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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Tai'lahr about 2 hours ago

      Hi RAWA's Mama! (( hugs )) Awww, you say the sweetest things. I am honored to be on your list. : ) I hope you got the message I wrote to you through Richard's CaringBridge page (in the Guestbook). Wishing you and the whole family all the best. (( more hugs ))

    2. Creator RAWA's mama about 3 hours ago

      Hi Tai'lahr - So good to "see" you again. I have a list of names of people who mean alot to me from Kickstarter and yours is on that list. You were one of the first ones who welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. I really miss everyone !! Hope you are doing well hugs to you : )

    3. Creator TCB The Scar about 4 hours ago

      @RAWA v2.0: Take care, it's the more important.
      /me hugs RAWA and his family/friends.

      @Cyan: /thumbsup for the updates.
      /thumbsup2 for your work.

    4. Creator Tai'lahr 1 day ago

      I understand the frustration of the backers who are asking for more updates, but I don't feel the same way. That's likely due to my involvement in the Myst/Uru community making me feel more connected, so that even when Cyan isn't saying anything, I feel their presence is not far away. My own frustration is in not being able to convey to these backers the sense of faith and trust I have in Cyan, and the understanding that although their unique way of doing things may not please everyone, in the end, it's really a good thing and our patience will be greatly rewarded.

    5. Creator Ian G G Smith 2 days ago

      There we go not much of an update but one never the less. I have no doubt that the game will be excellent I never have had, I just expect as a backer a little bit of feedback now and again that is all.
      So thanks for the acknowledgement and we shall look forward to some more tidbits as and when they are available.

    6. Creator Kevin Dombrowski 2 days ago

      I wish more people understood that Kickstarter isn't a pre-order but venture capitalism. When you pledge you're taking a risk. Thankfully most of the time that's simply blown schedules.

      Sometimes it's not.

      If you invested your capital in someone you trust then, you know, trust them. Honestly, after my initial pledge, thus is my first time here. I understand how game development works. No point in getting in a fuss about $25 dollars I paid two years ago.

      I blow that much on one dinner out.

      Let the people work. Relax. It's just a game. Stop worrying so much and before you know it the game will be out.

    7. Creator Richard Watson 3 days ago

      Yes, we value each backer, and even non-backers, for that matter. But when it comes to complaints about us not doing things the way certain people want us to do them... I'll put more credence in the backers who have actually seen the game and enjoyed it than people on the sidelines trying to tell us how to do our jobs.

      The game comes first. Period. Backer updates are farther down the priority list. I happen to have the time right now, so I am more active here at the moment. When I am back to work full-time (as soon as I can manage it), expect that to change back to focusing on the game itself. There is a ton of work to do, and any time spent here is less time spent on the game - which in the end is what really matters to everyone.

      RAWA v2.0

    8. Creator Brant Langer Gurganus 3 days ago

      I spent some time considering what to write. I wrote it and rewrote it and rewrote it. In the end, I want to say I hope Richard recovers well. I hope Obduction is very enjoyable when released. I hope Cyan and Richard value all of their backers. Whether we've toiled 14 hours a day programming or just paid $1, we're on a journey together.

    9. Creator Richard Watson 3 days ago

      Thanks for understanding, Acorn.

      Good things are coming. I promise.


      RAWA v2.0
      Obduction Design Team

    10. Creator Acorn 3 days ago

      Thank you, RAWA for explaining to backers what the situation is. I think most of us long-time Cyan fans know this, but let's hope Obduction has attracted others to the fold, and they won't know. A lot of kickstarters, even from small outfits, do manage frequent screenshots, updates etc which creates expectations for other kickstarters. A clear statement like yours should help dispel any such expectations or concerns. BUT I'm sad that you have felt you had to spend time on this - your time is precious. I'm delighted you plan to come to the Cavcon awareness event - now, in my opinion, that would be a great use of your time, if you're really up to it! But the best use of your time, of all, is devoted to getting better! *waves and hugs to RAWA's Mama*

    11. Creator Richard Watson 3 days ago


      There is no "office tea-boy".

      We are a very small company. What you see on that page is it. We all wear many, many hats. Two people are listed under PR: Tony - yeah, the President of Cyan, who also does Maintenance, and many other jobs; and Vicki, who is actually the head of the QA dept among her other duties.

      RAWA v2.0
      Obduction Design Team

    12. Creator Richard Watson 3 days ago

      Ryan Warzecha is the PRODUCER for Obduction. He is not PR. We have no PR employees. Period. That would be an incredible waste of your hard-earned money.

      Everyone at Cyan is working well over 8 hours a day. Personally, when not recovering from brain surgery, I average 10-12 hours per day. But that's the schedule I'm used to since the Riven days.

      Sorry that backer updates seem more important to some of you than actually working on the game itself.

      When I see complaints from a $25 backer, I frankly put a little less stock in your impatience than the $10,000 backers who have actually been to Cyan, played the game (one very recently), and had an absolute blast.

      If they're happy, I'm happy.

      I will post another developer blog post in the next few days (I'm not supposed to be using the computer during recovery, so I have to wait until my wife has time to type it up for me, even though I have a post in mind already).

      I have 4 doctor appointments this week, so you might have to wait for it, but it is coming.

      RAWA v2.0
      Obduction Design Team

    13. Creator RAWA's mama 4 days ago

      Acorn --AAWWW thank you ! You made my day : ) No, I did not get into trouble but I guess I should have waited because an official update came out shortly after. We are all going to be amazed at this game whenit finally comes out whenever that may be. Thank you for your kind words !!

    14. Creator ericfromabeno 4 days ago

      to Jeroen, on the Campaign page there is this description:

      "At the base funding level, Obduction will be developed for both Windows and MacOS, with a targeted release of mid-to-late 2015."

      It's looking like december is more likely than october, which was the original target.... but whether it's late december or early next year, at least you will be ok with a Mac.

    15. Creator Acorn 4 days ago

      Thanks for your "update", RAWA's mama, so kind of you! As if anyone would have the nerve to be cross with you! But just let us know if you are in trouble as a result, and we'll have words with the culprit!

    16. Creator Jeroen Boumans 5 days ago

      Hi there, i have one of the latest macbook pros. Will I be able tot play obduction?

    17. Creator phil cherry 5 days ago

      it's all good , it sounds like there very busy (heads down , b.... up) lol
      keep the good work up Rand and his colleague's !

    18. Creator Jarl Wijman 5 days ago

      i dont mind a delay, i HATE lack of communication
      delay? fine, but tell us!

    19. Creator J Z E 5 days ago

      @Cyan Any idea on a release date estimate?

    20. Creator Colton Clayton 5 days ago

      Well, they updated, so we at least know Rand's still around. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

    21. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) 5 days ago

      Last login Oct 2 2015

    22. Creator Kanooks 5 days ago

      I'm with the other backers that voiced their concern. I am getting worried as well, we received an update in August concerning the t-shirts (which were originally promised for last Xmas) but there hasn't been a single post or even comment from the creators since.

      I understand times are tough with illness etc, but we have invested a respectable sum of money. The silence is deadly and I for one would appreciate an official word.

      Recently I watched another Kickstarter project not materialize and I'm pleased we backed out the day before it was due to close. I realize that things do get delayed but I'm very concerned about the lack of communication, I think the 22 thousand backers are at least entitled to that.

      You even hired someone to communicate with us by the name of Ryan Warzecha, and three months is a lifetime really without any communication whatsoever. No need to say a lot, just a short update on the progress would suffice.

    23. Creator Michael DeLaMarre 5 days ago

      Ian, I wouldn't get ticked off just yet. The last update wasn't that long ago, and there are still 3 months left in the year for them to either deliver on time or announce a delay. Considering how active Cyan is with their fan base I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are hard at work getting the next update, whatever it will end up saying, organized in the right way.

    24. Creator RAWA's mama 5 days ago

      It breaks my heart to feel the frustration fans are having because it has been SO long since we have had an update. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient. I do not have permission to say anything and I may get into trouble writing this post, but I know they are working HARD on this project with as few employees as possible to make your hard earned money go farther . They have never let their fans down before and they won't now. I wish I could do the updates since I am retired and have all the time in the world,but I can't.. I hope I haven't offended anyone , All I am trying to do is to encourage you in a small way. I am so sorry you are frustrated !!

    25. Creator Ian G G Smith 5 days ago

      I am a bit ticked off really Rand. I don't mind the game being a bit delayed doesn't bother me as a backer. I am however busy myself on a daily basis and us my backer page on kickstarter to follow projects it is quicker and easier for me. It seems that you guys are just too busy to bother with an update on here even if it is just a quick copy and paste of your other postings elsewhere. Thanks for your support. The office teaboy could do that instead we get ignored.

    26. Creator Michael DeLaMarre 6 days ago

      I hope the development is just taking longer than they expected and that they aren't running out of money. A funding crisis would be a pretty big bummer.

    27. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) 6 days ago

      Last login Sep 18 2015..mmmmmmmmmm
      i hope they come back soon and update us here

    28. Creator Mike.S 7 days ago

      "mid-to-late 2015" was the target. We can only expect that's still true, because at this point they would know if it were going to slip beyond that, and not notifying backers of a delay would be dishonest.

    29. Creator Randall McFarlane on September 27

      an update or something please. even if you can't say something about the game if you are working out a contract. you can say we are working on it :) that is all we want. anything really. Or we are still here don't worry. Just let us know what you can.

    30. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) on September 26

      "Okt. 2015" <- ?
      Doubt the game will be finished in 2015, will it?

    31. Creator RAWA's mama on September 26

      Thank you ALL for your best wishes, thoughts and prayers. We truly need them right now. RAWA is band from all electronics as much as possible (too much stimulation) but he still wants so much to keep you posted. If he can't type it himself he will dictate to his wife or me . Please be assured that we read and treasure ALL your comments. They have meant so much to us in the past but now more than ever!!!! :) TO LAUGHINGPINEAPPLE - all our positive thoughts and prayers go out to you !! RAWA said so well in his post -- you as our Myst family make our day and lift our spirits - I hope you all know that !! I will check in here but for the latest updates go to . BIG HUGS to you all :)

    32. Creator Tai'lahr on September 26

      For those wondering, RAWA posted about his illness on the MOUL forums at… and there's a thread of good wishes to him at…

    33. Creator Acorn on September 26

      Hi, RAWA's Mama, I don't know if you still drop by here but I've just learned about RAWA's illness from the Cyan forums, and I wanted to post here to you, and to him and the family, to say our thoughts are with you all at what must be such an awful time, and we all hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

    34. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on September 25

      Is the game still on track for an October release?
      a update would be great before September ends

    35. Creator de COULHAC Mathieu on September 24


    36. Creator Ian G G Smith on September 16

      Thanks for your answer Stewart appreciate you taking the time to answer my comment. As I said I don't get much time to keep track of things other than a quick scan through my projects over breakfast or lunchtime. Individual forums are fine but usually take longer to wade through.
      I am not wanting delivery forecasts or anything.
      Still what you said is understandable let's hope there is more good news to come then. Thanks.

    37. Creator Stewart Bradford on September 15

      @Paul - The $120 tier does say it comes with a tshirt. Make sure you didn't accidentally pledge at a different tier and/or contact Ryan at and he'll be able to help you.

    38. Creator Paul Rude on September 15

      I never got my shirt, not sure if the $120.00 tier got those or not, how do I find out?

    39. Creator Stewart Bradford on September 15

      @Ian - based on some things Rand has said in recent interviews it appears as though they are looking for a publisher or some such to possibly get some extra funding into Obduction in order to make it bigger and better. He said that the Kickstarter funding was the bare minimum they needed to make the game but that the original vision would have required more than they got. Now that they have something to show for their efforts they are showing it around. I think the "silence" is because they are busy trying to make things happen in the background but can't say anything official until a deal is sealed.

    40. Creator Ian G G Smith on September 15

      I am a bit disappointed by the lack of communication with backers on here. The whole point of having an updates and a comments section on here is to be able to quickly keep up to date on projects from one place without the need to go to lots of different forums and troll through them.
      If the release of OBDUCTION is going to be delayed it's not a problem but as backers CYAN should have the decency to let us know on here as well as on their own forum.
      Would the game now be being developed if we had not backed it? Surely we deserve to be kept informed.

    41. Creator Weldy Green on September 14

      1) Very unlikely
      2) Basically : They are late but they have more information coming soon.
      Here is a recap : (Some things are missing though)

      They showed a teaser, and a more polished version of it should come to us... soon ;)

    42. Creator Patrick O'Brien on September 10

      A couple questions:
      1) Is the game still on track for an October release?
      2) What were the announcements at Mysterium (referenced in the latest update?)

    43. Creator Michael Banks on August 31

      I gave VR headset. ( Oculus DK1 & DK2) should easy enough for the dev. Team to generate VR camera. They just have to make sure they scale all characters & props to allow for VR

    44. Creator Ian G G Smith on August 25

      Would appreciate any advice on using this game with a VR headset from those who are more familiar with the technology. Still a bit new to me.

    45. Creator Ian G G Smith on August 25

      Question For CYAN will it be possible to play Obduction on a 3d VR headset? I do not have a headset yet backed one on Kickstarter with a view to doing just that complete immersion in Obduction but wondered if it will work being new technology and all. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.
      Looking forward very much to being Obducted.

    46. Creator D.B. Stolzenbach on August 13

      Yeeaa, got a T-shirt ... it looks very different from the one that was displayed on the kickstarter page, is this correct? It was supposed to have the seedlogo on the front, but I got a worldtour shirt.

    47. Creator de COULHAC Mathieu on August 13

      Got mine too !
      Thx from Paris

    48. Creator Kellie Selinka on August 11

      @Troy if you're a size medium I'll sell you the shirt I got. I had gotten it for someone who I'm not dating anymore.

    49. Creator RAWA's mama on August 10

      Hi Lorna, Acorn and ALL my Kickstarter friends - It has been quiet awhile since I've ventured in here because of my failing eyesight. That does NOT mean that I haven't thought about all of you so many times!!!!! RAWA showed the Q & A from the Boston Mysterium and it brought back all the excitement of the Spokane Mysterium and the Kickstarter days. I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to return more often so I can keep up on things. BIG HUGS to all my friends :)

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