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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. David Cheatham about 4 hours ago

      Just finished my first playthrough and loved it... biggest complaint is some of the loading times but great game soon as the credits stop rolling i'm going to load back up and see what other endings i can get

    2. Acorn about 4 hours ago

      Thanks for the update - having got to the end with the earlier version, now I can update the game and then play it through again!

    3. Greg Brown 1 day ago

      Thank you for clearing up the Box Edition question.

    4. Maya Litani 2 days ago

      I'm really happy this Kickstarter was a success and the developers delivered a quality product. It's great to see people donating money for niche products that might otherwise not see the light of day due to the risk associated with these type of adventure games.

      I am disappointed that the Mac version released for backers is essentially unplayable on my 2015 Macbook Pro. I'll be patiently waiting for an updated version, but would appreciate a little more transparency on the expected release. I haven't seen a target date yet, which is discouraging, and makes it feel like this isn't a priority, despite being promised to backers. Apologies if I'm just missing it somewhere - the information isn't exactly organized in the best way! Thanks for listening.

    5. Patrick Karjala 2 days ago

      Indeed, where are the backer rewards, Cyan?

    6. Honelith 3 days ago

      UK here and still the boxed version hasn't arrived yet. Was expecting a few weeks delivery, but will it be a few months?

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Godwin 4 days ago

      Hi I still haven't received my download code, you have the wrong email address for me, even though I got your updates. I have tried to fill out the form but the old email is not valid so stupidly your form won't allow me to up date it. I have sent you messages and it is starting to really annoy me....

    8. Logan Williams 5 days ago

      I still haven't received my download code, and my emails have gone unanswered.

    9. ericfromabeno 6 days ago

      Gwendolyn Bruijns ouch... :( Your complaint is the most legitimate one I have seen in these comments... You're right... possessing all the minimum spec hardware or better, and then finding out that they've taken advantage of a new graphics acceleration software for macs that isn't compatible with your mac, that sucks... :(

    10. Lee York 7 days ago

      I am really excited for the launch of Obduction & have been watching a few let's play online. I was one of the first to back Obduction when first announced & backed it for $50. Back then I had a decent gaming PC and was into gaming on the PC, but have since migrated to the PS4 only for gaming. Unfortunately I have not been able to claim my humble code for the game upon release, as I have no means of playing it at all. I have heard that Cyan are working on a console version of the game, and since I have not claimed my PC version of the game yet, I am hoping that Cyan are able to offer the PS4 version once released? Or at least at least at a reduced price for PS4 for a fellow backer? Most likely I might be getting my hopes up for that option. Alternatively is there a way to sell my code to someone who can use it instead of me?

    11. Missing avatar

      Gwendolyn Bruijns on September 23

      When i backed Obduction my Mac was sufficiënt for spec with i7 processor, 32gb RAM and 2Gb video card. My Mac is model 2011 and therefor it does not use Metal for Graphical improvement. Obduction however wants Metal installed or it Will not start. Cyan please work out an solution so i can play Obduction on my Mac! The use of Metal was not mentioned in the needs for Obduction as far as i know.

    12. Missing avatar

      terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on September 23

      A update is needed...Boxed game and so on...

    13. Richard Pereira on September 23

      Does anyone know where to get the 'digital manual' from? My pledge apparently included that but I've not seen a link to it. Ta.

    14. Missing avatar

      char on September 22

      have the boxes come out yet? Did anyone get theirs?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jesper Peterson on September 20

      If you haven't got the activation code yet, the quickest way is to get one is go to and supply the email address you used when pledging.

    16. Mike Frey on September 20

      Getting the Cooked error. So much for "We'll work hard to keep a good balance between amazing looking graphics and keeping the system requirements low enough to include as much hardware as possible." I now own a $75 junk game that I cannot play, did not even get the boxed stuff that was part of the pledge. What BS, they don't tell you the hardware requirements, are almost 1 year late, and the result is tough, no play. I would start a class action suit, but I guess I am just left with trashing the game.

      I mean come on this is not a FPS where frame rates govern all. It is a "real-time, first-person adventure game, if the original or real Myst has done this they would have flopped. I can play the KickStarter Descent: Underground which started 2 years later (4/21015) and works on my system, all with fewer backers and a smaller budget..

    17. Krystyn Heide on September 20

      Still can't play on the new MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016). Any updates?

    18. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Tijhof on September 20

      It's getting more and more difficult to avoid spoilers, can't wait for my boxed version!

    19. John Paul Messerly on September 19

      I really enjoyed Obduction and was super excited when I found a way to re experience it in real life while on vacation. While in Santa Fe I discovered an art experience/instillation called 'house of eternal return' at a place called Meow Wolf. The experience perfectly captured the mood and themes of Obduction even down to reading people's hand written journals to solve mysteries and traveling between strange new worlds.

    20. ericfromabeno on September 18

      Marcos... they thought that they HAD released a light version considering the cpu/gpu available at launch... the game auto detects your pc's hardware and sets its quality accordingly... it has low quality and special effects off settings. One problem could be that the Mac version of obduction might need more work...

      Heather, I think you are referring to the "missing shader" error that pops up if you have an old graphics card or no graphics card.... this error means that a pc doesn't meet all the specifications for the game to run properly. If it's that error, I don't think a physical box will help...

    21. Missing avatar

      Marcos Genaro on September 18

      I'm disappointed because I cannot run Obduction on my MacBook Pro. I'm aware it's not as powerful as the new ones but at the time of this campaign it was a 2-year old machine only. You took so long to develop the game that my machine is now considered obsolete by you. I do not intend to upgrade it yet because it still runs fine most of the games I play and even the just release macOS Sierra supports it quite well. Why don't you release a "light" version considering the CPU/GPU available at the launch of this campaign? Thank you!

    22. Heather Moore on September 18

      I have tried the download from GOG and steam, stream, whatever. but I keep getting an error that a file is missing. I sent Cyan, INC a private message with details but havent heard back yet. Guess I too will be waiting for the physical box.

    23. Jerry George on September 18

      @Kathleen P Mosley: +1 I was wondering about the physical stuff as well.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kathleen P Mosley on September 16

      I am sure I probably missed it but has it been mentioned when the physical items (physical game, book, poster, postcards and 8x10) are going to be released? I have been so lost in the game that I forgot to ask sooner.

    25. ReptilianSamurai on September 16

      Really enjoying Obduction. It's everything I hoped it would be! I only wish we had made the stretch goal to add another world.

      There are some technical issues, like text on journals being small and hard to read, controller issues, and other things, but so far having a great time.

    26. ericfromabeno on September 14

      Phil Bates, that seems like an odd decision. Even after the disc arrives, you may discover that Cyan continues to post updates/bug fixes/extra content online, essentially making the disc a meaningless physical object, or at best an emergency offline backup, for people who already have access to the game as a download... if you want the disc to have "worth" it might be more sensible to gift it to a family member so THEY can experience the game.

    27. Missing avatar

      Phil Bates on September 14

      Is there any word yet on when the physical stuff will be sent out? I've been enjoying the game, but decided to break for a while til the disc comes so I can feel like I get my money's worth out of that.

    28. Stephen Fleming on September 13

      For anyone who has not received their codes. Email Humble Bundle's ninja's. They may take a day to respond, but all you need is your current email, previous email, if this is the problem, and a screen print of your KickStarter receipt. They sent codes right away. Game has been worth the wait.

    29. Joshua Sauer on September 13

      Can't run the game at all, since my processor is apparently not new enough. So I guess I'll be waiting to play for quite some time, since the high requirements mean I'll need to wait until I can afford to buy a whole new computer, not just get a new graphics card. Sigh. Ah well, at least that likely means by the time I will be playing it, any bugs will have been long addressed.

    30. Elaine Magliacane on September 12

      I am not able to download the game...thankfully, I did purchase the BOX... so when will they be mailed out? Is there an ETA on those?

    31. Azimuth Entertainment on September 12

      I'm a couple hours in, and I'm enjoying the game for its story and setting, definitely captures the 'Myst' experience I was looking for.

      Unfortunately, it seems to suffer from some technical issues. I have a pretty high-end system, but the poor frame rate makes me nauseous every time I play. There's no way this will be playable on VR, where frame rate has to be high and consistent.

      A minor issue, but I'm surprised there's no controller support. This is a game that is essentially walking around and clicking things, there's no reason to chain someone to a desk and keyboard to play it.

      I realize things went a bit south and they were rushed to put something out, but I hope they'll take the time to fix the fundamentals like performance and controller support before they try to tackle VR.

    32. ericfromabeno on September 12

      Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins, did you follow the instructions in the comment literally just below yours? It might end up fixing your messed up game.. Though I have no Mac experience, so I honestly don't know... :(

    33. Adam "WeirdArms" Wiggins on September 12

      Mac version has become unplayable :( Was really getting into it too despite the mac bugs otherwise. Now it just livelocks shortly after loading a game in a kind of spasmed looping of the last motion made :(

    34. Jason Chau on September 10

      Forwarded from Krystyn Heide (for those with problems on Mac who meet the requirements):

      Found this on the Steam forums...
      If your Pre-release Mac build crashes and will not start again, please follow these steps to remedy the situation.
      1. Open Finder, press "command+shift+g"
      2. Type in ~/Library/application support/, press enter
      3. Open Epic/Obduction/Saved
      4. Delete ByteCodeCache.ushadercode & DrawCache.ushadercache
      The game should now start up properly.

    35. Missing avatar

      sfoderick on September 10

      Like others, I expected better from Cyan after their long Mac history (the cover hologram from Cosmic Osmo is still on my desk and Manhole was much loved). Wrote to them twice, no response and I hear from others that the Mac version is not much. bummer

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Jakob on September 9

      Still waiting for my download code as well. I too have sent several emails to with no response.

    37. Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on September 8

      Absolutely beautiful - making my way through

    38. Christian on September 8

      My first Kickstarter campain where I'm terribly dissapointed. Mac version unplayable, even with a recent mac... This game is designed only for Pc. Cyan should have really precised it at the beginning... The myst dream goes now far away... What a mess this mac stuff... :(

    39. Missing avatar

      Bradford Messerrly on September 7

      I too have not received my code after sending several emails to

      Cyan needs to send out a new update informing us of our status.

      That would go a long way to allay our fears that we have not been forgotten about.

    40. Missing avatar

      Laurent Kempf on September 7

      I also checked, of course. I also followed the procedure outlined in their last Kickstarter update to change my wrong email and use the Humble resender, all to no avail.

    41. Jennifer Cross on September 7

      Fien, I have checked there several times. It shows no code. I've even checked under multiple email addresses in case they had an old one. No keys at all.

    42. Fien on September 7

      Laurent, Jennifer, and all those who still haven't received their email: If you haven't done so already, go to Humble Bundle and check if there's a code waiting for you. Might solve the problem cause all the missing Cyan email does is link you to HumbleBundle.

    43. Missing avatar

      Laurent Kempf on September 7

      I've sent a message on Kickstarter, three emails to and also one to in case my gmail address fell into spam at the first for some reason. Between each I waited a few days, just in case they were swamped, which I would totally understand.

      Still no answer as of today. I would at least have liked to have been acknowledged, even if for some reason giving me the code is problematic (my email has changed since I filled the survey, and I didn't realise that until release).

      Being among the early backers I also feel cheated; I've supported several game projects on Kickstarter, and never ran into anything like this. I would have expected better from Cyan.

    44. Jennifer Cross on September 6

      I've emailed as well twice now about not receiving my code. Feeling a little cheated at this point that I can't even get a response on how to proceed. I would have expected some sort of response by now.

    45. Missing avatar

      Toby Cicak on September 6

      I am in the same boat as Matthew and Teresa. I have sent a couple of emails and have not received a response.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthew West on September 6

      I have sent three emails regarding my missing code but have received no response. I am quite anxious to get my rewards. Please contact me and tell me how to proceed.

    47. Teresa Carroll on September 5

      Can somebody in customer service help me? I sent two email messages inquiring about my code. I have not received. Thank

    48. Jedra7609
      on September 4

      I have been on holiday so missed the launch. Loaded it up today for the first time and I am very impressed. I built my PC nine years ago, so it's a bit of an ageing beast and I can only play on low to medium settings. I think I will wait until I build my next PC next year before continuing the game, because I feel I am missing out on the visuals.

      Anyway, so far the game has captured the feel I got with Myst all those years ago - great job guys!

    49. Craig Prall on September 4

      Now, that the game is out, any idea when the other backer rewards might be fulfilled? (The physical ones that haven't been delivered yet, not the digital ones.)

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