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Six uplifting conversations, curated for Public TV, celebrating the unique culture of Charlottesville and the Piedmont Region. Read more

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Six uplifting conversations, curated for Public TV, celebrating the unique culture of Charlottesville and the Piedmont Region.

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"Charlottesville Inside-Out" (CVIO) is a Public Television show that introduces you to the people and places of Charlottesville, Virginia and the Piedmont Region…people you know and people you'd like to know!

Each show features two in-depth conversations that are hosted by Terri Allard, a native daughter of the region. Terri chats with area artists, authors, musicians, business leaders, government officials, educators, athletes and coaches, non-profit directors, regular folks, and community event organizers to highlight what's innovative, unique and wonderful about the C'ville area.

Engage with your Community

When you back CVIO's Kickstarter campaign you also help shine a light on the non-profits, unique groups and creative people that make the Charlottesville area such a great place to live.

Your investment will enable CVIO to bring six more stories to the table. And we take time to give every topic a positive, in-depth treatment. Each 30-minute program is dedicated to the exploration of two subjects only. Host Terri Allard delves beneath the surface so you can expect to hear more than just soundbites. When you watch CVIO you get a real feel for what's happening in the community around you.

Engage with CVIO as a financial partner so we reach our goal of $9,000. Then sit back and we'll introduce you and your friends to six more awesome organizations, quirky characters and innovative people from C'ville and the Piedmont Region.


The crew of "Charlottesville Inside-Out" hits the road to catch up with guests in the places where they live, work and thrive.

Host Terri Allard goes to great lengths to bring you the best stories from the places you know - and some that you might not know - like the banks of the Rivanna River, Charlottesville Pavilion, Old Cabell Hall, The Paramount Theater, Camp Holiday Trails, Innisfree Village, Ivy Creek Natural Area, Monticello’s international library, behind the Blue Moon Diner, on stage, on the polo field, and in the President’s Reception Room of the Rotunda at U.Va.


Since "Charlottesville Inside-Out" premiered in 2007 we’ve aired 138 interviews over the course of six television seasons. We’re now in our seventh year of production and have secured enough funding for roughly nine of the twelve programs we want to complete. Many interviews for the season are already recorded and are slated for a January 2014 premiere.

What if we go over goal? Excellent! We'll share even more conversations with you starting in 2015. The possibilities for creating awareness and fostering innovation and creativity in and among the members of our community are endless.

Raising $9,000 through Kickstarter will enable us to share six more topics of conversation with you, our viewing community! Become a part of the winning team that pulls together a full broadcast season.

CVIO Stories

How well do you know Charlottesville? CVIO shares the stories you may not know about the people and places you love. Check out a few of the people and topics featured on CVIO over the last 6 seasons:

  • Boyd Tinsley, musician, philanthropist, filmmaker
  • LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph
  • The Local Food Hub
  • Music Resource Center
  • Charlottesville Derby Dames
  • Shelter for Help in Emergency
  • African American Teaching Fellows
  • Governor Gerald Baliles, U.Va.’s Miller Center
  • Chroma Projects Art Laboratory
  • Shenandoah National Park Trust
  • John D’earth, musician/teacher
  • John Casteen, former President of U.Va.
  • Children, Youth and Family Services
  • Lincoln Perry, Realist painter
  • Charlottesville Free Clinic
  • John Hunter, teacher and creator of the World Peace Game
  • Hospice of the Piedmont
  • Corey Harris, blues musician & MacArthur “Genius” grant recipient
  • U.Va. Art Museum
  • Mark Thompson, Brewmaster at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet
  • CLAW (Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers)
  • The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Paul Wagner, Oscar-Winning Filmmaker

And more!


"Charlottesville Inside-Out" is funded by the community and our Kickstarter campaign will enable our friends to become a part of the show! Every dollar counts and helps pay for pre- and post-production services including site visits; camera, audio and lighting crew; closed captioning; file transfers; DVD production; travel costs; and supplies and materials.

We have some fun thank-you's for everyone who supports our campaign. Check out the rewards on the sidebar and send us a contribution! We've got everything from electronic badges that you can post on your social media or web pages, to t-shirts and even on-air credits.

Be a Champion and help the show continue to spotlight the best, the brightest, and the little-known treasures of Charlottesville and the Piedmont Region. Join the cast - invest CVIO in  today - with you behind us we'll reach our goal!


Terri Allard and the crew began recording conversations for Season 7 of  "Charlottesville Inside-Out" in April 2013 and will continue gathering interview footage through the end of the year.

Post-production for each episode can take up to two months. It is an ongoing process which begins only hours after the footage is recorded and includes processes like logging footage, editing, computer graphics and animations, color-correction, and file conversion. Closed-captioning happens in real time during the original broadcast.


Delivery of new episodes will begin in January 2014. That date is as hard and fast as one can get in TV programming, barring unforeseeable circumstances. Every conversation that you fund through Kickstarter will have a broadcast premiere in 2014 or early 2015.  "Charlottesville Inside-Out" has been broadcasting for six years and we're confident that we won't get off track now. Especially with your support!

CVIO crew at Bake'mmm® Bagels with owner Janet Dob, Terri Allard, Mark Zipperer, Shawn Freude, Paul Adams, Mike Rogers)
CVIO crew at Bake'mmm® Bagels with owner Janet Dob, Terri Allard, Mark Zipperer, Shawn Freude, Paul Adams, Mike Rogers)


TERRI ALLARD – Host and co-producer

Terri Allards gets a kayaking lesson from Wintergreen Adaptive Sports
Terri Allards gets a kayaking lesson from Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

Terri Allard is a regional native who delights in discovering the people and places that define Charlottesville, weaving stories together both in her role as an award-winning singer-songwriter and as the host and co-producer of "Charlottesville Inside Out."  Terri chronicles the talents and passions recounted by her CVIO guests with great insight and heart. She is always honored to bring their compelling personal journeys to television for her viewing audience.

SHAWN FREUDE Director, co-producer, editor

Shawn Freude works behind-the-scenes to develop the visual styling and pacing of CVIO. On location, she collaborates with Host, Terri Allard, to find the best setting for each interview. Then she directs a trio of camera and audio operators to capture the discussion along with supporting sound and images. Back in the edit suite she weaves it all together to bring you 30-minutes of in-depth, uplifting conversation on "Charlottesville Inside-Out." Shawn has worked for WHTJ / WCVE for 20+ years.

JOHN FELTON – Executive Producer

John Felton serves as VP & General Manager for WHTJ PBS Charlottesville and WCVE PBS Richmond. John also oversees and helps develop all local, regional and national television programming for the stations. John has served WHTJ / WCVE for nearly fourteen years and was previously a senior manager for WMFE PBS Orlando over a thirteen year period. John is a graduate of The University of Central Florida where he double-majored in Journalism and Television Broadcasting.

THE CREW! Mike Rogers, Bryant Dameron, Paul Adams, Mark Helfer, Ashby Paca, Carroll Smith, Mark Zipperer, Jake Pulliam

These are the folks who truly make the show a unique experience. They jump into action, lug the gear around, record the sound and audio, squeeze into small spaces, climb to new heights, focus on the best shot, battle the elements and show extreme patience and flexibility while Terri and Shawn work out the inevitable kinks that are born of on-site shooting.

Paul Adams, Terri Allard, Mark Helfer, Shawn Freude
Paul Adams, Terri Allard, Mark Helfer, Shawn Freude

"Charlottesville Inside-Out" is broadcast on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. on WHTJ and WCVE public television in Virginia and is available for streaming. Watch previous "Charlottesville Inside-Out" programs here.

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is that "Charlottesville Inside-Out" will be limited in the number of programs that we can broadcast. We're aiming for a total of twelve this season - and with two segments per show that's twenty-four conversations! So far, we have funding from other generous donors for about nine of the twelve shows. And we are currently in production - recording interviews and gathering video footage.

Your investment through Kickstarter will help bring a full season of CVIO to light. It takes an average of $3,000 to record, edit and produce a pair of interviews for each new program. When we reach our $9,000 Kickstarter goal we'll be able to offer you, our viewers and supporters, six more interview segments filled with meaningful conversation. Thanks!

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