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Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!
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Max Kelly, your best horse in the stable! Plus: ProPublica & New Yorker

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Revealed in the New York Times a few days ago: When former Tracebook chief security officer Max Kelly - who was responsible for protecting the personal information of Tracebook’s more than one billion users - left the company in 2010, he went to work for another giant institution that manages and analyzes large pools of data: the NSA! Holy sh*t, the chief security officer!

In the context of our nice little data mining game - let’s put it that way:

Or, in a nutshell: Quick, change your privacy settings!

Moreover Tracebook announced yesterday that they accidentally shared the contact information of 6 million people. Wow! So, as it’s not their first data breach and Max Kelly is now working for the NSA: Maybe soon not only the NSA will know everything about everybody, but everybody will also know everything about the NSA?

Actually we think that all those news simply can’t be true. Maybe they’re just parts of a clever marketing campaign for some really clever game? ;)

Lots of honour for Data Dealer, but our Kickstarter needs a push-and soon!

We have received some more really awesome attention and accolades during the last few days:

  • Yesterday we were covered by ProPublica - the world’s leading platform for investigative journalism - aaaand also by...the New Yorker! Wow, how amazing is that!
  • @JoeHills made a wonderful Let´s play Data Dealer video, thanks a lot!!
  • SciFi & Cyberpunk legend Bruce Sterling asked in his blog on "The Data Dealer Kickstarter: Can’t they get an NSA research grant?" Good point! Where and how do we apply?! Hehe. On the other hand the NSA could pledge for our $10.000 reward and become co-producer. Hey, they’ll even get free in-game content branding and become a central role in Data Dealer!

So, what's the status of our Kickstarter?

What a first week! Backers: You are more than 160! Including Paypal you’ve already pledged more than 6.000$, thank you so much! But: Only 19 days to go, so we really need a big push soon! Please help us reach the mystical 30% barrier (15k) during next week:

Spread the word, tell your friends and share/tweet our Kickstarter across Facebook, Twitter!

Ask everyone to check out our project & support it. The more personal, the better. That would help a lot! We’re sure there are many people out there who still haven't heard about our Data Dealer thing but would really love it. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter & let’s make this happen, folks!  

Cheers from sweaty Vienna.


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