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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Mike.S 1 day ago

      So, I see that Richard is continuing his unprofessional conduct. I'm somehow "unreasonable" for expecting promises to be met, updates to be made in an honest and timely manner (and no - "look, t-shirts, shiny!!! doesn't count), and for that to be provided at the place that they've collected $1,000,000.

      In a month, Cyan went from "looking really good" (Oct. 2) to "delayed by a few months" (Oct. 20) to "second quarter of 2016" (3-6 months late, Nov 3).

      Only by sheer incompetence can a project move from on target to 3+ months late in the span of 1 month.

    2. Creator Tai'lahr on November 17

      It depends on how you define spoilers, gijobarts. Obviously, Cyan is going to be careful with what they post, so you won't see any puzzle answers. They do sometimes post images of the worlds, but probably nothing that you wouldn't see elsewhere, anyway. I think it's safe to read and it's very interesting reading about the process, including the difficulties they recently encountered.

    3. Creator gijobarts on November 16

      Does the Dev Blog have spoilers? I haven't been reading it because I expected spoilers, and I've seen more spoiler-ish stuff than I meant to already without looking at anything marked as a spoiler. (Thinking partly of the GameBoy joke video.)

    4. Creator Bryan Benting on November 13

      I hope I don't offend anyone by sharing this info here, but I think this is great news! Robyn Miller (via Twitter): "It's official... I'm composing the soundtrack for @cyanworlds #obduction . I've already started and the game looks amazing!"

    5. Creator uliwitness on November 9

      Hi, I recently bought Uru off Steam and now I have one *big* request: Please make the controls and hit-testing and run-speeds in Obduction like they were in realMyst, not like they were in Uru.

      I'm having such huge problems even getting to objects to interact with that I needed to consult a walkthrough just to assure myself that it's even possible to go to the locations I think I need to explore.

      The controls in realMyst Masterpiece Edition (both classic Myst-style and the more modern style, and even the one from the original realMyst were awesome and smooth. Thanks!

    6. Creator João Eiras on November 9

      Dear Cyan, I remember trying you the URU demo going around the Cleft area. That was a great appetizer. When you do think you could release a small demo of Obduction too ?

    7. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on November 6

      That should be "new post", not "now post".... if only I were allowed to edit typos.

    8. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on November 6

      Now post up on the Dev Blog: The Cleaver, The Machete, and the House of Cards - Part 1…

    9. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on November 4

      I'm OK with it been late ..but this info would have been knows months ago ,and you should have told us in Update 50 at the start of October
      its a sad day when when you find out it will be late ,but it will be made and played someday

    10. Creator ericfromabeno on November 4

      Dave, the publisher would have allowed them to not only expand the game, but expand the team as well. So if it'd gone through as anticipated, they could have done a larger game faster... still delayed if you thought of "late 2015" as a hard target date, but most supporters I think realized that "late 2015" might turn out to be a few months optimistic.

    11. Creator Monk on November 3

      Better late than never.

      Anyway I'm still looking forward to the game.
      One thing however.Has Cyan mentioned anywhere what the minimum spec for your computer will have to be ?

    12. Creator David Hoskins on November 3

      Well it looks like next summer now. That sounds like they were going to be late even without the publisher excuse. How odd.

    13. Creator Brook Hubbard on November 3

      Mike.S, the armchair expert who's backed FOUR projects, and somehow thinks they know what businesses do, what a Kickstarter entails, and what's legally required for a company.

      This project is, so far, one of the better ones I've backed. Come back when you have projects that are currently entering their third ~year~ of delays or have lost hundreds of dollars when the project manager just disappeared.

    14. Creator Tai'lahr on November 3

      The best place to find the latest information is in the Obduction Backers section of the Cyan forums ( because whether it's a KS update, a post on the Developers Blog, an interview, Facebook post, Tweet, Instagram, etc. or just a morsel of information included in a forum post about something else, if it has to do with Obduction, a Cyan fan will find it and post it there.

    15. Creator Ian G G Smith on November 2

      I don`t agree with Mike that it is Cyan`s Duty to provide updates or account for themselves on here.
      As a backer and supporter of the game I do appreciate them keeping us up to date on here, purely because I can keep up to date on all my projects from one point without having to dart off to facebook etc.
      I do visit the Cyan pages when I have time but not often as I don`t want to know too much about the actual game.
      Just to know that the Guys are on the case and doing what they do best is enough for me.
      I think they have been very honest about how things went and are doing what they can to reformulate and come up with reshaped great game.

      At the end of the day it`s late - everything on kickstarter is late. No big deal`ll be finished when its finished.

    16. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on November 1

      Silly short term memory fog. I forgot I already gave Mike his "final" response. He got a bonus "final" response gratis. If only Kickstarter allowed me to edit my own comments.

      Wait. Someone recently said how awesome Kickstarter's site is and how we should use it for all communication. Huh. Yeah. That.

    17. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on November 1

      @ mike

      Keep beating the dead horse instead of accepting that the universe doesn't bow to your every whim. What we are doing and the reasons for why we are doing things the way we are doing them have been explained over and over and over again ad nauseum. 20,000 other people seem to "Get it" just fine. You're wasting everyone's time, energy and, yes, money, by repeatedly asking for what has already been provided just because you don't like how it was provided.

      Welcome to this quantum reality. Unless you're name is Zaphod Beeblebrox, the universe does not revolve around you, despite your opinion to the contrary.

      Apologies to the 20,000 backers who "get it". Far too much of your money has been wasted trying to mollify someone who refuses to be the least bit reasonable.

      I will not respond to you again, Mike. I shouldn't have responded to you after the very first time you insisted on being unreasonable. Every minute I have spent typing up responses to you after that was an inefficient use of the Kickstarter money.

      I honestly wish you well, but this is a complete waste of everyone's time. You are not going to convince us. We are not going to convince you. So be it.

      For your _donation_ you are entitled to a copy of the game when it is released (you've said you backed at that level) (and it _will_ be released just not on _your_ time schedule) and you are entitled to the backer rewards you paid for. You are not entitled to be rude. You are not entitled to accuse us (me, specifically) of things that are unabashedly false. You are not entitled to _anything_ else.

      Done. Period. Fin.

      Good luck in your future endeavors.

    18. Creator Mike.S on October 31

      The only updates which count for Kickstarter backers are those provided HERE. Facebook sucks, and it's Cyan's DUTY to provide updates here. They solicited funding here, they made promises here, they collected their money from here. It's unreasonable for them to not provide timely, complete and honest updates here.

    19. Creator Tai'lahr on October 31

      Mike.S, I don't believe Cyan put the project at risk - just the deadline. Please see their post on Facebook: You can find answers to your other questions on the developer blog:…

    20. Creator Mike.S on October 31

      It's time for Cyan to provide a full accounting. Until this month, NONE of there updates have even hinted at a delay beyond the timeframe they themselves set expectations for - October 2015. That is, until a couple of weeks ago.

      Recently, they've disclosed that without informing the backers who've provided them with over $1,000,000, they were trying to expand the scope of the project, and ended up putting it at risk.

      We need a full accounting, in accord with Kickstarter's ToS: "Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication, and a dedication to bringing the project to life."

      That has not been done here. In fact, less than a month ago, we were told "Let us assuage your fears a bit. Obduction is looking really good..." Then less than 3 weeks later, we're told "we’re a few months behind."

      Cyan, come clean and start being honest. EXACTLY what state is the project in? What percent complete? What is the best estimate of a delivery date? How much money is left?

    21. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on October 30

      @Bryan Benting
      Thanks for the info ;-p

    22. Creator Bryan Benting on October 30

      Terry, a blog post from RAWA recently said the easiest way to help immediately is to purchase any of the Cyan games available online (on places like GOG or Steam).

    23. Creator Tai'lahr on October 30

      terry, I think Cyan has told us all they can for the moment with the last two KS Updates and the last two entries to the Developers Blog.

    24. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on October 29

      So what happens now ?
      Is there any of the game made Demo/Beta ?
      I there a time frame for game release 2016/when ?
      How much money do you need to finish the game ?
      How can we help finish the game ?
      just asking question i would like answered

    25. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on October 28

      Just posted something at… for something y'all can do today if you're looking for a way to help Obduction become "faster, stronger, better than before." And it won't cost $6 Million dollars... [Bionic Man theme song here.]

    26. Creator Monk on October 28

      @ Richard A.Wilson
      Read your estimates thingy But Hoskins does have a point.
      Now I understand the desire by Cyan to make the game as big and as grand as possible but you've been stung by a failed deal.
      Question is,how to achieve the grand vision at the revised estimated completion date.
      A second Kickstarter might be problematical.Originally I pledged the $45 dollar mark not because I wanted all the trimmings on offer but to finance the making of the game.I'd be quite happy to forgo all that extra stuff.Other backers may have felt the same while other do want all the extra's they paid for.
      How much more cash does Cyan think they may need to do Obduction justice ?
      $250,000 $500,000 more perhaps.
      Maybe if we the backers had a better idea then maybe some of us would purchase,
      the sequel ? up front.You could raise another half million to spend on Obduction.
      When the games done and dusted and you start selling it in earnest ,no doubt Cyan will be thinking of the next project anyway.Just a thought.
      I'd have the faith to purchase the sequel now.I might not be the only one.

    27. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on October 28

      @ David,

      Your questions have been answered here:…


      RAWA v2.0

    28. Creator David Hoskins on October 27

      How much did they ask for on kickstarter to begin with?
      And did they not budget around that value?
      Why did they not make the game we all (Cyan fans) paid for?

    29. Creator Dmitry Korolev on October 27

      Maybe try to concentrate at the core of the game and release it. Then, you will be able to add content by DLCs. Second campaign at Kickstarter also seems to be a nice idea.

    30. Creator Protected on October 24

      For your next fundraiser you should go with .

    31. Creator Brent Richardson on October 23

      In response to Update 51 (two steps forward) I thought I would take a chance and ask acquaintances if they knew anyone would take an interest in Obduction. The name Jon Kimmich was tossed out there because apparently he is a crowd-funding Jedi Master. I never heard of him and for all I know he's not the least bit aware or interested in Obduction, but... just a thought. Maybe all of you in Cyan already have all the connections you need, but I just want to see you succeed so I thought I would ask around a little for contacts who might be interested in what you're doing.

    32. Creator Acorn on October 23

      Thanks, Rand and RAWA, for the latest updates. You're sounding more positive, which is great!

    33. Creator MannyLaMancha on October 22

      This is literally the most positive board I've seen; you've garnered a lot of good will through games that have touched our lives. I too am amiable to the idea of chipping in additional funds.

    34. Creator Pixelhunter on October 22

      If additional backing of this project is needed I'll be in.

    35. Creator Melissa Martinez on October 22

      Well, I'm still fully in support of Cyan and Obduction. This was one of my very first supported Kickstarter project and I would have contributed more today than I did then. So, if there is additional financial support needed, I would be willing and happy to contribute to the cause. Sorry about the setbacks, those are hard, but it doesn't damage the vision. You just need to find that alternative pathway. Like is Myst, like in Riven. Sometimes you moved in the wrong direction, but there are other ways to move ahead. Sit back, breathe, find your footing and move ahead. Find a way to let your backers assist since so many of us want to see Obduction come to life, too. Good luck!

    36. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on October 22

      We are deep in the process of accessing all of our options at this point. It has been a very busy couple of days. Y'all are great, and we definitely appreciate the continued outpouring of support. We know how many of you have our backs, that was not ever in question. Y'all have kept MOULa running longer on donations than any of the publishers ever did. :)

      That said, we really do have to a bit of research to see what our best options are going forward. And we have several paths to choose from. There are many lights at the end of the tunnels ahead. I don't think any of them look like oncoming trains today. :)

      We'll let you know everything we can as soon as we can.


      RAWA v2.0

    37. Creator Marius on October 22

      This is sad, not what you deserved, but remember:
      I gave you my money so you can give me a game not a blog..
      I believe in what you do and want for this title yourself.

      We have all seen to many titles over many years given into pressure from deadline\fans\backers\ forum\ papers
      and released what they had at the deadline or so far they dared to push it.
      So please release a Great game late, rather than a good game when you feel you have too.

      And Cyan Just my 2cent: fans don’t always know what they want.
      Just look at the FPS genre NOTHING new has happened since open beta became the new demo.
      People know what they liked in the last game they played and are afraid of change that may be bad.
      No developer (except indie, and maybe that why indiegames are so popular) dares to try something new, All the game are the same after the public have spoken. So belive in yourself and Your idé

    38. Creator Alexander Trippel on October 21

      Why aren´t you releasing a game now and spare the rest for a couple of DLC's?

    39. Creator Ghaelen D'Lareh on October 21

      Yes, let us help.

      I'll give more if there's a possibility that the expansion will go through. (Yum.... can I say 'yum' to more of whatever it will be?) I WANT IT ALL whenever it gets here ;) I'll also give my love of Cyan "whataretheygonnadonow?" secrets, my teeth grinding sounds when they won't tell us so as to avoid spoiling part of the story, and my one expectation that it will 'something amazing'. I don't care when it gets here because it will launch us into another new story - the kind of story that lasts and lasts.

    40. Creator rarified on October 21

      RAWA 2.0... Your blog post was spot on. The only sad thing about it was that you had to take time to write it (even though it may have been cathartic!) I write software for a living and know first hand the tenuous nature of "estimates".

      Cyan still has my complete confidence and I eagerly look forward to what wonders only you guys can imagine and I can marvel at in Obduction.

    41. Creator Captain Query on October 21

      Rand and RAWA thank you for your honesty and transparency. It is a shame the publisher did not follow the same path. I will always support Cyan and if the community can help make the "expanded" dream come true just say the word. If not another Kickstarter give us a means to contribute similar to Myst Online. Thanks for you efforts. RAWA's blog touched my heart.

    42. Creator Bryan Benting on October 21

      So I only counted a few disappointed and a literally a ton of supportive "we can wait, let us help!".

      I say let's do this! We await your instructions.

      Send out a backer survey or something. You probably have everyone's e-mail. Let those who don't want to help opt out somehow.

      I couldn't have given any more money when the KS campaign happened, but now that it is much later I can and will.

    43. Creator speedwing on October 21

      If you need more money I will support you. Even if it takes more time I will wait.

    44. Creator Benjamin Doerr on October 21

      I honestly don't care if it takes another year or more. I backed the project because of the vision, because of my history and love with your games, because of hope to plan another. I don't even recall noting a release data or schedule when I backed. Rand, Cyan do what you need to do to make the game.

    45. Creator Tai'lahr on October 21

      terry, think of it like telling your family something before telling your boss.

      Cyan, you need a "swear jar" in the office and every time someone says the word, "publisher" or the name of a publisher, they have to pay into it. I'm sorry you got burned again, but I'm glad to see you haven't lost your optimism.

    46. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on October 21

      so in Aug 21, 2015 they said the game would be delayed ,,,but did not tell us here ....Why?…
      skip to 21.40

    47. Creator Monty on October 21

      I am more than happy to wait for a good game, than a rushed small version. Thank you for the update !

    48. Creator Maggie Heisterkamp on October 21

      I was thrilled to learn that Obduction has become enlarged! Thrilled, I tell you! Sorry to hear about your sucker punch, though. Here's another vote for letting us help you.

    49. Creator Acorn on October 21

      Thank you for the Dev Blog, RAWA - very well said.

    50. Creator Richard A. Watson (Cyantist) on October 21

      Update is up on the Development Blog. Enjoy.

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