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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Post Launch Update!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Wow! All of the Backer codes went out yesterday. Reviews are coming in - and they're good! Yay! Here are a few quotes...

“Obduction has seemingly delivered on all of its promise” – 4.5 of 5 (Attack of the Fanboy)

“Obduction doesn’t just succeed; it triumphs” - (A.V. Club)

“Obduction drags its heritage into the modern age with aplomb” – 4 of 5 (PC World)

“A beautiful, technically-composed game with an innovative premise that feels familiar yet completely alien.” – 9 of 10 (Destructoid)

And if you don't mind some spoilers you should check out the Launch Trailer...

And now we could really use your help! See, we used your money wisely - just about every penny went into make Obduction as good as we could. So now that we've released we don't really have any marketing money left over to get the word out. That's where you come in! Feel free to send/post/social-media-ize the Trailer link to anyone and everyone who might be interested. And the Obduction web site has all kinds of goodies that may convince people to give Obduction a try. Anything you can Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, email, text, (or other) would be greatly appreciated! ( #welcometohunrath or #obduction )

Oh, and if you haven't received your code to download Obduction please email us at .

We're working hard on fixes, patches, and updates. We have already updated once, and we'll be updating again today. And then hopefully another update within a few days. And another next week sometime. Phew! And stay tuned for more information on the VR release.

Thanks again from the entire Obduction team!

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    1. Lee York on

      I am really excited for the launch of Obduction & have been watching a few let's play online. I was one of the first to back Obduction when first announced & backed it for $50. Back then I had a decent gaming PC and was into gaming on the PC, but have since migrated to the PS4 only for gaming. Unfortunately I have not been able to claim my humble code for the game upon release, as I have no means of playing it at all. I have heard that Cyan are working on a console version of the game, and since I have not claimed my PC version of the game yet, I am hoping that Cyan are able to offer the PS4 version once released? Or at least at least at a reduced price for PS4 for a fellow backer? Most likely I might be getting my hopes up for that option. Alternatively is there a way to sell my code to someone who can use it instead of me?

    2. Missing avatar

      Janet MacCormack on

      I got my emails for download but as one of the "Gimme the box" tier backers, when can I expect a nice package in the mail? (I live in Canada so yes, I expect it to take longer than State-side backers.) Is there an ETA with those yet?

    3. FR3D on

      Will there be a HTC Vive version ?
      Please say yes !!!!
      best regards

    4. Missing avatar

      David Fetterman on

      So will it never run on my mid-2011 iMac, or will the full Mac release version fix the "cooked" issue? I feel like I should request a refund at this point.

    5. Jason Chau on

      Forwarded from Krystyn Heide (for those with problems on Mac who meet the requirements):

      Found this on the Steam forums...
      If your Pre-release Mac build crashes and will not start again, please follow these steps to remedy the situation.
      1. Open Finder, press "command+shift+g"
      2. Type in ~/Library/application support/, press enter
      3. Open Epic/Obduction/Saved
      4. Delete ByteCodeCache.ushadercode & DrawCache.ushadercache
      The game should now start up properly.

    6. Jason Chau on

      For those of you having trouble finding codes, the email for the download link comes from Humble Bundle which contains the redeem code and item downloads for either Steam or GOG. Most importantly, the title is 'Your Obduction_2 order is ready', which under certain webmail sites like Gmail doesn't find immediately under 'Obduction'. Search using 'Obduction_2' and you should be able to find it (if it was already sent). If you already have a Humble account you need to log in and 'claim' the page after clicking the link.

    7. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      @ericfromabeno yes it's possible it was more than 20 in fact, these "special" objects can be found in different locations in game, so it's why i can't exactly remember how many of them i have exactly discovered :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on


      @ericfromabeno sorry for my late reply, i was absent. Yes, there are several objects in game with written "Baker's Reward" when you look at them, i can't say exactly how many, perhaps 15 or 20 ? (or more)

    9. Paul Urfi on

      Still no codes for me either :-( Can't get a response via email either. Definitely not feeling the love.

    10. Harith on

      Welp. turns out I don't have a computer that runs this. Sucks to be me, I guess.

    11. Zach Savoy on

      Still no codes, in either my inbox or my junk mail. I've emailed them twice about it with no response.

    12. Nate on

      I was able to download it on my second try (it downloaded quickly for me) and have had no issues. Seems ok so far though I'll have to figure what to do next.

    13. ericfromabeno on

      Beachmol, did you find anything interesting / easter egg-y in your first playthrough? there were between 92 and 105 backers who chose to add something into the game... i was one. ;) But since I have to wait for my pc parts, I haven't had a chance to look around, of course... My first view will be through the oculus... I am really looking forward to it... You don't have to tell spoilers, just wondering if you saw anything and thought, "Oh, that must be one of the backers' items or eggs"

    14. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      I am waiting now to play again Obduction with the Oculus Rift :) not sure if my DK2 will work though...

    15. Missing avatar


      It runs on my 6 core mac pro but it is slow. I understand it is a beta but wanted to give you feedback. It is beautifully ful, even at the resolution I am seeing and I know,the game will drive me nuts over time. Hopefully some updates will increase the performance.

    16. ericfromabeno on

      sean, kickstarter updates are set via kickstarter's information from when you registered with kickstarter, game keys and other such things depend on what information you filled out in the backer survey, in this case about 3 years ago... if you didn't get a survey, then Cyan might not have your email. Have you been in contact with Cyan at the email they listed in these comments, for people who have still not received their codes? the email is apparently

      other problems people have had with codes is that they get automatically sorted OUT of your inbox, into "Promotions" or "junk" or some other category... if that isn't the case though, all I can say is keep emailing that backer email. Someone will eventually help you... they're probably backlogged with these key code errors...

    17. Missing avatar

      sean welsby on

      Keep on getting Kickstarter updates to correct email address, however still no codes!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      @Salou Stéven Look at if you have "English (USA)" too as langage in the control panel > "région et langue" and in the tab "Clavier et langue" clic on "Change the keyboards" and add "English (USA)" then when you are in the game hit together the keys "MAJ + ALT" to switch your keyboard from french (AZERTY) to english (QWERTY), then you can use ZSQD to move in game.

    19. ericfromabeno on

      Kim Smith, I got the same error, it's apparently a combination of a DirectX 11 error and the fact that your pc (probably your graphics card) does not meet the minimum required specifications, so the game doesn't have enough processing power available to play.

    20. Kim Smith on

      It won't play. Got thru Steam but when I try to play it I get a long message about something not being COOKED and then it crashes with a fatal error :(

    21. Missing avatar

      GamerWolfOps on

      No email or code here :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Salou Stéven on

      Could you please also add a AZERTY keyboard option, it's weird to have to press w to walk forward. Otherwise, minus a few freezes it works fine and it's very pretty to look at.
      Nice job! glad i stayed away from spoilers

    23. Corrupted File on

      Love the game so far, but I haven't had a lot of time to play it unfortunately. Quick question though, GOG says (Coming Soon) for the "Digital Art of Cyan Artbook", any idea when that's going to be available?

      Keep up the good work!


    24. Missing avatar

      tobr on

      Cyan, you *need* to get better at communicating... I think it's absolutely crucial when you run a crowdfunding campaign. Delays happen, I get it, but you need to keep us in the loop - you should have set the correct expectations for the Mac version (and VR) weeks back. Even now, please just let us know where you are, when you expect the game to be playable on a Mac, so I know if I should wait or try to get hold of a PC.

      I was one of the first to back this game, but it feels like I will be one of the last to play it. There are spoilers everywhere on the internet. It's so frustrating. :(

    25. Stephen Fleming on

      No email received since Update #68. Still waiting for response 22 hrs. later. Sent a second email just now a few minutes ago with backer's receipt if that is the problem. Without at least a response, I wouldn't know. Congrats Beachmol !!

    26. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      For bakers not having recieved their code, what to do is written in the top of this webpage :
      "Oh, and if you haven't received your code to download Obduction please email us at ."

    27. Patrick Karjala on

      Also be sure to check your email for anything from Humble Bundle, as well as looking in the Promotions tab under Gmail if you use that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      @ericfromabeno Yes game finished, took me 23 hours. It's more MYST than RIVEN, really not very difficult but so beautiful ! i use an old computer with an Intel i7 2600k + 16gb of DDR3 + Nvidia GTX 680 but a hard disk drive SATA 6. Playing the game in 1980x1080 with all in full details was playable, only when loading sometimes took 1 minute waiting but nothing really boring. I understand now why CYAN recommands a SSD. Thank you very much CYAN and waiting for "Obduction, the sequel" ! :)

    29. Vinzius

      @patrick yep did. Still, it feels like they didn't manage this properly!

    30. ericfromabeno on

      ... what do you mean receipt? an email thanking you for your order? ?? Did you contact Cyan at as they said to do if you were still missing a key?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Termer on

      Also waiting for my code. Sent an email to and haven't gotten any response.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bradford Messerrly on

      Still waiting for my code to be sent.

      Would love to receive it before the weekend.

      Brad M

    33. Patrick Karjala on

      @vinzius Send an email to for assistance.

    34. Vinzius

      No mail or code here... but i got the receipt. That's not really professional :-/

    35. Patrick Karjala on

      Well, it looks like the game is doing well! #1 on GoG right now, and #2 on Steam (…)!

    36. ericfromabeno on

      Beachmol, finished already?? I won't be able to play this game until I have my new pc put together, two weeks or so, since I'm missing the graphics card still... Anyone have any screenshots of easter eggs or things? some of the backer levels have got me curious. ^_^

    37. Jon Kostesich on

      When patches and fixes for the mac version arrive, are they all hotfixes, or should the game be re-downloaded?

      Also, if they are hotfixes, is this taking place during the loading circle, and should be allowed to spin for a long time? Just trying to figure out if I'll be able to tell the difference between the installation of a large patch and a game that is hung up.

    38. Missing avatar

      Beachmol on

      Game finished ! very good as usual, but i hope one day you will make another game like "Riven" who was the hardest one from CYAN ! :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Nathan Arce on

      The receipt a few weeks ago failed to remind me that I asked for a linux version. I have a windows machine now, so please just send windows codes...?

    40. Missing avatar

      Nathan Arce on

      I haven't gotten my codes yet.... I emailed hours ago and haven't even received an ACK. Please help??

    41. Paul Schmalenberg on

      Loving the game so far, I'm glad you could bring back the same feeling I had 20 years ago when I first played Myst.

    42. FR3D on

      Will there be a HTC Vive version ?
      Please say yes !!!!
      best regards

    43. Arthur Dent on

      I am enjoying the game so far! Well done!!! Just, please, do not leave the game as it is. It would be pitty to not patch it to perfection. It deserves it!
      So, when are the new dlc/expansions coming out? :)

    44. Richard Pereira on

      Hi there - I didn't receive my code. What should I do?

    45. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      The issues I have with Obduction... control scheme!
      Please let us reassign WASD (for non qwerty users, or adjust based on layout)
      Please make it so that left shift and right shift do the same thing
      Please make it so that the cart laser control are identical with WASD and arrows (currently arrows turn the view, not the laser! this blocked me for hours! There was no point where shooting straigth would reach that mofang device).
      And thanks for the great game!

    46. Chris Williams on

      First off...Congratulations!! Secondly, I can play it on my Mac. I got an error message with words like 'cooked' and 'uncooked' and 'bin'. Is there a workaround yet, or an update coming? I'm dying to play. Thanks!!!!

    47. Russell Deitch on


      Per the latest Kickstarter update ...

      "Oh, and if you haven't received your code to download Obduction please email us at"

    48. Missing avatar

      sean welsby on

      Another hour passes and still no email, codes or response!

      14:28pm GMT Friday 27th August 2016

    49. Missing avatar

      Protected on

      Please don't forget to patch the GOG version for those nasty loading bugs. It takes me ages to make them go away every time I want to play.

    50. Russell Deitch on

      @Caroline, where are you stuck? Steam can be persuaded.