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Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
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more pens on their way

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

hey backers!

We just shipped 392 pens to the fulfillment company today.  Those pens should start shipping out to YOU on monday.  They look great and we can't wait for your scribblings.

You might be wondering what happened to the rest of the pens, weren't there supposed to be 480???

Great question.  When we find a pen that has a bad part, we set it aside and salvage all the good bits and assemble new shippable pens.  We'll have around 70 of these that we can ship to fulfillment tomorrow once we finish documenting all of the defected parts and re-assemble new ones.

it feels like baby steps, we know.  but we'll get there. we promise. hang in there. you are all troopers.

deep breaths.

big hug and loads of love 

che-wei + taylor

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shipped pens + hacked G2 + pen tips + post

Posted by cw&t (Creator)
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Heya Backers!

More pens shipped and were packed and quality controlled last week. The next shipment of 480 pens is scheduled for May 22.

pen countdown estimator app

Thank you for being so patient with us. The pens are still looking great. Deep breaths, we really believe it will be worth the wait!

For those of you who have already or are about to receive your pens. One of the coolest things that have come out of this are the doodles/images that you have posted to They are so impressive. People also started posting photos of creative spaces where their Pen Type-A lives. Crazy inspiring. Seeing the pen out in the wild is incredibly rewarding/warm/cozy feeling for us.

Thank you!  and please keep it up!

Other Compatible Cartridges

Thanks to your fellow backer @Matthias Kraus for his clever G2 hack. Matthias discovered that Pen Type-A is also compatible with Pilot's line of G2 cartridges. We ordered a few to test it out. And indeed, it works great!  G2 ink cartridges have a bolder line and a less fragile pen tip. This might suit people who find the pen tip scarily dainty, or for people who just want to play around with different marking styles. (p.s. G1 cartridges don't fit)

*** The G2 cartridges are a bit shorter than the Hi-Tec-C and require a little space filler to fill the gap between the cartridge and the screw. You can use tubing, a cotton ball, or even paper towel or tissue rolled up into a 5mm ball. Whatever you choose to fill the gap, make sure it's breathable, so air can flow into the back of the cartridge.

Pen Tips

If you feel like swapping out your cartridge... MAKE SURE YOU DON'T ACCIDENTALLY THROW AWAY THE LITTLE TIP PIECE!!! There is a little assembly diagram in the paper insert that comes with the pen. Make sure you hang onto all those pieces or you'll end up with sadface pen (see image below of backer @andrew aka thoughtbox's very sad pen)

Nice Post

The wife of a backer way out in Sydney, Australia posted a nice write up about Kickstarter and Pen Type-A: how I see it

So nice + thank yoU!!!

Stop motion

Small stop motion of us packing and QCing but it died part way through ... sorry!

Address changes

Don't fret.  If you need to change your shipping address, just send us a quick email to Please include your full name and your new address. We don't expect you to all have stayed in the same place for the past many months waiting for your pen!

That's it for today.

big hugs and love and soothing rain out the window

che-wei + taylor

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tracking app updated

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

We just updated the tracking app with data from the fulfillment company. This is with data from yesterday ... and still more pens are being shipped as we type. We are manually updating this data as we ship, so you won't see pens count down live (sad face), but you will see jumps in your number every once in a while.

pen countdown estimator app

A batch of 480 just shipped to us from the fabricators.  We are expecting to receive it at our studio early next week for another session of quality control + packing.

check out some sweet drawings

submit your sweet drawing


che-wei + taylor

we like you !

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

2 updates in 1 week!  (tiny inbox bombardment) just trying to keep you up to date.

We packed more pens yesterday.  476 of them!  This morning we shipped them to fulfillment since we JUST missed yesterday's post office closing time arg.

At the bottom there's another little stop motion of quality control + packing below.

The pens from monday's batch of 300 shipped out yesterday from fulfillment.  Many of you received confirmation emails from those already.

The pens from this morning's batch will ship tomorrow or monday from fulfillment (depending on how fast the snail delivers the mail).  If a pen is heading your way, you'll receive a confirmation email then.

Your drawings are awesome. proof

Make more of them please. now!

The app will be updated after all these pens are shipped from fulfillment.  This is something we do manually after we get the updated data from fulfillment, so please be patient.  We'll let you know when it happens so you can track your pen count down.

big hearts

che-wei + taylor

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more on pens

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Hey Backers !

Sorry this update is long overdue.  We've had lots going on the pen front in the last couple of weeks.  Including a few issues on the legal side of things with our fabricators.  Luckily we were able to refocus them on the task at hand, which is delivering our initial purchase order (your pens).


- we just sent out a shipment of 300 pens yesterday.

- 480 pens are arriving later today that we will QC (quality control) + pack and have sent out by Friday.

- 480 pens are being shipped to us on Friday and should arrive by next week for us to QC + pack.  Those should be sent out by the end of next week.

After these batches (so by the end of next week), we will have shipped approximately 2497 pens.  We are ALMOST at the half way mark!  Again we wish this number was higher, but we are getting much closer.

This is a revised schedule from our fabricators with the shipping dates of when pens will ship from the factory to our studio for QC + packing:

30-Apr-12 - 480 pens

16‐May‐12 - 480 pens 

29‐May‐12 - 480 pens

11‐Jun‐12 - 480 pens

23‐Jun‐12 - 480 pens

7‐Jul‐12 - 480 pens

23‐Jul‐12 - 480 pens

7‐Aug‐12 - 494 pens

21‐Aug‐12 - Fill remaining pens that were rejected in QC if < 500

13 4‐Sep‐12 Fill remaining pens that were rejected in QC if < 1000

Yes we know we will hit the 1-year mark if that is how the schedule stays.  Yes that sounds just as insane to us as it does to you.  But hey, this pen is over-engineered all the way to crazy land and will last lifetimes!

Tracking app

Just a side note... You will NOT see any changes reflected in the tracking app until we receive an updated spreadsheet from the fulfillment company after shipping these batches.  We will get this done as fast as we can.  

You will get an email with your tracking info once your pen ships.

Once we have seen consistency and reliability with receiving pens we will update the shipping application to reflect an estimated ship date.  We are still waiting for this consistency to publish this, without it it's a pretty meaningless indicator.

Sweet drawings! serious.

check out doodles :

submit your own Pen Type-A doodles :

Or if it is easier for you to email us: cwandt[at]cwandt[dot]com

Thanks for your continued patience with us and this project!

We can't even begin to tell you how much your support has meant to us over the last few months.  There have been lots of hurdles, and learning experiences we never expected would come out of this.  We can't wait to get to the finish and see where Pen Type-A gets spit out into the world.

A window into our studio

Check out some repetitive motion repetitive motion with our little stop motion video we made with our friends from Studio Neat's app called frameographer.  (you might have heard of them because they make awesome + are kickstarter famous) weeeeee! 

Big hugs and loads of love,

che-wei + taylor

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