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Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
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It's a go!

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

We've waited 6 months and over a hundred production samples to say this.

The 10 production samples we just got in the mail are perfect.  The problems with the coin screw piece are fixed, and the new pieces look fantastic.

That being said, we recognize that we still have a ways to go.  Our inexperience with large scale manufacturing has made us really bad at predicting problems before they cause delays.  We acknowledge this (trust us!) and we try to do better every day.  Thankfully we have learned a ton, especially from fellow backers.  We are also thankful for you all for your patience and understanding.  Because of your support, and appreciation of something that is going to last forever (and therefore must be perfect!!!), we have never once even thought about making a compromise with quality.

Such a privilege.

moving along ...

Xin nian kuai le!

In a recent comment to our last update, a backer pointed out that we should expect delays because of the Chinese new year.  We have heard warnings of this before, that sometimes factory workers do not return after the holiday, or that positions are filled with untrained staff.  Thank you for the heads up!  We are preemptively talking to our manufacturer about this.  We don't want them to rush things and hire inexperienced staff.  And of course we want to make sure that everyone one gets a proper holiday!

The plan

We are expecting to receive our first shipment of 500 pens in Brooklyn in about a week.  We are not sure what this is going to be like, but we will keep you posted.  We are thinking heavy.

Quality control on the ground

We (and hopefully we can convince some friends to help) will be going through and checking the quality of every single one of your pens before you get them.  If anything is wrong with a pen you will never see it because it will be flown back to China business class with vegetarian meal option.

We will then be packaging them.  Our packaging came from a tube company in Illinois, which in retrospect was kind of a crazy thing to have done, but who cares! They are awesome!  And it means we get to touch all of them!

Oh yeah and the party!

There will be a party where you can pick up your pen.  Let's just get the pens first before we make any crazy plans that involve perishable food objects and human time commitments.

Oh yeah and the drawings!

They are in the works.  We have been using them as our sketchbooks for the past couple months.  More on this in the survey.

Oh yeah and the tea meetings!

We are going to figure out a way to have a sign up sheet for appointments.  More on this soon.

Oh yeah and the survey!

We are going to send this out at the last possible minute so that we can be sure to have your correct shipping info.  It will come!


Taylor + Che-Wei

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quick update !

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hi Backers !

First off, happy 2012!  We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and were able to spend some quality time with loved ones over the holidays.

We are in production right now.  We received top of the line production samples.  Everything was awesome except for a couple imperfections with the coin screw pieces.  The coin screw slot was not evenly cut and the screw was unevenly polished.  We have come this far and we can't let this slide.  (see first 2 photos below).

Yes we are being nit-picky ... but we know it will be worth it in the end.  We appreciate perfection, and suspect you do to.  At this point the battles are small, but we know they are worthwhile for everyone.

Thank you for fighting with us.  Especially for trusting that we have your backs.  It means the world to us.

We are scheduled to receive 10 more production samples in 4 days (they are in the mail!).  *See 3rd image below of the new samples (That image was taken by the manufacturer).  When they are in our hands we will be able to make the final approval to begin receiving shipments.  At that point we will send a more thorough update with more details.

Final stretch.  Deep breaths.

You are all awesome.

much love.

Taylor + Che-Wei

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ready ready (almost) close !

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

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we need more time !!!

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

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what does 6,000 look like?

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

like this !!! (scroll down)...

& hello lovely backers,

Here is a short, update...


ALL the packaging for the pens just arrived in our studio.  Woweee!  We don't think we've ever seen this much of anything.  We had to hold our studio mate back to stop him from diving in to go swimming.

The Golden Sample

We just got off the phone with our fabricator.  They are working to make sure that as they scale up manufacturing, the pen takes 1.5 seconds (plus or minus some leeway) to fall into the ruler case.  This is the sweet spot.  They were super honest with us and told us that there were some unexpected hurdles here.  Right now they are falling too quickly.  We all want it to be just right.  This tolerance is the hardest part about this process.  We hope to get the golden sample within the next 10 days.


Once we receive and approve the Golden Sample, we will know exactly when the pens will ship.  Then we will send out surveys asking for your shipping information.

Thanks for all of your patience and support.  You will get your pens and they will be awesome!

Much love and please don't forget to eat your veggies,

Che-Wei + Taylor

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