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Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
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more on pens

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hey Backers !

Sorry this update is long overdue.  We've had lots going on the pen front in the last couple of weeks.  Including a few issues on the legal side of things with our fabricators.  Luckily we were able to refocus them on the task at hand, which is delivering our initial purchase order (your pens).


- we just sent out a shipment of 300 pens yesterday.

- 480 pens are arriving later today that we will QC (quality control) + pack and have sent out by Friday.

- 480 pens are being shipped to us on Friday and should arrive by next week for us to QC + pack.  Those should be sent out by the end of next week.

After these batches (so by the end of next week), we will have shipped approximately 2497 pens.  We are ALMOST at the half way mark!  Again we wish this number was higher, but we are getting much closer.

This is a revised schedule from our fabricators with the shipping dates of when pens will ship from the factory to our studio for QC + packing:

30-Apr-12 - 480 pens

16‐May‐12 - 480 pens 

29‐May‐12 - 480 pens

11‐Jun‐12 - 480 pens

23‐Jun‐12 - 480 pens

7‐Jul‐12 - 480 pens

23‐Jul‐12 - 480 pens

7‐Aug‐12 - 494 pens

21‐Aug‐12 - Fill remaining pens that were rejected in QC if < 500

13 4‐Sep‐12 Fill remaining pens that were rejected in QC if < 1000

Yes we know we will hit the 1-year mark if that is how the schedule stays.  Yes that sounds just as insane to us as it does to you.  But hey, this pen is over-engineered all the way to crazy land and will last lifetimes!

Tracking app

Just a side note... You will NOT see any changes reflected in the tracking app until we receive an updated spreadsheet from the fulfillment company after shipping these batches.  We will get this done as fast as we can.  

You will get an email with your tracking info once your pen ships.

Once we have seen consistency and reliability with receiving pens we will update the shipping application to reflect an estimated ship date.  We are still waiting for this consistency to publish this, without it it's a pretty meaningless indicator.

Sweet drawings! serious.

check out doodles :

submit your own Pen Type-A doodles :

Or if it is easier for you to email us: cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com

Thanks for your continued patience with us and this project!

We can't even begin to tell you how much your support has meant to us over the last few months.  There have been lots of hurdles, and learning experiences we never expected would come out of this.  We can't wait to get to the finish and see where Pen Type-A gets spit out into the world.

A window into our studio

Check out some repetitive motion repetitive motion with our little stop motion video we made with our friends from Studio Neat's app called frameographer.  (you might have heard of them because they make awesome + are kickstarter famous) weeeeee! 

Big hugs and loads of love,

che-wei + taylor

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another bitty shipment

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hey Backers !

Another 211 pens just shipped...meager we know...but more on the way! Database has been updated for you to check out how many pens left before yours ships...

Predicting the future

We know that this app would be awesomer if it actually gave you an estimated date of when your pens will ship.  Since we are STILL not on a steady predictable time schedule with our fabricators (ARG^&*^&*#$%^&), that is a very impossible projection for us to make.  Once we have that consistency, you will be the first to know!  we promise.  We are continuously pushing our fabricators to produce pens consistently at the steady state that they projected in the initial purchase order.  This (among other things as you know) hasn't gone as planned.  We will keep you posted as we make headway.  Again, quality and consistency is our biggest priority.

Holy crap you all can draw !!!

Check out fellow backer drawings and submit your own...

If you'd like to submit a drawing :

Or if it is easier for you to email us: cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com

Scotland press from early fellow backer journalist

Grant forwarded us a very well written write up he did for the Scotland Herald on Pen Type-A!

(screen grab below)

and finally...FIRST (that we know of) Pen Type-A engraving

Early backer Etienne sent us photos of his pair of ENGRAVED Pen Type-As that he gave to two friends as a (hopefully excusable incredibly late) wedding gift. Looking snazy!

We're not set up yet to do engraving ... still working on the pen part ;)...but hopefully this lends some inspiration!

(images below)

lots of love, thanks for being so kind and patient!

che-wei + taylor

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little app for shipping estimate

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hey Backers!

Very quick update today:

Estimate when your pen will ship...

We made a little application to estimate when your pen will ship.  We hope this helps out!

Email alert when pen ships...

We are also sending your email addresses over to our fulfillment company (Whiplash) so that you will be alerted when your pens ship.  Don't worry, Whiplash is great and won't spam, save, sell or do anything shady with your emails after this is all done!

Starting with the next shipment people will get emails with tracking info.

Don't forget to send your lovely drawings!

Everyone loves 'em!!!

If you'd like to submit a drawing :

Or if it is easier for you to email us: cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com

Thanks everyone for being so patient with us.  It will be worth it once you are scribbling!!!


che-wei + taylor

359 more pens shipped

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hey backers!

Last week we QC'd and packed 359 more pens.

These pens were all shipped out by our super fulfillment company yesterday. They actually are super.

More of you should expect to be fancy doodling any day now.

a bitty blog for your doodles

We set up a blog so that all of your Pen Type-A doodles can have a nice home. Please keep them coming. They are rays of sunshine for us!

If you'd like to submit a drawing :

Or if it is easier for you to email us, feel free to do that instead!

fierce qc

For those of you who are counting. Yes, a grand total of 1026 pens have shipped! We know this is a (humiliatingly) small number. And we wish more than all of you that it was bigger.

Our priority with our manufacturers is quality and a consistent timeline. Not fast ...even though that would be great... but consistent and awesome. We are fiercely making sure quality doesn't falter. The pens are still coming in with a bit of oily residue. This is nowhere near as bad as before. We have been wiping it away with alcohol. Hopefully the NEXT batch is totally clean and dry.

We are still going through every pen that comes our way before it gets to you. If you are unhappy in any way with what you receive please let us know and we will fix any issues.

For those of you who are still waiting. We get it. It totally sucks. But the pens will come.  And one day we will all be happy. Together.

We cannot tell you how appreciative we are of your patience. When it gets super frustrating, take a huge, deep breath. That's what we've been trying. It helps for a few seconds ;)

big hugs and please take a moment to enjoy (the now less and less fake) summer.


che-wei + taylor

ps.  we moved this weekend!  (small but happy sigh of exhaustion) see below pen type-a doodle of our new home :)

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426 shipped pens plus some pics

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hello backers !

We hope you are all well and that you are still hanging in there with us.  We spent the last 5 days working very hard on your pens.  A batch of 426 of them shipped this morning.  They are looking hot and we hope you are happy with them.

Please send us images of your first drawing with your Pen Type-A and we will post !  email cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com !!!  we love 'em!

For those of you who are waiting.  It is because your pen has not shipped.  Not because we forgot about you.  Hang in there with us.  Please.  We really appreciate your patience + support.

If you placed your order on 7/19 or before and your pen does not arrive in 10 days, let us know and we can help track it for you.  You can find this date in the confirmation email that was sent to you by Kickstarter for backing this project.

More details below, nothing crucial but there are AWESOME pics at bottom (can we say that?)

The QC numbers

Out of our shipment of 500 pens, we were able to ship 426 of them.  Not as many as we hoped for, but it was the best we could do after QC.  Because again, we are not shipping anyone subpar product.  PERIOD.

We still have some salvageable parts within these 74 pens.  We will mix and match and get these out ASAP.

The good news is, ALL of the pens we received had straight laser etching for the ruler sleeve.   So we didn't have to reject any because of this.

More washing bleh

The smell wasn't AS bad as last time, but it was still there.  So we had to scrub the heck out of all 500 pens.  We had an improved system this time.  And did a much better job making sure they were completely dry.  So hopefully no one gets any sweaty pens.  If yours does still smell, we are sorry, please send it back or if you feel ambitious, disassemble and wash with strong dish soap and super hot water.  Wear lots of gloves to protect your fingers.

Ramping up

Our fabricators are still confident that they will fulfill these orders by April.  We paid them more money to ramp up, but they still have 5294 pens left to deliver.  Which is a lot.  Allen (the US side of this fabrication company) left yesterday to China to help speed things along.  He and Diana (you've heard of these folks before) were here all weekend with us helping washing pens.  Hopefully Allen's trip this week will help.

That being said, we are starting to look into other fabrication facilities in the US to help make certain parts and get the pens out faster.  As much as we want to stick with these manufacturers, at the end of the day, we need speed.  In doing this, we would have to make sure that the other parts were properly QC'd in China without assembly.  This is a bit tricky because in order to test the drop times, the pen needs to be assembled.  We have designed go no go jigs to help facilitate this.  Our plan is to then assemble them here and QC them again.  (Which we have ended up doing anyway).  AND hopefully no more washing down the line.

We have not fully committed to having a new manufacturer make some parts.  We want to make sure that in doing that we don't dig ourselves into some other hole and slow the process more.  We are keeping options open and wanted to keep you filled in on exactly what we are doing and thinking.  Again, we want to make sure we do everything we can so that you get your pens as fast as possible.  (And we don't have to ship direct to any unborn grandkids)

You are awesome at math !

Thank you for the awesome comment stream of mathematical formulas to predict when your pen will arrive.  We are going to ask our fulfillment company today if they have an API that we can use to quickly whip up a small app to help predict when your pen will ship.  More to come on this if it happens...

ok ... nap time ... just kidding it is morning.

peace, hugs and hope things are extra great.

as always xox

che-wei + taylor

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