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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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Missing Codes?


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Post Launch Update!


Wow! All of the Backer codes went out yesterday. Reviews are coming in - and they're good! Yay! Here are a few quotes...

“Obduction has seemingly delivered on all of its promise” – 4.5 of 5 (Attack of the Fanboy)

“Obduction doesn’t just succeed; it triumphs” - (A.V. Club)

“Obduction drags its heritage into the modern age with aplomb” – 4 of 5 (PC World)

“A beautiful, technically-composed game with an innovative premise that feels familiar yet completely alien.” – 9 of 10 (Destructoid)

And if you don't mind some spoilers you should check out the Launch Trailer...

And now we could really use your help! See, we used your money wisely - just about every penny went into make Obduction as good as we could. So now that we've released we don't really have any marketing money left over to get the word out. That's where you come in! Feel free to send/post/social-media-ize the Trailer link to anyone and everyone who might be interested. And the Obduction web site has all kinds of goodies that may convince people to give Obduction a try. Anything you can Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, email, text, (or other) would be greatly appreciated! ( #welcometohunrath or #obduction )

Oh, and if you haven't received your code to download Obduction please email us at .

We're working hard on fixes, patches, and updates. We have already updated once, and we'll be updating again today. And then hopefully another update within a few days. And another next week sometime. Phew! And stay tuned for more information on the VR release.

Thanks again from the entire Obduction team!


Obduction is here!



We know it’s hard to believe — for us, too! We should have done an update in the last couple days to let you know all was well, but… well… we’ve been really, really busy.

So, here’s the scoop…

  • You should be receiving an email from us today (actually one email for each copy of Obduction you signed up for). The email will direct you to the Humble Store, but don’t be confused. You will start at their site and then proceed to the location (Steam, GoG, or Humble) you chose to download the game. 
  • Your code(s) will get you access to a Windows / Mac version of Obduction. (Note: the Mac version is not available for sale yet — it is only available to Kickstarter Backers as an early release.) 
  • The VR (Rift) version of Obduction is coming soon. Sorry for the slight delay, but it needs a bit more optimizations and some UI polishing. The good news is that your code will also give you the full VR version. Everyone who gets the game will get the VR version. No questions asked, no hidden fees or handling charges. ;) We don’t have an exact ship date for it, yet. We’ve got an update already underway that we’ll be testing as a possible candidate for VR release. We’ll keep you updated on the VR progress.
  • Obduction is beautiful and complex. Remember that you'll want to find your preferred balance between the best looking graphics and the frame-rate. In the game you can hit the ESC key for the settings -- and adjust as necessary.
  • There will be plenty of upcoming updates to fix all the nasty little things that crop up.

Other Rewards

Some of the other digital Backer rewards will also be part of your download if you’re eligible. Everybody gets a User Manual. Higher Backers get more goodies. (Physical Backer rewards will be coming later.)

Those of you who are eligible to get Robyn Miller’s Obduction Sound Track will also receive it as part of their download. The tracks are high-quality versions of all of Robyn’s amazing Obduction music. If the soundtrack was not part of your reward tier, it’s available for purchase here!

Launch Trailer

If you’re not worried about spoilers you can check out our Launch Trailer! It definitely reveals a few things, but we needed something that teased a bit more for people who might be undecided. Feel free to pass the link on to friends and family who might be interested. We could really use your help to spread the word!

Thanks again for the wonderful support. It’s been a long haul - almost three years. Thanks for the patience and trust. We hope you enjoy your new worlds!

Well enough wasting your time. Refresh your email, and see if you have your download info yet!

Oh, and take your time exploring - there’s no hurry! ;)  

The Obduction Team


(And some of you may see the weird "save" word again at the bottom of this page - from Kickstarter...)


Update: So close...


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E3 Throwback Thursday!


Hey Backers,

Wow! Chris, Ryan, Martine, and Rand took Obduction to E3, and it was worth the noise and exhaustion! (Special thanks to IndieCade for inviting us to be part of their IndieCade E3 Showcase.) The quotes and links below tell the story... 

Entertainment Weekly - Summer Must Have games list.

PC Gamer - E3 Best of Show Nominee! "Obduction is shaping up to be a great first-person puzzle game. The lush world Cyan has created left me wanting to explore it even more."

UploadVR - Best Upcoming Singleplayer VR Game - Honorable Mention "Immense and immersive...richer, more vibrant...feels magical!" 

Mashable - Top Ten Best Indie Game of E3 2016!

GamesBeat - Unreal E3 Awards nominee! 

PC World "Myst spiritual successor will blow your mind in virtual reality!" 

Game Informer "Die-hard fans of this style of game have a lot to look forward to, as it's the closest to the original title in form and function that I've seen" 

UploadVR - Obduction VR First Look - "It was breathtaking"

PC Gamer - Best Indie VR Games of E3 

Tom's Hardware "Majestic scenary...amazing views...stunning level of detail...a beautiful scene experience combined with exploration and mystery...with the exception of your foot moving across the ground or the occasional howl of the wind, I was alone in this world--or so I thought..." 

Epic - Epic's Chance Ivey visits with Cyan's Chris Doyle

Attack of the Fanboy "If you were among the millions of fans who gobbled up Myst and its sequel then Obduction should already be on your 'must play' list. Graphics were fairly stunning, and the design of the environments was truly breathtaking." 

Attack of the Fanboy - Video Interview with Chris Doyle

Road to VR "Intensely in Obduction easily rank with some of the larger productions we’ve seen in VR. Obduction is poised to become one of VR’s most hotly awaited titles of this year!" 

Tweak Town "Obduction is going to be a huge game when it's released later this year." 

NGN video interview with Rand

IDG/TrishHershberger video interview with Ryan W.

OSV - Most anticipated soundtracks of E3 

Now we've got to get back to work! :) 

(Sorry about the word "Save" - it's from Kickstarter for some reason.)