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Build your own factory and/or wildlife park.
Be creative & efficient in making the best working factory or most lively wildlife park.
Build your own factory and/or wildlife park. Be creative & efficient in making the best working factory or most lively wildlife park.
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Posted by Corné van Moorsel (Creator)

Everyone can order *Factory Funner&Bigger* and *Habitats 3rd Edition* (so not-backers too). Prices:

*Habitats 3rd Edition*: EUR 28,-

--- Netherland/Germany/Belgium: EUR 8,-
--- EU: EUR 12,-
--- Rest of the world: EUR 16,-  

*Factory Funner&Bigger*: EUR 40,-

DELIVERY COSTS (the game is more than 2kg) :
--- Netherland/Germany/Belgium: EUR 10,-
--- EU: EUR 14,-
--- Rest of the world: EUR 24,-  

*Factory Funner(&Bigger) Expansion-1* : EUR 3,-
*Factory Funner(&Bigger) Expansion-2*: EUR 3,-
DELIVERY COSTS when sending the expansion(s) only:
--- Worldwide: EUR 5,-  

DELIVERY COSTS for sending more than 1 game (no matter which games) is the same as for sending *Factory Funner&Bigger* only.
Adding Expansion(s) doesn't influense the delivery costs.
Example: Both games plus both expansions to the US: 28,- + 40,- + 3,- + 3,- + 24,- (for delivery) = EUR 98,-.

Other Cwali-games:

DELIVERY COSTS with sending nothing else than 1 of the below games, is the same as for *Habitats*, while sending several games (no matter which from above or below list) has the same delivery costs as for *Factory Funner&Bigger* only.
*Roll-To-The-Top!*: €14,-
*Roll-To-The-Top!* Specials pack: €7,-
*Gipsy King*: €23,-
*BasketBoss*: €24,-
*Meltdown2020*: €25,-
*Sun,Sea&Sand*: €26,-
*Champions2020*: €27,-
*StreetSoccer* (alternative pawn colors, mostly Yellow vs Purple teams): €20,-
*Mondriaan 2020*: €13,-
*Mayday!Mayday!*: €15,-
*Mayday!Mayday! 9th/10th player expansion*: €4,-
*Powerboats expansion tiles*: €3,-  


Include the delivery costs, and write at the payment for which games it is. 
-- Within the Euro-currency-zone:
IBAN: NL44 RABO 0367 7177 27 to name C.A. van Moorsel
(BIC: RaboNL2U)
(Write your address at the payment too.)
-- Rest of the World:
Go to 
(Your delivery address I will see there automatically.)

----- In case of (Spiel-fair) pick-up: No delivery costs.

----- Online gaming site accounts aren't included.

----- For backers only: With adding games you can just add the appropriate part of the delivery costs if your added games make your delivery costs level higher.

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    1. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      From above list, *Roll-To-The-Top!* isn't available anymore. Last games of *Roll-To-The-Top!* we sell at the Spiel-fair in Germany next week: Cwali-booth 1-G125. The backers with *Roll-To-The-Top!* in their pledge get it sent in their package (75) or pick it up at booth 1-G125 next week (20).
      *Factory Funner&Bigger* and *Habitats 3rd Edition* are produced at the factory now, so sending starts soon.

    2. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      If you pick up the game(s) at the Spiel-fair booth (Cwali-booth 1-G125), then skip the delivery costs above and just use the game prices above (which are lower than the booth's prices without pre-ordering).

    3. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @dworka: Yes. See the bank account number or above.

    4. Missing avatar

      dworka on

      and your account number is what?

    5. Missing avatar

      dworka on

      I would like to buy 1x habitats (28 euros) and 1x roll to the top (14 euros).
      Do I have to send 42 euros to my account, and the package will be added to the original order?
      thanks dworka

    6. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @dworka: Yes it is.

    7. Missing avatar

      dworka on

      Hi, I have ordered and paid 1 habitats. Is it possible to buy more?
      thanks for info.

    8. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      The games have English, German, French and Dutch rulebooks. Game parts are language-independent.

    9. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      (Yes buying is still possible.)

    10. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Müd: You can do me suggestions in a message, or here if you think that may be helpfull for others too.

    11. Müd Monéi

      Hi. My country (Lebanon) doesn't support Paypal.
      Is there any other way to do this?

    12. Missing avatar

      Cornec on

      Ok, so if I don't want another copy, I don't pay anithing now! (I don't remember if I already pay in fact, and my poor english not hlep me^^).

    13. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      Don't confuse *Habitats* with *Habitat* (twice below). ;)

    14. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      -- You paid as backer €36, for Habitats 3rd edition (€24) with shipping to France (€12).
      When you add another Habitats game now, that is 28,- and makes your delivery costs level for France (EU) 14,- instead of 12,- so that adds 2,-. So then pay EUR 30,- for the extra Habitats game, which includes delivery costs.
      -- Pay by bank (so to the IBAN, within Euro currency countries). It has no costs, which is great. While Paypal still is expensive, which is horrable. They could go down from 4% to 0.04%, but they don't get much competition yet. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Cornec on


      I'm French (and living in France), I have the choice of the payement? Or I MUST pay with IBAN? (so I prefer paypal).

      And (sorry) your exemple loose my brain. So, I have take only "habitat 3e edition", I must pay 12? good?...

    16. Corné van Moorsel 9-time creator on

      @Brennan: Yes.

    17. Brennan Sheremeto on

      So I backed at the factory funner w/ expansions and habitat level; that means I can order more copies/other games without adding shipping?