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Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!
754 backers pledged $50,362 to help bring this project to life.

Final sprint: 50 hours to go! Can we do it?

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Dear backers,

You are more than 400 now! Thanks so much ♥, it feels great to receive such positive feedback on the work we've been doing for 2 years. And a special shout-out to our 130 (!) new backers since yesterday, heyhey!

Great things are happening. We got Boing Boinged yesterday!! Cory Doctorow gave a neat summary: "It's a very worthy project, and they've already done the development; they're looking for $50K to keep the doors open while they finish a deluxe, multiplayer version with a wide variety of exciting features"  

Data Dealer's Wolfie Christl gave an extensive interview to the US blog ThinkProgress, serious games goddess Jane McGonnigal called Data Dealer a kick-ass game and we've also received much quality coverage in German-speaking countries (e.g. großartiger Artikel mit Video-Interview von gutjahr, supergeiles Video-Special von, ausführliches Interview im Gap).

$10,000 to go till we reach our goal. We can do it!

A week ago we were really not sure if we could succeed with our campaign. Now we've reached nearly $40k and it seems that we might just make it! But only if we keep on doing this well or even BETTER. We need a strong final push!

So, please:

  • Spread the word! Many of you did an amazing job in the last days by sharing, tweeting, passing our project to friends, co-workers & Co. Thx! How can you help? Who could you reach out to? What could you share? Please have a look at the info package we've compiled yesterday and continue to share this thing around with the people you know and love.
  • Wanna have another look at our rewards? Yesterday we finally managed to create a really neat overview of all the funky stuff (scroll down) we've invented for you, including visual material. And, just as a mind game: So far, we have 400 backers. If just half - 200 people - increase your pledge by $10, we would be $2000 nearer to our goal! If you can't up your pledge or already did (many of you did!!) then sharing our project is equally helpful.

And remember: The main thing you'll get for your contribution is a 100% free-to-play game, licensed under Creative Commons (to the experts: probably we'll license the source code under a free & open source license instead of CC). Anyway, there will be NO virtual goods and NO enhanced gameplay for cash.

Deadline: Thursday July 11th 10pm CEST

Just to make sure you don't miss it: Deadline will be Thursday at 10pm CEST (Paris, Berlin, Vienna etc). That's 4pm in New York or even 1pm in San Francisco. So, Thursday will be quite short for some of you.

Many thanks to all of you & cheers from the 24-hour Data Dealer office in Vienna!

P.S. Doesn't it look nice?

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