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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
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Quiet on the set!

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hello, Obductees!

The filming from last week is "in the can", so now let's talk about it.

On Tuesday we had John and Aaron from Studio Transcendent come and visit the office. Chris Doyle, our Director of New Experiences, has been working with Studio Transcendent to make sure our full-motion video is VR-ready. The expertise that Studio Transcendent has provided has been a real time-saver. We at Cyan are grateful for the time and experience Aaron and John brought to the Obduction project.

Wednesday was a very full day of shooting, with the morning reserved for Patrick Treadway who plays the character of the Mayor.

Patrick is a local Spokane actor who has worked alongside such talent as Ellen Travolta, Jack Bannon, and Academy Award winner Patty Duke. He's performed with the Actor's Repertory Theatre, Interplayers Professional Theatre, Centre Theatre Group, Spokane Theatrical Group, Coeur D'Alene Summer Theatre, Lake City Playhouse and others, as well as to appear in the films End Game (2006) and Give 'em Hell Malone (2009), The Ward (2010), and the new television show Z Nation (2014).

After lunch we were able to start filming Caroline Fowler as Farley.

Caroline spends most of her time raising three wild kids. She also enjoys singing and playing music with her friends and their bands.

And all day Thursday was dedicated to “CW” who is played by Robyn Miller.

Robyn co-founded Cyan, Inc. with his brother Rand and played as Sirrus in Myst. More recently, he wrote, directed, and starred in The Immortal Augustus Gladstone (2013)

Actors, thank you for such amazing performances! It’s so satisfying to see the characters come to life!

I'd also like to thank Chris, Rand and Richard for the months of prep that made a great shoot possible. Finally, thanks go out to Ben Fowler for his lighting expertise and equipment, Sarah Spier for helping us with makeup, and Robin Miller for costuming and general filming support.

Here are some photos from the set!

​Have a great week!

Ryan Warzecha | Twitter: @ryanwarzecha |

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    1. James Closs on

      Oooo, nice.

      While we're on the subject of filming, I heard a rumor that there might be a Myst show on Hulu in the future.... Any comments from Cyan or the Millers?

    2. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Fran - More details about the VR specs will come around launch.
      @Jeremy - We never reached the stretch goal of Roadtrip mode.

    3. Jeremy Sachs on

      Cool! So this captures 2D (stereoscopic) video to be rendered into a 3D space? How does the video appear properly aligned with the environment when two players in roadtrip mode encounter it? Does this mean roadtrip players share a camera position?

    4. John Blythe on

      This is awesome news. I loooooooovveedd Myst V and can not wait for this. :)

    5. Stephen Bell on

      I have to agree with Tradley, live actors make such a difference, it's one of the things I loved about the Myst series. I am really looking forward to seeing the results in the virtual environment.

      *Are we still on track for an October release?* :-)

    6. Matt Giuca on

      It's great that you went with the live actors route. It's so much more personal with real actors. Even with the face mapping technology in Myst V, or with the extremely high fidelity mocap CG actors you see in modern games, it's just not the same as a real person talking on screen.

      I don't think I've ever seen live actors integrated with a real-time 3D environment (other than Atrus at the end of realMyst). Hope you can pull it off!

    7. Missing avatar


      Awesome! Thanks for the update, guys, I'll be looking forward to seeing them in game!

    8. Tradley Sasser on

      So happy to see live actors in a video game again. ^^

    9. Fran St Thomas on

      I was curious what equipment was needed for the "end user" to be able to use the VR? What is involved? Would it just plug into the computer? Where would it be purchased ?

    10. Missing avatar

      L on

      It is cool beoynd words that Robyn is playing in this! No disrespect to the other actors, I'm sure they are great. It's just... that's Robyn! Difficult to explain the degree to which he and Rand has inspired me and so many others, from Myst onwards.
      Whenever I need a bit of inspiration to see what can be accomplised with what you already have, all I need to look at is the Making of Myst video. Can't wait!

    11. Missing avatar

      Joseph Maddox on

      *looks closely at the photos* Are you using external drives as bricks to adjust the height of your tripods/lights? Definitely a computer-oriented company!