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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Obduction Holiday Update

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Patient Obduction Backers,

Wow, we’re well into the Holiday Season and still working hard to finish a few tasks!

Mac Version: Finally! We’ve got a Mac version. Now that Apple has released their 10.12.2 Sierra update we can pass the latest Mac update your way. We’ve released an update for our Mac Kickstarter backers on Steam. If you have the Mac version from Steam or GoG, you have an update waiting for you. (You’ll also need that 10.12.2 update we mentioned from Apple.) Go try it out. Hopefully all goes well, and we can quickly get the Mac version out for sale to the general public via Steam, GoG, the Mac App Store, and Humble. (Please be aware that we're seeing intermittent crashes on some Macs with AMD graphics cards. We'll continue to track this issue down and get it fixed ASAP.)

Physical Goods: We appreciate your patience as we finalize all of the physical rewards, box them, and get them shipped to you. Physical goods always seem to take longer to wrap up, and since we’re actually including a final version of both the PC and Mac on a disc, we had to wait until we had a final version of the game to press. We’ve made lots of progress, but unfortunately we won’t be able to get them to you for the holidays. We’re hoping for an early 2017 fulfillment. Here's a photo of a few of the items that have come in so far.


Vive & Touch: Full Vive support is underway! That means that hand control support for the Vive, Touch control for the Rift, and Move controls for PSVR are in the works. It should be fun to be able to switch those huge levers with your hands.

PS4/PSVR: We’ve announced that we’re working on Obduction for the PS4/PSVR, and we were at PSX a couple of weeks ago to prove it. We showed a demo running on the PS4! (FYI - the PS4 version is a new addition to our platform and is not part of the Kickstarter campaign.)

And just barely in time for the Holidays, we’ve made an “accolades” trailer that has a few snippets of some of the wonderful reviews that Obduction has received. This trailer was designed to have some energy to it. We hope you like it! Please share it with anyone who might be interested in Obduction!


And as always, thanks for your continued patience and support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Tijhof on

      Every few months the date is shoved away a few months ._.

    2. Cam MacDuff on

      Are we still getting physical books?

    3. William C. Strohm on

      In my case, the Mac OS update to version 10.12.2, plus the required nVidia Web Driver update to version 367.15.10.25f01, plus the Obduction update on Steam to version 1.4.1, did the trick (finally).

      No more crashes, relatively smooth motion of the avatar, except a little stuttering when rotating (probably due to my MSI nVidia GTX 750 Ti graphics card not being top-tier). I completed Obduction (good and bad endings) yesterday. A long way from August 24, but the game now works very well. I liked that if the game finishes on a "bad" ending, "Resume" puts the game back before the incorrect choice is made. (But you still have to figure out how to get to the "good" ending.)

      I played this game on my Mini-ITX "Hackintosh," and took much guff from a few folks who wrote that "Well, it's not a Mac, so you have to expect problems..." etc. Not true. The problems were with the "Metal" API that Apple introduced in El Capitan, and its incompatibility with the Unreal4 game engine, plus some problems that Apple itself had, which were apparently cured in its latest OS version.

      My guess is that all previous frustrations with this game in its Mac version will be found to disappear with the above updates.

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi David! I have same feelings.

    5. David Felts on

      I am very disappointed with Cyan at this point. I have emailed them several times and tried to reach out through Kickstarter to them to get my reward as they never sent it to me. No one from their team has responded to my emails requesting my rewards be sent to me. All my info is correct (email, addresses, etc.) but no reward was sent. I am truly disappointed in the poor communication and lack of support for this game. I am a loyal Mac user who played all the Myst games growing up, only to be treated like I don't even exist. Cyan get your act together and start answering your blasted customer emails! I want a refund if you won't give me what I paid for.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      PEOPLE! I want to tell all about the fantastic event of fraud with this game.

      I'm not native English speaker - so don't blame me for mistakes in grammar.


      1. My PC: Intel Core i5-2500K, 16GB Ram, nVidia GTX 560 Ti SOC Edition.

      2. The game worked fine in first versions: 1.0 (initial), 1.0.1, 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.

      3. The game worked ON MAXIMUM settings - and worked fast and smooth.

      4. But next versions - 1.3.3, 1.3.4, 1.4.1 - game just can't start. I see black screen and after 10-15 seconds game window is minimized to the windows taskbar.

      5. I did EVERYTHING that CW tech team said - tried to reinstall the game, updated video drivers and much more. But none of this did not solve the problem.

      6. In version 1.3.4 I've seen this error:

      7. In version 1.4.1 I see black screen and crash without error. But can't start the game.

      8. The fantastic thing in this is that after all attempts to run the game - CW tech team said: "YOU ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO RUN THIS GAME WITH YOUR VIDEO CARD. IT'S TOO OLD. IF THE GAME WORKED ON YOUR VIDEO CARD (in first versions) - IT WAS A BUG".

      9. But the game NOT ONLY WORKED - it worked PERFECT. Now (after 1.2.1) I can't even start the game with at least minimum settings. IT'S A BUG THEY DON'T WANT TO FIX. Instead of this they say: "YOUR VIDEO CARD IS TOO OLD". It's marketing shit.



      Now CW ignores me and doesn't respond to email. Someone faced with such a problem?

    7. Missing avatar

      Ruth O'Leary on

      I'm logged into Steam on my Mac and I can't see an update. I've done all the MacOS updates, so I should be ready to go, but it doesn't seem to be there. I've never used Steam for anything before this so it could just be my ignorance at play, but I really can't find anything remotely resembling an update. Does anyone know where I should be looking?

    8. Jason Daniel Myers on

      Sadly, I'm still waiting for help on how to actually download my Oculus version. More than a month ago, I tried contacting Cyan's customer service directly by email. No reply. Then I tried to do the same through the Kickstarter, and got no reply: "Hello, I received an email saying that my Oculus version of Obduction was available, but when I follow the link, it includes instructions on how to input a 25-digit code on the Oculus site, but no 25-digit code. How do I get that code? Help! I really want to play the game."

    9. Missing avatar

      Kristian Truelsen on

      The Mac version was too wonky to play before, and now with the "update" it will not even open—apparently because I'm using Mac OS 10.11:

      Application Specific Information:
      abort() called
      application requires at least OS X version 10.12.2 (10.12.2), but is being run on 10.11.6 (10.11.6/15G1212), and so is exiting.

    10. Noah Norton on

      Sadly for this Mac user the game plays almost the same as before, which is to say unplayable.
      Updated Obduction in Steam, and updated my Mac.
      Honestly I play many new games, and most play without a degradation in quality so I'm not sure what the problem is here, but I guess I'll just wait for my boxed copy and look at the box from the shelf.

    11. Missing avatar

      peter spjuth on

      What a perfect Xmas gift for a Mac user! A big thank you! I can now run O with most of the graphic settings in Epic. And it runs smoothly enough because I like to take my time and really look around. It's amazing what you at Cyan have achieved, knowing that the Mac is a game challenger. O gives me the same sense of "being there" as I got when I ran Myst for the first time. I'm glad I backed this game. And with the upcoming VR releases I do hope that the end of the Cyan worlds has not yet been written...

    12. Matt Tuttle on

      Thank you for taking the time to make the Mac version better! I'm running Obduction on an iMac 27" screen and it runs smooth (had to reduce texture memory to 25-30% though). This is such a massive improvement over the first release where I could hardly get 1fps and the shaders would do lots of weird things. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

    13. Thomas Porter on

      When did you mail the DVD?

    14. Liam Markham on

      Even though I am waiting for a hardcopy, I'm actually more interested in knowing what you're working on next. I really hope it's another first person adventure (whether a sequel to Obduction, something Myst related or something totally new).

    15. eXoScoriae on

      Oh man. I keep putting off playing Obduction until I can experience it in the best way possible.

      So first I waited for a VR version.

      Then I waited until I got a new GPU, to ensure it ran smooth as butter.

      I get one yesterday, and then this update comes out saying a version supporting Touich is on the way (!).

      Now I want to wait until that version.

      When will this stop you mad men? How much better can you keep making this?? I have never been so excited to *not* play a game before and to keep waiting.

    16. Matt Combes on

      So I'm confused about your "update" on GOG for the Mac version. Via GOG, there are two Obduction downloads: The regular "Obduction" and "Obduction Kickstarter OS X".

      The former has both Windows downloads and Mac download called "Obduction: Kickstarter Tier 2" located under the "DLC Downloads" section at 8.6GB in size. There is no version number listed, but the download file is "obduction_kickstarter_2.0.0.1".

      The latter has a 9.3GB download titled "Obduction: Kickstarter OS X" and a version listed as 1.2.0. The download file is "obduction_kickstarter_2.0.0.3".

      So which is the proper download? And, as you mention there are still crashing issues to work out with the AMD graphics cards (which is what I've got in my new 15" MacBook Pro), would it be better to wait for that update instead? Are you putting the most recent version on the physical disc, or are you waiting for that AMD fix first and if so, when you do imagine that will come around?

      I very much look forward to playing Obduction but I would prefer all kinks are ironed out first and that I'm playing a "final version".

    17. Manoël Trapier on

      Do you think you could support alternative VR display, like Trinus VR, at least by enabling a side by side display even if there is no occulus/vive connected to the computer?

    18. terry on

      @Patrick Karjala
      but they could still answer this question...yes or no ...that's all i want to know

    19. Patrick Karjala on

      @Eveline Frei that's fair; Cyan has not done the best job in keeping people up to date with their development choices.

      @terry At no point has Cyan said that they'll do a Linux release. They have stated that they might, but it's entirely dependent upon support for it in UE4.

    20. Starwind Evensong on

      I've updated my Mac... but see nothing that says update available on Steam. How should I know if it has been updated? Frankly, I am so frustrated by this game I'm ready to give up.

    21. John Dowden on

      Did all the updates (Steam and Mac) and it still doesn't play acceptably. Thanks for trying. Love of game killed. At least I'll eventually get the physical perks so I can see what the game was supposed to look like. Enjoy my donation. :-(

    22. terry on

      Linux ?
      still no answer to this question...Why?

    23. NobleBrutus on

      Wow, full Vive support? You guys are amazing. I can't wait.

    24. David Höfle on

      when do you expect to finsih the controller support? I´ll wait with my first play till its finished.

    25. Honelith on

      Thankyou for the physical goods update, I cannot wait to get mine. Once I learned that you guys wanted to ship the backer physical goodies with a final version of the game, I was glad with your decision to do this as it made total sense and so I'm more than happy to wait. Brilliant game, played it a bit on my Vive, it's incredible but I'm hoping to see more optimisation before I dive in.

    26. Missing avatar

      Eveline Frei on

      @Patrick Karjala It would have been only polite for Obduction to announce their decision to use Metal which was almost unknown to the public at the time the game was backed. This would have given people who had no intention to buy a new machine the possibility to ask for a refund. Instead, Obduction went ahead and made the game, and the first time, people on Macs realised they couldn't play the game was when they tried to start it and were presented with the (in)famous error msg.

      This decision not to announce this is not affecting Obduction now (except for the complaints), but it will affect possible funding for future games as people who back a game they then can't play won't be as eager to fund more games by this developer or, indeed, other hopeful developers.

    27. Penny L Alfermann on

      Still playing it.. still lovin' it.. awesome to hear its going to a bigger platform for more folks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Gendrot on

      Hello, good news! Same comment that other backers above, my PC is unfortunately too old to enjoy comfortably Obduction (low res, 10min loading, 1 min at each portal). PS4 and PSVR release will be transcend my Obduction experience! Will it be via PSN or via an Editor?

    29. Bob Lishman on

      I'm a backer (with a Mac) and have just been to GOG to get this update.
      The only available download for me is "obduction_kickstarter_2.0.0.3.pkg" which is the download update that was made available on 29th September.
      Not exactly "If you have the Mac version from Steam or GoG, you have an update waiting for you".
      What gives?

    30. Thomas Samdal on

      Please add PS move support, either with teleportation, push move button to walk in direction of sight, or preferably both.

    31. Thomas Samdal on

      As an original backer who didn't have enough PC power to run the game when released, I am very excited to play on my PSVR with PS4 Pro! Happy to hear that a build was running on PSX. How long do we have to wait for release (ball park estimate)?

    32. Noah Norton on

      I'd be happy to buy again if you can release for Xbox One :)

    33. Brandon Pearce on

      That's wonderful news! Where can I download the mac version?

    34. Troy Meredith on

      Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on the progress. I hope your PC sales have been great and will continue onto the consoles.

    35. Ian G G Smith on

      You Guys ROCK! I am looking forward to the physical copy but more so the Vive version that was never part of the original campaign. I stopped playing my PC version in the hope the Vive would be supported FANTASTIC NEWS! !!
      Thanks Cyan and have a Great Christmas you deserve it.
      Made my day you guys have.

    36. Jeff Porper on

      I'm playing this game again tonight for the 3rd time. I go back to see everything I've missed and it keeps getting better. Wishing you great success bringing it to other platforms, because it deserves to be.

    37. Chas Austin on

      It's great to hear that Vive support is being added! Is there currently a target release date for it or is it still up in the air? No rush, since I've already beaten the game and still need some time to forget the puzzle solutions before I play it again. :P

      @TJ Obduction and Kickstarter have very different hardware requirements.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrew Schmidt on

      I am so excited about the PSVR version. I backed the Kickstarter, and was waiting for a solid Mac build, but now I'm just going to wait for PSVR — I want my first experiment to be perfect �

    39. Tarwin Stroh-Spijer on

      Great to her guys ...

      Now. How do I get my game? Did I somehow miss the download link for Humble Bundle? I'm confused ...

    40. Patrick Karjala on

      @TJ Because your computer is 3 years old.

      Glad to hear that the backer packs are coming together!

    41. Missing avatar

      Cullen Johnson on

      Will there be another chance to buy boxed copies of the PC game? I would order one if I could. :)

    42. TJ on

      I backed this project with this same computer, 3 years ago. Why can't I use that computer to play Obduction?

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel O'Hearn on

      From all I hear, it's worth waiting for! Besides, quality work (even packing and shipping) takes longer! :-)

    44. Guilherme Salgado Braga on

      I still haven´t received my key to the game. I already sent an e-mail complaining, but no answer...

    45. Mary Anne W on

      On the PS4 version, will VR be a requirement or optional? I'd love to play the game on PS4 too, but not really any plans to pick up the PSVR anytime soon (I mean, that's why I bought my nice TV).

      Good to see everything coming along though!