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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Ian G G Smith about 6 hours ago

      Come on CYAN throw us a bone please. Silence is boring.

    2. Creator Florian Hendrickx 4 days ago

      I really hope this is released before 1st of may, my dad has played these games endlessy for years and he doesn't know there is a new one coming out... I wanted to give it for his birthday, but we are nearing the date... 2.5years after backing, i really hope i won't have to dissapoint him...

    3. Creator Tai'lahr 5 days ago

      Wish Spyder would come out of retirement. ;)

    4. Creator estevancarlos 5 days ago

      Any new pictures or even music for the game?

    5. Creator Ian G G Smith 5 days ago

      We are needy nerds indeed.

    6. Creator Jon Allen 6 days ago

      Go Obduction devs!!!
      Backers are more than willing to wait on a quality product, but we need updates to sooth our nerdy drive for fun. How about tempting us with a release date....... please.....

    7. Creator Sandra Wall on February 5

      It's definitely past due time for an update. We've all been quite patient, but want to know what/when to expect some results for us.

    8. Creator Travis Hajduk on February 5

      Im scared

    9. Creator Branko,Miskovic on February 5

      Any Updates?

    10. Creator Coyote Hubbard on February 2

      Beuller, Beuller?

    11. Creator Fuzzy Puffin on January 30

      Well, it is far along enough to be previewed...Jonathan Blow is playing it right now. So Jealous. Oh well, at least he's given us The Witness to play!

    12. Creator Protector on January 30

      "l am inclined to believe that
      things have not gone well." C. Davis
      (Seen on the Cyan obuction website)

      Why is there no more information since November? How is the project?

    13. Creator Travis Hajduk on January 29

      I forgot to mention mario kart 8 and super smash bros and more

    14. Creator Travis Hajduk on January 29

      There are a lot if games that i love on my wii u. Pikmin 3, splatoon, mario maker, 3d world. And i still have pokken tournament and star fox zero coming. If the nx is a huge success like the wii, it would help cyan to have a game out for it at launch. But i know not many have faith in nintendo anymore.

    15. Creator Julius Ter Pelkwijk on January 29

      *cough*Nintendo*cough*. I cannot express my "love" for them anymore. I have seen nothing but trouble coming from them, especially with their "licenced" content and "restrictive" way of thinking. If you make something (does not matter what) that resembles a Nintendo character, then Nintendo will sue you for trademark infringement. Fair-use policy? Does not work in this case, every Nintendo character is trademarked and you cannot show the game on YouTube without prior written approval from Nintendo, which tells you that you should give up at least 30% of the advertisement income to Nintendo, plus you need to pay "licencing fees". Why you think there is so little to be found on Nintendo games?

      Anything that also releases on Nintendo is guaranteed to fail on sales. I already begin to see the issue of PC vs console, where console owners get their own "exclusive" content to boost sales, and DLC is also getting really exclusive for a certain platform these days. It goes as far as Steam getting updates while GOG users are left in the dark if they will ever see an update. Every time I hear the word "exclusive content", I tend to confuse it with "a crippled game". Not because its "exclusive", but because they want to boost their sales on day 1. I once fell into that trap: "buy the limited edition for +10 EUR and get exclusive content". Got an empty DVD with a paper that said that I had to download the game from the internet... The +10 EUR "limited" content was a DLC pack that I could buy from their webstore, and I never got the "exclusive" content because I bought it in a regular store and not from their webstore (which was the same price as buying from the store itself).

      I am already happy that Cyan makes the game for both Windows & Mac. If they can manage to port the game to Linux, then I am really happy. But Supporting XBOX, PS4 and Nintendo is asking for trouble since you need to rewrite half your game to support that particular platform (and not to mention the countless amount of fees you have to pay just to develop for that particular platform) and you will most likely break the game as soon as you implement a fix for a certain platform (PS4 or xbox).

    16. Creator Mark de Haan on January 28

      Okay guys...I bought the pack on Steam....though I got everything on Disc, I couldn't stop myself from having Cosmo, Spelunx and all as well. Suprisingly, I should have expected the engine to reveal where Myst came from. Gonna play all of it (again). Still expecting a box with the game soon :D

    17. Creator Monk on January 27

      Nintendo NX ?
      I'm still waiting for Zelda to come out for the Wii U !!!!
      How many years is that now ? Utterly ridiculous.Bought that console for my wife as she loves Zelda and I'm still waiting to get the game.
      NX ? wonder if Zelda will be ready for that machine....or maybe the next incarnation.
      I won't be wasting money on any more Nintendo machines.

    18. Creator Travis Hajduk on January 23

      Cyan should make a deal with nintendo to make Obduction a launch game for the upcoming Nintendo NX

    19. Creator Coyote Hubbard on January 19

      Yearning for an update!

    20. Creator Ian G G Smith on January 18

      Well Good things come to those who wait, we are not dealing with a bunch of amateurs here, Cyan I am sure are cooking up a fantastic adventure for us all.
      Sneaky peaks they have published so far look very interesting.

    21. Creator Fuzzy Puffin on January 18

      I'll eat my nonexistent hat if it comes out this summer, but I won't complain.

    22. Creator Weldy Green on January 18

      They plan to release it this summer ;)

    23. Creator John K. Harvey on January 15

      How's it going? Any news since mid-December?

    24. Creator Tai'lahr on January 12

      The sites aren't completely down - just off and on and sometimes very slow - and the forums have been experiencing similar issues. All of these are hosted off-site, but the Support site which is hosted on-site hasn't had any issues at all, so it's likely on the host's end and could be out of Cyan's control.

    25. Creator Michael DeLaMarre on January 12

      Obducton website and Cyan site has been down for a few days now... everything okay devs?

    26. Creator Travis Hajduk on January 10

      My suggestion for the camera system is have it so you see still images, and you can click the sides of the screen to turn 90 degrees, exactly like original riven, but have it so you can right click to look around 360 degrees, and have the WASD keys to walk freely, this way you can play any way you want without having to change control options. If you want to play like original myst or riven then you just don't use WASD and don't right click, if you want to play like exile or revelation then right click but don't use WASD, if you want to play advanced mode like URU then use WASD

    27. Creator Acorn on December 31

      Happy New Year to all backers - there is a New Year surprise on its way from Cyan, I've just seen it on Facebook if you can't wait....

    28. Creator Travis Hajduk on December 29

      My suggestion for the camera system is have it so you see still images, where you can click the top of the screen to look up and click right side of the screen to look right etc. exactly like original riven, but have it so you can right click to look around 360 and have the wasd keys to walk freely, this way you can play any way you want without having to change control options. If you want to play like original then you just dont use wasd and dont right click, if you want to play like exile or revalation then right click but dont use wasd, if you want to play advanced mode like uru then use wasd

    29. Creator terry (Eye Toldyoosso) on December 22

      See you all next year ...happy hangover ;-p

    30. Creator Ian G G Smith on December 22

      I meant to say, but didn`t was that if a bunch of people each studies a puzzle and can eventually solve it un-aided then it will prove that the puzzle in question would be solvable by any player providing they had first of all, found, identified and correctly used all the information needed to solve it.
      I suppose Cyan need to make sure that their puzzles are challenging, unique whilst at the same time solvable to players.
      Needless to say they have done it before and very well so worrying about who is testing their puzzles, Daniel, Tai`lhar and others isn`t something we really need to concern ourselves with what we need to worry about is whether we are up to solving them when the time comes.....................

    31. Creator Ian G G Smith on December 22

      I should imagine that the puzzle testing is not being done by a single person or by a bunch of `Myst` devotees alone. Ultimately the previous versions of Myst, Riven and so on all involved a degree of lateral thinking to find and collate the information which was always there but often hidden or separated from the puzzle in question . There really never any guess work involved the answers were as we know already there just had to work them out.
      It seemed to me after Myst, then Riven and so on that the degree of difficulty and the complexity of the puzzles did get more difficult and sometimes frustrating with each subsequent release however they were all enjoyable and I am now looking forward more than ever after so long to enjoying Obduction, maybe it seems with the added immersion of VR. ultra cool.
      Merry Christmas everyone.

    32. Creator Kestre on December 19

      I know some folks get frustrated by delays in the process, but big projects take a lot of time! Software engineering, graphics, testing... all that stuff doesn't lend itself well to specific time tables. ("I'm going to finish writing that puzzle in the next forty hours of work!") I'm looking forward to Obduction and I hope it's absolutely awesome. I kickstarted this with the highest I've ever donated to a project. Just try to keep up your enthusiasm.

      As comparison, Shroud of the Avatar by Portalarium (Lord British) was planning on being released in Oct 2014, and they're still in full alpha mode afaik. Games. They take a while. :)

    33. Creator John Gill on December 17

      Sometimes real-life places are just as weird as Myst!
      Whilst surfing the web I came across this weird underwater park...

    34. Creator JKing42 on December 16

      Do we have a firm ETA yet? I know software development is a pain. I do it myself. But any idea??

    35. Creator Tai'lahr on December 16

      I got the same results from the link in the e-mail, but found a good link in the Updates on this site. Here's the link to the Limited Edition Art Print Box Set:

    36. Creator Jeff Bixler on December 16

      Hey, I'd love to follow the link in today's email update to see the info about the Myst art prints but I'm getting an Access Denied message. Can you guys provide a different URL?

    37. Creator William Dixon on December 13

      It's projects like this that have made me stop sponsoring Kickstarter projects altogether. I understand that developing a game is an arduous process. I understand that there all sorts of issues to overcome, and I'm sure I should be more objective about the risk/reward ratio, regardless of the stated/perceived experience of those involved in the campaign. Or maybe I now am and that's why KS is no longer on my radar.

    38. Creator Daniel on December 11

      Sure. Then they will have no problem confirming it and how the testing conditions are the same.

    39. Creator Tai'lahr on December 10

      Daniel, no offense, but your questions are making me chuckle - especially the "normal people" vs. "Myst veterans." lol Cyan is pretty experienced in this field and they've never let us down before. I've never known anyone to complain that their puzzles were too easy, but often quite the opposite. I'm sure they've got excellent testers lined up to ensure that remains the case.

    40. Creator Daniel on December 9

      If they tested Riven the same way, no problem. But who tested Riven?

    41. Creator Weldy Green on December 9

      They can also have a good effect :)
      I guess it was the same for Riven, do you think Riven puzzles are too easy ?

    42. Creator Daniel on December 8

      The QA team isn't just difficulty testing. The puzzles are always tested by a lot of external people, and the people they choose could have a bad effect. This happened to Valve with HL2 Ep1, for example.

      It's ok if they use, for example, children to test controls. But who tests the puzzles? Normal people that will lead to probably easy puzzles? Or Myst veterans?

    43. Creator Weldy Green on December 8

      What makes you think children are testing the game ?
      Look at the QA team : They are testing the game :) (and maybe some external people)

    44. Creator Daniel on December 8

      There is something I'm worried about. Who is testing the puzzles? Because, for example, if children are testing the puzzles we are getting puzzles for children.

    45. Creator Krotchey on December 6

      Never got digital download code.

    46. Creator Ian G G Smith on November 28

      @Mike S I backed this game back in 2014 knowing then it was going to take sometime to develope, so really after all this time is a few more months to get a polished product that much of a bother?
      I don't care when this game comes out, I do care that it follows the same attention to detail and awesomeness of its predecessor's.
      It has been a long time coming but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    47. Creator Weldy Green on November 28

      @Mike.S Yes I believe your behavior is totally unreasonable. Can I remember you that you should expect nothing from a Kickstarter ? If they don't want to provide updates, they don't have to. They owe us nothing.
      Again can I remember you that a game being late is totally normal. If they want to take more time to do it, they can because it's their project not ours even if we gave them the money, they can do whatever they want with it.
      And finally nobody cares about your thought and how you interpreted their saying. It's been one year that we could knew the game would be hardly made before the end of the year. Point. No need to discuss about the fact that you were thinking the game would be released in October and you are disappointed. I can understand that, but nothing is going to change it.

    48. Creator Mike.S on November 26

      So, I see that Richard is continuing his unprofessional conduct. I'm somehow "unreasonable" for expecting promises to be met, updates to be made in an honest and timely manner (and no - "look, t-shirts, shiny!!! doesn't count), and for that to be provided at the place that they've collected $1,000,000.

      In a month, Cyan went from "looking really good" (Oct. 2) to "delayed by a few months" (Oct. 20) to "second quarter of 2016" (3-6 months late, Nov 3).

      Only by sheer incompetence can a project move from on target to 3+ months late in the span of 1 month.

    49. Creator Tai'lahr on November 17

      It depends on how you define spoilers, gijobarts. Obviously, Cyan is going to be careful with what they post, so you won't see any puzzle answers. They do sometimes post images of the worlds, but probably nothing that you wouldn't see elsewhere, anyway. I think it's safe to read and it's very interesting reading about the process, including the difficulties they recently encountered.

    50. Creator gijobarts on November 16

      Does the Dev Blog have spoilers? I haven't been reading it because I expected spoilers, and I've seen more spoiler-ish stuff than I meant to already without looking at anything marked as a spoiler. (Thinking partly of the GameBoy joke video.)

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