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$1,478 pledged of $15,000 goal
$1,478 pledged of $15,000 goal

Third Time's the Charm

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Heya Backers!

So, from the start of this, we knew it was a risk to launch this Kickstarter in (with somewhat less data then is statistically significant) a month that can be very unkind to Kickstarter campaigns. I was hoping that our core audience being on vacation and on the internet, our chances weren't awful. And I was wrong, incredibly unlucky, perhaps a bit of both.

The good news is that everyone was universally positive about our project (Including Reddit and several places that gave us free advertising/shout-outs for being a worthy cause/charitable project). So we're going to add a few bells and whistles and re-launch in a good month for projects (Maybe February, we'll see). We won't bother you until then, we don't want to be jerks about it, so for now. To the third of you who donated whom are our family and friends, thank you for supporting our dreams and the dreams of others who we want to help to make games. The the rest of you who came hoping we could help you fulfill your own dreams. We'll keep trying =).

Happy Holidays!

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    1. Gearsoul Dragon
      on December 23, 2013

      :3 Nice message~ Look forward to seeing your relaunch! Happy Holidays~