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A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
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New gameplay video! With Yana, Chan, Bjork, & Braidon

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To say thanks for the great support you’ve shown this project, today on YouTube we posted a new 4-player Truth or Drink video that’s specifically this version of the game being played!

(The playtest video we posted earlier was a slightly different version of the game, with a couple rules that have since been changed.)

Speaking of rules, a few people have asked, so here is the full rule sheet for the final version of the game. You get basically the whole picture by watching the video above – it’s not too complex. 

We have TEN DAYS LEFT in this campaign! We won’t be adding any more decks to the game, the whole package is perfect as it is. 

But I do have one question for you all. 

Obviously this game is called TRUTH OR DRINK, and in the videos we make, people drink alcohol. 

We know not everyone drinks alcohol, and in fact you can play the game without alcohol at all. You can take a shot of hot sauce, or vinegar, or eat weird jellybeans or do anything else you might want.

Or you can just ask the questions on the cards and not play with any consequences at all! It’s your life! We aren’t your dad!!

So for those people who don’t drink, or who are completely against drinking (assuming there are some of you here reading this), or whose friends might be non-drinkers, would you pay a few dollars for an optional sticker set that would let you cover every instance of the word DRINK in the game with the word BEANS? 

Let me know your thoughts about that in the comments.

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    1. 2-time creator on

      @David – thanks, we did catch that one after it was already posted!

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      Just a heads up, here's a mistake on the rule sheet – under "This Round's on Me Cards" it says "than" when it should be "then". Might wanna correct that before printing!

    3. Missing avatar

      Melkanador on

      I wouldn´t pay for bean stickers.

      As long as there isn´t "drink a shot of alcohol" on the cards I´m fine to adapt.

      One can always drink non-alcoholic drinks. That´s at least what my doctor tries to tell me. ;)

    4. Ray & Gabby on Perfect! I just saw that the campaign page had been updated but I still wasn't sure about the last call deck. Thanks for the quick response! Looking forward to getting the full set along with the 4 shot glasses!

    5. 2-time creator on

      Also, to clarify, the cards are marked on the front with a little color tab indicating which deck they come from, so they can be sorted easily.

    6. 2-time creator on

      @R&G – The sexually explicit questions are all from the red "Extra Dirty" deck. The blue and yellow decks are all "safe for work". The black deck is not overtly sexual but there are some dark themes in it. So the answer to your question is, yes, it's possible to separate out the sexual questions and have a version of the game without that type of content.

    7. Ray & Gabby on

      Question... Do all the decks contain sexually explicit questions or are they marked in any way?

      I ask because I can see us being able to play the full game with close friends, but not so much if all decks contain questions like that. In other words, I can't see me playing this game with certain family members if questions like that will come up.