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An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
An all-new, immersive adventure game from the award-winning creators of Myst and Riven.
22,195 backers pledged $1,321,306 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Anthony Parisi about 7 hours ago

      Hi all

      Just curious if the mac version is playable yet? The last official update from Jan says it's almost there, and then silence.


    2. Ian G G Smith 4 days ago

      I really cannot understand what all the impatient whingeing is all about the game was late, so the physical rewards are late too. I am a physical reward backer and am looking forward to receiving them - WHEN THEY ARRIVE. It is a disk in a box with some other bits and bobs I think I can survive in my day to day life whilst they sort it out.
      Meanwhile I am looking forward to the VIVE release of the game and giving that some serious doing to.
      Get a life whingers!

    3. terry 4 days ago

      From there website...

      "Where are my “physical backer” reward items?

      Backer items are expected to ship in early 2017. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may cause you."

    4. Sandra Wall on March 15

      I've had enough of being patient. I reported this project.

    5. William C. Strohm on March 14

      @Cam MacDuff,

      Go to Steam and right-click on the Obduction picture in the upper left-hand corner. Drag down to "Properties" and select that. In the new window, click on Local Content. Look for "Verify Local Files" and click on that. Steam will check out the downloaded app and fix it if it has problems.

    6. Cam MacDuff on March 14

      Sorry, this has probably been asked and answered, but... I've downloaded my Mac version on Steam and it won't run. Something about cooked vs uncooked content. What??? How do I get an install that works? Running a 15" MacBook Pro with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.
      When will I get my limited edition book?
      Feeling very left out :-(

    7. Ian G G Smith on March 11

      WOW!! READ THIS!!!!
      CYAN releasing OBDUCTION on the VIVE on 22nd March - Fantastic News as I have been avoiding playing it in anticipation of this.
      Happy Days!!!
      I copied and pasted the page address but it hasn`t linked up but copy and past it into your browser it should work.

      Roll on the 22nd March.

    8. William C. Strohm on March 10

      Have had my Obduction World Tour T-shirt now for quite a while, and the digital downloads of obduction art, soundtrack, etc. are on my computer. Still waiting on the DVD, but I'm guessing that has been delayed by Cyan's Apple and Epic interactions in attempting to solve the Mac problems. All seems OK now, so maybe the disc will be forthcoming soon.

    9. Nathaniel Shim on March 7

      its about trusting Cyan folks... I have not received anything yet, game code nor physical items.
      will give folks few more days ... :(

    10. Ken on March 5

      I think it's time for some kind of update. Last update was 1/17/17, the date now is 3/5/17.

    11. Missing avatar

      Branko,Miskovic on March 4

      So its 2017.
      Any word of our physical rewards at all?

    12. Ken on March 3

      In the $45 Tier it states "Digital Art of Cyan Artbook", Is this a digital download or on a disk.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Tijhof on March 3

      Guys... the box.
      "Ships anywhere in the world
      Estimated delivery: Oct 2015"

    14. Doug on February 28

      I've become very disappointed in Cyan and won't ever back them again. People gave them money to make their dream come true now they need to stop chasing things that were not part of the Kickstarter till the finish and deliver everything they owe the people who believed in them enough to give them money. This includes the physical rewards. Afterwards they can do whatever they want with their profits and I'll wish them well.

    15. Jon Ryan Leong on February 27

      Hi, I still haven't even received my DIGITAL codes despite several messages. Please message me back

    16. Missing avatar

      Azar on February 24

      Hi, what's going on with the physical copy of the game? When is it being shipped?

    17. Sandra Wall on February 22

      I agree. We have certainly been patient waiting for our boxed sets so this is getting a little ridiculous. Excuse after excuse.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sophie West on February 14

      I'd also like to know where the boxed set is? Seems like you have been saying they are coming for months now...

    19. Missing avatar

      omugosh on February 13

      Following on from my post below..
      I downloaded the first Mac (beta?) version months ago and it wasn't really playable. I believe there is a newer version now available.

    20. Missing avatar

      omugosh on February 13

      How do Mac users get the latest version?
      I can't figure out if it's on Steam, Humble Bundle etc.
      (Yes, I know there are issues with it.)

    21. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 10

      Hi all! Looks like CW fixed that terrible bug with nVidia 5XX series:…

      Now the game working fine AGAIN with my GTX 560 Ti (version 1.4.2). I can run it on ULTRA settings again, but sometimes the game switches me to HIGH settings, and it runs smooth.

      Thanks CW team! :)

    22. Matt Combes on February 1

      Where is 1.4.2, which you mentioned you were going to be releasing in your last update? GOG still only has 1.4.1.

    23. Khepera
      on January 25

      Will this work with Oculus or do I have to buy a different version?

    24. Missing avatar

      Neo on January 20

      Haha! You are not alone. Join our club "From CW with Love".…

    25. Missing avatar

      sfoderick on January 20

      Deeply disappointed. After years of waiting and well over a million in funding, an unstable/fairly unusable Mac product and the update writer says "Again we want to let you know that this bug isn’t something we can address, it’s at a much lower level, and mostly out of our hands" although many other game developers seem to deliver quality products. What a shame to destroy a solid and once-loved reputation.

    26. Missing avatar

      Brad on January 19

      Still waiting on the boxed set. no longer loads for me ...

    27. Ken on January 17

      What happened to the art book digital downdoad. No where to be found.

    28. Doug on January 16

      I'd like to know when the boxed sets will be shipped as well

    29. Sandra Wall on January 11

      I still want to know when we're going to receive the box edition. These delays are ridiculous. Patience only goes so far and I'm running out.

    30. Mike Frey on January 8

      Obduction on my MacBook Pro is very unstable and now crashes the MacBook every time I try to resume the game. I end up with a random pixel screen.

      My system is a MacBook Pro 15" ( Late 2016) running MacOS 10.12.2.

      I am running Obduction through Steam.

      Other problems: the Cyan forums registration return e-mail is not working to my Comcast account, the cyan contact page is blank,, bounces.

      Hopefully there is a way to resolve these problems.

      There should be a way to save the game at certain points to allow users to recovery from problems like the crashing. The only way I previously found was to start a new game. I now have 8+ hours in the game and I am not keen on restarting from the beginning again.

    31. William C. Strohm on January 4

      In my case, the Mac OS update to version 10.12.2, plus the required nVidia Web Driver update to version 367.15.10.25f01, plus the Obduction update on Steam to version 1.4.1, did the trick (finally).
      No more crashes, relatively smooth motion of the avatar, except a little stuttering when rotating (probably due to my MSI nVidia GTX 750 Ti graphics card not being top-tier). I completed Obduction (good and bad endings) yesterday. A long way from August 24, but the game now works very well. I liked that if the game finishes on a "bad" ending, "Resume" puts the game back before the incorrect choice is made. (But you still have to figure out how to get to the "good" ending.)
      I played this game on my Mini-ITX "Hackintosh," and took much guff from a few folks who wrote that "Well, it's not a Mac, so you have to expect problems..." etc. Not true. The problems were with the "Metal" API that Apple introduced in El Capitan, and its incompatibility with the Unreal4 game engine, plus some problems that Apple itself had, which were apparently cured in its latest OS version.
      My guess is that all previous frustrations with this game in its Mac version will be found to disappear with the above updates.

    32. Arakun on January 2

      I anyone else having problems with the latest Mac installer on GOG? It will report the installation as successful but nothing is actually installed. There's a dialog that pops up that's supposedly for selecting an install location but selecting one doesn't make a difference.

    33. RAWA's mama on December 29

      Acorn ~ thank you so
      Much for the birthday wishes ! I had a very nice (quiet) day. RAWA and family came to visit which was the highlight of my day. I had many calls and Facebook posts that also brightened my day. Thanks again for your birthday wishes !!!!

    34. Acorn on December 27

      Hello, RAWA's Mama - I see that it is your birthday around now! (RAWA let the cat out of the bag.) I hope you had/have a lovely day!

    35. Kosso on December 25

      Photos are now working properly in version
      But I've had far more crashes and had to go to a low graphics setting to go past a big shadow!

    36. Kosso on December 24

      Looks they they finally uploaded the update to GOG. obduction_2.1.0.5.pkg is now there.

    37. Missing avatar

      Phil Houston on December 23

      It looks like GOG has a new Mac version to download! I won't know for sure for hours (still downloading) but instead of version it's Might be worth a try.

    38. Kosso on December 22

      It's just occurred to me that I'm about half way though playing an unfinished game.
      I'm still playing the September release of the Mac version

      It was great to see that there will be "an update" on GOG for us.
      If only someone had uploaded it.

      Where do we file proper bug reports for this? I've found a few really nasty glitches. And if they're holding back a 'proper' Mac release until it's all fixed, they need to know.

      Also: I did not pay to be a beta tester. It just occurred to me that's exactly what I am.

    39. Salvador Bernadó Sala
      on December 21

      @ ArkhamNative, you are right. I deleted twice those files when trying the previous downloads and I didn't remember to delete them again this time.
      The game works now. It goes a bit slowly at times and there's a few textures that look pixelated but it can be played at least.

    40. Missing avatar

      Neo on December 21

      PEOPLE! I want to tell all about the fantastic event of fraud with this game.

      I'm not native English speaker - so don't blame me for mistakes in grammar.


      1. My PC: Intel Core i5-2500K, 16GB Ram, nVidia GTX 560 Ti SOC Edition.

      2. The game worked fine in first versions: 1.0 (initial), 1.0.1, 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.

      3. The game worked ON MAXIMUM settings - and worked fast and smooth.

      4. But next versions - 1.3.3, 1.3.4, 1.4.1 - game just can't start. I see black screen and after 10-15 seconds game window is minimized to the windows taskbar.

      5. I did EVERYTHING that CW tech team said - tried to reinstall the game, updated video drivers and much more. But none of this did not solve the problem.

      6. In version 1.3.4 I've seen this error:

      7. In version 1.4.1 I see black screen and crash without error. But can't start the game.

      8. The fantastic thing in this is that after all attempts to run the game - CW tech team said: "YOU ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO RUN THIS GAME WITH YOUR VIDEO CARD. IT'S TOO OLD. IF THE GAME WORKED ON YOUR VIDEO CARD (in first versions) - IT WAS A BUG".

      9. But the game NOT ONLY WORKED - it worked PERFECT. Now (after 1.2.1) I can't even start the game with at least minimum settings. IT'S A BUG THEY DON'T WANT TO FIX. Instead of this they say: "YOUR VIDEO CARD IS TOO OLD". It's marketing shit.



      Now CW ignores me and doesn't respond to email. Someone faced with such a problem?

    41. Missing avatar

      Greg M on December 19

      Anyone see this error when starting up the latest version, so it doesn't run at all:

      Your application is built to load COOKED content. No COOKED content was found; This usually means you did not cook content for this build....

    42. Kosso on December 19

      Something else I just noticed: Despite installing version, when I hit esc, the menu says 1.2.0

    43. Kosso on December 19

      .. forgot to add: this was with version downloaded via gog.
      Fresh install.

    44. Kosso on December 19

      Updated to Sierra 10.12.2.
      MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2015
      2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
      16 GB RAM

      Game is playable. Audio segments seem to struggle, as do particle-heavy transitions.
      Spent 8 hours in the game last night, so something must be working! ;)

      The only trouble I have is that Photos are showing as white squares and do nothing when clicked on.

    45. Noah Norton on December 19

      So will the box copy have a combo disk with Windows & Mac on it? Or will we get a survey asking for which version?

    46. ArkhamNative on December 18

      @Sr Sala: The crash at start is probably from old cache files. A tech support article suggested the following:
      1. Open Finder, press "command+shift+g" (or choose "Go to Folder" in the Finder's Go menu).
      2. Type in ~/Library/application support/ , then press enter
      3. In the new Finder window, open the folders: Epic, then Obduction, then Saved
      4. Delete the files ByteCodeCache.ushadercode and DrawCache.ushadercache

      Obduction should launch properly after that. As far as performance, that depends on your Mac's graphics chip and other things. Sadly I had to tinker with the graphics settings to get my Mac to perform well. The game graphics settings defaulted to "Epic" (highest), so I turned down settings to get better frame rate.

      Still, there were frequent pauses as I moved and turned. However, I fixed most of that by increasing the "Texture Memory" almost to maximum (70% for me).

      I hope this helps. My Mac is quite new, though, fwiw: MacBook Pro 15", 2.8GHz i7, 16MB RAM, SSD, with graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M370x 2GB VRAM.

    47. Salvador Bernadó Sala
      on December 18

      This may be the most disappointing project I have backed on Kickstarter.
      I have an IMac with a 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of memory.
      I have installed version 10.12.2 of the OS Sierra.
      I downloaded the package obduction_kickstarter_2.0.0.3 form GoG and the game crashes before the first screen.
      The most I've seen of this game was the beginning. Very dark with graphics that reminded me of games done in the 80s.
      It looks like the Mac version is going from bad to worse.
      Right now I feel like I thrown all my money to the waste paper.

    48. Missing avatar

      LK100 on December 17

      @Seth, I also cannot get the forum activation email. Nor can others I spoke with. Its been that way for awhile. So there is no way to discuss the Mac issues or get the latest version number. At, I think they do not have the latest. When I run it, it says v1.2 in the screen where the various options are (photos, settings, etc....)

    49. Missing avatar

      Seth Goldberg on December 16

      @sean: Did you install the latest macOS Sierra update?

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