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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Can't Believe it's 2017!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hello Backers,

Hope you had a good Holiday season. We’ve continued to work on all things Obduction, and here’s the current state of affairs…

Mac Version: Well, this has certainly been a rollercoaster. As many of you have experienced, our Mac version has been in good shape for a month or so. But as other Mac players know, we had a few remaining issues, mainly relating to Metal and graphics card drivers. We have been working closely with Apple and Epic to try to resolve these issues. With every new MacOS update more of the driver issues have been fixed. But a crash bug with AMD graphics cards seems to have snuck in after all the other bugs were cleaned up. Again we want to let you know that this bug isn’t something we can address, it’s at a much lower level, and mostly out of our hands. It will be addressed when our partners create a solution that will be a part of a future MacOS update.

With all that said, we’re still incredibly excited to get Obduction in the hands of our Mac users. We’re trying to balance our desire for the best possible experience with the excitement and impatience. We’ll keep you updated with how things are going, but in the meantime, we will be releasing our latest version of Obduction to Backers as a public preview. This allows us to sync up the Mac and PC versions (1.4.2) and get additional feedback. Feel free to try this latest version of Obduction, but be aware that it is the most stable with the latest MacOS update which is currently in Public Beta.

Touch Controls: We’ve got hands! We can walk around in very rough form using touch controllers and even wave at CW. Now it’s just a matter of tuning the navigation, and allowing the hands to manipulate things in Obduction. Stay tuned.

Physical Items: We continue to finalize physical items, and since we’ve done everything we can for the Mac version, we’re preparing to press it. We’ve got final designs on posters, books, post cards, discs, and more. It won’t be long now.

And for those of you who are interested, Rand sat down with Adam Conover (of Adam ruins everything fame) for a long, deep, spoiler-laden, explicit discussion of all things Obduction. Here’s the interview…


And one more thing… our Art Director Eric Anderson and former Cyan employee Manny Trembley are wrapping up a Kickstarter campaign. Check it out here!

Thanks again!

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    1. Travis Hajduk on

      I think cyan should move on from Obduction. It wasn't that great. Yeah I know... Reasons. I really think they need to be bold and go back to the pre-rendered style. I also think they should take over the starry expanse project and add a new age by having the player take the crystal imager off of the Tay book and take it to the burnt book in Ghens lab to power it up.

    2. Eric John Mulder on

      I've been beyond patient now, and it's running very low. Where is the boxed game??

    3. Eric John Mulder on

      I've been beyond patient now, and it's running very low. Where is the boxed game??

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Klossner on

      We haven't had an update for over two months. Please communicate.

    5. Vinzius

      Still no (playable) mac version. Still no physical item (box). Delay ok, but communication is sporadic and bad.

    6. Cam MacDuff on

      Sorry, this has probably been asked and answered, but... I've downloaded my Mac version on Steam and it won't run. Something about cooked vs uncooked content. What??? How do I get an install that works?
      When will I get my limited edition book?
      Feeling very left out :-(

    7. Nathaniel Shim on

      Any new update on physical items?

    8. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Tijhof on

      The boxed edition would be nice, thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      W. Mark Roe on

      I'm still waiting for my backer rewards. Ref : Backer #18,325
      I have had some issues trying to change my email address. Please use:
      for any further communication.
      Thank you.

      W. Mark Roe
      Pincourt, QC Canada

    10. Aaron Bond on

      Love the interview!

    11. Nathaniel Shim on

      Any new update on Physical items? Are you guys having issues? Should I worry about your business ethic?

    12. Nathaniel Shim on

      Any new update on Physical items? Are you guys having issues? Should I worry about your business ethic?

    13. Missing avatar

      Glenn George on

      Been running 1.4.1 with numerous crashes in Kaptar.
      Downloaded the 1.4.2 version of the app and I get a message saying that it can't be opened.
      Is there someway to upgrade the 1.4.1 version to 1.4.2 without downloading the separate app?

    14. Travis Hajduk on

      I wish people would shut up about the vive. Not everyone is a spoiled brat that can afford all that. I wish they would just port it to ps4 then move on to the next project.

    15. Nathaniel Shim on

      its almost February, where are those physical items ... :(

    16. Patrick Karjala on

      For everyone asking, Cyan has stated repeatedly that the game will be supported on the Vive. Just be patient.

    17. Thomas Porter on

      When did you mail the game; or did you mess that up Intentionally too!

    18. Nick Williams on

      Would love to see Vive support added! I've been trying to hold out on playing until I could experience it using my Vive, but the wait is agonizing. Throw us a bone? Pretty please?

    19. Matt Combes on

      So on GOG, the Mac version is still 1.4.1 ... no sign of 1.4.2 yet. Maybe you could've given us a timeframe on when to expect it?

    20. Stefan Wilken on

      Any news for the HTC Vive version?

    21. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      What the reason to drop GTX 560 Ti and later after release - if the game worked fine till 1.3.3?

      CW need to fix bugs and don't tell these marketing stories. There is no logic to drop these cards.

    22. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Read better. It WAS supported. And it was dropped. CW don't want to fix it's own bugs. How the hell it's possible - game worked fine on MAXIMUM settings, and after the 5th patch it's NOT WORKING AT ALL?

    23. Missing avatar

      r1348 on

      @Neo The minimum requirement for Obduction is: GeForce 660 GTX w/1GB / AMD 7700 series w/1GB equivalent or better. You video card is below that, that means it is unsupported. Unsupported means that if it works, you're lucky. If it doesn't work, they won't fix it.

    24. Thomas Porter on

      When did you mail the PC VERSION!
      Or did you goof that intensionly too!
      cc cyan file

    25. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      PEOPLE! I want to tell all about the fantastic event of fraud with this game.

      I'm not native English speaker - so don't blame me for mistakes in grammar.


      1. My PC: Intel Core i5-2500K, 16GB Ram, nVidia GTX 560 Ti SOC Edition.

      2. The game worked fine in first versions: 1.0 (initial), 1.0.1, 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.

      3. The game worked ON MAXIMUM settings - and worked fast and smooth.

      4. But next versions - 1.3.3, 1.3.4, 1.4.1 - game just can't start. I see black screen and after 10-15 seconds game window is minimized to the windows taskbar.

      5. I did EVERYTHING that CW tech team said - tried to reinstall the game, updated video drivers and much more. But none of this did not solve the problem.

      6. In version 1.3.4 I've seen this error:

      7. In version 1.4.1 I see black screen and crash without error. But can't start the game.

      8. The fantastic thing in this is that after all attempts to run the game - CW tech team said: "YOU ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO RUN THIS GAME WITH YOUR VIDEO CARD. IT'S TOO OLD. IF THE GAME WORKED ON YOUR VIDEO CARD (in first versions) - IT WAS A BUG".

      9. But the game NOT ONLY WORKED - it worked PERFECT. Now (after 1.2.1) I can't even start the game with at least minimum settings. IT'S A BUG THEY DON'T WANT TO FIX. Instead of this they say: "YOUR VIDEO CARD IS TOO OLD". It's marketing shit.



      Now CW ignores me and doesn't respond to email. Someone faced with such a problem?

    26. Mario R. (Lesani) on

      Vive was promised a while back, I know from experience integrating Vive is not that difficult. How are we looking on that?

    27. Dennis Simcott on

      Yes the digital art of cyan book? Or is that going to be printed after all?

    28. Missing avatar

      Tyler Davis on

      I've given up on a Vive experience, I'm just assuming Oculus bought Obduction as an exclusive or something like that. Sort of heartbreaking.

    29. Missing avatar

      Shay Moore on

      The link to Manny Trembley's KS is a 404 for me?

    30. Matt Giuca on

      "a long, deep, spoiler-laden, explicit discussion"
      Oh, excellent! I watched the first 20 minutes of this and it was great but I was really hoping they got into spoilers later (because up until that point, they were talking very vague).

      Ian G G Smith: Calm down... they've confirmed it will happen (e.g., look at the most recent trailer, it says Vive at the end). This update mentions the development of touch support. They have stated previously that touch support is a requirement for the Vive version, so I think we can expect Vive when touch support is done.

    31. Kerry on

      Also curious about the Vive version here.

    32. Missing avatar

      Seth Goldberg on

      Despite the issues experienced with the mac version, I just wanted to say thank you for creating a throughly enjoyable game. I know users have a tendency to whine about stuff but it's mostly nits. Great job!

    33. Ian G G Smith on

      Rand Miller!!!! Why will you not respond to the many VIVE owners who are asking you if and when a Vive version will be released. We know only the Rift version was included in stretch goals on the original campaign and that VIVE did not exist back in 2013. It does now and it seems many Obduction backers including myself have one.
      I have stopped playing Obduction on PC in anticipation of a Vive version becoming available but am beginning to loose faith that it will ever come.
      I too am awaiting the Physical Copy of the game but would rather be able to play it in VR than have it in abox.
      COME ON RAND!!! When can VIVE backers get to see what RIFT backers currently enjoy - WHEN - IF EVER?
      Just throw us a bone - confirm it WILL happen!

    34. NobleBrutus on

      Awesome! I'm waiting on those motion controls!

    35. Scott Sharon on

      My Mac is too old also. Damn. Besides that I can't find the link to the new version of the game for Mac.

    36. Amerisun on

      No word on Vive it seems? :(

    37. Laurie Rollins on

      so the PC version is being delayed because of Apple? Phooey

    38. Missing avatar

      Kieran Murphy on

      Happy New Year !

      Well, I downloaded Obduction.

      Apparently, my laptop that is only 2 years old is not powerful enough to
      play the game, (sigh). Any chance of a version for PC's that are not
      brand new state of the art ? I have been playing the games since Myst
      in the 90's, read the novels, etc....would like to keep going, just not running out to
      get a new computer for a while.




    39. Colin Holgate on

      Where would we get a 1.4.2 Mac version? Is it more recent than the 4.12.3 I have?

    40. Missing avatar

      Eric Sten on

      Question: When is the Art of Cyan Digital Book due to come out? It was a tier 2 goodie and still says Coming Soon on GOG.

    41. Thomas Knox on

      I'd love to check out their Kickstart campaign, but your URL 404's.