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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

From the Producer's Desk: 3 of 3

Posted by Cyan, Inc. (Creator)

Hello, Obductees!

First, I'd like to say, "Thank you!" for the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the image we released yesterday. Sometimes when in the trenches of game development, all you can see is everything that is wrong with a product. The feedback was nice.

Over on our Developer Blog, you might have seen an image of me in front of a green screen. That was done for a test shoot a few months ago. It looks fantastic, and we are excited to tell you more about the full-motion video in Obduction. We're planning that for an update closer to the end of this month.

Rand and RAWA have been spending a lot of time writing and re-writing the scripts for the characters. This process has helped us really boil down what is important for the player to take a way from a speech. Ryan Miller (Rand's brother) came in and helped give us some direction on the characters. We've also had a few individuals come in for auditions and have some very convincing actors picked out. Once everyone is signed, I'll release the cast list.

Of course we locked down Robyn Miller as one of the main actors in Obduction. At this time I can't tell you what role he is playing, but we are excited to have him on board. The characters of Obduction are all unique. I think you'll like the direction we took them.

What I see everyday.

The artists bullpen
The artists bullpen

I mentioned that we had meetings at GDC. Some of those meetings were with the vendors we plan to use as our distribution channels when we launch Obduction. I have many roles on this project; one of them deals with distribution. For months we've allowed people to pre-order the game via Paypal. Behind the scenes, they are still a part of the same database we are using for Kickstarter distribution. At this point, we need to lock everything down and move any pre-ordering over to our distribution sites. So as of Monday of next week (April 6th), we'll be shutting down the pre-orders on We will allow pre-orders again at some point before the launch, but I will be working with our vendors to make that happen. If you want to pre-order before that, make sure you do it this weekend. Thanks!

I've been meaning to mention something. If you pledged for a reward tier of an Easter egg or Model in the game and have not yet submitted one, please contact me. We need to get something planned ASAP. Also, 142 individuals that signed up to get physical rewards still have yet to give me their physical address. Please search your email from warzecha or backers at in order to fix this. For those of you who paid for T-shirts, they will be on their way soon.

And finally,

We plan to add more items to our Cyan store soon. I should let you know we have about 150 of the Sunner Lagoon and 50 of the Riven Village posters left. Get them before they sell out.

Until our next update, have a great few weeks.

Ryan Warzecha

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    1. Jeremy Sachs on

      I spy a Vega Conflict spaceman shirt. :-)

    2. Jana Dieter on

      So when do we actually get to play?

    3. Anna Nefedova on

      Wonderful news! Every time I read an update it's like something really big and exciting is happening in my life, too. Thank you!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jack Briggs on

      Just wondering if the game will cross platform over to iPad.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Goldberg on

      You guys should get NPH as a character since he helped out the Kickstarter so much!

    6. Timothy Cook on

      Looking forward to this so much!

      Also realized that we've moved since the physical reward survey went out...I updated my survey response today, is there any other step necessary?

    7. Andre DeVine on

      I'd definitely agree that one of the things that makes the Myst series and now Obduction is the live action human characters incorporated into the CG world. Certainly the fact that the actors also include the game developers make it that much more special. What I look forward to as the game develops is more insight into the game soundtrack as I own and am an absolute fanatic for the entire series' music. Can wait to hear this soundtrack.

    8. Bryce Twede on

      I am so glad that you are using live-action characters! It's always helped me feel more immersed in the worlds when real people are there :)

    9. Aaron Clausman on

      Really liked the graphics I saw in the game! Thanks for the continued updates.

    10. Missing avatar

      Cullen Johnson on

      "Computer, enhance!"
      * Zooms in to artist's screens *
      Crap; this doesn't work like it does in CSI...

    11. Missing avatar

      George on

      Awesome update - thanks guys/gals!