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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      KS Ryan 2 days ago

      *stares hard at Cyan, waiting*

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      Tipster 3 days ago

      Well, it's almost that magical month of June. So what day in June will the release be happening? We are all so thrilled to see it so close. Sooooo, when is it gonna be? Hmmmm? Please drop a good date on us that we can count on. Pre-orders happening soon? We're waiting with collective abated breaths. If you want you can email the date just to me! I won't tell.

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      Winer Samplingperk on May 18

      Obduction has some cool rendering features and supports Nvidia's new Ansel software:

      Interesting. Apparently the game runs at "only" 50fps in 4K on the Geforce GTX 1080. That's actually pretty good for such a good looking game.

    4. Christoph Zürcher on May 12

      For people who can't get enough Obduction footage ;) :…

    5. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on May 12

      From the website

      "Date Created
      Thu, 6th Feb 2014

      What are the system requirements?

      Sorry, but as you might have guessed we haven't released any system requirements yet. We'll work hard to keep a good balance between amazing looking graphics and keeping the system requirements low enough to include as much hardware as possible."

      i think at this stage of the game ..they should know what "system requirements"! we need to play this game

      Please update us on this issue ...Thanks

    6. Ian G G Smith on May 9

      @Micheal Banks if they did do a VR release I should imagine it would be after the general one. It would be awesome though.
      We shall have to wait and see.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick Gordon on May 8

      What's next for Cyan employees? Any prospects for new projects?

    8. estevancarlos on May 7

      I'm also wondering about minimum specs. To be quite honest, I think Cyan has been much quieter lately than I'm comfortable with. I sort of hope now is the time to start talking about final release dates, requirements, and I'm curious if there will be any marketing push behind this game.

    9. Michael Banks on April 28

      Cyan would be clinically brain dead if they didn't release a VR mode with hand controllers.

    10. Ian G G Smith on April 24

      I was lucky enough to get myself an HTC VIVE and have been impressed with what it is capable of - not least scaring the be - jeezers out of me on numerous occasions whether with vertigo or surprises.
      I am of course looking forward to OBDUCTION in its original form. I am sure Rand mentioned a while ago that they had converted parts of Obduction to full VR just as a test and were impressed with it.
      Are there ant plans to take it further and possibly convert the whole game and release it at a future date?
      I am not suggesting now but after the June release as I know many fans myself included are looking forward to it in its original form.
      I am just wondering if the VR version would happen later, it is something I would pay for a VR version of the game.
      I realise VR is still in early adopter days and it is expensive, and does not appeal to everyone so the market is small at the moment, I do believe however that as headsets become cheaper and more available and more people try it that will change.

    11. Missing avatar

      Handyman Henry on April 19

      Since it is getting REAL close to release...Was wondering if there are any minimum specs available?

    12. Missing avatar

      James Cherrill on April 19

      hiya guys,

      do we have an official release date yet? other than June of course :)

    13. Mark James Ivory on April 15

      Is there any way I can change where I download Obduction from?

      I have sent two emails to Cyan via the view pledge button but have received no answer and I can't manually do it as the survey is closed.

      Thank you.

    14. Patrick O'Brien on April 2

      Hey Obduction team - please consider doing a show with FooVR, either before or after release. The show has a lot of attention from the VR crowd and would be a great way for people to get a preview of the game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Winer Samplingperk on March 15

      Obduction spotted in the Unreal Engine GDC Sizzle Reel!!!:…

    16. Ian G G Smith on March 15

      @Max I think the partner in game or follow mode was suggested way back at the beginning of development,but sadly was not adopted for this game. My partner and I enjoy exploring these games but have to take turns and make suggestions to each other as to what we think we should be doing. Sad because it would have been a great feature, but they can only do so much, and looks like they have done loads so no complaints.

    17. Missing avatar

      Winer Samplingperk on March 14

      I think the game looks great in the trailer! Luka romel, you have to understand that Obduction was never going to look as good as Riven, simply because:

      1) Riven was a pre-rendered game with huge amounts of polygons and raytracing in each image. Although the Unreal Engine has come a long way since the "boxy" Unreal 1, graphics cards still aren't powerful enough to render Riven quality graphics in real time.

      2) Cyan has a very small team and limited budget compared to the Riven days. You can't expect megabudget 'Batman Arkham Knight' level polish. Compare it to similar smaller games on Unreal Engine, such as 'Path to Thalamus', 'Pneuma' and 'Ether One', and I think you'll find Obduction's graphics are pretty good.

      And as always: Art > Graphics Tech. Back in 2003 Uru had less than impressive graphics compared to Myst 3/4, but still managed to look incredibly interesting because of the great art style.

    18. Missing avatar

      Max Maxfield on March 14

      Is there any chance of making Obduction a two-player game -- I'm thinking that it would be great to be wandering around the Obduction world with a friend if you were both wearing Oculus Rift headsets and you could see each other in the scene... just a thought

    19. Ian G G Smith on March 12

      Oh wow I came across this statement and it made my day how to make a great game even better? Obduction VR is maybe in the pipeline after the initial release according to this web site.
      that answers my earlier question make me a VERY HAPPY BUNNY.

    20. Travis Hajduk on March 11

      I think cyan would make more money if they launch the game on consoles and pc. I hope they have mouse support on consoles too. I might have to save up for a pc when i already have a ps4. Does anybody know what pc i should buy that would be ideal for running obduction?

    21. RAWA's mama on March 5

      "?" Should be a happy face. It changed to a "?" :)

    22. RAWA's mama on March 5

      @Lorna - thank you for ALL your support to RAWA, his family and me. Your friendship means the world to me�

    23. Lorna Hartman on March 5

      What Cyan did with tools available to make Myst was incredible and groundbreaking. So with today's newest tools, I expected something that much better and bigger. Obduction is both. I'm excited to spend the summer adventuring!

      Props, love, and support to RAWA, RAWA's Mama, and all of Cyan. Also, thank you Ryan for keeping us posted. You've probably felt like a water skier who fell but didn't let go of the tow rope. Will Eric Anderson's talk be available after GDC so we can watch it?

    24. Ken on March 5

      Hi all
      All I can say without being to critical is " WOW "

    25. ericfromabeno on March 5

      hmm. lighting/shading/reflections/textures.... I'm going to assume that the "final pass" has not been made on every scene, yet. But even if it has, and what we saw was a series of finished visuals, they are pretty impressive. One thing I note about the Paris demo you linked was that it was specifically designed to show the unreal engine's best efforts. Who knows how long they spent tweaking those few rooms to make the lighting and texture look that nice. Since the goal was to advertise the engine, they might have put an insane amount of work into those rooms, that couldn't possibly be matched on a scale like Obduction's.

      ... Or 4 months from now, Obduction's finished visuals could blow us all away and make that Paris room look humdrum.

    26. Missing avatar

      luka romel on March 4

      yeah i guess since riven was made so long ago, and having obduction made with unreal 4, it would be a lot easier to reach that level of quality in visuals. A good comparison would be this scene in the teaser… to a similar scene that was created in unreal 4 as a demo seen here:… that sort of demonstrates that reaching that visual bar is certainly possible...but i understand it is a bit unfair to expect obduction to be like riven in that sense. there may have been more resources, more time, and a larger team - who knows.

    27. ericfromabeno on March 4

      Ah. I just spent some time re-reading various posts about the process of making this game, and apparently luka's lament about the scope of the game isn't as un-founded as I thought. Because Riven had 5 times as much raw data as Myst. Which would certainly allow for "next level stuff" ... However Obduction have never been compared to Riven in any of Cyan's posts, press releases, or indeed this Kickstarter campaign. It's always compared to Myst. The promise given was a game of a scope comparable to Myst, the funding was designed with a "Myst-sized" result in mind... I like the visuals of Obduction, but I haven't sat down and visually/stylistically compared Myst to Riven... I tried to play Real Myst a while back, but my current system couldn't handle it well enough, so I really haven't played either game in decades... Maybe Obduction is closer to Myst than to Riven, despite advancements in graphic engines, etc, purely due to economic forces...

      speaking of which, Colton Clayton, I don't believe they made enough money outside of Kickstarter to reach the roadtrip/extra world goal. So many of their posts discuss the necessity of "trimming the fat" that I'm pretty sure they have their hands full trying to create the story and world with the complexity they originally envisioned for it...

    28. Missing avatar

      luka romel on March 4

      i guess im just concerned that the are the final visuals. if that's not the case though then i will be patient :)

    29. Missing avatar

      luka romel on March 4

      im refering to the visual quality such as the shaders for the foliage (grass appears relatively uniformly lit, lacks self shadowing) the flatness of the materials in some of the scenes, the boxyness of the some of the buildings and props, the lack of detailing for a lot of the terrain. maybe it's just the visual style of the game but it feels like a step back from the amount of polish that riven had

    30. ericfromabeno on March 4

      luka, when you say "next level stuff" .... are you referring to graphic effects like mind-boggling detail in smoke/clouds/fire, or are you talking about maybe free-roaming wildlife with a bit of A.I.? or are you just talking about cool freaky looking settings? ... Because I'm pretty sure the last one will be there, all through the game, and it wouldn't surprise me if the first two are also present. The trailers and sneak peeks are probably just trying to avoid giving too much away.

    31. Missing avatar

      luka romel on March 4

      I am a little disappointed with the visuals. I was expecting some next level stuff like Riven so this was a bit of a let down. hoping that the lighting and environment are still getting fleshed out. I have no doubt in my mind that the puzzles will remain amazing though.

    32. Colton Clayton on March 4

      On the front page, it mentioned supporting the game post-Kickstarter to reach the next goal.

      Did they ever make it to the Additional World+Roadtrip Mode? I can't remember off the top of my head.

      Being able to have a friend along and another world is always appreciated.

    33. Missing avatar

      Colin Brooker on March 3

      Great trailer! I would love to hear some specs. Also, will Mac and PC be ready at the same time?

    34. Carlos da Ponte on March 3

      Anyone know the PC machine specs to run it?

    35. Acorn on March 3

      The teaser trailer looks pretty darn good!

    36. Ian G G Smith on March 3

      Stunning! Blown away...................................................I`m off to watch it again!!!!!
      Thanks CYAN.

    37. Colton Clayton on March 3

      June 2016?...I'm thrilled. It looks amazing.

    38. Ian G G Smith on March 2

      Dustin was there any hint on tge game being VR friendly only asking as I have preordered the HTC Hive being able to usd for Obduction would we super awesome, might never come back! From where ever we are Obducted too...... either way 2016 is going to be an awesome year for everyone who loves VR and Gaming.

    39. Dustin O / Tesla / 7th Guest / Obduction on March 1

      RAWA -- Thank YOU. It was a pleasure to experience and write. Sorry I had to be so vague in much of it. I don't want to spoil it :)

      Acorn -- I was super nervous that it wouldn't live up to the grand legacy of MYST/RIVEN.. I was pleasantly surprised.

      Ian G - The game is coming this year. THIS YEAR! W00t.

      Thanks Tai for all the help and links :)

    40. Tai'lahr on February 27

      I probably should have mentioned that my post is in the Backers only section, so you'll need to be registered to the forums and identified as an Obduction Backer in order to see it.

    41. Tai'lahr on February 27

      Dustin, here's the post with the link to your article:…

    42. Ian G G Smith on February 27

      Thank you for the update Ryan it is much appreciated and very exciting to see glimpses of things to come.................................................

      Thanks also to Dustin for his review,
      Well going back into wait mode now ...............but happy to know things are going to be Awesome!

    43. Acorn on February 27

      We were promised an update this week (via Twitter, re-circulated by fans to other fora) - and Cyan kept their promise. As the fans knew they would. Dustin's review tantalises us and we can see how good it's going to be. It feels to me like the finish line is just round the next corner.... Waves, smiles and hugs, RAWA's mama.

    44. RAWA's mama on February 27

      @Dustin - really liked your article ! Thanks for sharing your visit. It really showed how much the wait will be SO worth it !!

    45. Dustin O / Tesla / 7th Guest / Obduction on February 26

      Just curious, can you send me the link to your post in the forums Tai?

    46. Dustin O / Tesla / 7th Guest / Obduction on February 26

      Thanks Tai -- It was an amazing experience. It's always a risk backing a Kickstarter game but I am confident all will be impressed with the final product :)

    47. Tai'lahr on February 26

      Dustin, thanks for posting the link here (I've shared it on the Cyan forums) and for sharing your personal experience of visiting Cyan HQ and playing the game. I really enjoyed reading it.

    48. Dustin O / Tesla / 7th Guest / Obduction on February 26

      Terry -- I promise you this, the team is still targeting Q2 2016 but they won't compromise quality and trust me, from what I've seen, the wait will be worth it. They are chomping at the bit to release their creation to the world.

    49. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on February 26

      "And guess what? It's still being targeted for a Q2 2016 release"
      just like the October 2015 Release
      Update #50 Oct 2 2015 Keep Calm, and Mind the Gap!
      then the...
      Update #51 For backers only. Oct 20 2015 Two Steps Forward...
      whats next PS4 or XBOX see you all Q2 2016 or Q2 2017

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