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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. ericfromabeno about 1 hour ago

      Laurie Stoker, I am sorry for you, but nothing can be done on Cyan's end, to make the game playable for you... Your pc just isn't powerful enough to use unreal engine 4, which is the graphics engine that this game is built on top of... Before the game was created, there was no way to be sure what specs would be necessary, they just knew that they wanted to make the most graphically beautiful game that they could. To be fair, anyone with a computer of any sort that was made before 2010 (like my current laptop, which was made 2007-2008) should have realized that a game that would come out in 2015 would be very much more graphically intensive than anything they'd ever played before... 3 years ago, my pc was having trouble playing any games that had "modern" graphics. I knew, without any specs available, that the game Cyan was making would never run on this old laptop. I supported the game because I wanted it to exist. I imagine that maybe a couple years after it came out, when this laptop died, the new pc I'd be able to get would finally be able to play the game, and that was good enough for me. I totally understand not being willing or able to spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars for a better pc/Mac when the one you have works fine for everything you currently use it for... wish there was something anyone could do, but there really isn't... Kickstarter doesn't do refunds, and you didn't buy the game, you donated to its creators so they could make the game... I know it's frustrating, but your only real choice is to either wait until you DO get a pc/mac able to play the game, or take it to a friend's house who has a better rig, or wait until they make a console version, and get the console key from Cyan...

    2. Laurie Stoker about 2 hours ago

      My game will not load. Instead I first get a message saying my graphics card is not supported. Then there is a second message talking about a missing bin file and COOKED content which I don't understand at all. I have a 27" iMac, late 2009 with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 12 GM 1067 MHZ DDR3 memory, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB graphics card. I backed this project back on November 1, 2013 and don't recall seeing anything about hardware requirements before I signed up, and I'm sure not going to spend another couple thousand dollars to play this game. This is very disappointing and I'm wondering what my options are. Am I out of luck? If so, can I get a refund? I really hope this doesn't come off as whiny or disrespectful, but as I said I am very disappointed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Tokarczyk about 4 hours ago

      Folks, Unreal 4 is a very demanding engine that needs a quad-core CPU, 8GB+ of RAM and a decent GPU to work well. It's not Cyan's fault that this engine is so demanding. That's the price you pay for an amazing graphics. Back in a days when MYST was released it also needed a pricy computer with a CDROM at that time. I am glad I upgraded my PC last year in anticipation of Obduction (i5-4690K, 16GB RAM, GTX950, SSD) I was a little worried that my GPU would be weak but I am surprised that it can play ~60FPS at epic setttings.

    4. Jason Chau about 8 hours ago

      @Nichole Boscia - the Mac version can be found on The one key used will provide both PC and Mac versions on GOG.

      Another reminder also for users having trouble with performance is to also they should try to update their relevant video card drivers. Nvidia has the GEForce set (350Mb+ download) and AMD with theirs, which latest version is optimised for Obduction. Nvidia updates are also available for Mac users from their site.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nichole Boscia about 8 hours ago

      Where are people getting the Mac software? Steam and Hubble show Windows-only. I have a new 5K iMac decked out and would love to play the game I paid for. If there's not a real Mac download (i.e. you have to install Bootcamp), then they should give the Mac backers a refund.

    6. ericfromabeno about 9 hours ago

      Found this in Uru forums, seen it elsewhere on the net, for those who may have missed it, it offers a bit more explanation of mac issues, vr and rewards timing:
      We are finalizing the details of all the backer rewards and sending them off to the manufacturers. We will have more information on this in the next few weeks.

      Mac Version

      The Mac version is a work in progress. When we started Obduction three years ago, Unreal Engine 4 included limited Mac support. While we’ve been building Obduction, Epic has been improving the Mac version of Unreal, but it is still a little raw. As a result, it would be best to think of the Mac version of Obduction as an early release. Rest assured we’ll continue working with Epic and provide updates after launch. And just FYI, if you want a better launch-day Mac experience, Obduction works great under Boot Camp.

      VR Version

      Obduction is a blast in VR, but the VR version has its own set of challenges. We’re working closely with Oculus and our other partners to tune the VR experience. Any Obduction backer with a Rift (sooner) or Vive (later) will be eligible to get the VR version. We’re figuring out the details of how this will work, and we’ll provide them soon.

      So for rewards and VR, looks like we will have to wait a month or two or more... For Mac users, Unreal4 engine is a likely culprit for at least some of the issues you've been having, maybe? I don't know what boot camp is.... virtual Windows machine, maybe??

    7. ericfromabeno about 9 hours ago

      Johan de Koning, yeah, it's players like you, with Macs that SHOULD be able to play the game at least with everything set to "least taxing", that make me think maybe there really is a flaw in the Mac version of the game.... But that actually makes me hopeful for Mac users, because if some of the problem is in the game rather than the PC specs, then there should be improvements in the future, bug fixes etc.... Your setup sound s like it should match the game's minimum spec requirements... except MAYBE the radeon graphics card, I don't know enough about that card.

      Welmoed Sisson

      Many Mac or PC owners who are unable to play the game at all, when you ask their specs, it turns out they have no dedicated graphics card, the graphics are just handled by the CPU and special software. That setup just can't handle this game. This is often accompanied by that "cooked/uncooked" error message you got. I got it too, on this laptop. (2 core cpu, old graphics card, low RAM)

    8. Missing avatar

      Welmoed Sisson
      about 10 hours ago

      Anyone else getting an odd error when trying to run the game downloaded from Steam? Something about it being an uncooked version or something like that? I'm not terribly familiar with how Steam works so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Max Maxfield about 10 hours ago

      If anyone's interested, check out my recent blog: I'm on the Brink of Being Obducted; Farewell...

    10. Missing avatar

      Max Maxfield about 10 hours ago

      Questions for the folks at Cyan:

      1) I supported the Kickstarter at the $75 level for the boxed version of the game -- any idea when I might expect that.

      2) I downloaded and installed the 2D PC version of Obduction, but I really want the VR (Oculus Rift) version -- any idea when that might become available?

      3) When the Rift version does become available, will it be in the Oculus Store?

      4) Will the 2D PC and Oculus VR versions be totally independent, or will they share the same database so that you could play in 2D on the PC with friends and then pick up later at the same point in the VR version and carry on alone?

    11. Missing avatar

      Max Maxfield about 10 hours ago

      @ericfromabeno: "Are you saying that you've tried to play this game in the Rift and nothing happens?"

      No -- I have the 2D PC version -- that works great -- I just thought the Oculus Rift version was coming out at the same time as the PC version so I was disappointed.

    12. Marie-Andree Poisson
      about 11 hours ago

      The Mac situation(s) is/are really a bummer!! How can a Mac adventure game (without VR) ask for so much ressources?

    13. Missing avatar

      Monk about 13 hours ago

      As a side note,I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms from playing Odbuction, so Cyan definitely got something right.

    14. Missing avatar

      Johan de Koning about 13 hours ago

      @ericfromabeno About your comment that only mac users with a macbook older than 3 year are having problems is not completely true. I have a mac book pro (Mid 2015) with a Quad-Core i7, 16 gb memory and AMD Radeon R9 with 2 gb and still the game is not fluent when setting graphical settings to low. Especially when audio is playing like the voice over in the first part there is a lot of lag.

    15. Missing avatar

      Monk about 13 hours ago

      @ ericfromabeno
      I played Myst two,three times when it came out.
      Partly for the unusual art and music not the puzzles.Once the puzzles are solved that part of the game is done.
      I think the mood that the music in Myst gave was "haunting"for want of a better word.
      I will play Obduction again at least once more just for the visual display.
      As much as I enjoyed Obduction......Myst was unique.
      Myst was a first and you judge everything from that first experience.
      Thing is the younger generation will raise an eyebrow and say how can you compare something as visually superb as Obduction to an old fossil like Myst but
      Its hard to reproduce the mood of that first Myst experience.Its actually quite hard to explain in words.

    16. ericfromabeno about 13 hours ago

      I meant to say "make it worth playing multiple times"

    17. ericfromabeno about 13 hours ago

      Monk, would you say that it's replayable? I mean, people talk about going back to play Myst again every couple years, so I would guess Obduction is in that same sense replayable, but is there anything about the game that would make it playing multiple times in succession? possibility of different dialogues occurring or events not seen before?

    18. Missing avatar

      Monk about 14 hours ago

      Took me 32 hours to complete the game.
      minus a couple of hours to redo the early part due to a small glitch.
      Dollars spent $45
      That works out at $1.50 per hour (30 hours say)
      No matter how you look at it,its fabulous value for money.
      How much would it cost at the picture house for a 3 hour film ?
      Biggest pitfall has to be the fact that a lot of people have paid for the game and have been unable to play.
      Hopefully Cyan can resolve this quickly,its a lovely game and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    19. ericfromabeno about 15 hours ago

      I would not build a new PC either, JUST for this... but the timing was good in my case, and there are other titles I want to use the oculus for... but I totally understand, if you just spent $900 on a new Surface Pro 4, how you would not be able to justify buying anything else. Surface Pro 4's look nice, and I'm sure they're awesome, but they aren't designed for graphics intensive games... no dedicated graphics card, is the biggest issue. I hope Obduction does come out for one of the consoles, that would be a big win for everyone involved...

    20. Missing avatar

      Dominic Meier about 15 hours ago

      I just decided to NOT buy a new PC just to play this game (unable to run it even with lowest resolution/settings on new Surface Pro 4).

      So I wonder what will determine a potential PS4 release, and how long this would take them? Probably we have to await sales figures.

    21. Jason Chau about 16 hours ago

      I think Cyan has this time round, handled things rather badly. As seasoned developers I'd have expected they should have at least anticipated things might go south. I remember they did a public demo at a games show not long ago. They should have announced the specifications for the game then and allowed some of us to have at least an idea of what upgrades to make (and not get disappointed at release time). This is what alpha and beta-testing is all about and why it's so important in the games development process (to reduce bugs before the launch).

    22. ericfromabeno 1 day ago

      I got in touch with one of the guys over at Cyan, and as I thought, they are having a rough time, post-release. There are two people trying to handle all the questions, comments and bug information, mostly through twitter, facebook, and reddit. There is only one person available to handle all the missing backer keys. He's been working at it for the past five days, and not finished yet, so don't worry too much if you haven't gotten a key yet... He will try to answer questions here in the Kickstarter comments area when he can.

    23. ericfromabeno 1 day ago

      Diggeh, the Art of Cyan is either not ready, or being held off at the moment.

    24. Diggeh 1 day ago

      Did anyone else get The Art of Cyan book? I don't have a download anywhere.

    25. ericfromabeno 1 day ago

      Christian, several Mac users have reported being able to run the game just fine. It isn't the people with "the latest machines" who are having a problem, typically. It's almost entirely the backers who have macs MORE than 3 years old... and when you talk to backers who have newer macs that don't work, you discover that, like Andreas, their Macs are dual core rather than quad core, or they chose to have only 8gb of ram rather than 16 or 32.....

      It's always possible that there really is a serious bug in the Mac version of the program, but it would not surprise me at all to learn that even at the lowest quality settings, Obduction is much more graphically intensive than other "games that are currently running on Mac"... and the fact that QUADcore cpu's, with 16 gb RAM, and an above average graphics card have been the recommended MINIMUM specs for over a year now... I admit that this information should have been a LOT more visible, a LOT earlier, but it's not like they lied about the graphic heavy nature of this game, ever...

    26. Christian 1 day ago

      @ericfromabeno Sorry but when we see the games that are currently running on Mac, I can't beleive Obduction can't run properly on latest machines. In addition, I'm starting to beleive that mac bakers will be very very dissapointed...

    27. ericfromabeno 1 day ago

      Andreas, yeah, that does suck, sorry to hear about that... annoyingly I guess, it IS playable on a mac... but apparently only on macs that have been designed with heavy photo/video editing in mind... quad core cpu with a serious video processing card, and 16 gb of ram... but yeah, a lot of Mac users never found out or were never outright told in a direct way during the campaign, that such a Mac-beast would be needed. Only, as you say, buried in some Q&A or deep in some updates years after the kickstarter...

      Also sad, from my point of view, is that Mac users want to believe that Cyan is scrambling to "fix this issue" ... and I'm sure that Cyan IS scrambling, but to fix the other issues that have appeared since launch, (mostly the backers not getting their game key issue, I suspect)... but for Mac users, there is no possible "fix" for this particular issue on Cyan's end, because they can't make the game graphically less demanding than its built-in minimum settings... All they could possibly tell Mac people is that they need to upgrade. :( Problem is, a lot of them, like you, bought a new mac within the last 2 years, failing to realize that they would need to plan for one that had a quad core, so they could play this game when it came out... It's hard to think 2 or 3 years into the future like that.... In fact, the ONLY reason I started putting my new pc together was because I was beginning to see problems in this laptop a year or so ago, right around the original projected release date, and that's exactly when information started popping up about oculus, about this game, etc etc etc... for me it was lucky timing that made me aware I was going to have to plan for a serious gaming pc... I almost got the thing put together in time. :P couple more weeks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schaefer 1 day ago

      @ericfromabeno I have a mid-2014 MacBook Pro Retina (Dual Core I5, 2.8GHz) and still the game is completely unplayable (Video and Audio is stuttering).

      That said it is very disappointing to see that deep down in a Q&A you have to read about the specs even though the Mac logo is glaringly posted on the Obduction image above. Not to mention the fact that Cyan completely ignores any issues with the Mac.

      With the current state of things I will send the Art Book right back to Cyan when I receive it. I helped them during funding and now they let me down.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan Chelchowski 2 days ago

      @Creator just wanted to say thanks! What an incredible achievement by Cyan. I only wish it ran on lower-end systems so more people could experience it. I hope it's success enables you to port it to consoles. For me, the pacing was perfect. The puzzles were the right amount of difficult. And the final big puzzle could have been really tedious but you nailed it. Congratulations! This may be the best example of where crowd-funding can work, and it's all because of your excellent execution. ps. Thanks for warning us about how spoilery the trailer is!

    30. Jason Chau 2 days ago

      I have a PC with Win7 & an i5-2500K chip with 8GB RAM and a Nvidia GTX570. I could not run the game at all despite trying earlier. So I added an extra 8GB of RAM (1600Mhz) to my system - and its worked wonders. The load times may be a bit long at the start with an older HD drive but it will work. Adding an SSD to this will definitely help.

    31. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      Ian G Smith, thanks.... I must be losing it... I now remember reading all the updates that included mention of a delay for the rift version... 9_9 I guess in all my planning for my new pc I forgot. Some commenters in other vr news sites speculate that "a few weeks" might not be till after the oculus conference, and that oculus may announce their new controllers going on sale then.... the commenters reason that Cyan may want Obduction's vr version to be as immersive as possible... I don't buy it though... oculus might be planning an announcement like that, but there's no reason to think that Cyan has decided to adjust their timing to match... Meh, I will probably play the regular version, then go back for the vr experience when available, then go back AGAIN, when the oculus touch finally comes out. :)

      aarphacker, I didn't mean to come across so snooty, sorry. I just thought it was funny you hadn't googled it yet. ;)

    32. Ian G G Smith 2 days ago

      @ericfromabeco the Rift compatability was the third stretch goal of the original campaign, however the VR version is not yet ready for the Rift and will be released soon according to CYAN. I am really pleased that they are also going to make it playable on the VIVE too, a device un heard of when the campaign began but is certainly in the forefront of VR right now, I am happy right now browsing through the PC version I reckon it will look a whole lot more amazing in VR.
      I also think playing on the pc first will help me proceed through the VR version a bit easier and quicker this type of adventure in VR can be very tiring so knowing what you need to be doing in advance will enable players to enjoy the scenery and immersion much more.
      I am playing Call of Star Seed that is much smaller game and I find it tires me out very quickly so I play it in shorter stints than I would a screen based game.
      @David Wiley glad you have sussed out your problem 20 seconds though seems a long time to wait for a response after triggering an event maybe you should check your settings and maybe adjust them for greater speed.

    33. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Found playthroughs on youtube, sorry for the spam.

    34. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      aarphacker, seriously, just google the words obduction playthrough. 9_9;

    35. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      Max Maxfield, I was under the impression that the game would be Rift compatible right from the start! I too bought a Rift and a gaming rig for all the 3D games that are coming out, most notably this one... My PC isn't built yet, so I haven't had a chance to try it out, but I assumed that it was basically plug and play... 0_0 Are you saying that you've tried to play this game in the rift and nothing happens??

    36. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Can anyone tell me where the playthrough is so I can get at least one hint. Thanks!

    37. Missing avatar

      David Wiley 2 days ago

      Watched a playthrough and found out where I went wrong. There is a part where you press a button and get very important information, but it doesn't start for about 20 seconds. I wandered away and never heard it. Doh!

    38. Missing avatar

      Max Maxfield 2 days ago

      Is there ANY news on when the Oculus Rift version will come available -- I bought a Rift and a workstation (with a GTX 1070 graphics card) just for this game...

    39. Missing avatar

      Jennifer L. Kwiatek 2 days ago

      Luckily I prepared my family in advance to largely proceed without me all weekend as I dove headlong into this game. Wow! It does not disappoint. I still have a long way to go but already it's my favorite since the original Myst. I've very much enjoyed the other Cyan games, but this one already has a special place in my heart. Thank you for all of your hard work!

    40. Missing avatar

      KS Ryan 2 days ago

      Has Cyan said anything about the fact the game doesn't work for Mac users? Because this feels like I've wasted money funding something that clearly wasn't designed with us in mind, despite initially saying it would work on Macs. Their silence on this issue is pissing me off especially as they have posted updates on positive reviews and lost email codes.

    41. Ian G G Smith 2 days ago

      @ericfromabeno the machine you are planning to build will definitely handle with ease this game and just about anything currently available that you want to throw at it. I would say though that I use my SSD for windows and program files but all my games and photographs and music etc. I run from separate hard 1Tb conventional drives, mainly because of the re-writing of game saves etc. Good Western Digital game rated drives I think they are the blue label ones work really well.
      Your new machine will rock! everything will run with ease.
      As for the VR side of things the only real side effect I have had is vertigo believe it or not, actually felt scared of falling down a chasm, that was of course until I took stock and remembered where I really was. Being used to working on ships at sea, I think has all but eliminated the motion sickness for me in VR, however I have still almost fallen over a couple of times.
      I agree to that sometimes the bobbing and swaying in games can be annoying and may not really be necessary, if possible I would switch it off.
      @David Wiley you should after an hour be finding out things, the story emerges as you progress through I think so far I have spent about 4 hours, I am not going to say what I have done but I have opened doors found previously hidden areas and have an inkling that something is going on so just stick at it you will get there.
      So far I have enjoyed it and the puzzles have been pretty straight forward the map is opening up.

    42. Christian 2 days ago

      Unplayable on my recent iMac. I really hope an update will fix that. Keep waiting and hoping...

    43. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      hehe.. I wish I could play, so I can see what you're talking about, David... I don't know how much story there is, compared to Myst, but I'm sure a lot of people who played Myst thought that there was a lot of running around and pulling switches, for not much story... It's supposed to be about exploration... figuring out what you need to do to get to the next area, etc...

      Kinda surprised that you're not getting anywhere... after an hour of doing stuff, you should be progressing through the game a bit... 0_0

    44. Missing avatar

      David Wiley 2 days ago

      Is this a game? I've wandered around for about an hour listening to messages and pulling switches. Nothing has changed and no story is emerging. Did I miss something?

    45. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      scott, motion sickness in VR? or just watching it on a monitor?? are there settings to change the way "motion" is carried out? I am not a big fan of "realistic" swaying, the way most FPS games show that you are walking or running... for me that adds nothing to a game... Yes, humans have a "gait", but we have a visual system that tries very hard to minimize or ignore that sense of shakiness... I feel like there's no reason to purposefully emphasize it, in a game...I heard that in Obduction there are ways to move around that don't involve "walking" from location to location... like, you highlight an area, press a button, and you're there, without having to suffer through many seconds of the walking action...

    46. Missing avatar

      scott barnett 2 days ago

      Love the game, but just for posterity I feel the need to say that this is the only game I've ever played that's given me motion sickness. Holy hell, I wanted to throw up after 20 minutes of game play. Perhaps I needs a better graphics cards to increase FPS? If I am an outlier then so be it.

    47. ericfromabeno 2 days ago

      Kevin, that sounds like a bad bug the Cyan would need to hear about. :( Have you tried going into the audio settings to turn things on/off up/down? Have you tried restoring the previous graphics settings? is there a cache somewhere that can be "cleared"? (grasping at straws)....

      Ian G, I know what you mean. I have been thinking for a couple years about replacing this machine, a 2007 laptop, with a new desktop pc... not JUST to play this game, although I knew when Obduction finally came out I wouldn't be able to play it ... I just last week finally bought all the bits and pieces for a machine that should be "good enough for smooth VR" for at least the next 3 or 4 years, unless some HUGE leaps forward happen... after that, who knows... VR is still in its infancy. My PC, once all the pieces come and I can put it together, will have an X99 motherboard, an 8 core cpu, 64 gb of RAM, a gigabyte 1080 graphics card, and a 512 GB solid state drive... It should be vast overkill for this game, but my goal was futureproofing....

    48. Kevin May 2 days ago

      Anyone else having sound issues? I played a few minutes, and then I went into the graphics settings to change some things, and then went I resumed the game all I heard were some really loud looping audio screeching and I tried closing the game and reopening but it was on full blast annoying audio stuff again. I have no idea how to fix this. It was perfectly fine when I first launched it.

    49. Ian G G Smith 2 days ago

      Last year I was reading about the dawn of VR the Vive the Specs of new games and concluded it was time to get ready for it.
      So scrapped my old pc bought the parts and built an i7 six core, 64gb DDR 4 RAM on a Sabretooth x99 Mobo the a GTX 980 graphics card.
      Everything runs greasy smooth - fast and without much effort on the part of the PC.
      I am very much enjoying the game in its traditional form but cannot wait to see it in VR.
      I think Cyan have done a Fantastic job of this game the fact that it doesn`t run well or at all on the MAC PC is surely down to lack of support from Apple, who have been slow to change their attitude to the fact that people want the sturdiness of the MAC system but also a greater ability to game on it.
      I used to use MACs all the time at Work they are good PCs I can understand why so many people like them, but it isn`t fair to blame CYAN if the game cannot run properly right now because of things outside their control.
      My 6 year old is PC is still going strong, being handed down to my son, it would not handle Obduction I doubt not on high res and high everything, as for the VIVE forget it altogether.
      The way things are moving along if my new PC is still up scratch in 6 years from now I would be most surprised.

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