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A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
A card game that empowers you and your friends to confront the cold hard truth—on all the topics we’ve avoided until now.
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Fully funded in less than 12 hours! PLUS: 4th deck STRETCH GOAL!

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Wow!! Thank you so much for blasting us to our initial funding goal in LESS THAN 12 HOURS. That’s incredible!!

Check out the video above to see how excited everyone at the Cut offices is about our accomplishment.

As a reminder, this is a PRE-ORDER CAMPAIGN. The games haven’t been printed yet. We’ll collect funds all month long, then use that money to print the game. You’ll get your copy later this summer—and we’ll ask you for your mailing address closer to then! 

If you have any questions about how this works on Kickstarter, check out our project FAQs, or feel free to send us a message on Kickstarter, or to email

And since we reached our goal SO QUICKLY, we’ve got a special surprise for you! 

Tomorrow morning, on the Truth or Drink YouTube channel, we’re going to post a special GROUP PLAYTEST episode of Truth or Drink.

This is a video we shot when we were still working on the rules for group play! It’s a little different from the final version of the rules, but it was such a fun shoot that we thought you’d like to see it anyway. 

Will be posted at 5am Pacific time, Thursday March 21st!
Will be posted at 5am Pacific time, Thursday March 21st!

So watch for that to be posted tomorrow morning on YouTube!

Featuring an all-star cast.
Featuring an all-star cast.

MEANWHILE, here on Kickstarter, we've still got a month to go in this campaign, and now that we know we’ve hit our minimum goal for getting the game made, we can now announce...

Even though we’ve met our initial goal, if we’re able to raise a certain amount of additional funds, it’ll allow us to make the game EVEN BETTER. 

Right now our $35 Complete Box tier comes with 3 different card decks.

BUT, if we can get to an overall total of $69,000, we’ll be able to add a FOURTH DECK:

This is the HAPPY HOUR DECK. 

In our game testing, we found that sure, it’s fun to ask dirty questions, or to sumo-wrestler-bump people so they stumble outside the salted ring of typical polite conversation.

But that doesn’t have to be mean-spirited. In fact, we discovered that some of the most rewarding rounds of gameplay came when the cards forced us to be NICE to each other. To come up with sincere compliments, and to praise each other from the heart.

The HAPPY HOUR DECK is full of 106 radically affirming questions. 

If we reach $69k in funding, this deck will be added to ALL ORDERS of the Complete Box! 

So that SAME reward tier will now ship with FOUR decks instead of three, at no extra cost to you.

But it can only happen if we reach the $69k goal, because then we’ll have the funds to put toward printing the extra deck. 

So keep telling your friends to back the project too, because if we reach that goal, both of you will get an EVEN BETTER game for the same low price!

Thanks again for being super rad fans, and we can’t wait to show you more about this game in the weeks left in the campaign!

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    1. 2-time creator on

      @JJR – Yes, the early bird backer will get everything the $35 backer gets.

    2. Jamie John Phillips on

      Does the extra deck come with the early $30 backer?