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Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
Pen Type-A is the original stainless steel ruler sleeve and ultra minimal pen.
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shipped pens + hacked G2 + pen tips + post

Posted by cw&t (Creator)

Heya Backers!

More pens shipped and were packed and quality controlled last week. The next shipment of 480 pens is scheduled for May 22.

pen countdown estimator app

Thank you for being so patient with us. The pens are still looking great. Deep breaths, we really believe it will be worth the wait!

For those of you who have already or are about to receive your pens. One of the coolest things that have come out of this are the doodles/images that you have posted to They are so impressive. People also started posting photos of creative spaces where their Pen Type-A lives. Crazy inspiring. Seeing the pen out in the wild is incredibly rewarding/warm/cozy feeling for us.

Thank you!  and please keep it up!

Other Compatible Cartridges

Thanks to your fellow backer @Matthias Kraus for his clever G2 hack. Matthias discovered that Pen Type-A is also compatible with Pilot's line of G2 cartridges. We ordered a few to test it out. And indeed, it works great!  G2 ink cartridges have a bolder line and a less fragile pen tip. This might suit people who find the pen tip scarily dainty, or for people who just want to play around with different marking styles. (p.s. G1 cartridges don't fit)

*** The G2 cartridges are a bit shorter than the Hi-Tec-C and require a little space filler to fill the gap between the cartridge and the screw. You can use tubing, a cotton ball, or even paper towel or tissue rolled up into a 5mm ball. Whatever you choose to fill the gap, make sure it's breathable, so air can flow into the back of the cartridge.

Pen Tips

If you feel like swapping out your cartridge... MAKE SURE YOU DON'T ACCIDENTALLY THROW AWAY THE LITTLE TIP PIECE!!! There is a little assembly diagram in the paper insert that comes with the pen. Make sure you hang onto all those pieces or you'll end up with sadface pen (see image below of backer @andrew aka thoughtbox's very sad pen)

Nice Post

The wife of a backer way out in Sydney, Australia posted a nice write up about Kickstarter and Pen Type-A: how I see it

So nice + thank yoU!!!

Stop motion

Small stop motion of us packing and QCing but it died part way through ... sorry!

Address changes

Don't fret.  If you need to change your shipping address, just send us a quick email to Please include your full name and your new address. We don't expect you to all have stayed in the same place for the past many months waiting for your pen!

That's it for today.

big hugs and love and soothing rain out the window

che-wei + taylor

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    1. John Luker on

      @Brian: "Theoretically we're both millionaires, but in Reality we are just really living with a couple of whores"

    2. Michael Quinn on

      @Charles NVM. Apparently the trick is to log on to Kickstarter, write a comment, then try the Pen again - works great now.
      Couldn't even say what I did to make it work, after several squiggles and mucking about on the back of an old envelope with disappointing results. I decided to try sketching some notes on a printout of some work I'm doing today thinking that might do the trick - and it worked fine from the first word.
      So the lesson is - don't muck about with using the Pen-A on disposable paper - get to work and it will work for you!

    3. Michael Quinn on

      @Charles What sort of effort is required to get the ink flowing? I've just received my Pen and it's drawing like its out of ink - very faint and sketchy. I thought I would check on here before searching out a replacement already.

      What technique do you suggest to get the ink moving?

      PS - overall I love the pen - just disappointed with the ink flow so far.

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      @Janet The tip is not in contact with the sleeve. There is a collar around the interior which keeps the tip offset from bottom of the sleeve.

      Also, these refills, and the same is often true of the Hi-tec-c itself, tend to require a bit of effort to get the ink flowing in the beginning. This is more true of the smaller tips than the larger.

    5. Missing avatar

      Janet Riker on

      I recently received my pen and wanted to let you know the the tip did not write well. It was not smooth and skipped. I looked at Jetpens for a refill and found they were out of stock on the ones I wanted. After a bit of Googling I found the Tokyo Pen Shop in San Francisco. These folks claim that the refills are made in China and are inferior to the original pens that are made in Japan. I bought some .3 .4 and .5 pens from them and put a .4 cartridge in my Pen Type A. All is well.

      A question..... when the pen is in the sleeve is the tip in contact with metal? If so I think it might get damaged by rough handling such as going through the mail.

    6. Jonathan Wong on

      The edges on the bottom piece are all very sharp and they end up almost putting a hole in my bag's pocket where i keep the pen. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    7. Daniel Deines on

      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! for the G2 hack. This makes this pen so much more functional for me.

    8. mamojo

      This is awesome! The Hi-Tec C and the G2 are my favorite pens ever! Whoohoo!

    9. Guillaume Perras on

      I just received mine 30 minutes ago and i have to say.... this pen is incredible. I don't think i could ever be impressed by a fancy gold plated pen again. The finnish and precision of the final product is astonishing! All of you who are still waiting for your pen, be patient, the quality of Pen Type-A is well worth the wait. Don't be afraid to set your expectations high, they will be met. Thank you CW & T!

    10. Missing avatar

      abel garcia on

      Order date: 2011-08-05 Pens to go: 1609.
      hopefully ill have mine by september when I start school again

    11. Kevin Lee on

      I think I'll be on the 4th shipment.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian May on

      Theoretically only 3 more shipments until I receive my pen.