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Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!
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Sneak Leaks Part 2: What's new in your empire? Plus: new rewards!

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

In our last full version in-game update we showed you how to juggle and enhance your profiles in your database. If you didn't catch the video, check it out here.

So what's new today? Take a look at your new empire: besides agents, there are now three more types of items available to help you gradually build up your data empire. First you can expand your influence by establishing your business in the world's greatest metropolises, like NYC, Vienna (ehm) and more. From there you can unlock and build handy bogus companies (you don't want to be traced down too easily by some gung-ho journalist). Bogus companies also let you acquire and manage your ventures and online firms:

You now also have your sales taskforce, namely your data-pushers. Apparelled with cybertronically enhanced glasses, they can see right through the needs of your clients and make sure there's always someone to foist your data upon:

Look at Scotty: how happy he is to deliver your precious goods to the National Railway and cash in on the Health Funds!

New rewards: LowTecDataEraser 2.0 and DataWhistle

Pledge $23 or more:

  • PIONEER PLUS: All of the above, plus: Our cutting-edge LowTecDataEraser™ 2.0 fridge magnet to efficiently wipe your digital and not-so-digital traces! Put it next to your harddisk or your cassette tape archive. Or use it as an information-storage device by sticking it to your office whiteboard or: just on your fridge!

Pledge $42 or more:

  • ALL-DAY WHISTLE BLOWER: All of the above, plus: always be vigilant and prepared to enforce transparency with our extraordinary Data Dealer whistle-blower whistle, also called the DataWhistle™. Wheet wheew! As Douglas Adams didn't say: Always know where your whistle is!

From now they're both also included in all higher pledge levels. And as a special gift to our backers: Everybody who already has pledged more then 23$ or 42$ will receive them additionally!

Status: More than 18k! Help us reach 25k.

We've reached more than $18,000 now, let's tackle $25,000 in the next few days! Yesterday's Mashable article was a help, but whether we bask in the glory of success or suffer humiliating defeat is still up to YOU.

Do you know people who could be interested in backing our project or who could help spread the word? Individual persons, mailing lists, online forums, blogs, organizations? 

We've put some links and email templates together, please take a look at this page and pass it on:


P.S. NBC News, Washington Post, Austrian National TV ORF1, Wired Italy, Planet Ivy, Kommersant/RU,...!


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