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From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.
From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.
63,758 backers pledged $3,246,588 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Cyanide And Happiness (Creator)
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Hot damn!

I'm seriously blown away with how far this game has come. Around this time last year we were printing out Random Comic Generator panels and thinking "Whoa, this should really be a party game" and NOW IT ACTUALLY WILL BE!

We started with a prototype and a pocket full of dreams, and you guys turned it into the second biggest card game in Kickstarter history (after that one about the cats that blow up).  


We've got a huge amount of work ahead of us, and we'll keep all of you updated along the way!

-Rob DenBleyker

PS: The Kickstarter officially closes 11am CST on Thursday, so you still have a few hours left to adjust your pledge level. We'll be responding to messages if anyone needs help, or you can check out Kickstarter's FAQ.


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    1. Missing avatar

      John Stansfield on

      My wife knows not of Happiness and Cyanide so this will be a great introduction for her and all that get to play with us. You guys are awesome!

    2. Missing avatar

      apread on

      I got a package in the mail this week. The object inside was a black box that was about the size of a deck of cards. I wasn't sure exactly what it was until I opened the box and the dried-up parts of a cockroach came out. I saw what looked like a deck of cards and I thought a few things:
      -This must be Joking Hazard
      -They manufactured and shipped this in quite a hurry
      -I must have forgotten that I checked the option for getting a dead cockroach in my deck of cards
      -I thought the box was going to be red

      After shaking off the bug bits, I took the cards out of the box. It wasn't joking hazard (or anything related to this kickstarter campaign); it turned out to be a stack of business cards with my name on them. The cards look good, but the whole experience makes me wonder how often that company sends somebody an unfortunate cockroach.

    3. Raymond Chan on

      just got a address verification email which is great, but the country seems to have changed from Singapore to US. Getting a warning if I change it back to Singapore. Will there be issues if I just save it?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Wolf on

      This kickstarter isn't going to happen over night. Bear in mind it's not likely being printed in the same country as the designers and will have to travel to them by ship/train before it can ship. They aren't just printing 400 cards for you, they're printing 400 cards almost 10,000 times over and boxing and shipping all of them with a fairly small workforce to do all of that picking and packing. I've had kickstarters that have taken over a year to arrive. Be patient. Follow updates. Be happy that you're going to have something special that will show your support of this product.

    5. Dave Kellow on

      I just filled out my shipping survey. This has got me slightly excited. Like, I'm more excited than when I order extra guacamole, but less excited than I am when the waiter forgets to put it on my bill. Oh, the heady rush of illicit guacamole.

      Who am I kidding. I'm Canadian. Of course I tell the waiter and have him add it onto the bill. I'm not a monster. But for a moment... such power.

      These pain meds are great.

    6. Ron Pelech on

      I've funded a couple kickstarters, but this is the first time that the goal was actually reached. I'm just jazzed to see this coming to fruition. As for the delivery date, if it does turn out to be truly November, it would make for one hell of a awesome early Christmas present. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Willett on

      Estimated delivery date was always November as long as I remember. Could we get an update on the progress of the game please?

    8. Eric Ross on

      not trying to sound like a dick but is the Estimated delivery in Nov 2016 a joke? I didnt think It would take that long to print a game, I get you need to write the cards but that is still a long time away

    9. daniel faulkner on

      Holy Ball Sack, Batman!

    10. JennawraK on

      update please!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lynn on

      Can we get an update please? It has been a month since we have heard anything.

    12. Roscoe Simmons on

      Can't wait to get the Email Survey. and be able to get my hands on the game!

    13. David van Ballegooijen on

      I miss the funny emails =D - With any other project I hated when they send mails multiple times per week but your mails were awesome!

    14. Stefan Janssen on

      @Kirk KirkPatric It's better to send the surveys as soon as they almost can deliver. Since there is a chance people are moving etc.

    15. Kirk Kirkpatrick on

      So when are you sending the surveys? And I thought a print & play version was going to be available?

    16. Missing avatar

      thomas corrin on

      Hello, I was wondering when you are getting peoples shipping addresses, I'm only asking because I haven't seen an email about it yet.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jacob Hamm on

      I honestly can't wait to sit down and play this with a bunch of friends

    18. Matt McGlashan on

      Hey guys so happy I could be a part of this! cant wait for my copy to be lovingly printed by a cold heartless machine haha!
      Just wondering when will the printable version be available? :D
      Thanks! Keep being awesome,
      ~Matt from Canada

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Hamback on

      I'm glad to have been apart of this! I hope this becomes extremely successful! ���

    20. Missing avatar

      Josef D. Prall on

      Just noticed on the Saturday Guestarama page under Latest News, this:
      "Only 7 days left to join the Joking Hazard Kickstarter!
      by Derek Miller | 2016.03.02

      There's only SEVEN days left to get in on our most recent Kickstarter for Joking Hazard, our new car..."

      Must be a Bugatti Veyron, right?

    21. Missing avatar

      Josef D. Prall on

      When this started, who knew that there could be so many C&H fans/suickers with such a cynical outlook on life, who could come together to donate over $3.2 million just to get a fucking card game. I got to be one of the Beta testers, and count me among the proud suckers who paid to have the wool pulled over my eyes.

    22. Brenna J Sullivan on

      I'm with Alexis. Too much sexy, my loins can't take it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tobias Wallgren on

      I loved this so much my GF started complaining about me talking about it everyday...

    24. Alexander Castillo on

      Thank you for the most enjoyable kickstarter for which I have ever been a backer. Checked every day and watched the last five minutes while the Joking Hazard got 6000+ more dollars. Its been so exciting I can't wait to play the game. I hope you all have had as much fun watching your dream come true through the funds of all of us who believe.

    25. bonuswavepilot

      Wooo! Gratz guys, looking foward to the game...

    26. Alexis Peters on


      I'm gonna need you to stop getting hotter. It's beyond rude at this point.

    27. Ethan James on

      Thanks for being open and transparent about all this so far! Restored a little of my faith in KS after backing a flop project ;_;

      Looking forward to November!

    28. Ethan Deneault

      I just realized I am backer #92. I was wondering why it seemed like this kickstarter was going on forever, I got in in the first hour it was available xD

    29. Jeanette Kronhoff on

      Print 'N Play HYPE!

    30. Blake Curry on

      I can't believe how fat Rob is.

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Wilder on

      It's been a pleasure backing and watching this project. So much of what has made this so great has been how the team and fans have had fun TOGETHER during all the stretch goals.

    32. Missing avatar

      Todd Starbuck on

      How. This is the neediest KS I've ever backed. You're sending a message almost ever day. Give it a rest for a bit.

    33. The Big V on

      @faiyte92 You just pick a new pledge level. You only get charged for one.

    34. Nicholas Brown on

      I love this video 100 times more because of that Eddsworld poster on the wall.

    35. Daniel Santoro on

      You're welcome! Thank you for making (what I expect will be) such an awesome game! In any case, I certainly had a lot of fun following the page through all the stretch goals.

    36. Azurephoenix999 on

      Hey Cyanide and Happiness,

      This guy (who is totally not me) wants to know if you want him to go back and improve the game he made for you guys in Level 3. Maybe you should go and read his (not my) post and tell him what you think:

    37. David Wright

      a big boss salute all the way from the Nippon to you and your team. I can't wait to play

    38. Anthony Pipitone

      Woot! This shit's bananas! All rich in potassium, and stuff.

    39. Missing avatar

      Fairytail92 on

      How do I upgrade my pledge level? I mean I've tried, but it only let's me pledge with a full amount. Like if I want to go up a level I have to pay the full amount ontop of my previous pledge already. The pledge above mine is only $10 extra, but it's saying I can only pledge if I meet the pledge minimume amount.

    40. Harrison Crawshaw on

      You guys are awesome, I've literally watched this Kickstarter everyday, can't wait for the release!!