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Data Dealer, the bitingly clever game about personal data & privacy. Run your own Tracebook & crush those whiny privacy critics!
754 backers pledged $50,362 to help bring this project to life.

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Dedicated? YES. Keeping deadlines? NO! 5 more days.

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

We want to inform you that we nearly did it. But: Testing has revealed some sneaky bugs which will take a few more days to fix, test and deploy. So - Monday. Five more days to the release of our closed beta, sry. No, you don`t want to know all the details. Yes, the only purpose of this delay is to make you even more curious ;)

In the meantime, take a look at what we've been mixing up with the DNA samples you've sent us.

We’re SORRY...release postponed

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Fail. Arrrgh. We hate being late. Not only because of you, backers! Also because of us.

At the start of October we announced we’d have a first full version beta online about two or three weeks later. This was somewhat ambitious, and we also wanted to put some pressure on ourselves. It wasn’t impossible to make this deadline. But then some unsolved problems appeared. Then some sub-tasks did not happen during a one-week iteration, but stayed in the cue for three weeks before they were completed. And then every single team member got ill at some point during the last weeks. Autumn, you`re a pain.

The result: Since many parts of our work are heavily dependent on others, the content team had to wait for some game management system things, the frontend team had to wait for some backend tasks, the balancing team had to wait for some content decisions, and vice put the record straight: When we’re talking about teams here, we’re talking about one or one-and-a-half team members - partially shared between teams. Yes, we should include extra days in our work plans to cover any eventualities. Unfortunately we can’t. We’re not a big company and ever since we started "Data Dealer" we’ve always been short on budget. Sadly we still didn’t get an NSA research grant - as Bruce Sterling suggested in June.

The final result of all this: We really want to have our first full version beta online by November 27nd. That’s the plan. When we're online, invitations will be going out to you via email.

Now, some of you will probably have complaints, and frankly, we deserve that. On the other hand, maybe cheer us on instead – it could certainly help.

Sorry again & all the best from Vienna!

P.S. The DataBuddy plushies are on the way to Austria. They should arrive next week. As mentioned earlier we’ll pack up all the rewards and send them straight to you as soon as the plushies arrive!

Status Update: Game Development & Rewards

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Dear fellow friends of decent data dealing!'s the beginning of October, the inquiries on Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter are mounting up – and no, your pledges did not get stolen by the NSA ;) High time for a status update. Let's take a short look back: From April to the middle of July we were working hard on both the international release and the Kickstarter campaign, as well as continuing with game development. Quite a wild ride, those months, but we did it. All the more important that the Kickstarter campaign succeeded – else the work of two years would have been in vain and we would have needed to abort our project, quit our office and look for other jobs. But, yeah, didn't happen like that, right? You rock!

Thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign, we had the chance to continue working on the full version for another two and a half intense months now, and that's what we did! Just two or three weeks now until we go online with our first full version beta, where pretty much everything will be different from the demo. The game engine and frontend code are completely new, you'll be able to create your empire from the ground up, and there will be LOADS of new game content. We're still hard at work fixing some last issues, so please don't pin us down to a precise date. We're trying to do our very best! As soon as we're online, invitations will be going out to you via email.

At the same time we're doing what we can to secure some longer-term funding for our project, which meant speaking to a lot of people from diverse foundations and organisations over the past few weeks. Nothing's decided yet, but there are some very promising options indeed.

Concerning the rewards: T-shirts, LowTecDataEraser magnets and most of the other lovely things are already stored at our office. We're especially happy about the Data Buddy plushie, which turned out really nice – take a look at the prototype above. It will take a little more time until mass production is finished, but according to the manufacturer we should receive it by end of October or beginning of November. As soon as the plushies arrive, we'll pack up all the rewards and send them straight to you!

Cheers from Vienna, and as always - thank you!

P.S. Since last Friday the Data Buddy prototype is even part of an exhibition at Vienna's biggest art venue Museumsquartier - together with Raf Simons and others, and in January it will be shown in Amsterdam :)

We did it! Woot!

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Dear fellow friends of decent data dealing!

Only a quick update for now.

Phew, that was a close one. Not only at the very the halfway point of our campaign we were really not sure if we could succeed. Then our pledge curve started to rise and finally ended in a wild race towards the finishing line.

But so awesome! We did it! YEAH.

$50,362 - that's a precision landing if ever there was one. And that means every single $ from every single of you backers counts! Thank you so much! Thanks for backing, for your inspiring (and encouraging!) feedback and also thanks a lot for all the sharing around you did. Many of you were an incredible help in making this a success. Blogging, producing videos, posting in forums or groups, connecting us to people, tweeting like crazy, sending out emails, offering us so many different kinds of!

Really, thanks for backing - especially because our project is not your typical Kickstarter fare: We're nonprofit, our game is and will stay 100% free to play and it is even licensed under Creative Commons. That means ALL of you AND the public will receive our main reward: the full version of Data Dealer! 

But only you, the backers, are responsible it will finally really happen. And only you will get your name in the credits list, and one of the many other special things we've prepared and you've pledged for!

But enough for today - while the last few days were certainly exciting, they were exhausting as well. We'll tell you all about how you'll receive your special rewards soon, as well as our next steps. And of course we'll keep you updated about our progress on a regular basis!

Now - we can't quite decide whether we should party all night or just sleep for 48 hours straight...

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Your Data Dealer Team

P.S. Our team is currently spread all over Austria, Italy, Spain and the US...but look at the Vienna guys looking forward to the full version release party:

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Last day: 8 hours to go, only $3,000 missing!

Posted by Cuteacute (Creator)

Dear backers!

It's so awesome. After an exciting (but also somewhat exhausting) 4-week-marathon we have now reached $47.000. Thanks soo much, you're great!

We only need $3,000 more to hit our 50k goal. As you all know, it's essential that we reach this amount before deadline by:

  • 1pm (San Francisco)
  • 4pm (New York)
  • 10pm (Paris, Berlin, Vienna etc)

If at all possible, please mobilise all your forward/like/share/tweet-powers for a final wave of support!

- Our campaign:

- Tracebook, Twitter, Smoogle+ (please follow us)

- Check out our DataCampaignToolkit

- Also nice: Ask some Twitter celebs to tweet about our campaign?

We are *immensely* grateful for your massive support these past weeks - no matter whether financially (!) or sharing our project around, or simply patiently enduring our obtrusive Facebook/Twitter/etc spam! :)

Ok...enough already. Let's do it!

By the way: While our Kickstarter campaign is nearing the finishing line...we're in the NEW YORK TIMES / Bits, great piece by Natasha Singer!