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Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!
754 backers pledged $50,362 to help bring this project to life.

24 hours to go! Still $7,500 needed. It must be possible.

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Dear fellow friends of decent data dealing!

Okay. We've got 519 (!!) backers now - coming from all parts of the world. Our current status: $42,485. We have to make another $7,500 until tomorrow to hit our goal. And very soon we'll be in the last 24 hours of our campaign. As you all know, Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.

It must be possible.

So. If you can think of ANY WAY to reach out to further interested people via email, mailing lists, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, reddit, LinkedIn, forums, groups on FB/G+/LinkedIn or other ways and introduce our Data Dealer game to them:'s the time!

How can you help? Who could you reach out to? What could you share? Check out our special DataCampaignToolkit™.

(ehm...and if you have some leeway - consider upping your pledges? Just a tiny bit?)

What we need is a massive final-final push. This is make or break for our project. It's about whether we will be able to finish what we've been working hard on for 2 years. And it's about whether you will be able to play the full-featured version of Data Dealer! :)

The last two days have been awesome, a load of new backers and sharing happening. Then today things slowed down again. Please, keep it up as much as you can - today and until tomorrow Thursday July 11 at:

  • 1pm (San Francisco)
  • 4pm (New York)
  • 22pm (Paris, Berlin, Vienna etc)
  • Please add your time zone in the comments ;)

We'll make it!

Many, many thanks & a thousand cheers from the Data Dealer team!

Wolfie & Pascale & Ralf & Ivan & Molly & Renée & Tobi & Irene & Nils & Alex & Nick & Heather & Barbara & Alli

P.S. Tease-tease...take a look at this full-packed Data Dealer empire screen of our current development version below (zoom mode). 

  • Image 288976 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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