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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. William C. Strohm 2 days ago

      For Mac players, I'll tell my results:
      Obduction runs perfectly on my "Hackintosh" in "Epic" quality. My system description follows:

      CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 (3.4 GHz)
      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI
      Graphics card: Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC (low profile)
      RAM: Kingston 16 GB DDR4
      Storage: Samsung 850 EVO (250 GB)

      Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4
      Obduction Mac version 1.4.2 (from Steam)
      nVidia Web Driver version 378.05.05.05f02

    2. Jason Chau 3 days ago

      Thought you guys might wanna know about this. It's a new campaign from Trilobyte for a 7th Guest Board Game >

    3. Missing avatar

      Stas Oskin on April 19

      When the PS VR version is coming?

    4. Missing avatar

      David Grant on April 18

      I am also quite concerned about the import duties that may be charged if a value is put on the packaging.
      I realise that the contents do have value but a large chunk of our backing monies was for the game development so the value of the shipping package needs to reflect that if a value needs to be put on the packing label.
      Just a thought........

    5. Monika
      on April 18

      Found the code request info, please disregard my previous message

    6. TCB The Scar on April 16

      @Cyan (Tony Fryman): I have received the package... 7 months to send me it, $20 USD the "Myst V" soundtrack, and NO box! Just a slim paper protection! Seriously!? I'd better keep my money! After all the years I spent on "Myst Online", all the money I gave for the CAVCON, and all the months I spent waiting both the package and the "Obduction" box, you could have send me the "Myst V" soundtrack box!! It's scandalous! You need money, I need some too... But I don't take money in my Fans pockets!

    7. Monika
      on April 14

      @Cyan: Sorry to have to ask - but when did I receive the digital download link, and can you resend it? I'm just coming up again after my eighth chemo treatment, so have lost lots of emails to filled mailboxes...

    8. Lucas Sander on April 13

      Thanks for the answer, Cyan! Looking forward to have it besides all the Myst boxes!

    9. Jean-Christian Pitre on April 11

      In the latest "final receipt" it shows items as "sent" which include:
      - Digital Concept Image
      - Obduction Digital Game Manual
      - Obduction Digital Strategy Guide

      I never got a link for these items above. Is there somewhere to download them? From what I can see the Digital Art Book is not ready/available yet because it's not marked as "sent". I did get a link for the Soundtrack a while back, and I have that downloaded. Same for the digital copy of the game (played it through twice).


    10. Cyan, Inc. Creator on April 11

      Lucas - A Mac and PC disk are included in the box.

    11. Cyan, Inc. Creator on April 11

      To physical backers who received receipts

      Your receipt shows checked boxes for items you have access to and/or received. Your available digital content is in the Local Files of your game on the computer you downloaded them to.

      The blank boxes remain blank because those items have not either been shipped yet or been made available digitally because they have not yet finished production.

      The blank boxes do not mean you don't get the unchecked items.

      We appreciate your patience as we finalize the physical Backer rewards (including your boxed version of the game - the reason for the FINAL receipt email you received), and thank you for your support.

    12. Lucas Sander on April 11

      Oh, please, pay attention to what João Eiras said! I'd have the same problem.

      Also, will the boxed game include the Mac version, kind of in a hybrid disc? Or do we have to choose?

    13. João Eiras on April 11

      Dear Cyan,

      PLEASE do not ship the physical rewards to other countries with the price attached anywhere to it. In my case, I'd be forced to pay 92 USD on import duties!

      I left this comment also in the forum, hopefully someone will look at it.…

    14. TCB The Scar on April 9

      @Cyan: Hello! On 2016 september 15th, I sent a paypal payment for "Uru" and "Myst V" soundtracks, but I still have no news about my order... Will the soundtracks be shipped with my Obduction physical rewards? Regards.

    15. ericfromabeno on April 7

      depending on your priorities, you may feel that Cyan is mishandling the physical rewards obligation to its backers. They made a decision long ago to send everyone's physical rewards in a single package, to avoid double or triple postage costs, which would eat into their budget. with 5,000 of their 22,000 backers receiving some sort of physical object, they had to make some choices. They sent out almost 1900 t-shirts, I assume they were willing to send those out because they realized it'd help spread exposure. But at the same time, I bet someone at Cyan said, "ouch, postage is going to take a huge chunk out of our development budget if we send out the physical objects as they come in!" So they decided to reduce costs as much as possible... All 5,000 or so backers waiting on physical objects are going to receive the boxed version of the game, which needs to be shipped as bug-free as possible, so that when it also hits stores it doesn't cause a huge backlash... 22,000 backers who understand the development process and have some patience are one thing, an entire worldwide audience of consumers with no patience would (and probably still will) flood them with never-ending complaints. The boxed game has to work well. What that means for the company is that their initial decision to wait and send all the other physical objects together is totally defined by the date they are ready to ship the box. Which is sometime next month, apparently.

    16. ericfromabeno on April 7

      on gog, obduction 1.5.1 (10918) is the latest build

    17. Colin Holgate on April 6

      Is the GoG 1.4.2-24016 (gog-10) file the latest version?

    18. Ken on April 6

      They are making things better for the high end PC's, I have a low end and it gets worse as they update. 1.5 is the worst. I was able to play with some graphics up a little, now I have to play full low settings. I'm glad I saved the previous builds on a thumb drive.

    19. Bryan Benting on April 5

      I am quite pleased so far with this kickstarter. Cyan not only made the game and made the VR version for Occulus Rift (as promised), they also added support for the Vive and VR controllers (which weren't even mentioned in the original kickstarter. They are constantly fixing bugs and they needed to get apple to fix it's own OS issue to release it for Mac (which seems outside of Cyan's control). I can't see how any of this is a let down for a Cyan fan. Yes you have to wait a bit longer for your box set and art book, but don't you want the game to be as bug-free as possible when you finally get the box set? I know I do. I say Cyan should take their time and do what you need to (as they have so far). This steady release of new support is great and a much -appreciated added bonus for me. I don't want the static location Occulus Rift, so Vive support (something with room scale!) has me excited enough to buy one soon. Nobody got ripped off here. If anything it has been a long wait for a great game and it is being delivered above the realistic expectations. Thank you Cyan, and I would gladly back your next project.

    20. Ian G G Smith on April 4

      I have been playing Obduction on the HTC VIVE and am loving it this is what VR and this game were made for. I am playing in high res and the game is as smooth as silk I have found no real issues at all with it took a little while to get to grips with teleporting about, mainly precision moving and I find I have to play stood up as playing it seated in a swivel type chair resulted in my Vive cable becoming wrapped around the seat support.
      I am VERY happy with the way the game looks in VR and think CYAN have done a great job. Thanks. I am looking forward to the boxed set when its ready. Meanwhile I am back in the Game.

    21. terry on April 2

      Any update on Box version ? still waiting to play this game...;-(

    22. Patrick McMichael on March 31

      Where do things stand with the Mac version since the January update?

    23. DeeZaster on March 31

      Cyan always fixes big issues like this eXoScoriae, it's just a matter of time but I'm 100% they will get to it if it's been reported.

    24. eXoScoriae on March 28

      I just remembered that touch controls were to be added this past week, so I eagerly logged into Steam to check it out. I decided to glance at the reviews first however,. I was shocked to see all negative reviews since the VR update. Apparently all the reviewers so far have major performance issues with the game in VR mode. Even with extremely powerful setups.

      And apparently the issue doesn't go away, no matter what graphical settings you choose (low, high, etc...), which points to an optimization issue.

      Shall we expect an optimization patch forth coming on this? I haven't had a chance to try it myself, but one reviewer specifcally mentioned they had a gtx 1080 (same card as me), and if a $700 video card can't run your game properly... then your game has problems.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Tarr on March 28

      @Cam MacDuff - Obduction will not run on your Mac. For Technical Reasons*. I am in the same boat. I am still glad to have supported the project, and that the game was made, but I am definitely disappointed that I don't get to play it.

      *Obduction requires the Metal API, which is only supported on 2012+ MacBook Pros. So even though I've got a Macbook Pro with a discrete video card, 16GB of RAM, and an SSD - no Obduction for me. Because it's a 2011 model (which I'm guessing is what you've got too). IMO, part of this blame is on Apple (for not supporting Metal on a MBP that probably should be able to support it), and partly on Cyan (for not making it clear from the get-go that Metal would be required).

    26. terry on March 27


    27. terry on March 26

      Last login Mar 23 2017

      and still no update or a answer to all the question sad

    28. Missing avatar

      Alwin Peters on March 26

      pledged for art collector and all I got was this lousy t-shirt :-)

      cmon cyan.... rewards, updates.. anything please..

    29. Anthony Parisi on March 23

      Hi all

      Just curious if the mac version is playable yet? The last official update from Jan says it's almost there, and then silence.


    30. Ian G G Smith on March 19

      I really cannot understand what all the impatient whingeing is all about the game was late, so the physical rewards are late too. I am a physical reward backer and am looking forward to receiving them - WHEN THEY ARRIVE. It is a disk in a box with some other bits and bobs I think I can survive in my day to day life whilst they sort it out.
      Meanwhile I am looking forward to the VIVE release of the game and giving that some serious doing to.
      Get a life whingers!

    31. terry on March 19

      From there website...

      "Where are my “physical backer” reward items?

      Backer items are expected to ship in early 2017. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause you."

    32. Sandra Wall on March 15

      I've had enough of being patient. I reported this project.

    33. William C. Strohm on March 14

      @Cam MacDuff,

      Go to Steam and right-click on the Obduction picture in the upper left-hand corner. Drag down to "Properties" and select that. In the new window, click on Local Content. Look for "Verify Local Files" and click on that. Steam will check out the downloaded app and fix it if it has problems.

    34. Cam MacDuff on March 14

      Sorry, this has probably been asked and answered, but... I've downloaded my Mac version on Steam and it won't run. Something about cooked vs uncooked content. What??? How do I get an install that works? Running a 15" MacBook Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.
      When will I get my limited edition book?
      Feeling very left out :-(

    35. Ian G G Smith on March 11

      WOW!! READ THIS!!!!
      CYAN releasing OBDUCTION on the VIVE on 22nd March - Fantastic News as I have been avoiding playing it in anticipation of this.
      Happy Days!!!
      I copied and pasted the page address but it hasn`t linked up but copy and past it into your browser it should work.

      Roll on the 22nd March.

    36. William C. Strohm on March 10

      Have had my Obduction World Tour T-shirt now for quite a while, and the digital downloads of obduction art, soundtrack, etc. are on my computer. Still waiting on the DVD, but I'm guessing that has been delayed by Cyan's Apple and Epic interactions in attempting to solve the Mac problems. All seems OK now, so maybe the disc will be forthcoming soon.

    37. Nathaniel Shim on March 7

      its about trusting Cyan folks... I have not received anything yet, game code nor physical items.
      will give folks few more days ... :(

    38. Ken on March 5

      I think it's time for some kind of update. Last update was 1/17/17, the date now is 3/5/17.

    39. Missing avatar

      GamerWolfOps on March 4

      So its 2017.
      Any word of our physical rewards at all?

    40. Ken on March 3

      In the $45 Tier it states "Digital Art of Cyan Artbook", Is this a digital download or on a disk.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Tijhof on March 3

      Guys... the box.
      "Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Oct 2015"

    42. Doug on February 28

      I've become very disappointed in Cyan and won't ever back them again. People gave them money to make their dream come true now they need to stop chasing things that were not part of the Kickstarter till the finish and deliver everything they owe the people who believed in them enough to give them money. This includes the physical rewards. Afterwards they can do whatever they want with their profits and I'll wish them well.

    43. Jon Ryan Leong on February 27

      Hi, I still haven't even received my DIGITAL codes despite several messages. Please message me back

    44. Missing avatar

      Azar on February 24

      Hi, what's going on with the physical copy of the game? When is it being shipped?

    45. Sandra Wall on February 22

      I agree. We have certainly been patient waiting for our boxed sets so this is getting a little ridiculous. Excuse after excuse.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sophie West on February 14

      I'd also like to know where the boxed set is? Seems like you have been saying they are coming for months now...

    47. Missing avatar

      omugosh on February 13

      Following on from my post below..
      I downloaded the first Mac (beta?) version months ago and it wasn't really playable. I believe there is a newer version now available.

    48. Missing avatar

      omugosh on February 13

      How do Mac users get the latest version?
      I can't figure out if it's on Steam, Humble Bundle etc.
      (Yes, I know there are issues with it.)

    49. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 10

      Hi all! Looks like CW fixed that terrible bug with nVidia 5XX series:…

      Now the game working fine AGAIN with my GTX 560 Ti (version 1.4.2). I can run it on ULTRA settings again, but sometimes the game switches me to HIGH settings, and it runs smooth.

      Thanks CW team! :)

    50. Matt Combes on February 1

      Where is 1.4.2, which you mentioned you were going to be releasing in your last update? GOG still only has 1.4.1.

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