by Cyan, Inc.

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    1. Shawn Black on

      Can you release the music from the Gameboy version? I like it.

    2. Overmann on

      Aww.. but I wanted it on my gameboy :(

    3. Arnaldo Roman on

      Is there a little dude standing in front of the flowers?

    4. Cyan, Inc. Creator on

      @Overmann - and all 10,000 GB cartridges :)

    5. Andreas Larsen on

      Looks like the house with a part of the road section have been placed over the railtracks. Hmm,. strange.

    6. Daniel on

      That screenshot looks incredibly good. The road, the vegetation, the background... just amazing

    7. Overmann on

      @Cyan - Whatever it takes! ;)

      But really that screenshot does look amazing I can't wait!

    8. Missing avatar

      Cullen Johnson on

      Man, I might have to buy a new video card for this game, but it'll definitely be worth it!

      And I'd still buy a gameboy version if there was one. I think I have my old gameboy in the garage somewhere. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      bergey on

      There will be a pixelated, greyscale Age, right?

    10. Brian S. Lassen on

      ADR1FT and Xing looks interesting!

    11. Kyle Norton on

      I've been patiently waiting for Firewatch since last year. It looks rad, and seems to share a MYST vibe or two.

      Also, I totally want Obduction for my old school Gameboy now; I'll charge up my external battery pack (the size of a soda can). :)