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A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
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NEW TIER ADDED: Shot glasses!

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Greetings, backers! 

Now that, thanks to your great support with stretch goals, we’ve made the game itself as GREAT AS IT CAN POSSIBLY BE, it’s time to turn to some of your requests.

One of the thing that folks have asked about is SHOT GLASSES. 

So let’s make shot glasses!

Black glass shot glasses will be available in sets of two (one Truth glass, one Drink glass).

We have added new reward tiers for the full game plus ONE set of glasses, OR the full game plus TWO sets of glasses!

Additional sets of glasses will be available separately after the campaign, too...After all, this is a game meant for big groups. 

But to keep things simple on the Kickstarter, we’re starting out with options for just 1 set (2 glasses) and 2 sets (4 glasses).

So our reward tier options are now:

If you’re reading this update, I assume you have already made a pledge to our project. Hooray!

Kickstarter doesn’t charge your card until the end of our funding period (April 20). So, if you want shot glasses, you can change your pledge now to one of the new reward tiers. 

Then, when the campaign ends, you’ll be charged the NEW amount, rather than the amount of your original pledge. 

Here’s how to change your pledge:

• If you’re logged in to your Kickstarter account, when you visit our project page you should see a green button that reads “Manage your pledge”:

This is just a screenshot. Clicking it will take you to our project main page.
This is just a screenshot. Clicking it will take you to our project main page.

• If you click that, you’ll be given the option to “Change your pledge” and select a different reward tier:

• From there, you can choose whichever new reward tier you like.

If you want shot glasses AND you are pledging for multiple copies of the game, just pledge for one tier or the other, and later on, when we collect your shipping information, you’ll have the chance to add on the other thing (more copies of the game, or sets of shot glasses) à la carte. 

This keeps us from having to make a million different Kickstarter tiers with every possible combination of items.

A note about the PDF editions...

The new tiers also indicate that you’ll receive “PDF editions of ALL decks”. 

We can confirm here in this update that at EVERY tier – even the original tiers without any shot glasses – you’ll receive PDF editions of ALL the decks that are contained in your tier. 

It will be a simply formatted version, intended for easy trimming into separate cards.

So backers at the $5, $12, and $24 tiers will receive the first 2 decks in PDF format; backers of the Complete Box will receive all 5 decks in PDF format.

Kickstarter doesn’t let us edit the original tiers to specify that, so you’ll just have to take our word for it. 

Why didn’t we specify that to begin with? Well, we figured that people who were already getting the Complete Box would have no need for a PDF version of that same content. But lots of people have asked about it, so we’ll include it. 

Will we ever offer all 5 decks in PDF form just by themselves? We don’t want to make the Kickstarter even more complicated by adding further reward tiers. After the campaign is over, if there is sufficient interest we may release the full 5-deck PDF as a standalone purchase. 

For now, the only way to get all 5 PDFs is to back for the Complete Box.

That’s it for now! Thanks again for all your great support, we love reading your comments and hearing your suggestions!

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    1. 2-time creator on

      @Manuel – you can absolutely feel free to combine this game with the dares from Fear Pong!

    2. Missing avatar

      Manuel Niefenecker on

      Hey there,
      Why don't you add dares to the game? So it's like truth, dare or drink.
      Would be cool if you think about it.
      You also just could make an expansion so that the original game design maintains and everyboy who likes the idea can buy the expansion.

      Greetings from Germany