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From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.
From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.
From the creators of Cyanide & Happiness comes a card game where players compete to finish an awful comic strip.
63,758 backers pledged $3,246,588 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Justin

      Really? :|

      February 8, 2018
      ​Stay tuned, my dude!​
      *-*The Joking Hazard Team

    2. Justin

      In November you mentioned you'll have info on a bigger box soon. Any update on that?

    3. Spencer Hixon on

      I have had this game for a long time now, having ordered it here. But.... I noticed today that something is missing. I was supposed to get a "blast fro the past" set, but never did. Several of the cards did arrived damaged and/or not printed properly, but not 50 of them. How do I go about getting the blast from the past set?

    4. Missing avatar


      Between the main deck, all the expansions, and the wonderful extra kickstarter cards, I don't have room in my main box for the new Deck Enhancement 2. XD

      It's a good problem to have, but gosh do I hate tuck boxes... Any chance a future expansion will include a bigger box so I can keep all my cards together?

    5. Tom on

      Just opened my toking hazard. Wow rolling paper. Too bad i don’t smoke.....

    6. Tom on

      Just picked up tokin, enhancements 1&2

      You can individually turn off with the app notification settings. Works for emails too.

    7. Chunker on

      @Matthew H: There should be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.

    8. Matthew H on

      How do I stop receiving kickstarter updates from this project?

    9. Emanuelle Avila Rodriguez on

      do anyone know where can I get the fun of the past cards?? I sent my game to a friend and he never sent it back to me... and I want to play the game with all the cards

    10. Wouter Weber on

      Anthony Lauer I have PMed the creator multiple times. I got a response exactly 1 time. But never heard back from them again.

    11. Anthony Lauer on

      If you have yet to receive it. It's best to PM the creator. Faster responce.

    12. Matteo Ferrari on

      Hello guys, I didn't receive mi game yet. Backer no.45596. Is it possible that the shipping may have been lost? Sorry for the delay!

    13. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Hey guys, never got my game :( What can I do? Thank you!!

    14. Adam McGready on

      The "gift" in the Toking Hazard expansion still has me laughing my ass off. Well played C&H, well played.

    15. Adam Mohammed

      Also no SG's required, keep it simple.

    16. Adam Mohammed


      Can you send us an update with your plans for future expansions? I'd like to get an idea of how much you plan to create, also if you could kickstart another project to supply us with a large box to hold everything into one.

      Actually just create a new project to supply a larger box along with all new planned expansions.

    17. Bryan on

      Time to kickstart a bigger redder d*ck box.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Is there any way I could throw money at you guys to get a couple packs of just the original DRUGZ cards and maybe other awesone ones like the unicorn ones and them tripping out if your feeling generous.
      This game is amazing so far and I highly recommend it to anyone who might read this with disposable moneys.
      Much Cyinide So Happyness.

    19. Stephen Park on

      I have also not received my package. Please contact me and let me know what are the next steps needed. (I did register my address etc. back when I was asked to.

    20. Michael Reynolds

      The new expansion is added and the special surprise is awesome, but now there is absolutely no more room in the Nazi Gold box to fit any more expansions. Plans for that because I don't want to stop using my awesome red box.

    21. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Stop taking my money dammit! I work adequately for this shit!

    22. Missing avatar

      Don M. on

      All we need now is a box big enough to fit everything. Hint. Hint.

    23. Ruinaes on

      ***But yes, I did read there is a special surprise in Toking Hazard. This very well may make it worth the cost. :)

    24. Ruinaes on

      Love the game and I'll pretty much promise to buy every piece of content for this game that you make. That being said, yeah...the cards are getting more expensive (by a decent margin) in comparison to the core game.

    25. Cyanide And Happiness Creator on

      You're onto us, Chris. The Joking Hazard Experience™ won't be officially complete until the year 2028 when Deck Enhancement #12 comes out, by which point we will have siphoned $150+ from each of your bank accounts.

    26. Chris M

      I pay $60 through the Kickstarter, just received the $12 expansion from amazon, and now you immediately offer another for $10?? Great game, but you lost me on spending any more toward this nickel and dime expansion scheme.

    27. Cyanide And Happiness Creator on

      Yep, you guys destroyed that goal. The game will start shipping tomorrow.

    28. Adam Ferguson on

      Okay, we busted that toking hazard goal. Time to ship!

    29. Ed Gass-Donnelly

      Is the expansion guaranteed to make my deck look bigger?
      And if so, by how many inches?

    30. Ruinaes on

      So, you guys need to release this:

      The "How to hold your D*ck" Expansion.
      - X more cards for a larger D*ck.
      - A larger box to nicely display your D*ck on the shelf.
      - A playmat so your D*ck looks good when you have it all out on the table.

    31. Andy Austin Polycarp Tymczyszyn

      2 things the game needs

      1) The Happier, more Toxic box, to hold more cards
      2) Some purple shirted eye stabber cards!

    32. Yaakov Horwath on

      I was wondering if you guys were coming out with a bigger box with all the cards right now the box is basically bursting from the cards!

    33. James Owen on

      I still want to be able to buy a play mat. :-(

    34. Michael Caston on

      The new Toking Hazard deck enhancement comes in a larger box as it also contains a "surprise". If you want it to actually be a surprise I advise not looking at the product photos on Amazon

    35. Missing avatar

      Emily on

      I haven't received my game either. Like many people who pledged and are still waiting.

    36. Christ Laurenz Sambrano on

      Is it just me, or have I been waiting for something in the mail that isn't coming...

    37. Aaron Lawrence on

      I meant toking. Lol

    38. Aaron Lawrence on

      Now they have Token Hazard you can pre order too.

    39. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Talk about under promise & over deliver. Pre-ordered the expansion deck for may, date got moved to April, delivered in March. Kudos.

    40. Jacob Roberson on

      Just got my Deck Expansion today! Can't wait to play it!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ocktober on

      I apologize for the inconvenience but it seems that I still have not received my package. My friends and I have been waiting some time to get it and no one has seen anything of it yet.
      My backer number is 63,422 if you could get to me ASAP that would be wonderful thank you.

    42. Adam Mohammed

      Bring the expansion to ASAP


    43. Justin

      Loving the new deck! Awesome content. Thanks for getting it out super quick.

      @Valadir - Bad? Yes. Worst? Nope.

    44. Valadir

      @Justin it is astonishing that you are able to deduce from my history how I felt about the respective campaigns. You must be a magician. I stick by it. Yes, other deliveries were way off, for better and worse reasons. But this is the only company that told me in the beginning of December that the package was going to ship in the upcoming days and then hid in a hole for four months with no delivery. Wouldn't that qualify for a bad experience in your opinion?

    45. Joshua Keeling on

      One of the worst Kickstarter experiences so far!

      I mean I got everything you told me I would get for a tier!

      You even told me when you would have another expansion pack!

      How dare you LOL!

    46. Justin

      @Valadir - "One of the worst Kickstarter experiences so far."

      I looked through your backed projects and this comment of yours is total horse poop.

    47. Valadir

      One of the worst Kickstarter experiences so far. Unresponsive company, unnecessarily expensive shipping. - send us a message, when you did receive your game yet.. why when there is no response for weeks?

    48. Nhi on

      Did anyone else's box come with a number in it?

    49. Justin

      "Joking Hazard: Deck Enhancement #1"
      Previous estimated arrival date: May 03, 2017
      New estimated arrival date: March 24, 2017

      Per Amazon

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