by Cyan, Inc.

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    1. Travis Hajduk on

      My suggestion for the camera system is have it so you see still images, where you can click the top of the screen to look up and click right side of the screen to look right etc. exactly like original riven, but have it so you can right click to look around 360 and have the wasd keys to walk freely, this way you can play any way you want without having to change control options. If you want to play like original then you just dont use wasd and dont right click, if you want to play like exile or revalation then right click but dont use wasd, if you want to play advanced mode like uru then use wasd

    2. Sandra Wall on

      How about an update, please.

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      Ian Lewis on

      Any chance of an update?

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      Ed Soniat on

      The lack of updates indicates to me that the team (or team leadership) has lost focus and are working something else. This is my optimistic scenario. My more pessimistic side is they have failed at this funding level and need another infusion of capital.

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      Mike.S on

      When is an update not an update? When it's from Cyan.