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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Obduction - Patches, VR, Mac, and More

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hey Backers,

Wow, what a crazy few weeks it’s been. Sorry (as usual) for the lack of updates, but as we’ve mentioned before, we’re very small, working hard, and wearing lots of hats. 

Obduction has launched to rave reviews, and most of you are up and running. The comments we’ve heard from Backers have been almost unanimously positive - thanks for that! We’re especially proud of building Obduction as a large, satisfying experience on a very small budget. (If you haven’t read the reviews you should at )

Even with our good reviews, we still need your help to get the word out. Having spent the Kickstarter funds to make Obduction as good as we could, we don’t have much left for marketing. That means Obduction sales are dependent on word of mouth until we can  afford to advertise. Thanks for your help in spreading the word!

We still have a small number of emails and requests from Backers who are waiting for a download key. We’re churning through the requests as quickly as possible, and we’re very sorry for the delay if you’re still waiting.

Patches and Updates

We have also been working on several patches and updates. Our second patch went live this week. This is a huge patch, and for almost everyone it provides an improved Obduction experience.

* Mac Kickstarter Backers will see some changes to their pre-release version - mostly good, some bad. Generally, the Mac performance has improved dramatically. Almost everyone should notice that. The bad news is that you may crash, or only see a black screen at startup. There are two steps to fix this. The first is to upgrade to MacOS Sierra which has fixes that Obduction requires. The second is to remove old shader cache files which we explain how to do at the end of this update. One more Mac issue is a new anomaly with Intel graphics that might make a lot of textures very dark.


Our main patches are mostly complete, so let’s talk a bit about our schedule for updates.

Tuning the VR version of Obduction
Tuning the VR version of Obduction

* Our much-anticipated VR Update, enabling full support for playing Obduction in VR (with an Oculus Rift, initially) continues to improve. Obduction VR amplifies the experience to a new level of immersion. We're focusing a large portion of our resources now on releasing this as soon as possible. The VR release will also include some other features and fixes. Stay tuned for specific release dates. 

* The Mac version is also getting a major focus and improving dramatically. There are still some low level issues that require fixes that are beyond our control, and those are being addressed by Epic and Apple. Because of that, timing is looking like sometime in the fourth quarter.

Physical Backer Rewards

Bits are definitely faster than atoms, but we’re making lots of progress on the physical rewards. The boxed version of Obduction is trickier than the other items. Obduction’s physical disc will be installable and playable without an internet connection. That means it will not be easily upgradable, so we have to make sure we have final stable versions to burn on the disc. Because of that, timing is looking like the fourth quarter.

As always, thanks for your support!

The Cyan Obduction Team


Mac Users - to remove old shader caches…

* Go to the Finder (usually the first thing in your dock) 

* Hold down shift + command + g  (to open “Go to the folder:” option) 

* Type (or copy and paste) this…   ~/Library/Application Support/Epic/Obduction/Saved  


* Click Go or push return 

* Delete two files…  ByteCodeCache.ushadercode and DrawCache.ushadercache

(If you don’t see those files, then you may have done something wrong, or you don’t have Obduction installed.)

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    1. Thomas Porter on

      Seems you full of excuses!
      When will cd ship!
      cc cyan file

    2. Jimmie Robinson on

      Well, it seems my iMac is not on the list of compatible systems. At least I got a T-Shirt, hahah!

      But I am glad to have helped fund the game for others. I would rather have it exist for the game community to play than to not exist at all.

    3. Patrick Karjala on

      For those asking a ton of questions, please go to, sign up, and create a support ticket.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Fetterman on

      Cyan, you need to make refunds available to those of us with pre-2012 Macs. Do the right thing.

    5. Starwind Evensong on

      Not sure what to do. The game - via Steam - loaded and ran, sort of, before. Steam updated the game, I've updated my system to Sierra, and have tried to remove the shader caches, but the search for them doesn't find them. Not sure how to reinstall the game, and I'm frustrated. Can anyone walk me through?

    6. DeeZaster on


      Steam automatically updates your game and if you installed the game after the patches were released, then they are already installed with the initial download. You can go into properties by right clicking on the game title in your game listing on the left side of the steam window. Then go to BETAS if there is ever a beta update announced and you can try it there, I'd just stick with steam doing all the updates for you. So just remember steam is always automatic by default, GOG you must download each and every update and install them.

      Hope that helps. Add me on steam if you need more help, my nick is the same as here (with the d'ni book avatar).

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan Swithenbank

      As a couple of others have pointed out, contacting Humble Bundle directly seems the fastest way to get your missing keys! I did finally get a response from Cyan with a download link ,but, it didn't work. The one direct from Humble Bundle did. Now just wondering about why no linux link, though mac and windows were there (on GOG). I don't use mac, and windows only when
      forced to...;^)

    8. Mirror Box Games on

      When will box-copy Mac users receive that version? Happy to wait a long while but I don't want a copy for the shelf that is PC only. Thanks guys!

    9. Missing avatar

      Zack Bostwick on

      I would really like to install; both patches, but indeed - whether from Steam or Gog, hard to find.; I'
      ve had no trouble; with Obduction (except once when I fell from a great height on one world and then got trapped for a time in an area until I fell again and landed where I'd been before falling - but that's the only problem unless I'm missing some of the game because that's what the patch makes possible. I had to go through Gog initially because stupidl9y I didn't realize that the game required 64 bit OS and Steam lkept saying my machine wasn't capable. I did a double boot so I now nave both Win10 32 bit and Win8.1 64 bit.But. it doesn't look as though GOG has either patch and though I've gotten Steam to have the game as an add=on, I can't squeeze a patch out of them - they don't even know they have it if they do.
      Isn't there some place to be able to download the patches and manually install - you can't believe the twist I've had to do to go back and forth from 32 to 64. Let me know if anyone reads this who knows/; :) Thanks, Zack - and aside - it's a great and somewhat different game - I like lt and it keeps getting better and surprising me -and that's hard to do. :) :)

    10. Honelith on

      Who is the guy wearing the cardboard box? :D

    11. Alaina Monoceros on

      @Jason Chau
      Thank you! I'm going to try that right away.

    12. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kostner on

      @Eveline Frei Thank you for this information. I'll try the game on a different computer.

    13. Jason Chau on

      @Alaina Orwitz - try this answer from Stephen Fleming:

      For anyone who has not received their codes. Email Humble Bundle's ninja's. They may take a day to respond, but all you need is your current email, previous email, if this is the problem, and a screen print of your KickStarter receipt. They sent codes right away. Game has been worth the wait.

    14. Penny L Alfermann on

      My one big issue, FIXED!!! Thank you all so much for working hard as you do. Was soo glad to see my problem fixed. I know you still have alot of work to do, but so far so good.. Keep it up! We still love ya!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kathy Ayala on

      So far I'm disappointed. I have a new 2015 MacBook Pro and should be able to run the game. The graphics are terrible with black patches everywhere. I tried changing the graphics settings and it didn't help. I cleared the cache and was able to load it only to be kicked out after less than 5 minutes. I understand that the Mac version is behind and want to wait until it's useable. How long will it be? I can share a photo if you like, just don't know where to send it.

    16. Bob Lishman on

      Maray is unplayable on my iMac (late 2013) with Intel Pro graphics running on Sierra.
      The minute you open a Mofang bridge builder the game crashes. Not only crashes, but refuses to reload that game, even if I delete the two shader files.
      I do at least have a real game icon now, plus the particle transition between worlds ... but the graphics are generally worse that the original Mac pre release version on El Capitan.
      Luckily I had finished my first complete game before I upgraded but be warned people, the latest (v3) Mac version on Sierra with Intel Iris Pro graphic card is unplayable. Literally.

    17. Craig Prall on

      For those asking, the patch (PC version at least) is coming via Steam even thought the Steam keys came from GoG. I doubt you will find the patch there. Just start up the Steam client if it's not running and go look at your library. Right-click on the Obduction title and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. Go to the UPDATES tab and make sure Automatic updates is set to Always keep this game up to date. If you look under the LOCAL FILES tab, see what your Current content BuildID is. Mine is 1350934. That should change with every release/patch.

    18. Craig Prall on

      I saw that patch coming in from Steam, and it was big. I was like, "What the ...". I'm really keen on the VR release. I built this new system to support VR, but I'm waiting on a title to make it "necessary." Obduction would be fitting. Myst was reason I bought a dual-speed cartridge-loaded CD-ROM drive for my Macintosh SE/30 back in the day.

    19. Paul Stone on

      Unable to load the game on my Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook with i7 processor. Quite disappointed.

    20. Paul Stone on

      Unable to load the game on my Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook with i7 processor. Quite disappointed.

    21. Boris Kraft on

      Just let me know when this runs on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) running El Capitan.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scot Roberts on

      •Mac User• Still waiting to download the game....I'm holding off until the Mac version is polished nice and shiny. Not really in favor of Boot-Camping, and I'm not even sure if this is a good idea, but I'd rather wait and enjoy the experience as opposed to having bugs and lock-ups and problems ruining the experience. Keep us posted.

    23. Jedra7609

      I built a new PC last week as my ten year old beast didn't cut the mustard any longer. The game runs brilliantly now and I congratulate you for capturing the Myst spirit in the game. My only criticism is that the game looks a little blurry - the visuals just don't quite 'pop'. The game itself is excellent though and I am enjoying the puzzles.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ge Rong on

      "Our second patch went live this week. This is a huge patch...."
      WHERE IS THE PATCH? I downloaded the game from GOG and how can I download the patch? Can anyone tell me?

    25. Missing avatar

      Eveline Frei on

      @Douglas Kostner You need a Metal capable Mac to run Obduction. As I remember, the 2011 iMac is not; check it out at

    26. Missing avatar

      R. Eric Reuss on

      ...well, crud. My Mac can't upgrade to Sierra, so I won't be playing until I next upgrade my computer in a few years.

      (The silver lining is that it means I'm I'm less impatient about the Mac updates. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kostner on

      Wish i could send a screen shot of the message I get when trying to open the game on my iMac. Instead I'll copy some of it here:

      "The global shader cache file '/Applications/ObductionKickstarter OS' is missing.

      Your application is built to load COOKED content."

      There's more, but I don't want to copy it all. In short, I still can't get the game to open on my 2011 iMac.

    28. Ellen Rockett on

      "Most of you are up and running" – I'm disappointed that the game is completely unplayable on my current hardware, and a lot of other backers ran up against this too. I have to wait until I buy a whole new computer for the hope to play it. At least maybe all the Mac bugs will be ironed out by then. Otherwise, I'm sure the game is great!

    29. Matt Tuttle on

      The performance in this update is greatly improved on my iMac. It's still has graphical glitches and crashes so I'll wait to play this game until the official Mac release. Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this game. The few bits I've seen look amazing!

    30. John Dowden on

      Update...worse colors, disappearing landscapes, and still crashes...still unplayable and worse since the update. Joy of game officially killed. Double sigh.

    31. Overmann on

      Great update!

      I just finished the game last weekend (great job BTW), looking forward to all the Kickstarter loot that's still coming.

      Glad to hear that the physical disc is DRM free still.
      I just can't stand it when Kickstarted devs "forget" that they promised to make there games DRM free.

    32. Lord Porksword on

      Cheers for the update Cyan!
      Eager to get my hands on the VR version! ;)

    33. John Dowden on

      Wow...the update made things worse. Sure, I can open the game now (an improvement), but i think it's got like 16 colors. Sigh...still unplayable.

    34. Don Tardiff on

      Your Mac path is not correct for Steam installed MAC versions.

    35. Manoël Trapier on

      You know when Myst was out, you needed a bloody CDROM Drive, a mac with 256 color, can you imagine 256 colour? Most of them was Black & White or 16 colours at that time, and I don't even speak about a CD Drive.

      For the people that use GOG, use the Galaxy Client, you have the ability to directly install the OS X version. When you redeem the code in GOG, you should have two Obduction entries, the "normal" and one "Obduction: Kickstarter OS X", obviously, use the latter. GOG Galaxy is a bit like Steam and will allow you to download your GOG games without hassle, and keep them updated too! (but you don't need Galaxy to run to run your game unlike Steam.. :))
      GOG Galaxy is available here:

      And as some other people have said, for Steam you have to ask for installing Beta.

    36. Richard Boulanger on

      I supported this game with the understanding and frankly confidence, that it would have a strong mac release due mostly to the background that Cyan did things well for the macintosh platform given their history. Apparently gone are the days of making PC users wait for their version of Cyan games. Now, I feel the pain that the PC users of Cyan products felt. First, I could not get it to download, now I took hours (many, many hours over two tries, but that is another issue) to get the game at all. Now, said game, still in experimental form, does not run, nor have I gotten it TO run. Now, I'm being told to upgrade the OS on my machine to one I had NO intention to upgrade to at any future date due to its incompatibility with other applications that are no longer made FOR the mac. I cannot help but think, that IF the mac version had been made in parallel with the PC one, it would be running just fine now, on the current mac, without the need for downloading the 'latest and greatest' from Apple (which isn't necessary the best idea in my experience of ANY OS). Knowing what I know now about Cyan's process in developing the mac version, I would not have supported this project at all. Perhaps, once I get the physical copy, IF I get one, since there is nothing to press at this point in time and there has been NO chatter about that part of this long and frankly tedious process, I will get to play it in a year or two when I upgrade an older mac ot a newer one. This is very shameful of your history Cyan. You are doing yourselves a great disservice here by your actions in the development of this product.

    37. Jordan Smith on

      The new patch is so great for the Mac beta! I'm still puzzling my way through, but I actually went back and started over with the patch because it's just that much better. Looking forward to the final release!

    38. Missing avatar

      Colin Norris on

      I only backed for the physical boxed copy. Are patches ever going to be released for it?

    39. terry on

      will the Boxed game be able to run on Linux?

    40. Debra Meister on

      I haven't seen any news on any of the other rewards like the book. Did I miss something?

    41. Off a Tango on

      Please take your time on the physical box. No rush!
      Awesome update and great job on a successful kickstarter and amazing game. You guys rock!

    42. Christoph Zürcher on

      Thank you very much for the update. This made the wait for the Oculus version much easier.

    43. Missing avatar

      mog7 on

      I am enjoying the game on bootcamp win10, have my settings on medium / Low I prefer it smooth as beautiful. I take my time and try to walk and not run to enjoy the game at max but it´s hard, I don´t want to finish it to quickly.

      Special thanks to robyn miller who archived a soundtrack without copying what has already been done, bringing some new intersting shapes. I didnt´ fall in love with it like Riven but it´s special and different really like it.

    44. Steve Sebban

      To all looking for the updated Mac version, follow these steps:
      1. Redeem the game on Stream
      2. Right-click Obduction in your library. That will open a new window
      3. Click on the "BETAS" tab (the 4th one from the left) and select "publicpreview".

      From now on you will get the latest patches for the game.


    45. Steve Sebban

      I upgraded the Mac version a few days ago and I have to say I'm very impressed by the performance boost you achieved: I can finally use all the high setting on my fully upgraded 2016 iMac and it's very smooth. The first build was almost unplayable at low settings. Can wait for the next patch.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kindel on

      I saw the notice about the new patch on Steam, but I got the game from GOG. Is the patch available there? As far as I can tell, there's no visual indication that anything has been added on game's page in my game library.

    47. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      I am unable to upgrade to Mac OS Sierra. I attempted to do so and it basically destroyed everything; I confirmed even with a new user account that it would not work with my user network configuration. I was forced to downgrade to Mac OS El Capitan, and it was quite painful to undo the data migration.

      I won't be able to run Mac OS Sierra or anything newer unless Apple changes their application execution approach (extremely unlikely) or I completely migrate off my current user network configuration (a significant, painful, one-directional undertaking).

    48. Paul Tansley on

      There's a Mac Update - but no link or information of how to get it? Pretty useless guys. C'mon, get your act together. Give us all a link, so we can actually try the updated version. The 1st version is very clunky on a Mac - enjoyable, but clunky.

      Considering I'm running it on a late 2015 high end iMac. It actually runs worse than Myst used to old much older equipment. Shame. But I'll hang in there. If I can actually update it....

    49. Kelly Coston on

      We loved playing Obduction!! Can't say that enough. Well done to the whole team!
      One question: Are you open to feedback on the occasional UV issue? You know me. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! VR? But not a Linux? I don't understand.