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AU$ 1,694 pledged of AU$ 7,200 goal
AU$ 1,694 pledged of AU$ 7,200 goal


Castles of Caleira is a beautifully illustrated, fantasy landscape microgame for 2-4 players that uses clever interaction, and strategic decisions for players to compete to build the castle that history remembered.


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We have partnered with the most reliable companies in the board game industry to bring you competitive pricing for the fulfillment of this game. Between Ship Naked, and Let's Play Games we've done our best to get the most consistent pricing worldwide.

Shipping to US - Free
Shipping to Canada - $5
Shipping to rest of the World - $12 USD


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The Daniel Zayas Company, Charles Middleton, Sabrena Mepham, Sean Murphy, Keith D Franks II, Gavin Vance, Brandon Rollins, Emelie van Rodin, Sean Fallon, Vas Obeyesekere, Drake Nathaniel Sunryder, Ara Variyar

Risks and challenges

​​With any project, there are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. It is a challenge to create a unique game, manufacture it and then ship to the warehouse, but to also reward all of our supporters along the way. Whilst it is a small game, we're still putting a lot of focus on making sure that we are able to successfully fulfil all of our copies of the game.

To streamline the launch we've made sure that the entire game is complete and ready to hit manufacture immediately after the campaign concludes.

Whilst this is our first title to launch we've spent hours of preparation, and have a strong support network of other developers to make sure that this project it the absolute success that we believe it deserves to be.

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