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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Obduction is here!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)


We know it’s hard to believe — for us, too! We should have done an update in the last couple days to let you know all was well, but… well… we’ve been really, really busy.

So, here’s the scoop…

  • You should be receiving an email from us today (actually one email for each copy of Obduction you signed up for). The email will direct you to the Humble Store, but don’t be confused. You will start at their site and then proceed to the location (Steam, GoG, or Humble) you chose to download the game. 
  • Your code(s) will get you access to a Windows / Mac version of Obduction. (Note: the Mac version is not available for sale yet — it is only available to Kickstarter Backers as an early release.) 
  • The VR (Rift) version of Obduction is coming soon. Sorry for the slight delay, but it needs a bit more optimizations and some UI polishing. The good news is that your code will also give you the full VR version. Everyone who gets the game will get the VR version. No questions asked, no hidden fees or handling charges. ;) We don’t have an exact ship date for it, yet. We’ve got an update already underway that we’ll be testing as a possible candidate for VR release. We’ll keep you updated on the VR progress.
  • Obduction is beautiful and complex. Remember that you'll want to find your preferred balance between the best looking graphics and the frame-rate. In the game you can hit the ESC key for the settings -- and adjust as necessary.
  • There will be plenty of upcoming updates to fix all the nasty little things that crop up.

Other Rewards

Some of the other digital Backer rewards will also be part of your download if you’re eligible. Everybody gets a User Manual. Higher Backers get more goodies. (Physical Backer rewards will be coming later.)

Those of you who are eligible to get Robyn Miller’s Obduction Sound Track will also receive it as part of their download. The tracks are high-quality versions of all of Robyn’s amazing Obduction music. If the soundtrack was not part of your reward tier, it’s available for purchase here!

Launch Trailer

If you’re not worried about spoilers you can check out our Launch Trailer! It definitely reveals a few things, but we needed something that teased a bit more for people who might be undecided. Feel free to pass the link on to friends and family who might be interested. We could really use your help to spread the word!

Thanks again for the wonderful support. It’s been a long haul - almost three years. Thanks for the patience and trust. We hope you enjoy your new worlds!

Well enough wasting your time. Refresh your email, and see if you have your download info yet!

Oh, and take your time exploring - there’s no hurry! ;)  

The Obduction Team


(And some of you may see the weird "save" word again at the bottom of this page - from Kickstarter...)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tipster on

      I was just trying to get to my game(s) and this is the most confusing setup I've seen in long time. I have NO IDEA what all these links, codes blah,blah,blah is. I have a STEAM account which I don't use or like. I wish there was an easy way to get to my games.

      Sheeeeeesh, maybe I'll just wait for the box game! This is not good. I have no idea what this humble bundle is. What codes go where? And then all those different click here and there to put what codes? C' should be a lot easier to get my free games than this. This is very disappointing to me.

    2. Lee York on

      I am really excited for the launch of Obduction & have been watching a few let's play online. I was one of the first to back Obduction when first announced & backed it for $50. Back then I had a decent gaming PC and was into gaming on the PC, but have since migrated to the PS4 only for gaming. Unfortunately I have not been able to claim my humble code for the game upon release, as I have no means of playing it at all. I have heard that Cyan are working on a console version of the game, and since I have not claimed my PC version of the game yet, I am hoping that Cyan are able to offer the PS4 version once released? Or at least at least at a reduced price for PS4 for a fellow backer? Most likely I might be getting my hopes up for that option. Alternatively is there a way to sell my code to someone who can use it instead of me?

    3. Elaine Magliacane on

      Again... is there an ETA on the game in the BOX? I can not get the download to work at all... but I should be getting the CD/DVD that I paid for ... so when will it be mailed out... in 2016 I hope.

    4. Missing avatar

      jondagle on

      Does anyone know what the difference between GOG Mac OS downloads "DLC Content Obduction: Kickstarter Tier 2" and the Obduction OS X preview build". Both are about 8.6GB...

    5. Dan Raine on

      I am keyless too

    6. Dianne Phipps on

      I am very sad that I cannot play obduction at all process-Intel(R) (TM)134000mcpu@2.40G HZ 240ghz and installed memory(RAM600 mb just not good enough so guess that it stays on the shelf

    7. charles kinder on

      Can I buy physical CD for my Windows 7 PC thank you

    8. Bill Jahnel on

      I too fear I am in the keyless club, and I emailed as requested, with a copy of my obduction receipt last Friday. Would it be possible to get some aid?

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel P. Casey on

      Another sad backer. :-(
      Still no email with my key

    10. Heinrich Bhaal on

      Hi! Where is my key? I dont get a email :(

    11. Lawrence Symes on

      Awesome thank you! All installed and ready to go!
      Is there a guesstimate on the VR update- I'd love to jump straight in

    12. Dustin Hansford

      I got my download email and went to Steam but it is only for Windows. Bought a Mac version. Suggestions?

    13. Missing avatar

      CHATEAU on

      Still waiting for my download email !!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Xerilon on

      Good to see that unsatisfied people are complaining about installation and performance issues and not the game itself. The game is awesome and unique, even if there are a few menu bugs and unstable framerate. I enjoy it to the fullest! Looking forward to a patch though :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Papa on

      UNSATISFIED! CRASHES IMMEDIATELY. I have brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. Runs Portal, Portal 2, and many other Steam games flawlessly. I get this amazing error:
      Low level fatal error
      [File:E:\Obduction-Build-Folder\Obduction-Win-Editor\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp][Line 180]
      Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. D3D device was not available to assertain DXGI cause.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Inman on

      I have a 2015 MacBook Pro with 1536GB Intel Iris Pro Graphics and 16GB RAM. Obduction is so choppy and freezes so frequently, even on the lowest graphics setting, that it is more frustrating to play than it is worth. I'm not sure how/whether I'll be able to play the game - maybe just pushing through all the incredibly frustrating lag whenever I cross an invisible boundary, which will cause the screen to freeze for several seconds.

    17. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      I'm sad to learn that Obduction won't run on my Mac. :( It would have been nice to have known this before backing, of course. I have a Mid-2011 iMac, but it was the highest spec you could get at the time and this is the first game that won't run on it. :/

      (If you run into the "Global shader cache file is missing," error on a Mac, it means either you need to upgrade to El Capitan or, if you're already running El Capitan, it means that it just won't work on your Mac. There's an article about it here:… )

    18. Jimmie Robinson on

      Is anyone else having trouble running the game? I got the email. I got the downloads. I try to open it and it says.... The global shader cache file is missing. GlobalShaderCache-GLSL_150MAC.bin.

      It also says the application is built to load "Cooked" content. No Cooked contend was found; This usually means you did not cook content for this build. I get a message like this from the Steam download and the GOG download (for Mac). Any help would be appreciated. I'm running iMac OSX Yosemite.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrea Sterbini on

      Hi, the game is very beautiful! Thanks!
      I suffer of simulation sickness and I need to move in the game with eyes closed to avoid it. I own a google Cardboard VR kit and it would help me a lot if the VR version of the game would work on it (beside Oculus). Do you have suggestions for us "simulation sickness" sufferers? Will the game run on other VR sets (Cardboard included?)

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Davis on

      Just won't run on my Mac. I'm running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6. I click on the icon, it bounces in the dock for a while and then nothing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Laura E. on

      Sigh - if you login to HumbleBundle (using the same email as your backer account) it will show up on your "purchases" page as "unclaimed. If you don't have a HumbleBundle account, then set one up and use

    22. mp lee on

      Ok, good to see I'm not the only one (still) waiting for an email but geez, enough with the suspense already. Where's the email???

    23. Missing avatar

      John McGaw on

      I'll add myself to the number -- I haven't received any email (and, yes, I've been checking my spam folders). Not well handled IMHO since even writing to the 'backers' email receives no reply.

    24. Jeff Wright on

      Sounds like a lot of others also didn't receive an email! Looking forward to it!

    25. Keith Miles on

      Like others I didn't receive the email. Update?

    26. Starwind Evensong on

      Looking for the email? Look for mail from Humble. If you use gmail, look in your promotions tab. As far as I have seen, Mac users are still having difficulty with the current release.

    27. Jonathan Rudd on

      No email received here. I seem to get all the Kickstarter update emails from you but no email-with-key.

    28. Christian on

      Hello. The same to me : no email received. In fact, I changed recently my email on kickstarter but it seems you've used the email we specified at the beginning of the kickstarter campaign. Could you help, please ?

    29. Missing avatar

      David Wilson on

      What a train wreck of convoluted BS to download and try to launch Obduction. How many Kickstarter supporters do you think could figure out all the logins and downloads and key redemptions and URL copy and paste maneuvers required to access this game only to find after 2 hours (or more), that it doesn't work. Screw this... Cyan, shame on you! It's a joke! You even have a document download that is a "Word File".. really? A Word File? From Humble Bundle to Steam to GOG, back to Humble... all requiring their own logins? I've downloaded everything including the 18GB Obnoxious Obduction file and it just hangs... I supported you, now you can support me!... Send me a scripted installer that works.

    30. palenoue on

      I haven't gotten a key code email either. My email address is correct and all other Kickstarter/Cyan/Obduction emails get through. What to do now?

    31. Coyote Hubbard on

      GOG is a mess. I hit the "install" button all I get is "Server unavailable". Trying the Steam route but my ancient steam app had to be updated and i dont have access to my old e-mail acct.

      Can someone poke GOG and find out why I cannot install?

    32. Missing avatar

      A'sa on

      Obduction Team, I want you to know how grateful I am for all of the hard work and long hours you put into this game. I can see and feel that this game was created from the heart. I have had a few hours to try it out so far and am truly impressed! Once I was spoiled by Myst...I never found another game that measured up. Finally, we again get to experience the magnificence and beauty of a truly wonderful game that challenges us and makes us think all along the way with ingenious puzzles. Cyan, IMHO you are absolutely the best at what you do hands down! Once again, I am blown away! Thank you again!

    33. Missing avatar

      Roy Smith on

      If you didn't get your email, try this: Go to the Kickstarter page and in the upper right hand corner, click on the ball, globe, or whatever it is. Under Backed Projects click on Obduction. Now click on View Pledge. Click on survey and check the email address there. Mine was an old one and I thought I'd changed it. It got changed in Kickstarter, but not in the survey where they send the keys. I messaged Cyan through the same page to see if anything can be done. My bad, :-(

    34. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Ray Offer, II on

      On Mac OS X here. Finally got a steam download going by changing the region. In the Steam menu, choose "Preferences...". Click on "Downloads" on the list to the left. From the "Download Region" popup menu, note what your original download region is. Change the region to "Vietnam". Click OK. Back on the main Steam window, click "LIBRARY" and choose "Mac". Right click on "Obduction" in the list of games and choose "Install Game" from the popup menu.

      Why Cyan has Obduction not downloading in the United States I haven't a clue. I'm guessing the download hasn't been uploaded to the US servers. Hello Cyan?!? Anyone paying attention to the download issues?

    35. Amy Stoddard on

      For those of you using a gmail account check your promotions tab, that's where I found the email with my code.

    36. Stephen Lemelin on

      Sorry to bother didn't get my code either :(

    37. Missing avatar

      Clinton De Young on

      I got the email saying that I was going to receive an email, but not the actual email that I'm waiting to receive. Any updates on this issue?

    38. Scootter on

      Took a bit but I figured out my issue. I had a humble bumble account but with a different email address. I had to create another account with the email address I use here. Annoying, yes but I now have my Steam key.

    39. Amy Stoddard on

      I also did not receive an email yet with my code.

    40. Scootter on

      Like some others here I never got an email to get my download. I got this email saying I should be getting an email but that is it. Checked the spam and junk folder and nothing.

      Anyone have any ideas?

    41. Missing avatar

      SirSilhouette on

      Havent got the email with the steam code yet... did something go wrong?

    42. Missing avatar

      J W on

      Also no code for me :(. I checked my spam folder and there is nothing in there either. Did you really send out everything? Or is there a database problem? Could you commend on all the people not getting their codes?

    43. Tj Holowaychuk on

      Hmm I haven't received a code or anything either

    44. Alexander on

      still haven't gotten my code in my email. I made sure to check that all my info was correct in the backers receipt though.....hmmm.

    45. Peter Schmalfeldt on

      Thanks @Russel Deitch ... that actually DID work perfectly !!! For those not sure where to change this, just open up Steam, click the "Steam" option in the menu, select "Settings" then click the "Downloads" tab, and you will see a Download Region". I set this to Vietnam and the download started just fine ( after Steam Restarted ).


      Steam > Settings > Downloads > Download Region > Vietnam > Try Again

    46. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), 4 GHz Intel Core i7, 4Gb AMD Radeon R9 M395X, 32Gb RAM

      Autosense graphics settings were set to "Epic", but the game was slow to the point of being unplayable.

      Switched to "Medium" and it's better, but I still get lots of pauses and interrupted audio.

      Overall, while the game looks amazing and I am excited to play it, actually playing it is not very enjoyable right now.

      Does anyone know what the development schedule for the Mac version looks like? When is the next version due out?

    47. Russell Deitch on

      @Peter, you need to change the download region in Steam. Vietnam works.

    48. Gary L Maedl on

      I saw an email from Obduction/Cyan come into my Inbox earlier today, but did not look at it at the time. Later this afternoon I went to look for it and it had disappeared. I checked Junk, etc., but could not find it. I do not have my code for download. Can I get this please?

    49. Starwind Evensong on

      Like Paul, below, my NVIDIA GeForce card is a 660 512 MB but, unfortunately, my processor is a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5. My cursor disappears. The keyboard movement often fails and, at its best, is extremely slow. I have all the settings set to "Low" but am completely unable to play. So very disappointed; I was so looking forward to spending much of my weekend with Obduction! Planning to buy a new Mac this fall... so I shall have to wait.

    50. Peter Schmalfeldt on

      @cyaninc having the same issues as quite a few others on here. Download via Steam does not work. Tried it on both OSX and Windows 10. Get's as far as "Preparing Obduction files for install ..." and after about 3 minutes, it throws up a Steam Error with the message

      "An error occurred while installing Obduction (connection timed out)"

      Then offers a link to their support site.

      So... looks like this is busted. No Gameplay until is is working.

      Maybe update the last update title to "Obduction is (almost) here!" ( I kid )