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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dianne Phipps on

      I received my obduction game in the mail and was about to put it on the shelf because I thought I didn't have the system requirements which I didn't and could not afford the upgrade anyway thought I would give it a shot and install it. well I just about fell over it works and I still cant get over it..its a beautiful game I am so happy

    2. Nathan Kessler on

      I'm the art collector level, but I haven't gotten any of the rewards yet. I got the emailand verified my address was current but still nothing...

    3. Missing avatar

      Vanona Mechling on

      I actually liked the packaging of the game but for me the most important part is the game itself. I contributed to this project because I love this company and their games. They made a promise and I feel upheld it by producing a great game . The extras were just icing on the cake.

    4. Craig Stutts on

      Now that everyone that was butt hurt about the box has had there say, any idea when the east coast will receive packages? I'm assuming they've all been mailed out? Thanks for making a great game guys. Having game developer friends, I know full well the long hours and dedication that goes into making a great game. I look forward to your next one.

    5. Patrick Karjala on

      Just received my backer package, and everything is top notch! Thank you Cyan!

    6. Martin O


    7. Overmann on

      @Martin O, It's a dvd check. The DVD must be in the drive to load the game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gerald Novak on

      The game is great. Supporting it was a good thing. The box is not a bit deal - I havent framed one yet!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bill Leeper on

      Actually, I was far more upset over the fact that a program I supported very early on that was supposed to run on my system no longer would run by the time it shipped. Right now both versions in the boxed set are useless to me. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

    10. Martin O

      @Overmann: Is it the Steam version or CD/DVD protection?

    11. Jasper Kamp on

      It's not about how the box looked, it's about paying €25 more for something that adds nothing to the experience, I already own the digital game why would I want just another piece of plastic. Had I known it would be a simple box I would've not pledged that level.

    12. Overmann on

      Too add insult to injury the disc version has DRM.

    13. Evan Smith on

      I still haven't received anything yet, I'm also had a high tier pledge. As fir the box, I haven seen it but from what it sounds like it's just a jewel case like an xbox or Blu-ray comes in. To point out Xbox games are $60, "Give me the Box" is 75 so $15 difference is fair considering all the rewards would be less for a already released game. With kickstarter you pay more for backer only merch and to help FUND THE GAME. The main part off the tier is to get a physical DISK of the game anyway not to get some work of art but from what the update said I think it will look nice.

      Cyan is team that makes games because they love to do it, like they said they needed to put forth all the cash they got into the game. And it is a good game, there are like old quick time-esk film moments where the actual acting is and you only see like these cut scenes and it looks like its bad graphics but it feels so much like the original myst where in 1993 all you could do was low res quicktime movies added in. The whole game is a labor of love to myst fans, myst a game that was made in a garage, and personally I am happy with it all.

    14. Simon (Chojey) on

      So... I'm in Australia and I haven't received anything yet. Should I be worried? I am one of the higher tier ones where I'm meant to get a signed art book etc too - is the delay due to the additional goodies I am meant to receive?

    15. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "That's what they did in the old days, even when Richard Garriott made the first boxed Ultima's games he and his mom made the boxes. What you all forgot how to cut and paste?"
      Not true ;-)
      You're talking about the baggie versions which didn't came in a box at all.

      But other kickstarter projects were able to deliver a real box at the 'same price' level - that is the main reason why I did expect a 'box' and why I'm on the 'dissapointment'-side too.
      Cool with others happy with the delivery but a DVD case adds no value to my collection.

    16. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      "So lesson learned, always ask for precise indications on the tier I'm pledging..."
      Which I always do but not always helps.
      Often (not always) the devs don't have spend a single thought on physical goods and their prices.
      Plus language isn't helpful since there are how many words for 'box' or 'case' and all can mean something totally different from your expectations.
      I once thought the reward price level is a good hint what to expect.
      But I was profen wrong: kickstarter-wise I got 'real boxes' for €30 and 'cheap DVD cases' for €110 already :(

    17. E W on

      Folks at Cyan. Thanks for all the work. Speaking just for myself, I was happy with the format you chose for the DVD. Keep up the good work and continue on, and don't let all the complainers get you down. Cheers!

    18. TheScar(.fr) on

      Seriously... Next time, no box -> an USB key might be more usefull than a DVD case (I'm jocking).
      The box is part of the magic of a game, if the game have magic.
      I had prefered more a magical box for a magical game than a concept art and some wallpapers that I will not use in any way.
      If you send concept arts and wallpapers with a game, the game is supposed to be nice and to have a few kind of collector boxes.
      The Backer exclusive box could have been that kind of collector box because it's an "exclusive" box! It's why I took one more exclusive box...
      But it's just a simple DVD case for a simple "nice" game; there's no magic here.
      I don't find any kind of Myst saga magic in Obduction.
      Flat design, all numeric things, no audio translation for a video game, etc... All this kind of things are steps backward and "fun killing".

    19. Sterling Treadwell

      @Jeremy Noye *slow clap* 100% truthfully.. THANK YOU. I'm glad to see someone rise above the petty bickering to point out the underlying effects and ideas of kickstarter.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jules on

      A box is not the game. From an environmental standpoint alone I appreciate you bypassed all the wasted padding. Well done, Cyan!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jimmy R. Wilcox on

      I wanted to say that I have always been a fan and supporter of your products. You are one of the last standing in the gaming industry that is still a privately held company and not part of the EA monster. And as for the Obduction rewards, I love them! The boxed game was perfect and I love your novel approach. It once again shows your ability to break from the norms of the industry. So please don't be discouraged by the negativity. Continue to be the trend setters you are and make amazing places for the mind to escape from reality. As silly as it may sound, your games (especially Riven) changed the way I looked at things and made me able to see the smallest details in everything around me. That credit goes to you and your ability to tickle the brain stem. Keep it up, like Nikola Tesla, you will one day get the credit you deserve.

    22. Jeremy Noye

      Well, I went to the comments section tonight because of the title of the last Cyan update.
      Wanted to see what it was about here before reading I don't even want to read it and feel more disappointed than I already am...

      When my girlfriend gave me the parcel, I remember I thought "didn't order any DVD lately" and I started to get excited to the idea of discovering something I ordered and then forgot about it (yes, as silly as it may appears it occasionally happens) and then it vanished as soon as it came !

      I felt so ripped off that I put the "box" back in it's bubble wrap and put it on a shelf with other items waiting to be "put to the right place when I got nothing better to do".
      No need to say I haven't play it yet and instantly regretted not to have pledged for the download version only.

      You see I backed many different projects, and I experienced different ways of running them from creators. This led me to have indulgence towards delays (from a week to 3 years), adjustments due to production restrictions (from minor foil design changes to complete project reworking) and even a new funding campaign to cover unseen extra costs. One creator launched so much different projects in small time that they had to cancel some rewards after the funding, offering small compensations and finally had to stop their activities...and we felt sorry for them, not angry... why ?
      Just because of a good communication !

      We felt cared about, they really took us into account and explained everything, respect and transparency are the keys to keep the backers with you.

      And that is clearly a point Cyan has to learn.

      From the beginning the box tier was unclear, leading us to think of old fashioned big boxes with a real booklet and even some goodies like a map of the world or whatever, after all it's done by the original studio how else could it be ?

      So lesson learned, always ask for precise indications on the tier I'm pledging...

    23. Specie8470 on

      @Andreas Wappel we want an actual box game not a dvd case. Why have a tier thats says gimme the box if you just get a clear dvd case? $30 extra for that and a box would cost a tiny fraction of that to produce. They ran out of money and physical goods people suffered.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andreas Wappel on

      Come on guys, what kind of special over-the-top box did you expect for 75 dollars? Even if you backed way more than that, the boxed-set is still the 75 dollars-pier! If you don't like the design that's ok.

      Thanks for a very good game and everything else!

    25. Missing avatar

      Winer Samplingperk on

      On steam the soundtrack is in the Obduction installation folder.

    26. ericfromabeno on

      Steve, all the digital rewards except the art book have been available in GoG for months, possibly more than a year.. my memory is not so good... I don't know about other distribution methods though... sorry you haven't been able to get your copies... :(

    27. Michael Ozark on

      I do not care about a Box. I do not care if you plant Phlox. I do not care if I eat Lox. I do not care if you buy Stocks. I do not care about a Fox. I do not care if I wear Socks. I do not care if you wear Frocks. I just want something that really Rocks. Why isn't it in my Post Office Box?

    28. Greg Brown on

      I don't need a bunch of cardboard and plastic that will get dusty on the self and then thrown away after a couple years.
      Thank you for the ecological friendly minimal packaging.

    29. ericfromabeno on

      apologies.... the things you said and the way you said them lead me to believe that you didn't understand that kickstarter games projects routinely take years longer than estimates, which has been my experience in every game I've backed... that was the main source of my assumption of your lack of awareness of game production. I have read all the posts by Cyan that have appeared on Kickstarter and have found most of them to be fairly standard in terms of tone and information... sometimes they came too far apart maybe. .... "no responsibility to your interests" is actually a perfect description of all kickstarters... not that any sensible creator would be totally irresponsible to their backers, if they ever want future support, of course... I was not my intention to be rude to you, if that wasn't clear... but I stand by what I said in my last paragraph... Athough if Cyan was rude to you personally, ever, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    30. Missing avatar

      Christine Evelyn Squires on

      I, too, envisioned a special box when I read Special Edition. But I really don't care. The box would have been in the recycling bin before the case I got was even opened. But I do have a couple of gripes. Communication needs improving! It was so long between posts that I actually went to the Cyan website several times to see if the company still existed. And if you do a crowd funder again, think long and hard about how you name the items people will receive for their money. And put in caveats - like, "If we raise x amount of money, you will receive an actual box with goodies in it. If we raise x amount of money, you will receive just a disk in a paper envelope."

      The only real complaint I have is that I, a person who wanted the PC version, did not want a Mac version, and did not want a VR version, had to wait until the Mac and VR were perfect before I received my physical copy of the game.

    31. Steve Sebban

      I feel like Katie. "The last message from Cyan felt like a massive slap to the face."
      I backed almost 160 projects, I *know* how Kickstarter works and what is the spirit of Kickstarter. (you can stop now all your "KS is not a store" and other mantras) The highly condescending tone and wording from Cyan’s latest update is NOT the Kickstarter's spirit. They behaviors and reaction toward disappointed backers is not neither. I was a bit disappointed by the pictures I saw from the “box” but now I’m angry atCyan because of their answer.

      I haven't got my physical reward yet (art book and so) but I'm not holding my breath anymore if a jewel case is a "special edition box" for them. A jewel case is a REGULAR box, not a "special edition"'s one. Oh and by the way, I backed $240 more for the physical rewards. $240! I expected (and still expect) some high quality collector book but as I said, not holding my breath. And it could be nice if I can get the promised digital rewards too. Beside of the game, I haven’t got *any* digital content (soundtrack anyone?)

      They created a fantastic franchise with Myst and invested all their soul in Obduction, I get it. No doubt about it. But I feel that they did it at the expense of their backers and not for them.

      IMHO, their biggest mistake was the VR version. I guess they hoped it will help them sells a lot of copies but because VR is crap with no real market yet, it just sadly blowed to their faces. I'm quite sure it burnt a lot of cash (much more than the $200k they thought it would cost to develop) and 10x more energy for nothing.

      And that VR version made them raise the hardware requirement so high (again supposition), it aliened their customers' base who use current low-specs or old hardware. I’m quite sure most of the backers from this campaign are in the same situation, and because of that, they are having a bad gameplay experience.

      Oh and don't get me started on the mac version, what a fiasco! Even on my 2016-top-of-the-line-all-highest-options-and-lastest-macOS-version-included iMac, the game does not run good at all. A lot of drop frames, hangs, loading times. Almost unplayable and frustrating. I sadly gave up after 5 hours of play.

      I might try again on my next computer… if I still care. But because of this update, I’m done with Cyan for sure, KS or elsewhere.

    32. Missing avatar

      Katie Balcom on

      Eric, I find it interesting that you assume that I am ignorant to video game production- I assure you that i am not. I had high expectations because I do understand the industry and put my faith in Cyan. I had a bad experience and I found their communication to backers both on a large scale and privately to be at times very condescending and the quality of what I received to be lacking. Tone does a lot to ease unhappiness and theirs irked me the wrong way. If you don't view kickstarter the way I do and you are comfortable giving money to companies that have no responsibility to your interests that is great and i envy you because I do not. I doubt I will ever play the game... too much of a bad taste in my mouth and there are always other things to play. Please stop assuming that other backers, like me, are ignorant to the business side of game development because we disagree or are unhappy... it's rude. I don't agree with your perspective and you don't agree with mine and that's fine. I'm glad you were happy with your experience.

    33. ericfromabeno on

      and for those of you saying "why even provide a box, then, if the game was your focus?" it's because a lot of backers actually WANTED the box, and not just the game... not for the aesthetics of a box, but for what having a box allows, namely, gifting, not needing internet connectivity, and just to have. Would a stock paper glossy box similar to larger "anti-theft" size store boxes have been "more representative of the genre"? ... I guess? but seriously, it's 2017, anyone who wasn't at least thinking they might do a dvd style jewel case for the box.... sigh...

    34. ericfromabeno on

      No, Katie, I'm sorry, but that is not quite accurate. Kickstarter supporters fall into three categories: 1) people who erroneously think they are purchasing something, and are outraged when it comes to them late, or in some way "not correct"... though that's actually pretty unique to intangible projects like video games. 2) people like you who think of themselves as investors, and therefor meant to receive something, and having high expectations... understandable, but still not quite the true spirit of kickstarter... 3) supporters - people who like the idea and just want to give it whatever chance they can, to come to life... typically much more forgiving, as long as the main promise is kept, and willing to "eat" a loss, if the deal falls through despite the best efforts of the creators...

      don't get me wrong, I understand that you are disappointed with the way things have progressed... it has been a long time, and not understanding the realities of video game creation well enough, you ended up with some unrealistic expectations, which only causes you to feel more betrayed... ...

      Cyan has never told their backers "don't be upset" ... all I've ever heard from them is "we never expected people to react this way, and we're sorry that we haven't been able to match expectations, but we really are trying our best" ... And I can see that this is true. the posts I've read, and the people I've talked to, throughout this kickstarter, make it very obvious to me that there was NEVER any attempt to deceive or marginalize any supporters... Certain aspects took priority, time-wise and money-wise, that's all.... And at least you should play the game before you give up on it completely. I understand that the process, the timing and unfolding of events, was unsatisfying to you, but I promise you that the game, once you play it, will be exactly what they promised at the start...

      You ask not to be begrudged, and I suppose that's fair, but your distress is a matter of outlook plus expectation on your part, not performance on theirs.. they literally did everything they could to get the game to their supporters in the form that they envisioned and promised, and they did it with literally the bare minimum of funds... If your attitude towards kickstarters will always be that of "I'm an investor with expectations" ... then I suggest you stay away from video games in the future, and only kickstart projects with purely physical rewards that you can see have been adequately worked on... any games are likely to cause you exactly the same disappointment over and over again, it's not a "Cyan did bad by me!" thing, it's a "video game studios have more problems than I am willing to forgive" thing.

    35. Specie8470 on

      @Jesse skogh if all my money went to making the game why offer physical rewards at all? The point is they arn't just making a game with the kickstarter money they promised a box and had a tier said gimme a box not a clear dvd case. If they just wanted to use the money to make the game don't offer physical rewards.

    36. Missing avatar

      Winer Samplingperk on

      Honelith, that's a nice collection! But I don't see anything wrong with the Obduction box. I never expected Cyan to ship a huge nineties style box.
      Again; Kickstarter. Is. Not. A. Store. The rewards are a nice bonus when everything goes right, but don't get angry when a developer simply lacks the funds to give you more than they can afford. Sure, it would've been nice if we had received the rewards sooner, but I'm glad that we get them at all and especially that Obduction got made.

    37. Ken on

      @CYAN: There are 4,652 backers "PLUS" waiting to find out how to get the Digital Art of Cyan Artbook. Come on give us a web site to download it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Katie Balcom on

      Here's the thing... kickstarter backers are investing in a project and much like investors, they expect to receive something as a result of their investment. On the stock market that comes in the form of financial gains, on kickstarter it comes in the form of rewards. Telling backers not to be upset when a company underperforms or comes out with a poor quality project is just silly and naive. We did not just give over our money for a company to run wild with and do whatever... there was an expectation of very particular returns. We headed provide the start-up capital and many of us are unhappy with the return investment. If anyone thinks that companies don't have responsibilities to their investors- think again. Cyan has responsibilities to their backers and they have not acted in good faith. If we simply were funding the creation of a game with no expectation of a return on our investments then there would not be rewards or tiers. I invested for a very particular form of return and they did not deliver. If you are happy with the return on your investment... congratulations. I, for one, am not and there is nothing wrong with letting the company know that. I still have not received all the promised returns on my investment and the returns I have gotten have been sub par. For those that are happy, I am happy for you but please don't begrudge those that aren't their displeasure.

    39. Jesse skogh on

      I feel horrible for Cyan. Had no idea anyone would have an issue with the box until I saw the kickstarter message. I thought it was great, and a novel design.

      For those who feel ripped off, all of your money still went to making the game. You weren't paying $30 extra for a box, that's not how kickstarter works.

      The biggest shame is that this reaction only makes it less likely for Cyan to make future games on kickstarter.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sowden on

      Hey guys, lets calm down now. I was a part of the Tex Murphy campaign, and I got taken aback there as well. I was kind of expecting the same thing here. I was mad for a while, but I have been so deeply involved with the community (as much as I have been here as well) that I came to peace with my DVD case that I got. I know that, in the exact same case as Cyan here, that they worked their asses off to give us a great game. And after being a fan for so long, I just couldn't hate them anymore. Now in the mean time, I have done some research on pricing through software box manufacturing websites to do a print of my own boxes. I have talked to the Tex team and they said that if we could get a template, that they would only do one design for a box. They're really busy over at Big Finish Games that they would only have time to do one for us. So i have talked to some websites. Got some templates and price quotes. If you feel so passionate about having a box, then lets try doing the same thing. Reach out to Cyan, see how they would feel, make a template, post it on the web for all to download, and someone start a pre-order. Thats something that I have been cooking over with the Tex community. Just a thought.

    41. Michael Johnson on

      Kickstarter is all about bringing dreams to life and this project gave life to making a new game that brought us all back to ones we loved in the past. I am proud of backing Obduction and very happy with the boxed copy sent to me by Cyan. Some people do not seem to understand what a reward is, Definition: re·ward - [rəˈwôrd] - VERB - make a gift of something to (someone) in recognition of their services, efforts, or achievements: "the engineer who supervised the work was rewarded with a bonus". Backing a project on Kickstarter is about helping to make a shared dream reality and any rewards are just a bonus for being a part of it!

      Personally I think Cyan did a fantastic job with this game and my unopened boxed copy is displayed prominently on a self over my desk. Thank you to all of the people at Cyan who worked so hard to make Obduction! If another one by you ever shows up on Kickstarter you can bet my name will be on your backers list.

    42. Specie8470 on

      @Daniel why advertise Gimme a Box tier then? Seriously for $30 they got for it they could have produced a box easily for a small fraction of that.

    43. Honelith on

      So I pulled out all my large MYST games/ost/books collection to see how Obduction holds up in comparison. What do you think? :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Sarah Jones on

      Respectfully and considerately, I have received nothing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Why don't we all calm down about the box, it's like a bunch of whiny children in here. You money went to make the game, not to get you a super fancy box.

    46. Missing avatar

      Katie Balcom on

      I wasn't going to say anything, I really wasn't... but the last message from Cyan felt like a massive slap to the face. I am incredibly disappointed with this kickstarter and the condescending way that Cyan has treated its backers (the people that supported the project beyond its initial goal). Let me be clear, I have not played Obduction because of how angry and disappointed I am with this campaign. I will likely never want to play the game and that makes me sad. Sad because the Myst series is one of the best game franchises that I have ever played. I just can't bring myself to play Obduction because it brings up this awful campaign and I wish that I had never funded it. If I could get my money back, I would in a heartbeat.

      I am tired of the excuses that Cyan has given us for the delays and crappy quality of the 'perks'. The honest truth (from my perspective) is that Cyan a) doesn't care about its backers and b) does not know how to effectively run a project. The quality from what I have experienced has been cheap and half-assed. I had hoped that Cyan would have redeemed themselves when the box arrived but I am really disappointed. It does not cost much to print dvds and decent packaging. What Cyan gave us was not sleek, or minimalist- it was cheap and bad quality. It is poor form for Cyan to pretend otherwise. I am sure they had good intentions but their team does not know how to run a project. Other kickstarters have done more with less. To blame the backers for being disappointed at the quality after years of delay is cheap and tacky. Needless to say that I will never financially support Cyan in future.

    47. Blake Thomas on

      I gotta say, the 'boxed' copy felt like a ripoff, instead of sending both disks a nicer box and (in my case) only the PC disk would have bean better.

      And the official response sounds like they're trying to cover there ass.

    48. Missing avatar

      Winer Samplingperk on

      Got the email. But haven't received the box yet. When were these sent? Anyway, I don't care if the game comes in a jewel case or not. Boxed means physical copy. As long as the other promised stuff is in there I'm fine with that. I'm curious when my package is supposed to arrive though....

    49. Missing avatar

      Maria Larsen on

      So, some folks did not like the packaging. The game is awesome, the worlds are wonderful and I would like more of the same-send it in a plain white envelop for all I care. I have not seen enough publicity and while word of mouth is great, could some money be spent on targeted advertising? Many of us would love to see this succeed and even a second round of fund raising would be welcome to enhance and expand the game. Thanks Team, plan the future!

    50. Ekimmai on

      So it wasn't quite the DVD box we all wanted, BUT it was a fantastic game, so let's get over it and realise none of this complaining is going to help if you are a true fan and want Cyan to make further games in the future! Thanks CYAN for all your efforts and a fabulous end product.

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