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Build your own factory and/or wildlife park.
Be creative & efficient in making the best working factory or most lively wildlife park.
Build your own factory and/or wildlife park. Be creative & efficient in making the best working factory or most lively wildlife park.
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    1. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      Some time ago the factory said the games will be ready 12 october.

    2. Müd Monéi

      So what's the new delivery date? (i got lost)

    3. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Dermott: IBAN within the Euso-currency zone.

    4. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Brian: See the costs at
      In your case 70,- minus the paid 7,- make EUR 63.00 to .

    5. Dermott

      Sorry Corne,

      but can EU backers also use Paypal? Or only IBAN? And yes i saw the linked post, but there is nothing about Essen in there. That's why i wanted to be safe with that. :)

    6. Brian M

      Dang, that box looks really nice for storing things. Is there a way to upgrade from just the update pack to getting a copy of the new edition?

    7. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      About the prototype game in the last 2 photos:
      (A name I don't want to tell yet.)
      ----- The theme:
      Each player tries to build their own country in the most valuable configuration.
      The main thematical ideas:
      1. -- The shape of different types of land determines its value:
      Cities function the best when their shape is compact. Cities consist of red colored tiles in the photos, you see that the players built these compact. 3 tiles was the most at cities in the photos above, but it can be more. The city only has value '3' if 3 tiles are connected each to each (!) other.
      Waters (light-blue in the photos) function the best in a landscape if the water (canal, river?) is long (so the opposit to cities which should get built compact). In the highest photo you see a player has a water of value '5' (because it's 5 spaces long and you can't move less than 5 steps from hex to hex through the water between its opposit far-most hexagons).
      Agriculture land (yellow in the photos) functions the best when it is a straight long piece of land. So in an agriculture area you count the longest straight line of tiles to calculate its value.
      2. -- Important buildings/professions/spots often are at the border line or intersection point of 2 or 3 types of land. Like a harbour between a city and water, a market between city and agriculture, a watermill between agriculture and water, a hunter's house between forest and agriculture, or a shipping company at the intersection of forest, city and water. These buildings you see at the photos as small tiles with 2 types of land (square tiles) or 3 types of land (small hexagonal (will be triangle-shaped?) tiles (you can flip these to mirror these, so the order of the 3 landscapes around the intersection point can be anything)). Which players place (after collecting it) at their landscape tiles borders/intersections. Such a building becomes more worthfull when their relevant landscape types around the building get higher values (lowest value around counts).

      You always build a new landscape hex connected to your former hex. Collecting landscape tiles at the central "board" is comparable to Habitats, though you don't take away the tiles from the center, but the corresponding color hex you take from a limited stock (3 rounds with a fixed number of tiles per type, if 1 type is exhausted then the round ends).
      (There is no luck in this puzzly game.)

    8. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Dermott: You can pay the preorder price (EUR 12,-, and 6,- for Specials pack) as descriped at , so just without delivery costs because you pick it up.

    9. Dermott

      I have a pickup for habitats at the fair. How can i order Roll to the Top for the fair also?

    10. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Mike: That's possible. I hope to get the games soon. These games sell well to people who played someone else's copy first. September would have been a good month to distribute. In october 1000+ other and new games get added to the gaming pool. I hope it is available at the Spiel-fair. Though much can still go wrong. Say 50/50% chance. Backers can exchange delivery to Spiel-fair-pickup if they like (when things get more clear, not today).

    11. Nathan Morse

      That new game looks extremely intriguing.

    12. Amarice on

      Any WIP title for the new game? Any hint about theme? Thanks.

    13. Ryan C

      Thanks for the update. Insert looks awesome btw.

    14. Piotr "tomoe" Wójcik on

      I have high hopes about this new game.

    15. Aonline

      That prototype peek got me exited for what you're cooking!

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Taylor

      So does this mean that backers will receive their copies after it is for sale at the Essen Spiel?