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Navigate your powership through the solar system! --- Sold out. --- Below link is for the *Roll to the Top!* crowdfund.
Navigate your powership through the solar system! --- Sold out. --- Below link is for the *Roll to the Top!* crowdfund.
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buoy photos

Posted by Corné van Moorsel (Creator)

I now finally got photos of 4x1000 buoys. All photos from the factory placed here below.






Judged by these photos, the quality doesn't look that good, though functional.
The photo with the bags I have bigger, but not sharp enough to judge the quality on average. Though all seems functional in that picture.
I answered the factory.
- Asked her what she thinks about it herself.
- Asked her to make photos with a bunch of buoys to get an impression about the average quality.
- And asked her to send me 1 or 2 games by express now. (They have everything now (if I'm well informed) to pack the games.) So that I can check everything myself.

I don't know what to think about it now. All comments are welcome, though I must make choices myself finally. In Update #8 the photo with 4 buoys looked better. Though it's not something for delaying it more I now think.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Oliver Bain on

      The perfectionist in me screams, but it's hard to know what the impact would be without seeing the whole thing.

    2. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      Not a bad idea to ask for the tracking number yesterday ... it's sent now, picked up 6 hours and 55 minutes ago. DHL Express, should be here in 1 or 2 days?

    3. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      The only answer I got was that a complete game gets send to me. No reply about the quality at all. The game is sent, I didn't get tracking info this time, I will ask for its package number now.

    4. Scott Petersen on

      Until I saw the "4" buoys, I thought they looked great. Maybe they just grabbed two of the worst ones. Your questions being answered should allow you to make a good decision.

    5. Zwergfell on

      I think the same as you, Corné: not perfect but functional and not worth more anger an problems and I think you asked the right three questions!
      Thank you very much for your hard work and telling us about it!
      In German we say shared anger is half anger and shared joy is double joy...

    6. Bart R on

      I agree with Juan. There is some variance, but of course, the buoys are right next to eachother now, so the difference is obvious. In practice, they will be spread out on the gameboard, so it's probably less of an issue then.

    7. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @juandiego13: Thanks for replying.

    8. Missing avatar


      The bouys look okay to me. Yes, there does seem to be some variance between the printing (number sizes, arrow width), and some slight variance in the sizes, but comparing to other games I have with similar components I personally feel that would be acceptable.

      Thanks for all your updates and passion to make this a great game.