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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Michael Banks 5 days ago

      I gave VR headset. ( Oculus DK1 & DK2) should easy enough for the dev. Team to generate VR camera. They just have to make sure they scale all characters & props to allow for VR

    2. Creator Ian G G Smith on August 25

      Would appreciate any advice on using this game with a VR headset from those who are more familiar with the technology. Still a bit new to me.

    3. Creator Ian G G Smith on August 25

      Question For CYAN will it be possible to play Obduction on a 3d VR headset? I do not have a headset yet backed one on Kickstarter with a view to doing just that complete immersion in Obduction but wondered if it will work being new technology and all. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.
      Looking forward very much to being Obducted.

    4. Creator D.B. Stolzenbach on August 13

      Yeeaa, got a T-shirt ... it looks very different from the one that was displayed on the kickstarter page, is this correct? It was supposed to have the seedlogo on the front, but I got a worldtour shirt.

    5. Creator de COULHAC Mathieu on August 13

      Got mine too !
      Thx from Paris

    6. Creator Kellie Selinka on August 11

      @Troy if you're a size medium I'll sell you the shirt I got. I had gotten it for someone who I'm not dating anymore.

    7. Creator RAWA's mama on August 10

      Hi Lorna, Acorn and ALL my Kickstarter friends - It has been quiet awhile since I've ventured in here because of my failing eyesight. That does NOT mean that I haven't thought about all of you so many times!!!!! RAWA showed the Q & A from the Boston Mysterium and it brought back all the excitement of the Spokane Mysterium and the Kickstarter days. I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to return more often so I can keep up on things. BIG HUGS to all my friends :)

    8. Creator Troy Meredith on August 7

      If you guys received any extra T-shirts, I'd like to be able to buy one now. :)

    9. Creator Manoel Trapier on August 7

      I received my t-shirt I'm so happy!!!

    10. Creator Ryan S. Davis on August 6

      Got my shirt yesterday and wore it last night! I immediately thought the back was a puzzle. But I don't have much time now. Where do you think the group-solving efforts might take place online? Here, or other forums somewhere?

    11. Creator Michael DeLaMarre on August 5

      Just thought of a mind blowing easter egg they could add to Obduction. Think about finding a hidden linking book in the game that drops you off on... Myst Island! They could hide the original Myst inside Obduction in the form of a linking book and make it playable on Oculus Rift! It would be Sooooo awesome!

    12. Creator Andre Somma on August 5

      T-Shirt arrived in the mail yesterday. Very cool. Thank you.

    13. Creator Nick Roberts (the Ranting Thespian) on August 5

      Just got my shirt! Thank you CYAN! It's looks awesome

    14. Creator Qaantar on August 5

      It looks like it might be a mix of things.

      1. Montreuil-Bellay. There was a railway accident in 1911.
      2. Heppner, Oregon. There was the Great Flood of 1903.
      3. But Darwin (the person) published The Descent of Man in 1874.

      I don't really have time to do more research, though...

    15. Creator architectofages on August 4

      Some thoughts about the shirt:

      1. As far as I can tell, Isaiah, Idaho isn't a real place.
      2. "Ithica" [sic] isn't a place, either; Ithaca is.
      3. "Reach to the Heavens" might be about astronomy (from the way the game is structured), or possibly a reference to the Tower of Babel.

    16. Creator Cyndee Wiese on August 3

      Architecture? Natural disasters?

    17. Creator Cyndee Wiese on August 3

      Sweet! just got my shirt. I love that it has a puzzle on the backside and I currently have some time to think about it.
      I'm looking sooo forward to this game!! Thank you Cyan

    18. Creator Mike Neimoyer on August 2

      I got mine yesterday. :) Shahrazad was really curious about it, too. :) I'm curious if the dates are a code of some sort. Seem a bit TOO random....

    19. Creator Ken Anderson on July 31

      I also got the Obduction tour shirts! Cool, huh!!

    20. Creator Criswell The Tiny Epic Weatherman on July 30

      Package arrived today from Cyan. Seemed too small to be ObDuction. Was 2 ObDuction T-Shirts and by what was on them, I assume these are limited edition and possibly KS exclusives. Another package should be arriving in a few months, if on time.

    21. Creator Jason Chau on July 29

      Thought you guys should check this out if you haven't already - and it's been properly licensed from Trilobyte Games! >

    22. Creator Kellie Selinka on July 27

      I pledged for the shirt to give to my at the time boyfriend. It's kind of funny that I've been waiting for the shirt to come in the mail for longer than my relationship with him actually lasted. I guess at this point it doesn't matter if I get the shirt or not lol.

    23. Creator Patrick Karjala on July 19

      Been quite a bit of radio silence lately on the forums and here. Hello, Cyan?

    24. Creator M&S B. on July 15

      When are the t-shirts going to be shipped?

    25. Creator Jason Chau on July 5

      Hi folks,

      Just wanted to point you guys to a retrogames-related Kickstarter campaign happening at this moment. Please give your support to music pioneer Dave Lowe aka Uncle Art who did a lot of the games music for some of the top retro games of the 80s and 90s which included Elite II Frontier, Starglider, Turbo Outrun, Afterburner, Carrier Command, Street Fighter II, Double Dragon, Altered Beast, Power Drift, Pinball Dreams, Nightshift, Beneath A Steel Sky, Geoff Hammond's F1GP and many more. He was the first to for instance (where noone had done at the time), to sample voice onto 4-bit which allowed the Atari ST to play it back! He is planning to turn his collection of music works into an orchestral remake. There will be options for a CD, vinyl album and digital files for download >

    26. Creator Joseph Lindsay on July 2

      What do people think of adding Hololens to the game? Imagine solving puzzles you could see right in front of you.... maybe best for Obduction 2. :)

    27. Creator Horatio on June 28

      Just thought I'd mention the Myst-inspired Eyes of Ara here to try to promote it. Only 3 days left, so please help!

    28. Creator Ian G G Smith on June 13

      Hello Cyan since backing Obduction way back in 2013 the VR headset has made giant leaps in both availability and price and thanks to the likes of Kickstarter many of us will soon have the tools to enjoy all that the VR world has to offer.
      I have backed CMOAR headset hopefully to explore Obduction using it. I was wondering though of CYAN were also looking at these new technologies and if either your past of future games could be converted into 3d versions to increase still further the immersive experience.

      I have always enjoyed your Creations from the very beginnings with Myst and all the subsequent releases - look forward one day to hopefully entering a full 3d world.

      Keep up the good work look forward to any feed back from you.

    29. Creator William C. Strohm on June 5

      A June 2015 update would be nice, either here or on the Cyan Backers' Forum, or on Cyan's Public Obduction forum... please? Thanks!

    30. Creator Weldy Green on May 31

      @David Brown You can send an email to

    31. Creator Nathaniel Shim on May 27

      Any updates on the production ?

    32. Creator David Brown on May 22

      I am moving to German and as a result my email is changing as well as my address. How do I make sure Cyan knows the changes so I get my stuff? :)

    33. Creator Lorna Hartman on May 18

      People are still on here! Cool! This was the most exciting Kickstarter project I'd backed, and much of that was because how everyone pulled together to be evangelists for the project. Seriously can't wait for the adventure.

      Hey RAWA's mama, hello and greetings. Tell him if he's being a hard-nose that he needs to work double-hard, earn a bonus, and buy you a super-large monitor (or multi-monitor setup) so you can get into Obduction for yourself.

    34. Creator Greg Szemiot on May 16

      With Oculus dropping Mac and Linux will Cyan instead go with something like Vive or OSVR?

    35. Creator Michael Banks on May 9

      I'm an Animator using Maya 2015 & am wondering what software & Hardware you're using to develop Obduction ?

    36. Creator Acorn on May 5

      sorry for typo: Eric Anderson

    37. Creator Acorn on May 5

      Ooh, Eric Aderson has posted a new screenshot on Facebook (the Obduction group)… tho' I'm not sure if this link will work if you're not a member of that group.

      And Rand has given an interview:… ;

      and Robyn has tweeted pics from the filming he took part in last week.

      Yes, I'm doing fine, RAWA's Mama, thanks! We're getting some lovely new intel, but no spoilers, which is the way it should be! We respect RAWA for wanting you to have that same discovery experience.

    38. Creator RAWA's mama on May 4

      Acorn - LOL !! I know what you mean but he wants me to have the "I DID IT " feeling like everyone else when you solve something. there is nothing like that feeling and he wants everyone to feel that. Hope you are doing well : )

    39. Creator Acorn on April 25

      great to see the latest update and excellent news that they met their milestone ahead of schedule. Well done to the whole Cyan team.

      Hi, again, RAWA's Mama, your son is a bit of a meanie for not sharing more with you, of all people! But as you say, we know what he's like ;-). And we've learned to wait patiently, and to treasure every bit of info we get.

    40. Creator Tim on April 25

      Please give an update on delivery of the t-shirts.

    41. Creator Stewart Bradford on April 12

      The 3rd stage of my competition is up. You can find it at…

    42. Creator RAWA's mama on April 5

      Hi Acorn - so good to hear from you also !! It is hard to put into words how excited I am to see the progress of the game. The updates are great. You would think that since I live in the same house as RAWA that I would get a glimpse of things being done but as the fans know RAWA doesnt reveal more than he has to and that includes the progress of the games. I only see what the rest of the fans see. I dont think that even a time out for him would do me any good !!! HA HA !! As far as my health - my eye sight is getting a little worse as time goes on, but with the use of a 32 inch monitor and a magnifying glass, I can still see the screen prints and read this print. I REALLY do miss not being able to go to the cavern and visit with everyone but I am happy with what I can do. Have a wonderful day my friend !!!!!!

    43. Creator Acorn on April 3

      Hello, RAWA's mama, great to see a post from you again. Hope you're well. Aren't these new updates exciting!

    44. Creator RAWA's mama on April 2

      Love the updates. Screen prints are amazing.!!! They just make us want the game more, Also, Welcome Welcome to the new employees at Cyan. Employees and fans are so dedicated and supportive and create a warm family atmosphere that I love !!!!

    45. Creator RAWA's mama on April 2

      loved the updates. screen prints are amazing !!! They just make us want the game more ! and Welcome Welcome to the new employees at Cyan. Employees and fans make up a wonderful and supportive family.

    46. Creator Tiffin Filion on March 30

      Obduction production is fun to say!

      The untextured screenshots look beautiful! That means the textured ones will be out of this world! :D I should play all the other Myst related games to take up my time while I wait for this beauty to come out.

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