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The Ninth Octave Films is raising money to complete a professional audio mix & more for our short narrative film "Volar en línea recta"

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed to help us reach our goal! We now have enough for a professional sound mix, which will be done by Nick Mihalevich (website)

NEW OBJECTIVE: Let's raise more money!
$1000 - (Reached 12/27)
$1200!!! - (Reached 12/30)
$2000 - Can we do it!?!?

Any extra money we get will go towards more editing fees, covering the costs of sending the film to festivals and the costs of finishing the movie on various media. We could even put more money towards the purchase of a projector to bring to Nicaragua to show the movie on tour throughout the country!!!

Movie Trailer:

Project Overview:

While shooting our short film in Nicaragua in August 2012, we were lucky enough to have sound guy extraordinaire Patrick Schaefer on board to record the dynamic environment of northern Nicaragua. Despite some difficult, constantly changing recording conditions, Pat delivered a wide range of rich sounds for us to use to recreate the vibrant Nicaraguan environment in our film. However, the money we originally raised was only for production and isn't able to cover the costs of a professional audio mix to make full use of Pat's recordings. Audio is half of the finished product, and it's especially important in the post-production of our film in order to immerse the audience within the rich sounds and culture of Nicaragua as much as possible. 

In addition, we need funds to recoup some of the extra expenditures we made on the trip, to send the movie out to film festivals, and for color correction work. 


During the summer of 2012, we were able to raise pre-production money to shoot a short film in August in San José de Cusmapa, Nicaragua. 

The film is loosely based off of the poem "Las Loras," by Ernesto Cardenal, as well as the real life stories of many of the actors involved in the film. 

Director Douglas Cushnie has been traveling to Nicaragua since high school to volunteer with Fabretto Children's Foundation, who also helped with much of the logistics of this production. All of the actors were former Fabretto students.

(***While some of the money we originally raised was given to Fabretto for their planning and logistics help on the film, none of the money raised for this campaign will be donated, per the guidelines of Kickstarter)

By partnering with Sweatpants Media, we were able to shoot the film on the Red Epic and Schneider's line of Cine Xenar III lenses, and also take advantage of their vast experience and visual skills in order to make the movie a true work of cinematic art. 

Now in the post-production phase, we need a professional sound mix to complete the film, amongst a few other costs. 


We've got some great rewards on this fundraiser, from friendly shout-outs to authentic Nicaraguan jewelry, great looking t-shirts and framed photos. Check out the pictures and descriptions of them below!!!

Basic Reward ($1)

We'll give you a shout out and/or follow and/or like on our Twitter and Facebook pages. All you have to do is choose this reward and send us your page information for us to link to via email or twitter messaging, otherwise we'll just give you a shout out by name!

Intermediate Rewards ($10-15)

Thank you cards and/or viewing of the film when it's finished before all of your friends get to see it. These rewards are also available with the higher value rewards.

Nicaraguan Jewelry ($25)

Nicaraguan Jewelry
Nicaraguan Jewelry
  • Hand-made earings from pine needles gathered in the forests of San José de Cusmapa, where we shot our film.
  • If you have a color preference, message us, otherwise we will send you a random pair.
  • Originally purchased from our friend Anner Zelaya to help support his mother who is currently in the hospital in Somoto.

T-Shirts ($40)

  • Next Level Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Cotton Crew
  • Printed by Brewster Screen Printing in Brewster, NY
  • Exclusive "Volar en línea recta" design made by Dylan Dickey (
  • Multiple colors available

Framed Photo: $100

Framed Photo
Framed Photo
  • Framed photo taken by director Douglas Cushnie (either a photo taken in Nicaragua or any other photo you like)
  • You can select from any of the photos on these pages or any others you find: ( (
  • Even the photos taken by Doug's photography students in Nicaragua are fair game; just ask us and we'll ask the student who took the photo!:
  • Make your selection by messaging us when making your contribution or by simply sending us an email.


Douglas Cushnie: Director

Camera pointer; soon-to-be-former University of Colorado student with degrees in Film, Spanish for Business, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship; film enthusiast; friend of Nicaragua. Check out my bio to the right for more information! (

(*soy hispanoparlante también, si quieren enviarme mensajes en lengua castellana)

Jonny Zeller & Colt Seman: Cinematography

Directors/Producers/Cinematographers/Badasses of Sweatpants Media: the main cinematographizing force behind our film. They've got work for Toyota, Mophie, Red Bull, Mitsubishi, PBS, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, under their belt, as well as a particular short film shot in Nicaragua in August 2012. Check out their facebook and website for more info: ( (

Patrick Schaefer: Sound

If you're shooting a project that needs a quality sound environment, Pat is your guy. There's a reason everyone wants him to work on their moving pictures, and it's not because he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet OR because of his flowing golden locks.... Okay, it might be a little bit of that, but it's also because he makes any given project sound really, really good. (

Joshua Berman: Press

"I don't even sneeze in Central America without asking Josh Berman how to hold my hanky. Simply put, he knows it all." —Andrew Zimmern

Another great friend of Nicaragua and an all around nice guy, Josh is the go-to for information on traveling in the country. He's a Boulder, Colorado-based freelance writer, Spanish teacher, television production fixer, travel expert, and photographer. He is the author of four books, including Maya 2012: A Guide to Celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras, MOON BELIZE, and MOON NICARAGUA (Avalon Travel Publishing). Joshua writes regular travel columns for the Denver Post, The Huffington Post, and He is the creator of the popular travel blog, “The Tranquilo Traveler.” His work has appeared in The New York Times, Denver Post, Boston Globe, Yoga Journal, Centro Y Sur, Outside Traveler, 5280, Delta SKY, Sunset, and National Geographic Traveler. (


Where would we be without the people who made the film come to life? Nowhere. These guys may have never acted in a movie before but they killed it beyond belief in this one because they worked hard and made the parts their own. Hollywood, take note!

Wrap party with cast & crew in Cusmapa, August 2012
Wrap party with cast & crew in Cusmapa, August 2012
  • Norman Flores: "Ernesto"
  • Walder Casco López: "Adolfo/Walo" 
  • Anajhenci Gutiérrez Merlo: "Jenny"
  • Jorge López Herrera: "Camus"
  • Janner Padilla Huete: "Lalo"
  • Junior Mejía Padilla: "Yuco"
  • Lenin Baez Moralez: "Lenin"
  • David Uriel Nolasco Rodriguez: "David"
  • Jarling Flores: "Jarling"

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


After reaching our goal, our main challenge is time, a commodity we're already short on. If we can reach a reasonable amount in the first 2 weeks of our campaign, to where we're certain we'll be able to reach our funding goal, we can start to get the ball rolling on finishing up the audio mix.

How we're qualified:

On one hand, much of the hard work is already out of the way. We already raised $3300 via crowdfunding and small contributions to shoot this short film in a foreign country with a professional crew without any precedence and did it all at a fraction of the cost it should have taken. That was down to not only a lot of non-financial support and a bit of luck, but also a LOT of hard logistical work in order to make our production as efficient as possible.

Now we just need a fraction of that original budget to make a couple more beautiful things happen in the world of post-production.


  • The version that I showed as my thesis for school on 12/20/12 ran about 23 minutes long w/ credits. But it's still getting polished off and I'll be looking to chop and add various things until mid-January, when it should be mostly done.

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    A hand written thank you card from the director if you pay this much or more!

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    Want to watch the film? Pay this much money or more and we'll give you a vimeo password when the movie is done and privately published on vimeo.

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    Authentic Nicaraguan jewelry made by our Cusmapan friend Anner Zelaya. Anner has been making and selling earrings to raise money for his mother who is currently in the hospital in Somoto. We'll include a pair of these beautiful pine needle creations with your contribution. See images in page description.

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    An exclusive "Volar en Línea Recta" t-shirt, printed on high quality material by Brewster Screen Printing, on a Next Level Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Cotton Crew, in your choice of color. See images in page description.

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    A framed photo of your choice (or chosen by us) taken in Nicaragua by director Douglas Cushnie

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    Executive Producer. Welcome to the team. You get your name in big letters in the credits of the movie. Feel free to talk to us if you're thinking of selecting this reward and we can discuss specifics about being an E.P.; we'd be happy to involve you more in the production if you like.

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