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Navigate your powership through the solar system! --- Sold out. --- Below link is for the *Roll to the Top!* crowdfund.
Navigate your powership through the solar system! --- Sold out. --- Below link is for the *Roll to the Top!* crowdfund.
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Sample of mass production game

Posted by Corné van Moorsel (Creator)

Tonight I received the sample of the completed mass production. For a last check before games get shipped to the different senders who will send it to you.

Opening the transport box. (The clear plastic is not the seal around the final games.)

Opened the game box. Punched out the smaller tiles. Glue and Punch precision of all tiles is good. And the tiles lie flat. That's all important for functionality.
One of the 3 longest tiles was placed up-side-down in the inlay (see inlay below), which just doesn't fit that way which caused a bit damage at that tile and the inlay. All tiles had much dust and dirt on it. You can see that a bit in the photos. I had dirty fingers after setting up the game. Probably these game tiles were or from the top of piles, or a sample which did go from hand to hand. Many smaller and bigger damages, scratches, etc. I assume the normal packed games of the mass production are better. Though scratches are more visible at such dark tiles, and packing and transport can cause some damaging. It's in real different to photos, but overall I was not that impressed by the quality of the tiles.
The buoys are nice. Same as at the photos in former Update, its color doesn't look like the chosen Pantone-color-code, but it worked fine in the game I played.

I used the 4th buoy too, and the 3 comets.
The powership miniatures quality is good.
And the dice look great.

Orange wins, just before Red, Green and Yellow finish.

The inlay has some nice details, like the space for the Comets, for the Finish tile, for the Sun tile and for the 7 Speedometer tiles.

After playing, the game pieces fit. Before, there is a punchboard on top which is not fine, causing some damage. The box is a few milimeter lower than ordered. BTW: The tiles cardboard is 2.5mm instead of the ordered 2.0mm. I saw that in the earlier "white sample". Then I got replied from the factory that it will be 2.0mm and that I can choose 1.5mm instead. I chose 2.0mm, but it is 2.5mm, together with both sides paper it is 2.7mm per tile.

I now give the okay for transporting.

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    1. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      Played the game a few times passed days. And I feel I want to play it now too, which is a good sign. It's quite different to Powerboats, which is cool for the difference, both games have their own charmes.
      BTW: Other players didn't notice any issues, were just impressed. Friends, so maybe not totally unprejudiced, but I have no big worries now.

    2. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      This morning of course I looked at the game again. I think the game and materials are cool. Some small issues with or doubts about the production quality. Nothing to cancel it for.

      @Michael: Today I confirm addresses for the shipments to the senders. Certain shipments aren't planned yet, because passed weeks I wanted to look at the quality only. I will tell more when I know more.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael B. on

      How long do we have to wait, now ???

    4. David Dowbyhuz

      Eagerly awaiting!