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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Timusk on

      Please take your time. You folks have always pushed the hardware and software to create dramatic, engaging and detailed environments and experiences. I backed your project because you need the funds and time to do the great things you do. Take your time. I am willing to wait for a stable fantastic mac experience. And I want a physical copy that will work and last. I plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Obduction with my grand kids on a crappy old 2017 iMac from the shed...where I park my hoverboard. Keep doing what you do.

    2. FR3D on

      vive support ?!

    3. AJ on

      Great job, thanks team! I'm glad I had the strength to wait to play until the Rift update arrived!

    4. Tom van der Spek

      Since one week I have a new computer now, so for the first time I can play Obduction. It runs smoothly and nice! But now i have a question:
      As I am not planning to buy an oculus rift (for the time being), is it useful to download the new version, or not?
      Greetings (and give my best wishes to RAWA!)

    5. Liam Markham on

      No DRM-free download for the Oculus version?

    6. Ian G G Smith on

      I have received an email telling me the game is ready to download for the Occulus Rift but I have not activated it because I am a Vive user and am unsure if it would work. I am surprised given the number of people asking about a Vive version that Cyan haven't taken just a few minutes out of their busy day to comment on this.
      Occulus was pretty much the only VR headset due for release when the game was backed way back in the day, it would appear that a great number of us backers now own Vives and would love to use them on the game also.
      I know Vive support was never in the original stretch goal but at the time VIVE didn`t exist.
      So come on guys give us some guidance, I don`t expect the game to appear on Vive immediately but would like to know if it ever will, I have currently suspended playing my PC version in anticipation of the Vive version coming out and playing it in VR instead.
      What is the Plan guys? Please.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joel Docker on

      I received the email not long after posting that comment. =)

    8. Missing avatar

      Joel Docker on

      Has anyone received the notification from humble bundle yet in regards to the Oculus store key?

    9. C. Scott Davis on

      Really looking forward to the Rift version!

    10. Thomas Porter on

      cc Kickstarter/cyan file

    11. Travis Hajduk on

      I can't read any of the written text in the game it's just too blurry, pictures and signs are the same way even when I put the texture setting on epic

    12. Travis Hajduk on

      I can't read any of the written text in the game it's just too blurry, pictures and signs are the same way even when I put the texture setting on epic

    13. Sean Mallon on

      Bummer for no Vive. Will the Vive be supported?

    14. Torge Witt on

      +1 for vive support

    15. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Mac is not for games. Please don't hate me - this is truth. I have a 2012 YEAR PC with hardware: Intel Core i5-2500K, nVidia GTX 560 Ti, 16 GB Ram. I run Obduction on maximum graphics settings and it works smooth. I even run The Witcher 3 on medium graphics settings (but this game has a great optimization from the start). My main OS is Linux and I can tell that even Linux gaming experience is better. But only with nVidia cards. Most of modern games nowadays "sharpened" on nVidia. You know that thing - "The Way It's Meant to be Played". All the latest models of MacBooks have AMD cards. AMD is known for making defective Linux and Mac drivers. This is truth. You can use MacBooks to work with photo and video. But this is not the best choice for gaming.

    16. Joshua Sauer on

      Doesn't seem like you worked that hard to make Obduction work on older PC hardware. My processor doesn't even meet the minimum requirements, so just upgrading the graphics won't even do me any good. Guess I'll have to wait until an entirely new computer is in the budget, sadly. This is the first time, ever, that I've been unable to run software due to my processor not meeting requirements. Graphics have always been the sticking point before.

    17. Shepard on

      THANK YOU! wish every developer was so forthcoming about Oculus... Can't wait to try this finally and play it in VR.

    18. Starwind Evensong on

      I'm running OS Sierra on a 2012 2.9 GHz Intel i5 with 16Gb RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB. Initially, Obduction ran, albeit excruciatingly slowly, before I upgraded to Sierra, via Steam. I've updated the Steam install, but no joy - Obduction will no longer even load. The start-up screen comes up, but then fails. I feel it is hopeless to run the game on this machine.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Still hoping you'll also do Linux.

    20. Adam J Purcell

      Another wondering about HTC Vive support.

    21. Mirror Box Games on

      thanks for not abandoning native mac support. Cheers!

    22. Ian G G Smith on

      That is great news for Riftees will there be a Vive version? In the near future?

    23. Ian G G Smith on

      That is great news for Riftees will there be a Vive version? In the near future?

    24. Missing avatar

      Gwendolyn Bruijns on

      Thank you for the update of what is happening in development of Obduction. Also Nice to read about the philosophy of Mac hardware. This still does not help me further. Ouw Mac is i7, 32 Gb RAM, 2Gb video card and 1TbSSD. Would be sufficiënt to play Obduction. but because it is a model 2011 and therfore does not use Metal it Will be unable to play. Nu Metal became after i backed Obduction...

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael kåsjö on

      +1 for vive support

    26. Max Goldstein on

      Thanks for the update! I got the game to run on an early 2013 13" retina MBP, El Capitan, a few months ago but it was slow and buggy. Whatever -- December sounds fine to me, and supporting only Sierra shouldn't be the big ask you make it out to be (right?).

    27. Scott on

      Really hoping for vive support soon.

    28. Andre DeVine on

      2012 MBP running OS Sierra and get nothing but an error. Haven't ever gotten the game up and running. Not even once. I thought there was supposed to be a PS4 version.

    29. jorlinn on Linux on

      Hmm, please disregard that remark about base game, it is of course already released. How silly of me.

    30. jorlinn on Linux on

      Please be sure to finish the base game first, before you loose yourself (and the funds) in the revived hype of VR. Linux support would also be very nice.

    31. Missing avatar


      Another vote for Playstation VR.

    32. Chas Austin on

      Another Vive owner here, eagerly awaiting Vive support in Obduction! Room-scale would be an incredible thing to experience in this game, but also probably a lot more work for the devs to implement.

    33. Ben O'Brien on

      I too would also like to request Playstation vr compatibility.

    34. Spycraft Studios on

      Great news! I've been holding out playing until VR support is released (time poor). Late the adventure begin! Matt.

    35. Benoit Nadeau on

      That late 2013 MacBook Pro is exactly what I'm using right now, so yay for me? I already finished the game on an Alienware Alpha R1 so I don't mind too much...

    36. Manoël Trapier on

      I will have now to buy an occulus!

    37. Dianne Phipps on

      I am also a backer and my computer is just a year old and iam unable to play obduction as the system requirements are too high its mainly my cpu everything else is fine but I can not afford to upgrade so guess that it goes on the shelf. to bad they did not make it so everyone could play and enjoy it. .

    38. Missing avatar

      kfstudio on

      Are there any plans for a PlayStation VR version?

    39. Revery123 on

      Great work, I have been waiting for this update to play it in full! Does or will the game have touch support?

    40. Patrick Karjala on

      Woo, VR!

      For those asking about the Vive release, Cyan has said time and again that the Vive version will follow the Oculus version; they are obliged to release on the Oculus first because that's what was offered during the Kickstarter, and the Vive wasn't even a thing yet. See… regarding forthcoming supported platforms.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tyler Davis on

      It seems like Obduction would work much better as a room-scale experience with the Vive (and Oculus Touch when it comes out). The point-and-click movement style is basically synonymous with room scale based teleportation.

      Not to mention interacting with buttons, switches and puzzles with motion controllers as opposed to ... well I'm not really sure how you're implementing it with the Rift currently. Xbox controller or KB/M, I suppose.

    42. Bryan Benting on

      I am so excited to play this game again in VR! I am hoping for Vive support at some point, but I haven't plunked down the $$$ for a VR set yet either. Thanks for making this game amazing for all of us!

    43. James Harris on

      Same here--I could play now, but I'm waiting for the Vive release, because exploring a Cyan world in VR for the first time isn't something you get to do twice. :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Tony Morrill on

      I'm with the others asking about the Vive release...

      I haven't even started playing the regular PC version because since getting into VR, the flat screen just doesn't have the same immersion anymore. Obduction is the PERFECT type of game for virtual reality. I am so anxious to get in there...

    45. Missing avatar

      Gregory on

      What about the Vive? Will the game work with that too?

    46. Missing avatar

      Aaron Pinsker on

      Hopefully there'll be a couple of more beta updates before the official Mac launch in December. It had been running okay for the most part, until I got to Muray which has been crashing like crazy. It's gotten to the point now that when I load my saved game, Obduction crashes immediately. I finally installed it on my bootcamp partition - hoping that maybe I can get past a certain point in Muray so I can go back to playing it on the Mac side. Booting via bootcamp every time I want to play is just annoying..

    47. foodandart on

      " Rand plays Obduction on a late 2013 MacBook Pro - "

      Good God, someone build him a proper gaming PC! I gave up waiting for the Mac version, my MacPro is a bit old anyhow and bought a Hackintosh, thinking it wold work, and it does, but of course is filled with the current Mac bugs, so I ended up just throwing down on a new terabyte drive and a copy of Windows 10. Deb is happy now.

      P.S, when are the books and stuff coming?

    48. Ben Lachman on

      Wow. I'm surprised at the lousy prioritization of the Mac version. I know VR is the new shiny, but you started this campaign with synchronized release on PC and Mac as a goal. I haven't played the game yet because of the "it might feel shitty" vibe I got from the updates about the pre-release Mac version. Still waiting…

    49. Kerry on

      Waiting for Vive support here too! Mac user going back to the Mac Plus, but I can think of no better way to experience Obduction than by room-scale immersion in a Myst-like world (a dream come true!). And I'm glad to see it's been so well received so far! :)