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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Martin O
      on December 31

      @Kendall Gelner:
      You get your digital rewards via Humble, try
      Regarding PS contact them directly.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kendall Gelner on December 28

      I'm a backer at the digital reward levels, but looking back over my emails I also don't see anything else after the request for address verification back in April of 2017. I was really hoping to get the PSVR version, is there a code for that? Is there any way I can get a link to download the digital rewards?

    3. Missing avatar

      Justin Porter on December 12

      Hey guys, I was a backer, but got on the Oculus Rift train after the store codes expired.

      Now, when I launch in "Oculus Rift Mode", the game just comes up as a window on my monitor and doesn't seem to connect to the rift. Where can I go to get help figuring out this problem?

    4. Ken on November 8

      @ Cyan I have tried the new updates 1.5.2,1.6.4 and 1.6.5, and they all crash when I get to where the tracks cross going to the white picket fence. I'm so glad that I saved the games as they came out, because the games from 1.4.2 and down I can play with some graphics settings that make it look good and can play.

    5. Ken on November 5

      Hi all, not sure who is reading this but I would like to put in a plug for
      Riddle of the Sphinx: Awakening - Discover Lost Tombs in HD on Kickstarter. They were running a campaign at the same time Obduction was running. I played the original back in 2000 and I feel it is worth some attention.
      Thanks in advance.

    6. Christoph Burschka on October 28

      Update: The bundle was named "Obduction_2" on Humble, and since the email didn't contain the name as a full word, I couldn't find it in Gmail. Looks like all is well. :D

    7. Christoph Burschka on October 28

      I still don't seem to have any way to access the digital rewards. The only thing I ever got was a link to redeem the special Oculus version.

      The physical CD has arrived by now, but it doesn't seem to be linkable to a Steam account, and I don't have a good optical drive anymore, anyway.

      Was there an email I was supposed to have received? Unlike the last commenter, there is nothing related in my Humble account (other than the "Obduction - Oculus" thing) - and I don't believe Cyan has my Humble account information in any case.

    8. Camilla Bennett Koutsos on September 19

      Actually, never mind. I appear to have it on my Humble account :)

    9. Camilla Bennett Koutsos on September 19

      I haven't received anything since the email about my address. I am a digital collector backer, so I'm probably just waiting for an email, but I don't have one, so I'm concerned, especially as I see the game is available from GOG! Can someone from Cyan please help? :)

    10. William C. Strohm on September 15

      Is anyone else (besides me) using Robinson's concept art as a "Desktop?" It's gorgeous.

    11. TCB The Scar on September 15

      @Tom van der Spek:
      .Shorah Tom
      Thanks for your message, I'll do that. :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      lor on September 15

      i never received my obduction key... What should i do ?

    13. Tom van der Spek
      on September 14

      @ TCB The Scar - Strange you didn't got them! They arrived here in the Netherlands now more than two months ago, so I think the French backers should had have them too. Better contact Cyan more directly about this matter.
      Succes with it & greetings (we know each other from MOULa).

    14. TCB The Scar on September 13

      @Cyan: When can I expect receiving my physical rewards?

    15. Martin O
      on August 23

      @Hideo Kuze: You should have gotten your Steam and GOG key via Humble.

      @Ken: Just checked GOG: version 1.4.2 is the oldest version still available there, so in case someone wants this older one: get it now!

    16. Hideo Kuze on August 23

      (editing not allowed)
      Was expecting a bit better. Especially when considering the retail copies on sale out there. Which are a bit better but not that much.

    17. Hideo Kuze on August 23

      @matteh I got the same thing for the "Gimme the Box" $75 tier. In case you're wondering.

    18. Hideo Kuze on August 23

      Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a GOG key?
      I'm not sure from where the digital downloads fits in.

    19. Ken on August 20

      Well what I did was save the different versions from steam as they came out. I have low end PC and was able to play all at low settings except last one 1.5.2. I can play 1.01, 1.2.0, 1.3.3, and 1.4.2 which is on the DVD. They are all on a thumb drive, so I shelved the DVD.

    20. Martin O
      on August 19

      Hm, they really should have reread their own FAQ before making those DVDs.

    21. Overmann on August 18

      Gees you can't even uninstall it without the DVD.

    22. Stéphane Mégy on August 10

      The PS4 is coming. Any discount/code for the backers ? Just to know.

    23. Overmann on August 6

      Don't forget that it has DRM on this wonderful "box" copy of the game. Something that they specifically stated it would not have (just take a look at the FAQ).

      But you should feel bad because Cyan didn't get rich. And you shouldn't want anything more (like what they promised in the Kickstarter), because its not a store....

      The word cheated comes to mind.

    24. TCB The Scar on August 4

      Not a collector box, but an "exclusive" box, but yes, there's the "box" word...

    25. Matt EH on August 4

      I received a DVD case with discs and a slip cover... this is not it is it? I paid for a collector's box

    26. Darlisa Riggs on August 3

      Still waiting on my backer items as of 8/3/17.

    27. Fabianv on July 29

      Hi, my wife and I have still not received our Obduction keys, what should we do?

    28. Olauron on July 28

      @ Me
      I have finally received my "Art Collector" package. For those wondering it has been sent on 06-07-2017.

    29. TCB The Scar on July 20, 2017

      @Cyan: When can I expect receiving the "boxes"?

    30. Overmann on July 9, 2017

      There have been many types of DRM over the years, including things like off disk copy protection.

      I suggest you go watch "LGR - History of DRM & Copy Protection in Computer Games "…

    31. Martin O
      on July 5, 2017

      Btw. I don't really know how to interpret your answer regarding B, what's the purpose of the DVD-check:
      If it isn't copy protection but still being "a major pain in the ass", what was there goal?
      Did the game developers just wanted to mess with backers and annoy the hell out of them for fun?

    32. Martin O
      on July 5, 2017

      "You can make a disc image onto the hdd and not need to use ANY emulation to make it work with a virtual drive, this is zero protection here."

      Yes, you can make a DVD image and CIRCUMVENT THE COPY PROTECTION. You can't just install the game and throw the DVD away and you can't just copy the game off the DVD and throw it away.
      The DVD is basically a hardware key. Yes, you can make a virtual image and use DVD-drive emulation to CIRCUMVENT having a hardware DVD-check. It doesn't matter how easy or hard this is (actually having to rely on CD/DVD emulation + needing twice as much disk space is just ridiculous).

      a) OK, we agree with copy protection being DRM.
      b) We disagree here. DVD-Checks are copy protection, no matter how easy they are to circumvent.
      Other (oldschool) copy protections are game manuals or code wheels. They can be circumvented too of course. You just need a copy machines or scanners.
      But it's still a copy protection, even when it doesn't prevent "backups".

      DRM comes in a wide range of implementations. Copy protection are just a part of it. And then copy protections come in a wide range of implementations too.
      From always-online requirements to manual look-ups, a lot is possible. If it's an easy or a more sophisticated CD/DVD check doesn't matter, it is DRM by definition.
      Also DRM is meant to make using the product harder by definition. As always it only affects paying customers and "pirates" get the better product.

    33. DeeZaster on July 5, 2017

      Listen I'll explain this better and give some examples and I'll also answer your questions. Firstly, I mean anything can copy it as a 1:1 backup without any modifications to the files or the image. As anything, I'm referring to any cd/dvd/media burning software out there, Nero, Ashampoo etc...., nothing like Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite which must make modifications depending on the DRM used. One copy protection is Securom. It has had many versions of preventing cd/dvd burning software making copies/backups in the past. It began with sub channel data written on a cd. Most burners & software at that time couldn't write this data, this prevented people from making a backup of it (Diablo 2 I'll use as an example). With Obduction you can use any single piece of software made to backup non-copy protected discs to burn Obduction to another disc and it WILL PLAY. You can make a disc image onto the hdd and not need to use ANY emulation to make it work with a virtual drive, this is zero protection here.

      A. Copy protection methods are DRM, Obduction has ZERO ways of preventing any burning software or image making software to deal with this, because its not protected! Please visit some websites for burning discs and they will say, this software can't copy copy protected software but it will be able to do Obduction because there is none. Try it and you'll see.

      B. No a DVD-Check is only that a DVD-Check, it doesn't check for physical errors on the disc like safedisc did to prevent you from burning a copy or needing emuation. Any burning/imaging software will make a 1:1 copy.

      You see those days are long gone with disc check only unless its stated as DRM-FREE as in most kickstarters are. But you'll see this same issue being brought up every time, it checks for the disc so it has DRM. If you can't make a backup, then call it DRM. When you're prevented from using windows dvd burning software or anything similar from allowing you to copy it, that is DRM but Obduction can be backed up as I've said.

      I'm agreeing with you its a major pain in the ass having to find your disc, but its just an annoyance, but if your prevented on making a backup only then is it DRM. Remember when people were furious about not being able to make backups of their original discs, be it having to be kept in the drive or not then, that is when DRM was the issue. I have always hated using my original discs and always would use a backup disc when possible as I want to keep my original disc from breaking and having to buy another one.

      I'm not trying to be an ass here about it, I'm trying to explain it, but many people do confuse the two because yes they can look the same from an end user's point of view. Another example, Safedisc does check for the disc in the drive BUT it also does even more that this, it checks for errors on the disc too, this is what is preventing you making a backup of this disc. Regular burning software can't write those errors to the cdr/dvdr. While you may think it's just a no cd/dvd check crack your looking for it's actually a lot more going on that needs to be circumvented to bypass. This exe has Safedisc removed which did the check for the disc then the checking of the errors, then unwrapping the original exe (which Obduction is) in memory which is allowed to run.

      I hope I've explained it now, make a backup onto another dvd with any free disc copying software, did it work? That's whats in question. I'm off to bed as I'm dozing and hope its clear.

    34. Martin O
      on July 5, 2017

      Just because there are ways to circumvent copy protection and DRM doesn't mean it's not there in the first place (and also depending on the country it may be illegal).

      Tell me:
      a) Do you agree that copy protection mechanisms are DRM?
      b) What do you think is the purpose of the Obduction DVD-Check? I'd say it's a copy protection.

    35. DeeZaster on July 5, 2017

      @Martin They way Obduction has a simple disc check isn't a prevention of copying it when ANYTHING CAN COPY IT can you not understand that??? Sure its a pain in the ass, that's all it is period! I'm not going to continue trying to explain the difference, if you don't understand from what I've said, you never will.

    36. Martin O
      on July 5, 2017

      It's completely irrelevant if they are using a 3rd party library or have written their own code. The purpose of checking for a CD/DVD is so you can't just copy the game (e.g. to a local drive or USB drive) and play it everywhere (-> DRM).

      Needing a CD/DVD in a drive (although having made a full install) is complete bullshit from a user experience point of view. I'm not a DJ! And I don't like to having moving parts or stuff I can lose in my computers anyway.

    37. Martin O
      on July 5, 2017

      It seems like you are claiming to know how technology works but at the same time denying a CD/DVD-check being DRM, you must be kidding.
      Sure, it wasn't called DRM back then but this doesn't change it's whole purpose is being a copy protection i.e. DRM.

      But if we'd assume it's not DRM, what is it then? They just added it to annoy legitimate buyers of the game, what for? Just for the heck of it?

    38. DeeZaster on July 5, 2017

      @Martin if your game had securom or lets say safedisc from back then and it was doing a disc check, yes that was a 3rd party wrapper on the exe and prevented most software from copying them, DRM. If its a simple check with api calls GetDriveType & GetVolumeInformationA to see if the disc is in the drive and only this (which Obduction does), its NOT DRM.

    39. DeeZaster on July 5, 2017

      A CD/DVD check isn't DRM. Look up what it actually means and you'll see what I'm talking about. The digital rights management came along when securom and safedisc/safecast came about. Disc checks have been around since The 7th Guest, nobody called this DRM, the api. You have the two confused as being the same, a disc check isn't a 3rd party wrapper or means of combating copying the disc or game because any burner can copy and write the Obduction disc, there is ZERO means of any prevention of making a backup disc. If you're still on believing a disc check in this matter is DRM then I know your level of understanding how this technology works and the differences between them. There is no point in arguing the point then.

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