework could do for the game that they wouldn't have had access to, is my take on this.. but as a result there's no version of the game for Macs that can run without Metal.

    37. ericfromabeno on

      6 or 7 weeks is their outside goal for shipping. Possibly soooner.

    38. ericfromabeno on

      Ry Newsom, do you read the updates?? They tell you in THIS update that they are finally almost ready to ship out the physical rewards... shipping is expensive, so to save costs they decided to wait until they could do ALL the shipping at the same time... meaning all your rewards will come in a single package, instead of one thing at a time. The delay was caused by the fact that they wanted to be able to ship a nearly bug-free, totally playable version of the game for all the supported platforms, and that hasn't been possible until recently. So be patient just a little bit longer...

    39. Missing avatar

      David Fetterman on

      Does this Mac version finally solve the Metal graphics issue? I'd really like to be able to play it on my mid-2011 iMac.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ry Newsom on

      So... I wrote the email provided on your webiste, but never received a reply.

      I have still not received my backer rewards. What can I do to get them?

    41. ericfromabeno on

      Matt Combes, personally, I hope they become self-sufficient enough that their future endeavors don't require kickstarter. :)

    42. ericfromabeno on

      Hey Cyan, great news! ^_^ One thing that seems odd to me is that the .bin and .exe files I have from before this update (installed as soon as vr rolled out, last year sometime.. those files show a higher version number, .... why is the newest gog version 1.5.1 (10918) ?

    43. Matt Combes on

      Well I already went ahead and completed the existing Mac version, but good to know that a more polished version awaits if I decide to replay in the future. :) Looking forward to getting that pretty physical box though!

      So I know you guys are busy promoting Obduction and trying to get as much revenue out of it as you can, and I hope you do ... but ... uh ... any chance we'll be able to back more Cyan goodness in the future? ;)

    44. foodandart on

      Oh alright! I'd almost given up on getting the kit. As it is, I just gave up on the Mac version - and picked up a hackintosh and installed Win 10, which actually is pretty nice, considering the last time I used anything from the Beast of Redmond, well.. DOS was still in play..

      I can't wait for May to roll around! Woohoo! :)

    45. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Alessandro Toffoli: PS4/PSVR version will be completed in a few months, but it's not part of the Kickstarter campaign.

    46. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Thomas Knox: You should download Obduction. (We're working to remove the Kickstarter OS X version.)

    47. Missing avatar

      Tony Morrill on

      Vive version is ready?!?! FINALLY!! I CAN LIVE IN THIS WORLD! YEEEEEEEEESSS!!!

    48. Thomas Knox on

      Which Mac OS X Obduction from GOG do we download? Obduction or Obduction: Kickstarter OS X? The versions in each are different.